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Ssenmodnar 11 (800k Special) is the 13th episode of the Ssenmodnar series. Despite that, however, it is titled as the 11th episode, since Ssenmodnar 0 - Release the Retardness! was the last episode. As the name suggests, this video was released to celebrate SMG4 reaching the 800K Subscriber Zone.


Professor E. Gadd was trying to discover SMG4's secret for reaching 800K subscribers, but when things go out of hand, he was sucked into the black hole. Ssenmodnar is back with more skits of retardness...


Beginning Scene

Professor E. Gadd is in his lab. He is happy that he discovered the secret of how SMG4 got 800K subscribers. Since he discovered this, he hopes that his own channel will be successful as well. We look at his YouTube channel, which has only one video. E. Gadd then combines two mixtures together, creating an explosion and sending him flying to a door. He then looks up, hoping that he found the secret to SMG4's secret to success, only finding Mario in front of him. E. Gadd begs Mario to show him the secrets of YouTube sucess. Mario agrees, only for him to unleash a death portal. The professor tries to hold on for dear life, but the portal is so powerful, it sucks him in. The title page then appears. Mario asks the viewer what time it is. Waluigi comes out of nowhere, saying that it is "Waluigi Time", only for him to get hit by the Ssenmodnar title. Mario then goes to grab the #11 and put it under the Ssenmodnar title. Then, an explosion comes from behind. After the explosion, the skits begin.


  1. Frankie goes up to Toadette. He asks her if she ever had a dream where he is having trouble saying. Toadette then gets annoyed and asks Frankie if he even knows English.
  2. A policeman puts Old Man Hobo under arrest and tells him that if he does anything or say anything, he will be held against. Old Man Hobo ignores this, and says, "Titties!"
  3. A goomba is talking to Bowser about why he is wearing a skirt. Bowser says that he wants to, and shows the goomba why he is wearing it by ripping it off, only for the Goomba and Peach to freak out.
  4. Mario rescues Peach. Peach thanks him, and tells him that she thinks Mario and her will make good friends. Mario then gets upset about it, with Peach wondering what is going on.
  5. Waluigi starts his own episode, "Waluigi Time". Baby Luigi is simply sitting on a piece of concrete. Waluigi comes up to him, and tells the baby to say "WAAAAAAA!" Baby Luigi cries, and Waluigi gets a "GREAT!"
  6. SMG4 is riding his horse, singing about it while NintendoFan997 is watching. SMG4 later asked him to give it a lick, and he licked it saying that it tasted like sh*t.
  7. Wario is crawling on the floor with no money while crying "Feed me, Feeeeed me!" He crawls into a room with a pile of clothes and finds a coin in an overall in the pile. He then celebrates, despite it being just only a coin.
  8. Mario is in Super Mario Bros. He exits the warp pipe and enters the level. He hits a coin block, collects a 1-UP mushroom and enters the opposite warp pipe. However, in our universe, a person dressed as Mario, apparently drunk, climbs out of the warp pipe, attempts to hit the coin block but misses, kicks the mushroom and throws up in the other warp pipe.
  9. SMG4 is singing more about the horse. Singing about it turning into a plane and then it shows its PINGAS. NintendoFan997 is disgusted, but SMG4 tells him to shut up and get on the horse.
  10. The struggles of a teletubby. At an office, people are starting at a teletubby with a tie. The teletubby then asks, " The f@#$ y'all looking at?!"
  11. SMG4's latest public announcement: a person says that he does not want to sleep and wants to find cool stuff on the internet. SMG4 tells him that it is time to stop, causing the person to freak out.
  12. Gourmet Guy tells us that he does not always fart, but when he does, it blows up the world. Rosalina freaks out, saying that everyone is dead. THE END!
  13. The newest Moments With Steve. This episode covers Steve's life. In the morning, Steve scares Geofcraze634 by jumping out of a trash pit. He then chooses a shirt to wear, which all look the same. He then walks in a weird way, and while a person is not looking, steals his/her child. At SevenEleven, a person is giving Steve for $85. Steve, however, takes the burger and gives him the baby he stole. He is then on the highway, sliding on a car flipped upside down, which makes a Yoshi wonder what is going on. Steve apparently crashes the car into a building. The cop asks Steve if he did it. Steve says no, and then teleports himself to a castle, where a throwback shows Steve naked in front of bullies. He then teleports again. He says hi to SMG4. SMG4 says hi back. Another teleport takes him to PORTAL. Where he wears a helmet. A person wearing a orange outfit sees him. Steve says hi and asks if he can help. The person only says hi to him. A million teleports later, Steve is back where he started, the trash pit where he scared Geofcraze634. He then goes to sleep, officially ending his day.
  14. Mario is performing Boob Explosions.
  15. Boy and Gurl return again. Gurl takes a deep breath, and tells Boy that she is pregnant. She then asks if Boy will remain her BF. Boy says no. Gurl is then heartbroken and commits suicide. Boy is crying, and tells her corpse that he would not be her BF because he wants to be her husband.
  16. Po is riding his ATV. He then accidentally falls off and starts to roll around like crazy. He rolls around the whole city. Tinky Winky barely notices this. By the time he finds out, it's too late. Tinky Winky himself rolls around down a hill. Dipsy sees Tinky Winky rolling around, and decides to join the fun and roll around as well. Laa-laa is standing near a building back in the city. By then, a huge swarm of Teletubbies come her way. Laa-laa tries to get out of their way, but she gets run over by the stampede. By then, the teletubbies are all rolling around the city. After the narrator states how the teletubbies like to roll around, a tubby in a swag shirt appears out of nowhere, and responds to the narrator by saying, "YEAH!"
  17. Yoshi runs up to the castle and rings the doorbell. Luigi answers the door. Apparently, a feminine-looking Yoshi is at the door, and asks if Luigi is looking for the Yoshi. Luigi, in horror, responds "nope" and then closes the door on it.
  18. SMG4 activates the Waluigi Launcher. Mario wonders what is going on. SMG4 fires the Waluigi at Mario. In horror, Mario screams, and the Waluigi hits him. SMG4 does a victory pose. In our universe, Luke Lerdwichagul is doing the same thing in his office. He uses his Waluigi plush as the Waluigi Launcher and aims for the Mario figure on his shelf. Luke, however, after he throws the Waluigi plush, completely misses. The cameraman tells Luke he missed, but Luke gives a double thumbs up, with a caption saying "NAILED IT!"
  19. Mario walks up to the castle door and rings the doorbell. Luigi once again responds. However, this time, Luigi encounters a Mario with a horrible and scary face. The Mario tells Luigi that he is looking for him because he is going to need his help. Luigi, very horrified, says "Leave me the f#$% alone!" Then he closes the door on Mario.
  20. Frankie uploads a video on YouTube. The upload is successful, and Frankie celebrates. Suddenly, Mario bursts into Frankie's room. Mario then sues Frankie because of a copyright with Nintendo. A screen then pops up, saying that the video Frankie uploaded is no longer available due to a copyright claim.
  21. Waluigi and Wario shake it to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What."
  22. SMG3 is on the sofa. The smoke detector suddenly goes off, and a burnt piece of toast comes out of the toaster. SMG3 is disappointed in this. Somehow, after SMG3 says that he burnt the toast, the Toast Shy Guy Fairy comes out of nowhere and tries to save the piece of toast. However, what the Shy Guy does makes the situation worse. The Shy Guy is upset and saddened, stating that everything was going well. SMG3 says that it looked like the toast could not take the heat. He douches glasses and does an awesome pose. The Shy Guy gets angry, and throws SMG3 out of the house, severely hurting him. While looking at SMG3 lying on the ground, a person then sings, "You burnt the toast, and then you almost died..."
  23. Mario goes up to Donkey Kong's house. He then sees Donkey Kong bowing at a picture of his girlfriend. Mario asks him if he is okay, and DK says that it has been a while since his girlfriend went missing, and says he wants to have some action with her again. Mario feels bad for him and tells him not to cry. He then comes up with a plan, and tells DK that he just saw his girlfriend. DK reacts, and Mario brings in Toad in a pink dress. DK then reacts to him and asks if it is his wife. Toad says yes, and prepares to go up to him. Dk says it cannot be, but Toad says that he is. Mario then walks out with a trollface, while DK asks himself how is he supposed to "f$&@ this s@&$."
  24. The ending of Super Mario 64 plays. The picture of the cake Peach bakes for Mario then appears, and the scene ends. However, Kirby sees the cake, and eats the whole cake.

