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This is a transcript for SM64: Mario In Real Life!? (200 Vid Special).


(Mario enters SMG4's room by using the portal in the computer.)

Mario: Glitchy, are you in here? The oven is jammed with the spaghetti again!

(He sees Glitchy's computer flashing.)

Mario: Huh? What the hell is this?

(Cut to the computer, running Project64, displaying Mario's face.)

Mario: I wonder if my naked spaghetti pics are still in here...

(He closes the emulator, only for it to display a webcam video of the real life SMG4 instead.)

Mario: Wah? Why is there an asian on the screen!

(An error appears. It says:



A button is at the bottom of this error, which reads "FUUUUUUUUU".)

(A portal opens on the monitor.)

Mario: aww crap! (he starts running) is it the sexy spaghetti videos i was watching please don't hurt- (he gets sucked into the portal)

(Cut to inside the portal, where Mario is electrocuted as he is flying in the portal. Everything flashes to white, fading to SMG4's house in Australia. Cut to Mario stuffed toys, the scene zooms out, moving to the real life SMG4 aka Luke, who is making a new blooper in Sony Vegas. Real Life SMG4 looks at his computer, he rotates the screen not seeing mario)

Real Life SMG4: where the hell did he go?

(The Real Life SMG4 hears mario screaming he looks at his computer, and the portal opens mario comes out of the portal and hits the wall)

Mario: aw jeese that hurt, are my man boobs ok?

Real Life SMG4: Mario, what are you doing here?

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