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Ruvyzvat or Ruv is a fanmade character from Friday Night Funkin and also a childhood friend of Sarvente, He was a part of Mommy Mearest's crew.


Ruv has pale white skin, with grey stripes, and he wears a white Ushanka with black stripes on the ear flaps, a black eye patch with an unknown symbol, a grey snow jacket, black pants, and black snow boots.


SMG4: If Mario Was In Friday Night Funkin 2

In this episode Ruv appears in the first "week" of the episode, playing his signature track Zavodila (or заводила) which is the regular song for FNF, he's told to take care of Mario by Sarv, much to his dismay, in the end he's defeated by Mario with the help of Toad. But he tried hard and hard and made a small appearance.


  • People think Ruv is Russian because of ushanka, Siberian jacket, moltov russian move, and boots.
    • This is because Ruv is, in fact, Russian.

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