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SM64: Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k Special QNA Edition), more often simply called Ssenmodnar 6.64, is the 7th installment of the Ssenmodnar, released specially to celebrate SMG4 reaching the 100,000-subscriber milestone.


SMG4 is thanking the viewers for 100,000 subscribers, gets hit by a Koopa shell, and blames Mario. He then proceeds to greet the viewer(s) personally (but not before hitting his foot and falling over), and thanks everyone for getting him to this milestone for his channel, which Mario calls gay. He then states that the video will be a QnA special, to which a laughtrack responds negatively. He then begins reading off the questions:

Note: All questions are written as they were asked, so there may be grammatical and spelling errors! DO NOT CORRECT THEM IF THERE ARE ANY! Underlined text indicates if there are any punctuations or letters (or both) that are cut off, and can't be identified

Q: What does an average day in the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario is usually? (Does this count? XD)

A: Clips of Mario slurping spaghetti, humping Toad naked, and pooping so hard the castle explodes

Q: Question: Does Bowser Have a Secret stache of Justin Bieber Magazines?

A: SMG4 goes to Bowser to ask him if he does, but walks in on Bowser doing someting with a JB cutout

Q: Whats your favorite pokemon?

A: "My favorite Pokémon is Snorlax, 'cause he's a fairy type Pokémon-- wait, what?" (Clip of SMG4 riding a flying Snorlax)

Q: How old are you and what's your real name?

A: "WHY DO YOU WANNA KNOW??" (Steve appears and says: IT'S RAPING TIME!)

Q: What's that Super Mario 64 Rom hack that's like a town with a fortress in the middle(the one from a super mario 64 fairytale)

A: Cuts the question off in the middle and says "Sorry, I don't even give a f**k"

Q: Can you speak Italian for us? ^^

A: "Oh god, okay. It'sa merr et d?? *lols*" (Angry Mario appears)

Q: Hey smg4 can you make a video with MLP? A: "What in the f**k is that?"

Q: Where do you live?

A: "Well Jackson, I live at 1300GOSCREWYOURSELF...avenue..."

SMG4 goes to the next question and SuperMarioGlitchy69 asks SMG4

Q: TOAD CAN I BE IN YOUR VIDEOS SMG4!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

A: Toad, my Go- fuck, stop!

SuperMarioGlitchy69 asks SMG4 that he likes little boys and SMG4 throws SuperMarioGlitchy69 right by his window.

I look like a hush puppy by superbabypeach-d7d5wod - 复制


He is then interrupted by SuperMarioGlitchy69, still screaming from the events of How to make a blooper (according to  smg4), so SMG4 throws him out the window, and apologizes and tells the viewer he'll be right back, cutting to the following skits:

  1. Mario comes into the castle looking for the Princess Peach, who then tells Mario she's on her period, so Mario backs up and walks out the doors. This is probably a reference to the opening of Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's Edition).
  2. In Bob-omb Battlefield, a man named Alex (SuperGrayGay5) is just trying to enjoy a lollipop, but is constantly annoyed by his friend Derrick (No nickname).
  3. (Mario8) in Whomp's Fortress is annoyed by the fact the owl that can fly you to the top is too high to reach, so he pulls out a shotgun and kills the owl.
  4. Moments With Steve is back with more! Here, Steve is happily dancing around the castle grounds, when he bumps into an angry FM and X, who begin scolding him for his constant up-beat attitude, only to be interrupted by the Steve-Dorrie hybrid from Ssenmodnar 6, which comes soaring out of the sky and takes the stunned FM and X away, as Steve mocks them with his cheery "Bye guys!"
  5. Cut back to Derrick still annoying Alex.
  6. MarioMario54321 is faced with King Dodongo being controlled by Bowser, only to kill it easily by launching himself at it.
  7. Bowser Jr. asks his dad (who has given up from the previous skit) to give him "the talk".
  8. Mario is seen doing perilous maneuvers across several dangerous worlds, and finally finds Peach, who decides to reward him with the same-old cake.

SMG4 attempts to bring back the video, though some Slender Man-induced static, at first, prevents him from doing so. When he says he will continue with the questions, the viewers become angry again, and SMG4 tells them to shut up. He resumes with:

Q: If you could choose between gay men or teletubbies, Which would you choose?

