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SM64: Mario learns to type is the ninteenth episode of Season 6 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 13, 2016.


Mario sees a computer for the first time and gets to learn how to type :D. also yeah i just went full retard for no reason so...enjoy!


The video begins with SMG4 leaving his computer room. Soon after, Mario Ground Pounded into the room and snuck up to the computer, clearly ignoring the posters that told Mario to not touch it. He started it up and soon, he arrived at the Google home page. He told it to give him Spaghetti but naturally, nothing happened. Feeling angry, he pressed the P key on the keyboard and a P appeared in the search bar. Impressed by this technology, Mario decided to use his nose to type in more random letters. Suddenly, Mario Head appeared and said hi to him. Naturally horrified by the sudden appearance, Mario asked what was he doing in the computer. Mario Head thanked Mario for choosing Mario Teaches Typing. Mario was still shocked but Mario Head took it as a yes to taking part in the game.

For the easy level, Mario would be typing in one letter at the time. Mario said no and asked if Mario Head knew who he was, which Mario Head responded by saying Mario. Mario then squatted in shame due to being outwitted. After some more encouragement from Mario Head, Mario decided to play the game, allowing Mario Head to start the level. Soon, the letter to type was an A. Mario panicked and saw the Window key. Thinking it was waffles, he pressed it. Naturally he was wrong and Mario Head sang about it. Mario could not take it and exploded. Mario Head though brushed it off like it was nothing, claiming that he slipped. He then showed another letter to type in, this case a P. Mario was determined to press the correct letter and told Toad to play some intense music, Pirates of the Caribbean Theme song as the music selected, and dramatically pressed the P. Mario Head said he was correct with the key selected, causing Mario to be happy. Suddenly, Mario Head no one cared, causing Mario to be dejected.

Mario Head then introduced Mario to the intermediate level where he would be typing in full words. That mind blown Mario, who was impressed by what he was about to do. The word chosen was "Banana". Mario quickly struggled but managed to type it in barely. Mario Head felt Mario was ready for the advanced level and soon, the advanced level had many words shown on the screen. Feeling overwhelmed, Mario quickly used a Power Star to help him. It looked like he was in an office typing away and was doing so fast much to Mario Head's amazement, taking a bite of his spaghetti in the process. When the level was done, Mario Head showed the results. However, the results were dismissal: 9234612 words typed in and none of them were correct, which concluded that Mario had Parkinson. Mario, clearly triggered, especially after being trolled by Mario Head, went through the screen to go after him.

In his world, Mario Head wondered where did Mario go seeing that he was not at the screen. Suddenly, he got tackled by him, where Mario declared he had enough of Mario Head's antics. Mario Head responded by saying he really enjoyed playing with Mario and asked if he would like to play Smash-and-Dash game. Mario agreed and was pushed by Mario Head through the world. After the collision, he asked if he had a good joke for him. Mario said yes and indicated it was his face, causing Mario Head to get angry and shoot out random words and letters that could only be removed by typing it correctly. Having no way of doing so, Mario dodged the projectiles.

Meanwhile, Luigi entered the computer room asking for Mario, where he saw his brother being assaulted by Mario Head. Mario Head told him it was his turn to type and gave the word which would crush Mario if not typed correctly, "Mushroom". Despite Mario's plead with his brother to save him, Luigi decided it was dumb and left the room, resulting in Mario getting crushed.

As Mario wanted to get out, he saw the exit and quickly rushed towards it. However, he was only halfway through the door when Mario Head caught him. Struggling to break free, Mario grabbed the keyboard just as he was dragged back inside the world. Mario Head commented on how nice the keyboard was before wanting to sh*t on it. He quickly fired multiple words and letters at him but Mario miraculously keyed in every single one of them correctly. Mario then distracted Mario Head by saying there was something behind him. Mario Head turned around and was naturally hit down from behind. Mario, now having the upper hand, had enough and wanted to leave the world, which Mario Head unwillingly agreed to.

At the typing graduation ceremony, while Mario Head sang on how Mario was the biggest douche in the universe, Mario was awarded the Certification of Graduation. Suddenly, the background dropped, revealing a naturally very angry SMG4 regarding his computer. Mario quickly ran while he had the chance.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Filthy Frank (appears as the loading screen for the easy stage of the game)


  • The way the Mario Head acts in this blooper is like Chica's Magic Rainbow from FNAF WORLD, first being nice to Mario, but later being very rude to him.
  • Among the words in the advanced level are POOP, WHAT IS LOVE, WALLET INSPECTA, NINTENDO, and BUTT B).
  • Oddly, this episode depicts Mario's inability to type due to his mental handicap, whereas in other videos, he could do it with no problem. This is either a mistake, the episode is non-canon, or this episode takes place before all the times Mario used a computer.
  • If you pause while Mario is typing random letters on SMG4's computer, you can see that he wrote "pingas" in one of the random letters.
  • Coincidentally, this video was released 10 days after Muhammad Ali, a Parkinson's victim, died. SMG4 managed to use the Parkinson's joke without being too offensive.

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