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SM64 Bloopers: Cooking with Bowser and Mario!, more often simply called Cooking with Bowser and Mario! and sometimes Cooking with Mario and Bowser!, is the first episode of the Cooking with Bowser and Mario! series where Mario and Bowser show you how to cook things.


The blooper opens with Mario greeting the viewer in front of a kitchen on a deserted island. Behind him, Bowser is cooking something. As Mario continues speaking, Bowser sets himself on fire. When Mario finishes speaking, he walks over to the kitchen to see what Bowser was doing. He sees him burning and screaming for help, but Mario completely ignores that fact. As a burger in the oven comes out, Mario gives a thumbs up and says "GREAT!".

Their first item: Spaghetti. Mario tells the viewer to completely disregard any other video they may have seen about making spaghetti, becuase they are going to make it "a-Mario style". When he goes to get supplies, all he finds in the refrigerator is a human skull. Bowser tries to lead the viewer through the correct procedure, but Mario silences him. Suddenly, Steve appears with his own cooking place, which greatly annoys Mario. Later, Mario gets the "ingredients" (most of which are inedible). They "put it all in a pot" and open the oven, where they find a dead Goomba. They shove all the "ingredients" in the oven, but can't shut the door. Bowser rushes it and slams into the oven door, slamming it shut and flinging Mario out of the kitchen and into the ocean. They take a quick commercial break for Mario to get back to the kitchen. When he arrives, he decides to check Bowser's progress with the spaghetti, only to find he has instead pushed Peach into the oven instead.

They move on to the next dish: mushrooms. They put a seed in the microwave, and Mario tells Bowser he "needs to believe" in the mushroom becuase it's the Nintendo version, not the real thing. Bowser tries, and it seems to work, but it ends up turning the mushroom into a Toad.

Then, they bring in the special guest cook: a Shy Guy. The Shy Guy just makes toast, then falls off the roof and dies.

The cooks then prepare their final dish: Mario's special dish. Steve offers to help, which the duo refuses, causing him to run off and fill the kitchen with his cooking shacks. Mario seems to give up on the cooking show, but then gets an idea.

Mario tells Bowser that they are going to make a 1-Up Mushroom. Meanwhile, Steve fools around with the kitchen oven. Mario says they need to tie a Mushroom to a lightning rod (claiming it needed to be hit with a million volts to become a 1-up). Bowser and Mario climb to the roof, and hear thunder approaching. Suddenly, a blast of light throws Mario back, and a ghost (with the face of Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's creator) materializes in front of him and Bowser. The apparition warns Mario not to make the 1-up, but Mario ignores it and bats the ghost away with a rock.

Mario sticks the Mushroom onto a lightning rod, and suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the mushroom. The mushroom changes colors and sprouts a face and eyes. Bowser approaches it, but it shoots lasers at the duo, pushing them off the roof. Mario's 1-up Mushroom Creation jumps off the roof and lands on the dead Shy Guy. Wings shoot out from the corpse's back as the Shy Guy jumps to life and flies away. As Bowser and Mario watch the figure disappear into the sky, they turn to find that their kitchen has gone up in flames. Enraged, Mario demands to know who burned down their kitchen. Steve then approaches them and reveals himself as the arsonist. The gang shares a quick laugh, and the blooper ends with Mario angrily rushing at Steve.



  • Mario may have been referencing the video "How to Make Spaghetti (20,000 subs special)" when he mentions other videos that show you how to make spaghetti.
  • The premise of the blooper is a reference to a joke in the video "Bad Stars", when Bowser mentions that he at one time cooked with Mario, which ended in disaster, and that is why he never cooked with Mario again, until now.
  • Bowser is a bad chef according to this blooper. 
  • Shy Guy makes a special appearance in this video.
  • This blooper contains numerous SpongeBob references.
  • This is the first time we ever see Bowser's grandmother. She also appears in the video "SM64 guides: Toadsworth's How to-Princess".
  • The Shy Guy obsessed with toast is a callback to a running gag from R64: A Dose of Dr. Mario
  • Acording to this video, Shy Guy lived from 1990-Toast. This joke was reused in the video "R64: Mario Simulator" but said "Chicken" instead of "Toast".
  • This blooper was the cause of the events of the video "Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition)", as Shy Guy makes a major appearance here.
  • This is the first appearance of Shigeru Miyamoto's Ghost.
  • The song that played when Shy Guy flies to the sun is Fly Away From Here by Aerosmith.
  • A sequel to this blooper was later released, and was called "Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2!"
  • When Mario says that when he was gonna make a special dish, it was a banana with a smiley face. This is a reference to the Dancing Banana.

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