A: (Shows Luigi standing next to a Teletubby) "GAY TELETUBBIES!" (SMG4 dons sunglasses as a gay tubby start dancing to rock music)

Q: How much time do you need to create your videos?

A: SMG4 says it can take anywhere from a week to a weekend, and says he just puts a lot of hard work into bloopers, only for it to be revealed he has people locked in the castle's basement that create the videos for him.

Q: Can you please show us your voice in a video?

A: "Heh-heh-heh-- NO!" (this is ironic because this is a dubbed video)

Q: What country u currently live in

A: "Australia of course! Can't you tell by my accent? ...wait a minute."

Q: Are you a friendly person?

A: (Sarcastically) "No, I'm an evil person." (Clip of Luigi laughing maniacally surrounded by fire)

Q: Can you put some more element of gaming for SM64 blooper

A: SMG4 says that he'll try, and then shows himself failing at Flappy Bird.

Q: Meh ar u gey?


Q: When did you start making Youtube videos and what got you interested in making them?

A: "I guess Megaman765's videos made me interested, I started back in 2011. "(A clip from The Cake Is A Lie is shown, followed by 2014-era SMG4 running up to it and screaming in confusion)

Q: Make a parody of toad who sings what does the fox say

A: Just after SMG4 read "Make a parody of Toad", he starts screaming "NO!", but it's too late, and the music starts playing, and the still-crazed Toad knocks down the door, and destroys parts of the room, while the QnA temporarily ceases broadcast due to "Technical Difficulties", and more skits start playing.

9. Luigi's head is on a sea star, saying "Im'a starfish! Ho-ho!"

10. Mario randomly comes into the castle and begins "bouncing off the walls"...and then off Toad's head.

11. Steve, now riding the piano he tamed with Notch in Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT O_O edition) is flying outside the castle courtyard, where the military launches a missile at him, which destroys the piano, but sends Steve flying into the sky...

12. Mario gets off Yoshi, and thanks him for something, but before he can finish, Yoshi runs off, hits a tree, and explodes, leaving Mario in tears, the song "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic is heard.

13. Gourmet Guy is in the castle eating cake, and is approached by a small Koopa who calls him a "gutless fatso". The Gourmet gets angry and punts the Koopa through a wall. Meanwhile, StarMario890 tells a Toad that he's probably overfeeding the Gourmet Guy.

14. In the middle of the night, JamalioHabbo14 hears his doorbell, and grabs a gun.

15. Cut to outside the video, Dr. Kleiner is revealed to have been watching the video up until this point, and says it really sucks, not knowing SMG4 is right behind him. Eventually, SMG4 gets pissed, and tosses Dr. Kleiner out the window.

Lose your minds by babyabbiestar-d7bsi0y

SMG4 then announces that he's almost out of time, so he has to end the questions, to which the wiewers becomes happy, so SMG4 once again, tells them to shut up. As promised, SMG4 begins to sing the "We did it!" from Dora the Explorer, however, is cut off by an epic performance of "Party Rock Anthem" by Mario and Luigi, which is THEN cut off by SMG4's song again, but this time, Mario punches SMG4, and the two start to argue. Cut to Peach returning to the castle, unaware of any of the events that had taken place that day. She looks up to the sky, and sees a bright twinkling star, which is then revealed to be Steve, finally falling towards the ground from the explosion that shot him upwards in skit #11. Steve then plummets right on top of Peach, causing her to explode. Steve, unharmed, closes the video by saying, "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?".



  • Toad's excessive raving about SMG4 including him in a video is a call-back to "How to make a Blooper (according to SMG4)".
  • This is the first Ssenmodnar video in the series to not follow chronological order (i.e. the videos are now: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 6.64 rather than 7).
  • When SMG4 is reading the question "Hey smg4 can you make a video with mlp?", the background is seen upside down.
  • This is the first appearance of the Dr. Kleiner in SMG4's videos.
  • When FM and X are talking to Steve, FM has the voice of Hal in Bowser's Kingdom, The Movie.
  • This is the first video were SMG4 has a derpy eyes textures.

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