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SM64: RETARDED RECAP 2016 is a video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It is the first video of 2017, and a flashback at the videos SMG4 made in 2016.


Let's have a look back at 2016, where we interview the Mario cast in all their retarded glory!


The entire idea in this video is that characters who appeared this year are being interviewed about their favorite thing in 2016, with a flashback for each character, and a lot of small scenes that go with the interview.


Characters Interviewed

Characters Appears in Clips


  • Heavy saying that Mario scares him is a reference to Meet The Pyro from Team Fortress 2, where in the beginning of the video, Heavy says that he fears no one but the Pyro.
  • It is revealed that Luigi has a huge collection of "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing" trophies(In which he earned by doing said action).

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