Roy Koopa is the toughest of the seven Koopalings who appears in the Mario games. In SMG4's videos, he makes cameos in some of them but got the major role in SMG4: Stupid Mario World where Bowser Jr. sends him over to the Forest of Illusion in hopes of beating down Mario and Yoshi. They eventually come across a caged Luigi Doll who is begging for Mario to save him.

Roy Koopa
When Mario refuses, he gets angry and turns into a massive Barney the Dinosaur. Mario sees this and thinks it's a bigger Yoshi and latches onto him defeating him revealing that the whole thing was just a setup by Roy (who was now unconscious) leaving Mario disappointed. Mario and Yoshi then moved onto the underwater area. He along with the other Koopalings also made a slight cameo in The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS. Roy also made a cameo in R64: Son of a bowser. where Mario finds him (while he and Bowser are looking for Bowser Jr.) and mistakes him for Bowser Jr.
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