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SM64: Cooking with mario and bowser 3! is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and fifity episode overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the third episode of the Cooking with Bowser and Mario series. It was aired on November 9th, 2015.


Oh boy! you smell that its the wonderfull cooking from mario and bowser!...even though it smells like burning fire! oh gadd!


The episode features Mario and Bowser on a boat after being kicked out of their restaurant (which was actually owned by Dr. Eggman), although thye claimed they were actually so successful they got a new boat. Mario then proceeds to demonstrate to the viewers how to cook "like a man", by throwing a stove into a chicken, making a delicious roast chicken. They then proceeded to go over several cooking lessons.

Cooking lessons #1: Cooking ethics

Mario mentioned how one must master the art of cooking before they could even begin and demonstrated to the viewers how to use the cooking tools the right way

  1. Using the frying pan normally instead of sitting on it (and catching fire as a result)
  2. Using the microwave normally instead of humping it (and having it explode as a result)
  3. Using the cooking tools normally instead of swinging it like crazy and sticking it in the a**

Cooking lessons #2: sushiii

Mario and Bowser were about to make the best sushi in the world using a tub of old ladies. However, SMG4 popped out of the tub looking for his burrito. Thinking quick, Mario quickly declared the batch to be contaminated and pushed the tub off the ship to get rid of SMG4.

Cooking lessons #3: yummy cupcakes!

Next, Bowser taught the viewers how to make cupcakes using eggs (Dr. Eggman), flour (Flowey), and the soul of a young child. He knew people would ask where he would find one and that they would complain it was illegal but he did not care. He fished for one, Frankie, and killed him. He then quickly grabbed the soul in a bowl and made a cupcake.

Cooking lessons #4: italian spicy pizza pie

Mario was very excited to teach the viewers to make an Italian spicy pizza pie. However, he was taking too long, prompting Bowser to show the easy way of doing so: He burnt Mario with his fire breath and proceeded to pound him, doing so faster for good measure. He then fed Mario to a Chain Chomp, who liked the taste of it.

Guest time!

For this part, Mario had the guests introduce themselves, who happened to be Steve and the Yeti (although Mario called it ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH). They happened to be baking a cake but Steve said words that could not be understood. What he did though was to have the Yeti beat up the flour. Next, he took the beaten flour and used a mixer to even out the mixture although it died halfway, forcing Steve to use a chainsaw to finish the mixing. Then, he placed the bowl on top of a pinao before playing some music in order to show it love. Finally, he threw the bowl over to the Yeti who threw it to Gourmet Guy, who ate it and was happy enough to fly out of the ship to a cake shop and bring back a cake. Steve then concluded that was how one would bake a cake.

Impressing your customers.

For this part, Mario and Bowser have to impress a critic, who happened to be LegoGuy77777. Mario said to execute the plan which Bowser thought it was to kill him. Mario though said it was the other plan, causing Bowser to worry. Turned out he was right to worry: He had to be on a dish saying that he should eat him as if he was one of his French girls, much to LegoGuy's confusion.

While LegoGuy was distracted, Mario proceeded to cook spaghetti in a microwave for 10 minutes. After a while, he decided he needed to make it extra hot so that LegoGuy would love it, causing him to set it to 1000000000000000000000000000000:00 minutes. He hoped Bowser would keep LegoGuy happy but Bowser was failing, especially after showing him his butt. Suddenly, there was an explosion from the microwave. Turned out the spaghetti became a Flying Spaghetti Monster who wanted to die.

Back to Bowser, who was dancing in the bid to keep LegoGuy happy, the critic had enough and fled. Just then, Mario popped up with the Flying Spaghetti Monster declaring it was time to eat. The monster saw the critic and ate off his head. Mario berated the critic for letting it eat him instead of the other way around. Soon afterward, LegoGuy crawled around for a bit before collapsing, causing Mario to find a broom. However, before he could do so, he heard police sirens nearby. Turned out they had surrounded the ship with SMG4 still wanting his burrito.

Mario panicked and said the head came off, causing the police to be shocked at they only came because the boat was stolen. Both Mario and Bowser knew they were done for, especially Bowser who asked who would run the Peach Toadstool fansite. Mario said he had a solution: Toad. It did not end well for him though as the police prepared to shoot him down. Not wanting to die, he jumped into the sea.

Not ready to give up, Mario used Shy Guy to defeat the police. Although it did not work initially, after putting on the sunglasses given by Bowser, he proceeded to shoot Toast at them, defeating them all. With the police out of the way, Bowser turned just to see the ship on fire. Horrified, he asked Mario if he was the one who set the microwave on fire again, causing Mario to snigger at him.

As the ship sank in the background, Mario thought on how well it went before LegoGuy said that they failed miserably.


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  • The "Previous Video" text in the outro reads "Watch The First Dr. Mario Vid!", despite the box showing the previous video, "Overdose of Dr. Mario".


  • This is the first Cooking with Bowser and Mario installment in true widescreen format.


  • The Mask - The "That's a spicy meatball" line from the movie is used here.
  • Distant Drums - At one point when Toad gets scared, the Wilhelm scream can be heard.
  • Coconut - Old Man Hobo at the beginning of the video was singing to Coconut by Harry Nilsson.

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