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SM64: Ssenmodnar 0 - Release the Retardness!, more often simply called Ssenmodnar 0, is the 255th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It is the twelfth installment in the Ssenmodnar series, and marks the return of the series in general after eight months and a half of absence.



Mario is watching TV when SMG4 tells him to shut up because he's reacting too loudly to a joke. Mario throws the television at SMG4, breaking it. After a series of attempts at fixing the TV (in which he has NO IDEA what he is doing), Mario eats a bowl of spicy spaghetti. He then throws the bowl at the broken TV and it becomes randomly retarded.


  1. Mario, Luigi and Wario are dancing in a car to Haddaway's "What is Love".
  2. SMG4 is talking to a person on phone until he is interrupted by Mario telling him that his @$$ wants to eat his hand, but the hand ends up eating everything, causing Mario to implode.
  3. Toad is singing "Making my way downtown, with my bitch (Toadette), she's gonna make me a sandwich".
  4. MarioMario54321 is going to fight a ferocious beast, but suddenly Dr. Eggman breaks in, telling them both he has a erection for no apparent reason.
  5. Wario is riding on Rainbow Road, but when he tries to do the shortcut, he accidentally falls down to Earth. Meanwhile, the two Bob-ombs talk that a shooting star is falling, while it's just Wario on fire.
  6. Mario laughs, and after he laughs, he says Pingas.
  7. Shy Guy walks around and finds the Toast Emporium. The Shy Guy looks around and screams "YEAH TOAST!" Canned toast can be seen. But then, he is scared by a Teletubby with a toast around the face, but then activates a Toast toy, also scaring him. Then, he is again scared by a scary toaster, a toast picture that says "100% more healthy!" and finally (and most scary), Mr. Toastee the Toast Pixie.
  8. Mario reacts to PewDiePie's video where Mario and Luigi make love. He says "WHAT IS THIS?!", causing him to explode, while Luigi likes it.
  9. Moments With Steve presents: "How to get the ladehs with Steve." Rosalina and Toadette talks about the former`s date with Steve where Steve sings "Show Me Your Genitals" by Jon Lajoie. Then, Rosalina asks if Steve wants to be the father of her babies and Steve dons MLG sunglasses and says "Like a boss!"
  10. Luigi asks Mario where babies comes from, and Mario tells him how it happens, but Luigi asks what it has to do with babies.
  11. Waluigi appears three times and says "Weh! Weh! Weh!" Then, Luigi appears and says "Wa!", which makes the Waluigis mad.
  12. Po wants to play a hiding game with Laa-Laa, and scares her so she hits a building. Then, Dipsy is coming and Po and Laa-Laa scares him. Dipsy says "2SPOOKY" and gets scared. Then, Tinky-Winky is coming, but when the Teletubbies scares him, he pulls out a gun and shoots them. A "Please stand by" screen appears, then the screen shows a man playing with a Tinky-Winky toy and a toy toaster. Nintendofan997 is apparently watching this and prepares to shoot himself.
  13. Someone is singing "Enormous Penis" by Da Vinci's Notebook, while he looks at his enourmous PINGAS, while it tramples everyone in its way.
  14. A Braun clock can be seen with the words "Dinner time". Papyrus made spaghetti for Mario, but as he walks out, Mario accidentally drops his spaghetti and cries about it. Luigi appears, holding his bowl of spaghetti, and asks Mario what's wrong. Mario tries to tell him what's wrong, but he continues crying. Luigi sees the problem but accidentally drops his spaghetti too and Mario cries again.
  15. Santa Claus can be seen with a Christmas tree, ready for some present telling. SMG4 says that he wants a burrito, but Santa calls security. Toad tells Santa that he wants some food, and Santa throws him to McDonalds. Wario tells Santa that he wants boobies, but Santa throws him away. Bowser tells Santa that he wants a someone who loves him, and Santa gives him a Peach doll. Bowser says, "I love you!' to Santa, but accidentally kills him after Santa was freaking out, screaming.
  16. SMG4 still wants his burrito, and he finds one, but Toastee wants it as well. They engage in a fight which SMG4 tricks Toastee, escapes and eats the burrito. Not too long after, he gets diahorrea and blasts away.


The screen goes blank again after the last skit. Apparently, Mario has become super retarded after watching all of the skits. SMG4 accidentally throws the remote at the TV after trying to turn it off, and releases the retardness and makes the whole world stupid, including Mario, who tells SMG4 to seduce him. SMG4 ends up giving him spaghetti.



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  • 1:16 - What Is Love, Haddaway
  • 1:50 - Everybody Shut Up, Ninja Sex Party
  • 2:00 - Starbit Festival, Super Mario Galaxy
  • 2:51 - Overworld (Main Theme), Super Mario Bros.
  • 2:54 - Oh Yeah, Yello
  • 3:18 - Show Me Your Genitals, JonLajoie
  • 4:27 - Fuk Da Police, NWA
  • 4:30 - Trolololo, Eduard Khil
  • 4:41 - X-Files Theme
  • 5:49 - Sad Violin
  • 7:27 - Hello, Lionel Richie
  • 7:39 - Guile Theme, Street Fighter II


  • This is the second Ssenmodnar episode to not follow chronological order, the first being "Ssenmodnar 6.64".
  • Despite being one of the last videos of 2015, it marks MarioMario54321's first and only appearance of the year (which is a cameo).
  • The peach plush is the same one used by SuperMarioLogan.
  • This video explains why everyone in the SMG4 universe is so stupid.

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