SM64 The weird ticking sound (parody)

SM64 The weird ticking sound (parody)

The following page is the transcript for SM64: The Weird Ticking Sound (Parody) made by SMG4.


Starts with a Toad, with Lakitu flying in with a sign that says: The weird ticking sound. Lakitu and the Toad both leave, and the curtains open.

(SMG4 walks in, with a ticking noise)

SMG4: (Looks around) What is that weird ticking sound?

(Looks to left)

SMG4: It's not over here..

(Looks to right)

SMG4: Over there...

(Looks to audience)

SMG4: Hmmm... It is kind of catchy, actually.

(Looks to right, and looks to left)

(Song Begins)

4! 4! SMG4! 4! 4! SMG4!

(Mario pops in)


4! 4! SMG4!


4! 4! SMG4!


(Luigi pops in)

Lu! Lu! Luigi! Lu! Lu! Luigi

(The three keep on singing their song until Peach pops up)

Peachy! Peach! Peachy Peachy Peach!

(The four keep on singing their song until Waluigi pops up)

Waluigi Waluigi ugh! Waluigi Waluigi yeah! Waluigi Waluigi ugh! Waluigi Waluigi Let's Begin!

(SMG4 and Waluigi then faced each other)

4! Wa! 4! Wa! 4! Wa! 4! Wa! 4!! WA!! 4!! WA!! 4!!! WA!!! 4!!! WA!!!

(Mario pops in again, only this time he is naked)


(Peach pops in again)



Waluigi! I'm Waluigi! I'm Waluigi! Walu-Waluigi!

(The five keep on singing their song, and then they sang all together)

Singing a song, all day long on YoooooouTuuuuuube!

(Mario explodes into a coin)

Luigi: I've found the source of the ticking! It's a toaster!

Everyone: YAAAAAY!

(A Bob-omb appeared from the toaster and explodes, killing everyone and turns the background into Bowser's Castle, as Bowser shows up from the bottom of the stage, laughing evilly and preparing to sing his own song)

Bowser, Bowser, oh Bowsy, Bowsy, Bowser!

The curtain closes, ending this video. Credit to:

Datvoiceguy - Mario/Luigi/Waluigi

Zuki_XD - Bowser

Shadow Prentice - Princess Peach

Thanks for watching!

(Suddenly, Toad pops up and sings "Let It Go" from Frozen)

Conceal, don't feel,

Don't let them KNOW



(Signal lost)

Video ends.

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