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SM64, MK64, PM64 Bloopers: Quest for a Console is the eighth episode to be uploaded by SMG4.

Luigi makes his debut in this episode. It was aired on June 19, 2011.


Mario sets out on a quest to buy the new Nintendo 3DS console


Mario was wondering where his kart was so he could go buy the 3DS before it was sold out. However, he didn't find it so he had to take the old kart as recommended by Toad, and he went left where there was an incomplete bridge. Mario uses the levitate button to try to get across, but when he let go of it, it got jammed, so he kept levitating. After some time, the levitate button unjammed itself and Mario ended up in a "Gay Road" (Rainbow Road) and he raced on it for a bit, falling out of it moments later due to getting scared at Luigi's face.

After falling through the sky, the Star Spirits find Mario and call him a murderer, so they filled his body with shame. A Goomba then finds Mario and thinks he is Luigi, wanting to cook him and ran off as Mario then woke up and saw a bridge which lead to a cave. 

He then explores it and finds a passage which leads to a "Swimming Pool", when he enters it he gets naked and became metal. He finds a waterfall and wants to see where it leads. When he gets to the waterfall, Mario somehow gets on his kart, and on a beach.

He goes through the sewers to get to town to where the shopping mall is. When he finally got to the shop, the 3DS was already sold out. Luigi took the last one, so Mario went to his house and wanted the 3DS off Luigi. Mario and Luigi then had a fight. Luigi won, but Mario stole it, who then ran away and went to the castle. Luigi followed and then punched Mario.



  • This is the first time that Luigi visibly appears in SMG4's videos.
  • This is the only one of his videos to combine Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 64.
  • This is the debut of Goombario. He would also make cameos in later videos and be the deuteragonist in SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario.
  • Due to copyright claims, the video's sound has been muted. To view the video with sound, watch the video to the right.

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