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SM64: Meet the Toad is the fifth installment in the Meet The Cast series and a blooper made by SMG4. As suggested by the title, it reviews Toad and his life.


We find out the dark truth behind Toad and why sometimes he's grumpy and at other times he's more retarded than Mario...


"I have seen some sh*t, man. I kid you not, I HAVE SEEN SOME SH*T." -Toad

The episode starts off with a flashforward where Toad is showing a surprised face, while looking at SMG4, Toadsworth, Toadette, and Frankie. The toads have normal faces, but SMG4 is seen mad.

Toad says "What the f*ck is going on here?!", and SMG4 replies that they're stopping him from eating so much candy, because it's really annoying. Toad freaks out, saying that candy is the only thing that makes him happy. Toadsworth tells him that it's time to stop, and the flashforward ends with Toad screaming in anger.

After the intro, Toad explains to the audience that he is 'a dandy old mushroom and a slave of Princess Peach' and that he's 'smiling on the outside, but eternally dead on the inside'. The reason why is that he has 'seen some sh*t', and he even explains that he tried to escape the castle more than 600 times. Every time though, he got caught by Mario.

After so long, Toad says that the only way to escape is a lot of sugar, which he hides in the Cavern of the Metal Cap. All the candy that he eats makes him hyper and annoying to the other residents of the castle.

Luigi tells the audience that Toad is sometimes a decent guy, but he has a feeling that he doesn't like Mario, which leads to a flashback where Toad is seen running away whenever he sees Mario. 'But sometimes it's the opposite way around,' Luigi tells, explaining that Toad sometimes goes crazy for no reason.

Toadette, Toad's girlfriend, says that ever since he started working in Peach's Castle he started behaving differently, which leads to her worrying about him.

Peach says that toads are the most loyal servant she knows and that she pays them the highest salary for the most important duties in the kingdom. Toad however says that she instead 'pays us in peanuts to stand around the castle 24/7' and brutally uses them as things such as a ladder, a vacuum cleaner and also uses them as body shields.

Toadsworth then explains that all toads are brain dead, except a few that are given the ability to think, like Toad and Toadsworth.

Afterwards, Toad wonders why he was specifically chosen to have the ability to think, and starts having suicidal thoughts, but then he explains that there's plenty to stay alive for, like Mario getting hurt and candy.

SMG4 tells the audience that he's worried by Toad's obsession for candy, and that he wants to stop him because it's getting too annoying. This leads to the flashforward we saw earlier. After Toad's angry scream, he starts attacking the Toadette and Toadsworth. When Toad is perform his victory dance, SMG4 gave the chance to knock Toad out. Later, Princess Peach sends Toad to therapy and he told her to let him go because a person next to him (rabbit) loves candy more then him can do, but after a few talks Peach told him the doctor will help him, it revealed to be Dr. Mario, causing Toad to scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"



  • This episode explains Toad's change of personality in the last season(s), becoming more of an annoying character instead of a grumpy, Squidward-like character he was in the earlier episodes. After this episode, Toad returns to his grumpy personality.

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