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SM64: HalloWeegee Special 2014 is the 204th video made by SMG4 and the 4th Halloween special overall. In this blooper, while Mario goes trick-or-treating, he mysteriously finds a Weegee Board, and a friendly friend (Weegee) for him inside the board.

This is a sequel to SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2014 (200k Special!). It was aired in October 31st, 2014.


"How was your day, Mario? Mine was weird."

"CRAP! I've had it up to here with this Weegee bullcrap.

-Luigi and Mario

A warning pops up saying there is a scary jumpscare coming up. Shigeru Miyamoto appears and just says he's a ghost. Luigi is heard screaming as it transitions.

After the events in previous video; Mario, Peach, Luigi and SMG4 are seen outside a random person's house with some Halloween costumes. This random person happens to be Pinkolol16. She opens the door, to Mario asking her very bluntly to give them candy. She shakes her head angrily and closes the door on him. Mario complains how rude people are to Luigi, as Luigi says that he needs to do it "the Halloween way" by saying "Trick or Treat", as Mario says fine and rings the same door again, Pink, not interested, opens the door again. Mario creeps her out by saying "I wanna eat your babies" and she closes the door on him again. SMG4 states that the problem is that Mario is a grown up man trying to get candy off of other adults, when the candy thing is more so aimed at children. He also states that his dressing up is something, but before he can ask him just what his costume is, Mario says he's dressed up as spaghetti, and also that he doesn't need to be a child to trick or treat. He hears a doorbell, and John DiMaggio comes out and sees Toad, who trick or treats properly and gets some candy, John telling him he can have all the candy he wants. Toad gets some glasses and smirks at Mario, who realizes he got that way by being cute. He rings the doorbell again, Pink opening the door once more, angry, and Mario throws his baby counterpart at her, and proceeds to get scared, as Mario then yells that he finally has free candy.

After they're done, Mario tips his contents to reveal he got a radish from Pink, one candy, a paperclip and an Old Man Hobo. Not happy with his results, exclaiming there's no spaghetti-flavoured candy, he dumps the contents of it all down in the basement. He turns back to see the Weegee Board, covered in cobwebs. Mario swipes them away and wonders what it is.

Later, SMG4 asks Luigi if he isn't part of a "weird cult" and Luigi, panicking, disagrees and says no. Mario asks for the instructions on this Weegee item, as SMG4 reads a book that just as the word "Weegee" repeated over and over (and one "WeAgee") and he just remarks that he thinks it's in French. Mario stuffs a magnifier over some of the numbers, then suddenly, without Mario's will, his hand scrolls overt he letters that spell Weegee, and SMG4 is confused, Mario panicking, and suddenly, Weegee reveals himself through voice, as a portal opens up through the board, and Weegee comes out. When he does come out, he and Mario scream at each other, Mario extremely worried, SMG4 not as concerned at first.

Weegee starts talking (but can only say Weegee) as he says he wants to play, Mario deciphering for him due to the fact he can understand him because he's "dealt with Luigi's crap his whole life." Mario doesn't think he came to play, due to the demonic eyes he possessed during his escape from the portal. Mario asks it to do something for him, and Weegee tells him that he wants him to sell his soul. Mario wants to know what's in it for him if this is such. Mario suggests demonic and supernatural powers, sexy mustaches and explosions, and if he can do anything he wanted. Mario agrees and makes Weegee go shopping, while SMG4 and Mario watch.

SMG4 isn't happy that they made a demonic monster go shopping, as mario tries to defend his reasons by stating that they're out of spaghetti and he's too lazy himself to get it. Weegee goes to the cashier, who tells him what he got (of which is not spaghetti), will cost 150 coins. Weegee doesn't have any, and the chasier tells him to get out if he doesn't have money. Weegee gets angry and uses his powers to turn the cashiers face into Weegees general structure. Knowing this, the cashier screams all over the shop, and items go flying everywhere.

Mario and SMG4 make it back to the castle, Mario going back on his statement on how nothing will go wrong. Mario suggests he can help keep the castle clean, right as Weegee zaps Toad into a pile of dust after Toad rejects his talk. He then runs off, as SMG4 notices Toad's dead dust lying there, as Mario runs off to eat spaghetti. The doorbell is rung, and Weegee goes outside in a rage to check who it is. Some guy and his two kids are trick-or-treating the castle, as Weegee doesn't understand. The Old Man is revealed to be in one of the kids buckets, weed in another, and Batman in the third one.

Weegee approaches Mario, who angrily asks what he wants. Weegee wants to play Monopoly, Mario not interested and goes back to his spaghetti. Weegee offers Mario Party, Mario still refusing. Weegee continues to offer games, Mario rejecting them. Weegee, after seeing that Mario isn't interested, walks off, sad. He walks off past SMG4, who notices he's lonely. Mario still doesn't want anyone to get in the way of his spaghetti. He hears a shattering sound outside, and goes out to see that Weegee is searching through the fridge, and thrwowing out all the spaghetti. Mario doesn't like this and goes to punch Weegee, but ends up flying into the fridge instead after Weegee dodges, and crash-lands into the wall. Mario exclaims in pain, Weegee laughing at this pain. Mario angrily shouts at Weegee that he is breaking their friendship, and that he should just go back inside the board. He also doesn't want his soul taken. This angers Weegee, who demonically glows his eyes and dominates Mario. Mario in fear tries to prove he was joking, and if so, Weegee can keep his soul, and his brain as well. Not listening, Weegee opens the portal to the board, and Mario says he'll even add him on Facebook. This doesn't work, as Weegee sucks him inside, trapping Mario in the board. With Mario gone, Weegee instantly calms down. He offers to play Monopoly with SMG4, who happily takes the offer.

