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You may have won the battle signor tubbie but you haven't won this war!

—Reymond D. Gai, Guards N' Retards: Le Train Breach

Reymond D. Gai is the main antagonist of SMG4's video Guards N' Retards: Le Train Breach. He is the former CEO of Reymond's Spaghetti and the proclaimed arch-rival of Tubby Wonka. He is also Agent Biker's boss. He is originally French, hence his french accent when he speaks English.


D. Gai is first seen in Guards N' Retards: Le Train Breach as Chris and Swagmaster6969696969 enter his lair. Swagmaster is surprised by his midget size and begins making fun of him about it by threatening him that he will "put a croissant up his ass". He punches Swagmaster in the Pingas to stop him from teasing him because of his size. Then he opens the briefcase and takes out Tubby Wonka's secret spaghetti formula. He proceeds to tell the two guards his bankrupt backstory.

He explains to Chris and Swagmaster that the reason why he stole the formula was for one purpose: revenge. Tubby Wonka's company franchise, Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie, was notable for a secret ingredient that Tubby Wonka's spaghetti had in it: Tubby Custard. The secret ingredient was the main reason why D. Gai went broke and he had to live a life of solitude. Before he could conclude his backstory, Chris and Swagmaster were asleep. He woke them up by angrily shouting, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" before ordering Agent Biker to take them out, so he would no longer have to deal with them stopping him from stealing Tubby Wonka's intelligence.

When Swagmaster corners him and begins distracting him, Chris arrives with Tubby Wonka and Sergeant Mark to stop D. Gai from getting away with the formula. The crew demands him to surrender, but D. Gai summons a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster with a weird call to make his escape. Chris tells Swagmaster to use the Titty Launcher, which the latter agreed and fired away a Morgan Freeman missile at D. Gai and the monster (where he sings the French-Canadian child song Alouette) where he explodes the formula out of D. Gai's grip after saying "Everybody wants to smell like... titty sprinkles". At the end of the video, D. Gai is seen crashing into a room at Peach's Castle where Mario is so happening to be eating Spaghetti. Knowing what Mario would try to do, he retreated, telling him that "You did not see anything..."


  • Reymond D. Gai sounds like Reymond the Gay.
  • His model is "Oddjob" from GoldenEye 007 for the N64.

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