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SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D), more often simply called The SMG4 QNA, is the 226th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. As its name indicates, it's a video released specially to celebrate SMG4 earning 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, in which he answers several questions from his YouTube fans.


The video starts showing SMG4's room, as he is thrown into the wall as a GMOD ragdoll. SMG4 then talks to his fans in front of the computer. He thanks the fans for the 400k subs. Mario comes in, drunk, and starts to sing "I Will Always Love You", and chases SMG4. SMG4 luckily gets back to his room, and begins answering questions.

Q: Will he do a "Draw my life" video?

A: SMG4 responds by saying not too much has happened in his life for it to be eventful, as well as him just in general being bad at drawing. Currently a drawing of a very scribbly SMG4 in front of a computer describes his life, but in the distant future, he may make one.

Q: What is Mario's weight?

A: SMG4 has no idea and decides to check. Mario's weight overflows the scales and it blows up from the large number, Mario gleefully confirming he's done. His weight is still unknown, though possibly very heavy.

Q: What's his favourite song?

A: He likes funk, techno, and Japanese pop music (the latter he refers to as "weird") but he says in his honest opinion, that nothing can beat Dr. Eggman's vocal covers. Eggman is then shown singing a song comically for a few seconds.

Q: His age?

A: SMG4 says alot of his fans think he is 23, when that is in fact, wrong and he is only 16, which he calls "still hip" and decides to confirm it by showing pictures of himself with comparisons.

Q: 9+10=?

A: He's said it's 910, comically with swag glasses. The real answer was 19, not a 910. But it actually was the joke.

Q: Favorite character?

A: He expresses that he doesn't want to bother any particular character with whom he likes/dislikes the most, so he settles on the Rock, moments before Steve pushes him out of the way and comes into the camera yelling "Hi Guys!"

Q: Most favourite blooper he had done, and the one he liked least.

A: Mario Simulator is his favorite due to the amount of swag it had. Like a Bowser is his disliked due to how strange it was even to him.

Q: Are he's a Japanese or Chinese?

A: SMG4 tries to say if you mix Brock from Pokémon and Steve, you get a special type of Asian. He really responds with the fact that he's part Thai and Chinese, with a remark about how hard it is to figure it out.

Q: Buttsex?

A: He looks around, and says "How much do you charge?"

Q: How did he settle with his current color code?

A: He says he did not give much thought into the process, and shows a representation where he goes into a so-called "Build-a-Mario Workshop" and comes out as his current color code, flapping around like a ragdoll.

Q: Does he like anime and if so, what are his favorites?

A: He responds saying he loves anime, and uses the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Cory in the House as examples (these, however, are not anime, the former is a Western animation, and the latter is a live action teen sitcom show) and then says that he also loves "Magical Girl Mario" which then shows SMG4 happily being joyful over Kawaii Mario dancing around.

Q: Why does Mario like spaghetti so much? Spaghetti is so dumb and stupid.

A: Due to the remark in the question of how spaghetti is "dumb and stupid," Mario comes onto the screen and angrily rages at the fan's question. He then runs towards the screen getting revenge on the fan.

Q: The inspiration for his bloopers?

A: He jokingly replies that he smokes 10 shrooms and watches Teletubbies make love but then seriously replies with the fact he just thinks them up randomly as well as take suggestions from his fans.

Q: Why did he change his name, from SuperMarioGlitchy4 to SMG4?

A: SMG4 tells them that it technically still is SuperMarioGlitchy4 but he uses his abbreviated form for convenience when someone is referencing his name.

Q: Is Chica still in the castle?

A: Chica comes during this question and runs off, ordering enough pizzas that flood the castle in seconds.

Q: Does he have a girlfriend, or is he gay like Luigi?

A: SMG4 tries to show he has a girlfriend by dressing up Toad as a pretty girl and pushing him towards the viewer (He calls him "Toadee"). SMG4 then tries to make out with him but fails.

Q: How do you make your own Waluigi Launcher?

A: Step 1: Acquire a Waluigi, doesn't matter where.

Step 2: Rearrange his internal bone structure carefully (SMG4 notes this part as being particularly hard)

Step 3: Add a bomb and put it in Waluigi's butt, and just shoot it.

Q: Why doesn't SMG4 make a movie?

A: SMG4 doesn't think his videos are of movie quality, and it would take too long for him to do one anyway.

