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SM64: Meet the Luigi. is the 231st video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the third episode in the Meet the Cast series. This blooper focuses on Luigi's life, relationships with the rest of the characters, and presence in SMG4's bloopers.


Ever wanted to get to know more...or less about our casts? then come along! today we shall observe the scared weirdo that is Luigi!!


Video starts with Mario and Peach captured as Bowser celebrates. Now who will save them now? The answer comes in the shape of a green-cap plumber getting ready to kick some butt! That is until a stray Goomba sets 'im straight! Still, our hero, known as Luigi, makes it to the Bowser's castle. Peach seems happy and Bowser just chooses to leap in a lava moat. Everything's alright until Mario get's fed up with Luigi saying his own name one too many times. Peach shrugs as the bros. duke it out.

On to the main part! Mario is the first to be interviewed about his bro. It turns out Mario was "reading" from a note given to him. Upon failing that, Mario proclaims Luigi's orientation is all there is to him.

Now it's Luigi turn. Realizing that, Luigi frantically claims he can dance and does so. Lakitu isn't too impressed, however.

Peach informs everyone of Luigi's constant cowardice of seemingly anything. Then Toad pipes in, presenting a possible explanation for what happened to the plumber. Apparently, Luigi got his own Luigi doll being weird as gay as he is accidentally kicked it in the toilet. Upon crawling in the toilet to retrieve it, Wario came and took a dump upon Luigi scarring him forever. Mario's explanation is different - a vulture attacked Luigi when he was a tiny toddler. Mario is still unsympathetic towards Luigi, as the latter is being creepy a lot, as Mario might attest. A montage is shown of Luigi engaging in various barely censored sexual activities.

Back to Luigi's personal interview, Luigi talks about how hardly anyone understands him. As Lakitu sarcastically asks why, Luigi blissfully drops the subject and gets back to dancing.

SMG4 admits he's aware of Luigi getting the short end of the stick and talks about how he tried to cut some slack for the green plumber (that is, putting him in FNAF video and sending a crossdressing teletubbie to him). It ends about as good as one might expect.

A lone Boo himself shows up for the interview. It shows us, while scaring Luigi was fun before, soon they realized he's seriously disturbed. As if to prove the point, a Toad priest comes to cleanse Luigi as he went into a week-long panic attack due to Boos' shenanigans.

Luigi tries to justify himself, as there are a lot of scary things. Upon being accused of punching an old lady, Luigi says that was due to her dissin' his dance moves and resumes dancing.

Daisy is totally okay with Luigi, though. An example, is him saving her from a nearby Thwomp, though at the cost of his own face.

Mario tries promoting Luigi's reliability only to get interrupted By Prof. E.Gadd, who goes on blabbing about Luigi's nose getting stuck in the Poltergust. Mario whacks the Professsor away.

Next up, Luigi tells a bit about his life. Then as the scene cuts to the Bros. basement, Luigi says it's his private partying place and dances energetically as Lakitu nopes loudly.

The final speaker is Bowser who isn't even bothered to remember Luigi's name. He also views the latter as a wuss and loser.

As Luigi wishes to save the day for once, a phone call interrupts the interview. It seems that Mario's in a big mess and needs a favor! Luigi immediately goes into action and go-karts violently through the street. Mario is revealed to be taking a dump and needs spaghetti from a store, about to close soon. Once at the store, Luigi beats up everyone trying to interfere, but as he comes upon spaghetti, it gets taken by Bowser. Bowser tries to dismiss Luigi lightly (but insultingly) but Luigi has had enough and goes Macho Mode on him. Bowser is terrified, but Luigi fails to take the video game collision detection in account and falls offscreen having come in the contact with Bowser. Bowser is left there, still uneasy about what happened.

Conclusion time: Luigi isn't good at being a hero, but, what the hey, he can dance and it's all that matters! Cue the ending animation.



  • This is the first Meet the Cast episode to not feature MarioMario54321, even as a cameo.
  • The outro of this video features the two previous episodes of the series, "Meet the Steve" and "Meet the Mario.", instead of the blooper released just before this one, "Shoot to the Observatory in the Sky".
  • In this episode SMG4 said he was going to make a Five Nights At Freddy's 3 episode and the main character will be Luigi. This seems to be similar to the video "Another Night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" by OnyxKing67, since that video gets Luigi as the main character.
  • This is one of the few bloopers to hint at a new one. That blooper is Retarded64: Revenge of Freddy's Spaghetteria.


  • At around 3:46 in the video, Mario's name is displayed as Lakitu.

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