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Reggie (full name: Reginald "Reggie" Fils-Aimé)is the former president of Nintendo of America from 2006 to 2019. He has appeared in some SMG4's videos.


Reggie’s sprite is his Mii character (pictured below), which uses unique animations to convey actions. On occasion, Reggie will turn into "Reggie-gigas", a pun on the legendary Pokémon Regigigas.

Reggie is usually very calm and friendly, and he’s always working on his next big project. He does have a dark side, however, where he can go absolutely ballistic. This has only happened a few times and said incidents were mainly due to Mario's frustrating retardedness.




  • He is best known for his line from E3 2007 "My body is ready." This line has become an internet meme.
  • Reggie will usually speak like most other characters, although he has used audio lines on some occasions.
  • Nintendo’s employees consist of Teletubbies, the cast of TF2, businessmen, and Goombas.
  • Reggie is the only character to use a Mii avatar as a model.
  • According to If Mario Ran Nintendo, Mario still works for Nintendo but got in trouble for spying on the development team without permission.
  • In If Mario Ran Nintendo, at a Nintendo Direct, a trailer was shown of a game with Reggie as the main character: The Legend of Reggie: A Link Between Ass.

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