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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of strong language, nudity, offscreen rape, property damage, and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

Retarded64: Mario's Spageti Delivary, often simply called Mario's Spageti Delivary, is the 186th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the 7th episode in the Retarded64 series. In this blooper, Mario has to sell spaghetti to raise money for the Mushroom Kingdom and for Princess Peach.


The blooper opens with Mario happily dancing naked with spaghetti, as usual. Peach runs up to him as she says the Kingdom's budget has completely ran out. Mario says he doesn't care, and goes back to dancing. Peach then swipes his spaghetti, saying Mario could sell it to raise money. But Mario still doesn't care (saying that he doesn't have any spaghetti to sell) until he sees Toadsworth knocking down Luigi with spaghetti plates. Mario, heartbroken, is forced to sell his beloved spaghetti thanks to Toadsworth. He drives a van with his hat and moustache on it, as well as a talking GPS who directs him to his first customer. Mario is unwilling to let the spaghetti go, but the customer finally gets it and doesn't like it.

As Mario walks back to his van, he sees Po selling Tubby Custard to the same customer. She throws the spaghetti away and forces him to eat the custard, causing him to have a drug overdose. Mario tries to beat up the Teletubby, but she manages to get back in her car. Driving away, the GPS accidentally gives Mario the idea of just showing off spaghetti. Mario then drives to Toad's house, breaking down the front door after doing so. Mario offers Toad the spaghetti and Toad is blown away at first. But, after violently consuming the food, Toad tells Mario that "It's Shit!" and breaks Mario's heart, causing him to end up at the back of the truck, crying and sobbing and weeping, while Po drives in front of him saying "gay".

Mario drove to his third customer. The man gladly asked who was there. Mario danced naked asking the man if he believes in "magic" in another attempt to sell spaghetti. But the man gets disgusted and tells Mario, "Get the f**k off my property!"


Mario goes on a wild ride!

Mario forcefully gives free spaghetti to people, even though no one wants it. After chasing down and raping FM54321, Mario finds he has parked right across from Po. As each other insults the other's product, (for example, Mario shows a sign that says "custard is stoopid" and Po shows a bigger sign that says "spaghetti is ghey") Po eventually heaves a bowl of spaghetti onto the ground. Mario begins to rage and charges Po, screaming "I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU!".

After assaulting Po, they both transform their vehicles into robots (although all the van turns into is a toilet with Mario's mustache and hat on it). Po asks him if he wants a cookie, to somehow cheer him up(?). After destroying Po's robot and losing most of his limbs, Mario simply drives his van away. The GPS mocks Mario's fighting skills, but says it's all worth it, because he had collected the money for Peach as he was supposed to. Mario realizes he has been giving spaghetti for free, and hasn't raised even a single coin. Peach runs in to him, and asks Mario how the job was going. Mario distracts Peach and runs over her, and flies into the sky, leaving Peach on the road.



  • The Thomas the Tank Engine Biggie Smalls remix is heard playing when Po is driving past Mario's spaghetti van.
  • When Po turns her car into a robot, it's a reference to the Transformers franchise. The Transformers theme even plays in the background.
  • When Po is dancing after Mario says that he was going to rape her, the object she holds changes from a crowbar to a camera. Also, you can see a Mario ragdoll in the background as she dances.
  • Ruffman8890 having a drug overdose may have presumably led to the events of "Two Great Friends!". Evidence from that blooper was FM's quote about his landlord getting high due to a Teletubby. However, it was also possible for the events from said blooper that FM walked home after being raped and he noticed Ruffman on drugs.
  • This is the second blooper to have an intentional spelling error in the title. The first one was %99% beroken. This was probably to make sure the series lives up to its name by being retarded.
  • When Mario is driving in his delivery truck after he fought with Po, his left arm was missing for 9 seconds.  This may be a possible error.
  • The guy with the grandma may be SMUSX16475 in his 2013 current color code.
  • The Tubby Custard salesperson is indeed Po, but an article can be found here: The Tubby Custard Salesman

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