Q: Do you dislike/like Teletubbies?

A: SMG4 relates them to pet dogs, they can look cool but they can be really naughty sometimes. He refers to an incident where his pet burned Luigi after much discipline.

Q: Someone asks if SMG4 likes spaghetti and if he's gay.

A: Mario seems to be angry about this, until he decides to sing a song which tries to say that "it's ok to be gay."

Q: Did SMG4 ever expect to be as popular as he is now?

A: SMG4 is actually pretty surprised that he is this popular for things he finds just weird in general, and shows an example in the background of Thomas the Tank Engine crashing saying PINGAS continuously. He then tells his audience that he knows right there somebody laughed at that, and he doesn't understand entirely why.

Q: Other than SM64, what is his favorite game(s)?

A: He likes story based games, visual novels and detective games. His absolute favorite Mario game is Super Fat Mario.

Q: What gave him the idea of making Mario as a retard?

A: In 2011 he was a dumb character and over the years SMG4 grew used to this, and realized that a normal, heroic character would just get boring, so he just did jokes with Mario to focus on the comedy and it turned him into the person he is today.

Q: Is Luigi homosexual?

A: SMG4 then tells the audience firmly that Luigi's homosexuality in his videos is a joke. In reality, he just likes Daisy a lot. Luigi is once again shown being homosexual and runs off angrily. Mario then comes up with the "it's ok to be gay" song to reaffirm that it's ok in the videos.

Q: Will you go to a convention and sign autographs?

A: Due to the fact SMG4 lives in Australia, most of his fans might not be able to get an autograph due to the fact that most of his fans are on different continents. He also confirms that even if he did go, he's be too queer and shy to even make autographs, as well as the fact he has school. X asks for one and SMG4 just throws it at him and causes him to fall off the ledge.

Q: How much coins does he spend to buy so much spaghetti?

A: They run short on money a lot, thanks to Mario's needs, which has caused the Mushroom Kingdom's economy to collapse.

Q: Why does Eggman like Pingas so much?

A: He can't blame Dr. Eggman and jokingly relates them to Pringles and calls it a good chip brand.

Q: A fan challenges him to stare at Justin Bieber for a minute for a million dollars.

A: He fails this.

Q: The nicest thing Mario did for him?

A: He downloaded a ton of porn to his PC, Peach noticed this and Mario blamed Toad. It's implied Peach didn't believe him, as this appears to be something he didn't like about Mario.

The last question asks if Mario is Illuminati. SMG4 becomes annoyed at this, apparently implying there was a lot of questions about this particular subject. He then says "it's not like the walls have eyes" which then shows this very detail in the texture of the wall. Mario comes out, Toad comes out and both have Illuminati triangles on them. Weegee then comes out with Illuminati eyes and begins chasing SMG4. More questions about the Illuminati are shown as Weegee closes in on SMG4. Mario screams "Illuminati!!!" and the video ends saying the rest of it was deleted.


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  • In fact, SMG4 reached 400,000 subs just before he finished the previous blooper "Can the Villager come out to play?", hence the fact he didn't release a special video right after he got his 400k, so he had already over 420k when he uploaded this special on YouTube. The same thing happened with the blooper "Bad Star's Back! 300k Special": it wasn't uploaded just after SMG4 hit 300k because he got them when the previous video "Retarded64: Son of a Bowser." was already in creation, so he had already over 310k when he published the special.
  • This is the third video of SMG4 to feature a questioning and answering, the first being "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k Special QNA Edition)" and the second being "The Retardness of 2014".
  • Unlike in the blooper "Ssenmodnar 6.64", SMG4 answers through subtitle lines instead of recording his own voice, and this time he isn't in front of his computer when he reads the questions and answers them. The Super Mario Kart course start theme also plays whenever he receives a question in this video.
  • This is the second appearance of the dancing Kawaii Mario in SMG4's videos, the first being "Ssenmodnar 9 - Time Travel Edition". On another note, the sprite for Kawaii Mario appears to use the dress of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Weegee taking over reality at the end is a reference to the ending of the video "Yoshrooms.".
  • This video had some flashbacks, reference to "The Retardness of 2014.".
  • Toad's "Toadee" persona later reappeared in SM64 Guides: How to Get a Valentine! (Valentine's Special)
  • Mario's illuminati scream comes from SM64: Cooking with Bowser & Mario 2!

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