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SM64: Mario joins the Circus a blooper made by SMG4. It involves Mario joining a circus after he was kicked out of the castle after dealing with a lot of damage to the castle.


After burning down Peach's Castle, uhh...a lot of times, Princess Peach has had enough of Mario's usual retardness and kicks him out...who stumbles upon the circus!


It starts with the castle on fire and everyone is panicking while Mario says the fly is dead. Peach walks in, with her anger extinguishing the fire and telling Mario she has had enough of this and that this was the 249564th time he has done this. SMG4 and Toad agree that Mario should be thrown out of the castle, with SMG4 even saying they had to sell Toadsworth to North Korea to pay for the damages, while Shy Guy makes a remark about Italian ass toast, which disgusts Mario. Peach agrees to this, which leaves Mario angry. He begs to stay, claiming that the fans love him. The others complain about the issues with him being a fan favorite(with Shy Guy making more comments about Italian ass toast). Mario says that none of them would be famous if it weren’t for “his sexy moves.” The others see that as another reason he should leave. Peach tells him his retardedness is not worth it and to leave. Mario leaves the castle upset, while everyone is celebrating the fact that he is finally gone.

Mario complains to himself about everyone kicking him out, only to realize he doesn’t know where he is. He sees a figure, who turns around and reveals himself to be Bob, much to Mario’s annoyance. Bob tells Mario that he was very lonely until he was found and became a part of the circus. Mario asks what his job is, and Bob claims that the circus would be nothing without him, only for him to reveal that he sweeps up the gorilla poop. Mario is amazed by this and asks Bob if he can get a job as well. Bob takes him to talk to the manager, who is revealed to be Waluigi. Bob tells him that Mario is fat and Waluigi tells him he’s got the job, which Mario is excited about.

Bob start giving a lecture to Mario about how to clean up gorilla poop. He starts by explaining that he has to distract the gorilla. He throws a baby to demonstrate, which distracts Donkey Kong. He gives a baby to Mario, but warns him to be careful. The baby hits DK, and after a few seconds, he pounces on Mario and starts beating him. Bob attempts to throw a banana to try and save Mario, but this fails and Bob decides to wait by playing on a Gameboy. Mario crawls to him seconds later after being beaten.

Bob tells Mario that maybe cleaning gorilla poop was to advanced for him and they should start with something simpler, while Mario arrives with a broken neck. Bob introduces him to Mr. Wuggle, who starts speaking gibberish and flailing around, which Bob claims is his way of saying he likes him. Mario backs up, frightened by him. Bob tells him that he’s friendly, and all he has to do is hug him every two minutes or else he will murder everyone, which Mr. Wuggles becomes very aggressive upon hearing. Mario hugs him, questioning what he is doing with his life, only for Bob to reveal that there are 100 Mr. Wuggles. The Wuggles attack Mario, while Bob complements him on what a good job he is doing.

Mario is then seen crying about how hard his job is and he promises his spaghetti that he will be home soon. A pissed Waluigi then appears behind him, and Mario asks if he can leave. Waluigi then tells him in a demonic voice “YOUR SOUL IS MINE” and starts acting weird, which horrifies Mario and Waluigi throws him out in a Bloody mess.

Bob is playing on his Gameboy when Mario lands beside him. He tells Mario that he has a better job for him. They are going to strap him to a wheel while Kermit(Johnny) throws harpoons at him, to which Kermit says he likes killing and murder. Mario decides to run off and Waluigi tells him that he owns him, only to be hit by a baby. Bob was shooting Waluigi with a mini gun full of babies to protect Mario, and took down Waluigi, only to accidentally hit DK and get pounced on himself. Waluigi calls to the Wuggles army to stop Mario and he becomes upset that he never told SMG4 he used his toothbrush as a butt scratcher. Shy Guy then saves him and Mario thinks everyone wants him back, only to find out that he wanted him for Italian ass toast and dropped him into a giant toaster.



Despite having more likes than dislikes, the video heavily panned by many SMG4 fans, many people compared it to the infamous SML video "Jeffy's Bad Word" due to both episode having SML's and SMG4's incarnations of Mario being tortured for stupid reasons (SMG4 Mario doing an act that he has done before without being punished except in that episode and SML Mario punishing Jeffy), and many fans called it the WORST video made by SMG4.


  • Shy Guy throws Mario to toaster and kills him. (offscreen)


  • This is the first video where Shy Guy has captions.
  • This video strangely has no intro.
  • When Mario enters the carnival for the first time, a distorted version of the merry-go round theme from Super Mario 64 can be heard.
  • The gorilla attacking Mario is a reference to Harambe.
  • This is Bob's third appearance.
  • SMG4 breaks the fourth wall by pointing out how he gets less screentime than Mario.
  • Despite appearing in the beginning of the video, Luigi is not seen again.
    • Coincidentally, he never voted for Mario to leave the castle nor go against it.
  • It is unknown if the clown in this video is the same clown from Retarded64: Boo Busters.
  • OnyxKing67 made a submission to SMG4's 2 Million subscribers special, showing how the blooper should have ended. It started with SMG4, Peach and Toad exiting the castle after too much partying and Mario and Bob showed up and using a banana, called in Donkey Kong to beat them up as revenge for what they did to Mario. The two then high-fived with the phrase "Revenge is sweet!" appearing on top of them. The skit ended with Fishy Boopkins appearing out of nowhere and saying "I love waifus!" (see this video)
  • This is the final video to have the outro display a clip from the previous video.
  • Waluigi saying 'Y O U R S O U L I S M I N E!' is a reference to Shang Tsung from the Mortal Kombat series.

Music Used

NB: Unidentified songs have been bracketed, with a short description of the scene and/or the music itself. Please make appropriate changes if the song is known.

Legend: (Time-Stamp; Name; Origin)

  • 00:00 - In The Flower Garden, Super Mario RPG
  • 00:04 - Girl On Fire; Alicia Keys
  • 00:10 - (spooky song when castle is burning)
  • 00:23 - (chorale piece)
  • 00:30 - Soviet March; Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
  • 00:33 - (reprise of chorale piece)
  • 00:49 - Pursuit – Cornered; Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney
  • 01:25 - (Unidentified Sad Song 1 in d minor)
  • 01:38 - (song when castle celebrates)
  • 01:42 - Merry-Go-Round; Super Mario 64
  • 02:15 - (dramatic buildup when Bob reveals job)
  • 02:28 - Merry-Go Round; Super Mario 64
  • 02:34 - The Land Of Chocolate; Alf Clausen
  • 02:48 - (quiet song when Bob distracts ‘gorilla’)
  • 03:18 - Fight Against An Armed Boss; Super Mario RPG
  • 03:41 - Music Box House; Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • 03:58 - Oh Yeah; Yello
  • 04:04 - Luigi’s Story; Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • 04:19 - (triumphant music when Mario hugs Mr Wuggles)
  • 04:41 - (Unidentified Sad Song 1 in d minor)
  • 04:48 - (another dramatic buildup)
  • 05:01 - (peaceful jazz song)
  • 05:42 - Dragon Rider; Two Steps From Hell
  • 05:57 - Move B***h Get Out Da Way; Ludacris
  • 06:01 - (song when Mr Wuggles Army is summoned)
  • 06:06 - Booty Man; Tim Wilson
  • 06:15 - Sad Story; Super Mario Galaxy
  • 06:22 - (dramatic song when shy guy rushes Mario)
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