SuperLuigiGlitchy4 (or SLG4 for short) is said to be the long lost hobo brother of SuperMarioGlitchy4.

History Edit

SMG4 meets SLG4 after buying Mario spaghetti. SLG4 was living in a dumpster with a goomba. SLG4 followed SMG4 back to the castle in the form of hiding in the back of SMG4's car. While SMG4 is hiding in the back part of the castle, SLG4 enters the castle and reveals his name. SMG4 begins to wonder if SLG4 is his brother and has Dr. Mario test their DNA. Two hours later, Dr. Mario confirms that the two are brothers, after saying that Toad is "the father," however later SLG4 tells Mario that he is not anyone's brother. After Mario discovers this SLG4 begins intentionally harming SMG4, Mario eventually runs away from the castle since SMG4 didn't believe that SLG4 was evil and finds SLG4's old dumpster. In the dumpster Mario finds a photo depicting SLG4 with SMG3 looking like they're best of friends. From this it is concluded that SLG4 is working with SuperMarioGlitchy3. Mario rushes back to the castle to show SMG4 but only finds SLG4. SLG4 attempts to stop Mario once but gets crushed by a Thwomp. SLG4 had already trapped SMG4 in a cage. In the end, Mario messes with the cannon and launches SLG4 into oblivion where he explodes. In SMG4 Mail Time, SMG4 confirms that SLG4 is officially dead which confirms he died to that explosion at the end of "Sup' Bro?".

SLG4 eventually returned in Weegeepie's videos as a recurring character, apparently having stopped working with SMG3 and came into friendly terms with the gang (though Mario unintentionally offended him by calling him an ugly original character and "Super Lesbian Gay 4."). Weegeepie even made a alternate channel for him. Unfortunately, he destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom for unknown reasons (as well as stealing its memes) and severed his friendships, again becoming an enemy. He returned in Weegeepie's Halloween special where he stopped MEEGEEBIE from "mentally destroying" the kingdom. When Luigi questions his motives, SLG4 reveals that he saw MEEGEEBIE as a threat to his operations. As revealed by him, the reason he destroyed the kingdom was because Luigi peeked in his room, causing the latter to call him an "a**hole."

Color code Edit

SLG4's color code is the opposite of SMG4's, except for the original white gloves and brown shoes. Unlike SMG4, SLG4 has a white cap, a white shirt, and blue overalls.  He has the standard "M" on his hat like most of the SM64ians.

Trivia Edit

  •  His clothes texture coincidently looks A LOT like the X'Trapolis Modular trainsets used by two commuter rail systems used in Chile: Metrotrén Nos in Santiago, and the Valparaíso Metro in Valparaíso.
  •  He reappears in the video "2 Hands 1 Job" (although, it is most likely that the color code was used for just a random citizen).
  • He claims to be no one's brother, but since Dr. Mario said that SMG4 and SLG4's DNA matched, this is most likely untrue, and must mean that he is SMG4's evil younger brother. Though this could've also been a mistake as Dr. Mario is a fake doctor.
  • In the video "Sup' Bro?" SLG4 states that his family are gorillas.
  • SLG4 has two original YouTube channels, which are not run by the same guy. The first one makes completely new and original videos. The other one , SLG4 does SMG4 remakes for PG11.
  • Some SMG4 fans proved that SLG4 is probably Kevin Lerdwichagul.

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