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Retarded64: Stupid Mario Galaxy is a blooper by SMG4 and an episode in the Retarded64 series. It is a parody of Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario goes on a magical adventure through space, visiting many new and stupid planets along the way!


At E. Gadd Laboratories, Mario is trying get Mr. Goobles down from a machine. After Mario put him in a cage, Mario spots a Launch Star behind a door but Professor E. Gadd told him not to touch it. Mario break Mr. Goobles out of the cage to distract Professor E. Gadd. Mario touch the Launch Star and get launched to the moon. Wanting to get back to Earth, Mario attempts to run off the moon and fails due to gravity. Mario notices the Comet Observatory and tries to board it. Mario gives up trying to leave the moon but then sees a Starshroom landing on the moon in which Captain Toad places a flag representing him.

Mario punches Captain Toad into space and steals the ship and then right towards the observatory only getting hit by a rock and crash landing on honey hive galaxy. Mario then comes across all the bees gathering around for a ritual the Honey Queen honoring to Benny B Benson. She begins reading their holy book which is the novel adaption of Bee Movie while Mario tortures the bees. Mario then hits the Honey Queen which causes everyone to notices him. He then disguises as a bee so the Honey Queen tests him that to prove that they are a bee by telling what is the national anthem in which Mario mistakes it thinking its black and yellow.

In order to escapes, Mario rides a bee to leave but other bees surround him with guns and banish him to Mushroom galaxy. Mario notices a ton of mushrooms and starts eating everything which enraged the Toad population since Mario consume all their food. Mario finds Captain Toad who finished building another Starshroom and hangs on to his ship while it takes off. The duo lands in Weegee planet while Captain Toad takes camera footage of the Weegees doing their normal activity. Mario accidentally kicks a Weegee which angers the leader of Weegees.

Mario ask Captain Toad for a ride but he already left. The giant Weegee shoots lasers at Mario and corner him to a cliff. Captain Toad suddenly appear and fires a machine gun at the giant while Weegees trapped Mario. Mario believes he's going to die so he jumped off the cliff to do it in style only to be caught by Captain Toad and the Duo left the galaxy. Mario thanks Toad since others usually let him and Captain Toad responds that its his duty to help anyone in need in. Mario request to go back to Earth which Toad agrees to help even it's dangerous.

The only possibility to reach Earth is going through M.E.M.E.S speed: Maximum Evolutionary Mega Extra Speed. The ship encountered the MEMEhole which they need to pass to reach Mario's destination but it's heavy captions SMG4 prevent it from reaching M.E.M.E.S speed. Toad concludes that one of them needs to leave the Starshroom so Captain Toad agrees to sacrifice himself. Mario flings Toad into space and enters the MEMEhole. Mario crashes at  E. Gadd Laboratories and the professor questions if he touch the Launch Star. Mario answer no so he asks Mario to help Mr. Goobles to take a bath. Mario refuses and knocks Professor E. Gadd down while Mr. Goobles crush him with a bath tub and the episode ends with Mario leaving E. Gadd Laboratories.







Music Used

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  • 02:53 - Mario Galaxy; Space Junk Road
  • 03:13 - Mario Galaxy; Honeyhive Galaxy
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  • 04:38 - Black and Yellow - Wiz Khalifa
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  • 10:07 - Ice Cube – F**k The Police


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