Ending Scene

Professor E. Gadd, still in the land of retardedness, sees the last skit play on the TV. E. Gadd then asks for help, and he wants to leave the land (which he calls hell). SMG4 then appears with his horse and asks E. Gadd if he is enjoying the sanctuary of retardedness. E. Gadd explains that he wants to be successful like SMG4. SMG4 explains that he should try to make his own videos. He wants the professor to make something never seen before. E. Gadd responds that he now has a better understanding. SMG4 mentions that the tip he told the professor is his most important advice and secret. SMG4 then tells E. Gadd that he now has to kill the professor. E. Gadd is now horrified by what SMG4 said. SMG4 then deploys the guns from the horse, starts singing "Look at My Horse" again and dances, and chases the professor down the sanctuary. E. Gadd runs as fast as he can. He then finds an exit door, and hurries towards it. He opens the door, only to encounter the feminine Yoshi Luigi encountered. Back at the lab, E. Gadd wakes up in horror. He then realizes everything he saw was just a dream, but then says to himself that the nightmare inspired him. He then goes to upload a new video on his YouTube page. After he uploads the video, he goes like "YOLO!" while a screen shows more retardedness in the background behind him, ending the video.


After the usual end-of-video screen, a bonus video appears. An outtake shows Luke doing the Waluigi Launcher scene. He throws the plush at the Mario figure again, only to see that the plush barely hits the figure. Luke then tips the Mario over, making it fall to the floor. He then gives two thumbs up in front of the camera, now officially ending the video.


Music used

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Removal of video

In 2019, YouTube blocked users from watching the video due to the presence of content from WMG, making the video impossible to watch. Currently, a reupload exists, as does all reaction videos.



  • Hana Zara - When SMG3 hits the ground after the Shy Guy kicked him out, the song that plays is You Burnt The Toast by Hana Zara.

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