Rocks are recurring characters and items in SuperMarioGlitchy4's earlier bloopers. As his name implies, one such rock is a Magic Rock. He often appears dressed as a wizard, and is referred to as such by the subtitles in these cases.

Physical Description

Rock is a grey, non-symmetrical polygon. With his right side facing the viewer, as in the image above, he has a concave chip near the left cheek, and a large amount of body mass on the right. Rocks' eyes are composed of two largish dots high up on to his body. His mouth is slightly lower than the center of his body, and appears to be a freehand line segment drawn slightly wavily.


Rock first appeared in the episode "The Switcheroooveralls", where Nintendofan997 (dressed as Luigi) asked Toad if he wanted to switch characters like everyone else. Once Toad agreed, X swapped him with a rock. Later in the blooper, Toad (as the rock) asked for X to throw him in the trash can, but X accidentally threw him into Bowser's Lair. Consequently, X picked up a replacement rock.

Rock later appears in many other bloopers; usually dressed as a magic wizard who tries to help Mario, but fails spectacularly. Whenever magic or wizardry is referenced in a character's dialogue, Rock appears in his wizard outfit and performs his magic. 

He also makes appearances as a projectile thrown by a character, suggesting that rock is nearly everywhere. 

On occasion, rock can be spotted making a cameo appearance, and as a background prop. Rock also appears to have teleportation powers, as he can appear in several impossible locations. 

Currently, it is not known whether rock possesses magical powers, as he can perform many otherwise impossible tasks. The writer of this Wiki page is convinced that rock is some sort of powerful deity, judging by rock's actions. 

Rock makes most of his appearances in blooper videos. 



  • SMG4's "sister" came up with the idea for Rocks, as stated in the credits of Rocks' debut appearance, The Switcheroooveralls.
  • It was revealed in The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D) that Rocks is SMG4's favorite character.
  • In some episodes he is seen as a wizard, but in others he is seen as a regular rock.
  • Starting with SMG4: The Mario Hustle, he uses a 3D model as opposed to his previous 2D one.


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