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§§ënmØÐnÅr 6 is SuperMarioGlitchy4's 156th video and the sixth video in the Ssenmodnar series to celebrate the start of 2014.


Mario and Peach Toadstool watch the fireworks one night, then Mario waits to get laid, only to be waken up by her screaming she's on her period. The blooper's name then zooms in backward with a off-screen guy saying "Uh oh! Retard alert!" and a bell ringing in the background.


  1. Immediately after waking up, a boy's dad tells him to do his homework, who then hurls a book at him.
  2. Mario sneaks up on SMG4 while he checks an error. Mario likes the keyboard, and then says "I'm going to sh** on it!", and squats on it naked as SMG4 screams "Oh, what the fu-".
  3. Bowser is defeated. Mario runs towards him, but Bowser farts and ends up sending Mario flying away.
  4. X gets a pizza from a delivery man. Then X and the pizza man's bodies are distorted throughout the short.
  5. Toad is asking his father John to teach him how to twerk. Mortified, John screams "NO!" two times, runs off screen, takes a CV-47, says "NO!" one more time, and points it at Toad.
  6. The GPS in a guy's car tells him to turn right, but the car suddenly hits a wall. The GPS then says he was watching Battle for Dream Island, and calls him a "f***ing dumbass".
  7. At the Star Fountain, three random guys (identified as Enzo, AlexAlex700[Greenex], and a guy that looks identical to The2Hunters) appear out of nowhere start to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", except it sounds horrible. Suddenly, a fourth one appears, launching into an even worse solo, where he begins randomly flying around.
  8. Toad sees a sign saying the Dark Side has cookies, causing him to become cookie-crazy. He then runs in front of Pinkolol16, screaming "COOKIE!!!!", freaking her out.
  9. Notch opens a door and says "Here's Johnny!" (a quote from a famous scene in "The Shining"), only to find he has barged into Johnny's bathroom while he was defecating.
  10. Mario is singing "I'm A Banana". Then he screams "LOOK AT ME MOVE!!", at Luigi, scaring him.
  11. Peach says to MarioMario54321 that she thinks that she is all Mario has, but MM54321 runs away, screaming "NO ONE CARES!!"
  12. Bowser sings the "Wrecking Ball" song from his last segment and credits for The 12 Idiots of Christmas.
  13. Two guys stand by a frozen lake, and one of them asks to the other one how deep he thinks the lake is. The guy replies "About two, three inches", then the other one jumps in, screaming "BELLY FLOP", landing on the ice hard.
  14. Mario Head's messed up face from the Super Mario 64 start menu is shown twisted up, accompinied by creepy humming music.
  15. Waluigi and Wario are singing in a car, when they crash into someone's house. Then, there is a caption saying "Don't drink and drive" with creepy, depressing music heard offscreen.
  16. Mario sings while he spins Bowser around.
  17. MejiaCantilloGustavo asks where all his milk has gone. It then cuts to OiramOiram12345 with all the milk dancing to "Milkshake" by Kelis; then an angry man (Derrick?) appears at the window, who yells at OriamOriam12345 to shut the f*** up.
  18. Another episode of Moments With Steve: Steve wanders around Hazy Maze Cave, when he sees Dorrie. It then cuts to Mario jumping on to Dorrie's back, only to see Steve has replaced her head with his own. Steve/Dorrie shouts that he is a Stegosaurus, and Mario says "What the fu-". Then, Steve/Dorrie spars through the clouds as Mario screams while "Starships" by Nicki Minaj plays in the background.
  19. A piranha plant is seen beatboxing accompanied by a caption that says "IF plants could rap". Then, the plant just starts making low screeching noises, and the caption changes to "what they actually sound like...".
  20. Continuing from skit 8, two guys are enjoying cookies. Toad, still cookie crazy, jumps in between them screaming "COOKIE!!!!", making them freak out.
  21. LegoGuy77777 runs into King Boo's Mansion. Then he hears hears someone who says "PINGAS!". LegoGuy77777 says "What was that!? Huh..somebody? I don't want to know...". Then Dr. Eggman is shown appearing out of thin air with the caption "He's always watching...". Eggman starts dancing as a capiton says "Call 1-800-POBOX".
  22. Luigi is on a rollercoaster in Isle Delfino that he thinks is scary. After he is not afraid anymore, the coaster starts going really fast, and Luigi starts screaming. The coaster finally shoots of the tracks.
  23. A girl says "Hey sexy, wanna see up my dress?". Then dshaynie said "What do I care about seeing your dirty old fanny?". Then Toad and a bunch of random people who are SuperWario9000, Schm2000, Ggomorno, UltimatePwnerful, MarioMario9951, Luigaboy2, Jbro109, Sonic, Dshaynie, Sinbad316, MarioMario761, CrimsonMan5, SMG4's fans, SuperMarioFan, Ocit1115, SuperStarXAlien169, MarioStar92, SuperMarioFan590 and Other random people scream "DAAAAAAMN!".
  24. The three guys from skit 7 start singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" again, only this time, in Starman3's bathtub, as he's using it. Horrified, Starman3 then yells, "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!"
  25. A commericial for "Mario Party 287" starts playing. As soon as the price is announced, Fire Mario appears screaming "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!".
  26. FightingMario54321 is watching theawesmario eats spaghetti from Mario's theawesomario channel, then he realizes that he can't pause it.
  27. Mario and SMG4 go through every course in the game, and realize they've completed the game too fast. Toad is shown at Nintendo headquarters with crickets chirping offscreen and he says "F***".
  28. Bowser is playing a Barbie video game, forcing Peach to play with him, who constantly prays for death.
  29. Still recovering from their drunk driving mishap, Waluigi tells Wario his mother is calling, which prompts Wario to kill Waluigi with his nose.
  30. Luigi sings his own version of "Call Me Maybe", showing various clips from SMG4's 2013 bloopers as everyone dances with him. Then Toad interrupts him by calling him an asshole. SMG4 tells Toad to shut up as his voice sounds like if Peach was a man. Everyone laughs, but then Peach says that it's true.



  • To this date, Ssenmodnar 6 is the shortest Ssenmodnar video in the whole series (only over 5 minutes) but the episode which has the least number of skits is "SM64: Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k Special QNA Edition)" (only 15) because of the QNA.
  • The guy who appears at the window when OiramOiram12345 is dancing with all the milk on the music "Milkshake" by Kelis might be Derrick, a man who appeared with his friend Alex in the video "Ssenmodnar 6.64", uploaded two months and a few days later.
  • This video was Starman3's last appearance in a video of SMG4 before his appearance hiatus that ended at the end of August 2014 with the video "Retarded64: Mario for Hire."
  • The song the piranha plant raps to is the rap song from Yoshi's Story.
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