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SM64: The Retardness of 2014, more often simply called The Retardness of 2014, is the 211th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, specially released to close the year 2014. In this blooper, SMG4 and Mario are talking about their year 2014. This video brings back most of the characters from 2014 episodes.


The scene opens up in Peach's Castle, in a studio that Mario and SMG4 built in a room. Mario and SMG4 were reflecting upon the times they had in 2014. Mario claims that it was a great year for him, highlighting that he got chased by robots, bought a new kart, made a new resturant, and how he got to see SMG4 naked. A flashback from Ssenmodnar 8 plays. SMG4 then states that they'll be going over the year and answering questions. Mario gets naked, causing SMG4 to throw a rock at him.

Segmented Flashbacks

A screen then shows with the caption, "INSERT SEGMENT HERE." Back in the studio, SMG4 prepares to begin the reflection, but pauses when he sees Mario eating another Golden Spaghetti. SMG4 asks Mario why he's eating that, fearing that Mario Head (The Giant Floating Mario Head) would appear again. Mario explains that he's hungry. At that moment, the studio starts to rumble and what appears to be a specter of Mario Head appears, asking them if they have seen the princess. Terrified, SMG4 and Mario run away, as Mario Head calls for the princess. The screen suddenly cuts out and switches back to the studio. SMG4 then reflects on early 2014 videos. Flashbacks of Two Great Friends, Two Hands One Job, and im the sexist. Mario objects, stating that everyone should remember the video that people loved the most. A flashback of Bowser cyrus wrecking ball. SMG4 becomes terrified, telling Mario to stop mentioning that video, but Mario had already invited Bowser for 7:15 an interview. Just then, Bowser crashes into the studio with the wrecking ball.

SMG4 just barely avoids getting hit, diving on the floor at the last second. Mario scolds Bowser for crashing into the studio instead of using the front entrance. SMG4 asks Bowser how the year went with Mario. Bowser replied by saying that while Mario has become more annoying, he is a great cook. Flashbacks from Cooking with Bowser and Mario are shown. Then, SMG3 appears, complaining about SMG4 inviting Bowser but not him. SMG4 states that SMG3 made an appearance only from the Bad Stars blooper. The Ztar appears behind SMG3, still wishing to "destroy this land." The screen turns back to Mario, who says that while the wierdos nag SMG4, the audience should watch a promotional video. Flashbacks of Mario Simulator are shown. SMG4 complains that Mario sold that game, calling it crappy and states that it can give you cancer. Mario retaliates with a Pingas Launcher, launching SMG4 away.

QNA Session 

Next comes the first part of the QNA session.

Q: Do you fart in public (Mario)?

A: Mario states "Of course he does" and a flashback of a video plays.

Q: What would Mario and your baby look like?

A: SMG4 stares shocked. Mario explains that it would be a big blob on the floor that would eat spaghetti everyday. A flashback from Spells n' Wiztards plays.

Q: Is Toad illumiati?

A: Mario states that he has no idea. Toad appears, answering no. However, his head is covered with illuminati symbols. Mario screams "ILLUMINATI!"

Q: (Chomp appears) WTF is a Sonic?

A: Mario yells that it's a mystery and that we'll never find out. SMG4 tells Mario to move on. Mario tells SMG4 that it's time for interviews, leading SMG4 to yell "OH CRAP!"

New Cast Interview

A title screen appears, displaying New Cast Interview. Mario starts with Sonic and asks him what's it like being on the show. Multiple flashbacks appear as Sonic replies that it's not bad. Mario also asks him what it's like to be friends with Eggman, to which Sonic replies that it sucks. Just then, Dr. Robotnik comes crashing through the roof. Next is an interview with Swagmaster, who starts boasting about him being the swaggiest in the world. Mario then tells him that barely anybody watches his videos, and SMG4 adds that he only got some 2000 likes.

Mario also adds that he bets that half of the audience doesn't have a clue about who he is. Swagmaster starts firing his assault rifle, causing Mario to slowly push him off stage. The next person is Gary Oak. Mario reflects upon how he won a Pokemon Battle against him, a flashback showing at the same time. Oak complains about Mario tried killing old people, to which Mario retaliates by throwing his level 2 Luigi pokemon at him. Oak replies that Mario sucks. Next comes Shy Guy, who has a toaster with him. Mario explains how he doesn't know anything else about Shy Guy other than his obsession with toast. On top of that, Mario can't count how many times Shy Guy has mentioned toast this year. Multiple flashbacks play. Back in the studio, the toaster pops and Shy Guy goes crazy, with explosions surrounding the room.

