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SM64: The BattleToads Justice Crew, more often simply called The BattleToads Justice Crew, is the 241st overall released by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


In this blooper, we follow the adventures of the "BattleToads Justice Squad", consisting of four Toads themselves. A is then on fire with Geofcraze 634 in it


It starts with the introduction of the battle toad Toad Barrage, Toad Babeh, Toad Bewbs and Toad Bravo. The toads then go to their Justice machine ,but rams into the bathroom. Toad Barrage then runs into the building but then catches on fire. Toad Bravo just shoots water at the fire with a water gun, Toad Bravo then tells Toad Babeh to go get the person inside



  • The personality and actions of Toad Bewbs seem to bear a similarity to the personality and actions of the Crazy Guy from the previous blooper "Shy Guy Showdown".
  • This is the first video where Mario doesn't appear (neither main nor cameo) outside the Guards N' Retards series.
  • This video marks Geofcraze 634 and SuperMarioGlitchy8's first appearance in SMG4's videos, as well as Starman3's first 2015 appearance, though they're only minor.
  • The name of this video is likely a reference to Battletoads, a game for the NES infamous for its difficulty.


  • Sometimes you could see a label of the force on Lord Crump's left hand.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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