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Mario VS Pokemon GO is the 283rd video by SMG4. As the name suggests, this video is about Mario playing the new game Pokemon Go.


Join mario as he plays this weird popular game called pokemans GO?! da hell is a pokeman?


The blooper begins with Luigi entering Mario and Luigi's house. Luigi then sees Mario staring at his phone, making Luigi nervous. Dramatic music intensifies, until we see that Mario was only playing Flappy Bird. Mario then gets mad because he lost. He then thinks Pokemon Go is crap, and asks why it's so popular. Luigi then explains the app Mario was playing was called SUPAH POKEMON GO, not the real Pokemon GO. Mario realizes that if that's the case, then that would explain why it has too many virus ads. Suddenly, an image of Bowser sleeping pops up, saying "Find single bowsers in your area!", with a phone number called 69696969-6969696. Luigi then starts screaming and darts out of the room, terrified.

Mario checks the description of the real game, finding out he has to go outside to play. Mario gets mad because if he goes outside, then he will be social and exercising in the process. Mario asks Luigi to play the game, but Luigi can't hear Mario because he was trying to burn his eyes. Mario finally tries to play the game, but there was a bad network. Mario then gives up. Then, a fake ending occurs with no annotations. Pokemon Go then works. Mario is asked by the Professor if he is a boy or a girl. Mario states he is THIS close to burning his phone, but Luigi tells him to get in line, still burning his eyes. Mario walks outside and starts playing. Then, Mario finds a Zubat with a CP of 70. Mario throws his phone at the tree, with the phone coming right back at him and knocking him unconscious.

Mario then learns to throw the Pokeball. Amazed by the good technology, Marios starts throwing his Pokeballs, repeatedly missing until a Pokeball finally hits the Zubat making the Nice Throw. While throwing Pokeballs at Zubat, 25643 balls were wasted, giving him no balls left. Mario gets annoyed, calling the game stupid for making him walk around. The Game then informs Mario that there is a Pokestop nearby where he can get more Pokeballs, which happens to be Peach's Castle. After arriving at the Castle, which was currently being raided by Bowser , Mario collects more Pokeballs and continues his search.

The Game shows Mario that there are 3 legendary Pokemon Nearby: Arceus, Mew, and Pengaz. Mario directs his attention to Pengaz, attempting to find and capture him, until he runs into Frankie, who was also playing Pokemon GO. Refusing to let Frankie capture Pengaz first, Mario challenges him to a battle. The Battle begins, but Mario cheats by using a rocket launcher to blow Frankie up and send him flying. Mario wins the Battle, vowing to become the best Pokemon GO trainer ever.

Mario starts a montage. First he's throwing Pokeballs everywhere, then he breaks into an old man's yard. The game tells Mario that he needs to walk in order to hatch an egg. To avoid doing this, he ties his phone onto Steve's head, who was just simply just walking around randomly. Later, Mario spots a Magikarp on Luigi's head with his phone and tackles him in an attempt to catch it. Realizing he has too many useless Pokemon, Mario gives the Professor a Zubat, Rattata and Pidgey, which the Professor then throws into the Transfer Pokemon machine and turns it into Pokemon Candy. After that, Mario arrives at a Pokestop and places a lure module in order to attract more Pokemon. The module works, but several other trainers use this advantage and attack Mario in order to get the Pokemon first. Mario then arrives at a Pokemon Gym, but seeing the word "Gym", Mario runs away fearing exercise.

A few days later, at Peach's Castle, Luigi asks Toad if he has seen Mario since he hasn't seen him for 5 days. Toad however just jumps to the conclusion that Mario decided to go full hobo. Outside the window, Mario all of the sudden falls from the sky and crashes onto the ground. Luigi hurries outside, asking Mario what the heck he's trying to do, as Mario climbs the Castle walls. Mario has apparently become completely addicted with Pokemon GO, and he yells Luigi that he's trying to catch them all. Mario climbs onto the roof, sneaking up onto a rare Squirtle that was hiding up there. Mario catches the Squirtle and begs for there to be another nearby Pokemon. Mario's phone however then rings as the game congratulates Mario for catching all the Pokemon. Refusing to believe he has already caught them all, Mario starts focusing his Pokemon addiction to actual physical living things.

Mario spots Yoshi , who was apparently also on the roof. Eager to catch another Pokemon, Mario throws a real life Pokeball at Yoshi and catches him. Now fully insane, Mario starts throwing Pokeballs at almost every moving thing he sees. The people of the Mushroom Kingdom start running and screaming in fear, trying to avoid being caught. Bowser attempts to stop Mario with his Poke Ray, but Mario has somehow managed to capture that along with Bowser. Mario then puts Bowser in the Pokemon daycare and a Ditto attempts to mate with him.

Luigi watches in sadness as Mario destroys the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi then calls out Mario's name attempting to find and stop him, but Mario all of the sudden appears right next to him. Luigi attempts to try and snap Mario out of him, but the Pokemon GO addiction makes Mario hallucinate and picture Luigi as a Legendary Luigi Banana Pokemon. Seeing a Legendary, Mario automatically gets eager to capture him and takes out a giant minigun that fires Pokeballs. The Pokeballs simply hurt Luigi like projectiles, but none of them manage to catch him. Using all his power, Mario briefly turns Super Saiyan and grows larger than the Earth, then throwing a Pokeball and catching the entire planet.

It turns out however, that the entire video was just the entire game being played by Mario on his phone at home. Mario was apparently playing a game called "Super Mario GO", which meant that none of the things in this video were actually canon. As the game ends, Mario raises his eyebrow in confusion, calling it one weird-ass game. The Professor then appears behind Mario, giving the viewers weird perverted licking sounds as the video ends.


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