Meanwhile inside the board, Mario lands inside a place that is full of Weegee's face. A small creature with Weegees face bounces by him, as Mario backs away to find a fat Weegee saying he looks ridiculous. Mario runs away in fear to the castle with Weegee's face inprinted on it. He turns around, as it is revealed his hat emblem and overall buttons are being taken over, as a guy runs up to him telling him there's no hope escaping Weegeeland, which is the place they are in right now. He tells Mario to "flee while he still can", then realizes that "it" is happening, as he collapses and his own face changes to Weegee's similar to the cashier incident. Mario, extremely frightened, runs to the front door and knocks, hoping that he can get inside.

Inside isn't much different from outside, as Weegees face is still everywhere, and even the Toad has Weegees face on him. Mario tries opening the door, which is locked, but hears a shattering. He sees a Goomba with Weegees head, an item previously seen when Weegee was shopping earlier in the video. This Goomba dances for a bit, and Mario tells it to go away, him shooting the little creature. Weegee Jury ambush Mario, telling him that he is "one of them."

Back with SMG4, he needs to go to the bathroom, but Weegee refuses to let him leave. He tries to come up with various excuses to leave, each failing. Luigi comes in the door, as SMG4, Toad, Peach and Weegee say hi to Luigi. Weegee goes up to Luigi, the latter very scared at his presence. After Weegee talks for a bit, he and Luigi start talking happily together. SMG4 is happy he has a new friend, but this is proven wrong.

Later, Weegee, who's turned giant, starts causing trouble for the city, but actually, he is giving a piggybank ride for Luigi and he's destroying buildings on the way. The Polices even have trouble dealing with him. SMG4 watches in horror, as he doesn't know what to do.

With Mario, he is still evading Weegee Jury, and ends up running to one of them dancing. He screams and continues to run in a never-ending hallway, as it suddenly breaks and Mario runs on invisible ground, as Weegee Jury from all over start crowding around him, and then they teleport the Weegee Jury and Mario.

It is eventually revealed that Mario was teleported to a court room. Weegee Jury give him special judgement, as Mario wonders why, as he didn't do anything wrong. Weegee Judge means the friend incident, as Mario says he's still Weegees friend. Wubbzy Weegee comes and just says to "f*** him up". Weegee Judge ponders this over for a while, and shows what would happen to Mario if this did happen. Mario doesn't get it, as Weegee shows another example, which gets Mario up to speed, and clearly not interested. Weegee Judge laugh evilly, as Mario tries to fight his way out. One Weegee zooms over him and steals his clothes, making him naked. He gets a rocket launcher from rocket launcher shop owned by Paper Weegee, and shoots a bullet. He bounces off the bullet, and rudes Weegee Judge through the dimension and out of the board thanks to the bullet. Mario doesn't stop there. Toad is seen shocked.

Inside the city from before, citizens are screaming in fear. SMG4, now with a Weegee face, comes up to one of the citizens and the said person screams more. Mario ends up landing on the top of a building, Luigi happy to see him. Luigi asks him how his day went as his was weird. Mario replies with that his was crap, and that he's sick of this Weegee thing now. Luigi tells him Weegee isn't that bad, Mario wondering why he isn't scared of the massive Weegee's appearance. Luigi first says he's not creepy, but says that that's a lie and of course he's scared, and that he IS creepy. Luigi thought that they could change him, and make him better, or like a pet. Mario imagines this , and after a negative thought about it comes around, refuses Luigi's suggestion. Luigi yells at Mario, Mario yelling at Weegee. Mario then shows the Weegee Board, which scares Weegee. It starts sucking him back into the portal, and the 3 proceed to scream all for different reasons. The portal however, refuses him due to an error, and Weegee is trapped out of the portal. Mario shoots him, and Weegee is later stuffed into the board.

Later that night, Mario (now wearing his clothes again) and Luigi see the portal and the board with Weegee sticking out of it. Mario hopes he never comes out of the portal again. SMG4 worries about his face, as Mario says his face looks better that way. The three walk off. Waluigi later comes and sees Weegee and drags him out to bring him home. They sleep in a bed, and they seem content with each other, as the video ends.



Cultural References


  • Here are the costumes:
    • Mario: Spaghetti
    • Luigi: Ghost
    • Peach: Witch
  • This is actually the main appearance of Pinkolol16 in SMG4's videos.
  • Baby Mario appears in a Garry's Mod form in this episode.
  • When Toad is trick or treating, he has a KFC bag but when John gives him candy he has a bag that looks like a pumpkin.
  • The board which had Weegee inside was the Weegee Board which was obtained by Mario and SMG4 after their last battle with Weegee in the episode "War of the Fat Italians 2014 (200k special!)".
    • It is possible that this video took place after "War of the Fat Italians 2014 (200k special!)" due to the Weegee Board appearing in both videos.
  • The Wubbzy Weegee was designed by a fan of SMG4's bloopers who in turn was incredibly grateful for using his work.
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