Mario and SMG4 agree to take a break and eat something. Mario suggests spaghetti, but SMG4 tells him that they need to eat something else. Chica appears, suggesting pizza, but SMG4 declines that too. Chica starts to go crazy, and SMG4 ends up kicking her out of the room. SMG4 suggests cookies, but another rumble is heard and a stampede of Bullies storm the room. A technical difficulties page with a crazed up Lakitu shows up briefly.

New Year's Resolutions and Wario Bros. Hijacking

SMG4, having had enough with all the commotion, decides to share New Year's Resolutions. SMG4 wishes to become a wizard, while Mario wishes to not swear or eat spaghetti next year at all. A Police Man appears, stating that's "BULLS**T" and fires his pistol at Mario. SMG4 decides to go back to the hospital and shoots himself with a pistol of his own. The technical difficulties page appears again, followed by a no signal page, until the screen changes to Wario.

Wario starts advertising his Emporium before the scene switches to him and Waluigi relaxing. Suddenly, Mario appears, telling Wario to stop hijacking the show. Wario retaliates by shoving a bucket on Mario's head, causing Mario to scream and run. SMG4 appears with a speaker, and starts blasting the Do the Wario Music from Ssenmodnar 7, causing Wario to run. He then kicks Waluigi's Rubber Ducky away, causing Waluigi to run.

Final Reflections and Ending

The scene switches back the studio. SMG4 asks Mario how his spaghetti delivery business is going. As flashbacks from Retarded64: Mario's Spageti Delivary play, Mario explains how he got sued and his van taken away on the first day for running over the Princess. SMG4 then asks Mario about his jobs for buying a new kart. As flashbacks from Retarded64: Mario for Hire play, Mario explains how he was too pro for all of them, not to mention the fact that he broke his second kart anyway.

SMG4 then proceeds to ask Mario about his job at Freddia's Spaghetti Place, to which Mario cuts him off, stating that he never wants to speak of that place again. Mario goes further to state that the two of them are just going to stand there and do nothing so no one bothers them. At that moment, Steve comes in, speaking gibberish and showing flashbacks of him in 2014. Annoyed, Mario kicks Steve. SMG4 tells Mario to calm down so they can finish the video. Mario replies "NO!" SMG4 asks about the audience, to which Mario replies that the audience can suck his balls.

At that moment, Luigi arrives. SMG4 tell him to kick Mario, to which Mario replies that he has no brother, upsetting Luigi. SMG4 tells him to not yell at him, as Mario had already killed Luigi once this year. A flashback from Ssenmodnar 9 appears. Mario starts to sing, while SMG4 tells him to stop ignoring him. Luigi asks Mario to remember all the good times they shared. Flashbacks from Problematic Pipe Problems, The Bowser that Stole Christmas, and .S̶M̶6̶4̶: `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••. .• ( Tubbie TV ) •. .••`¯´´•.¸¸.•`play. Once again, Luigi begs Mario to stop being a pain in the a$$, but Mario holds a gun to Luigi's face. Luigi states that he's not afraid of Mario as he had trained to survive Mario as flashbacks from Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SwagQuest play. Mario sarcastically acts scared, pushing Luigi over the edge. Luigi eats a 1-Up Mushroom and transforms into Weegee, wearing a party hat with a streamer, and holding a glass of wine. As SMG4 and Mario run away, the screen turns black and various characters appear onscreen.

The screen explodes and the background falls, revealing the room they used for the show/blooper. Outside, SMG4 asks Mario how are they going to finish the video since Luigi burnt down the studio room. Mario tells SMG4 to go over the year one last time. Flashbacks from various bloopers/videos appear. Afterwards, SMG4 says his final words on 2014, "Intriguing, but highly disturbing." The episode/blooper/video ends with a blue message saying" Have a Happy New Year!"




  • As soon as the Mario Head appears (ghost form), Mario himself disappears for a brief second before popping up again.

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