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SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2014 (200k Special!) is the forty-second episode of Season 4 and the two hundred and third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the fourth episode of the War of the Fat Italians series and a subscriber milestone celebration of 200,000. It was aired on October 24th, 2014.


In this blooper, X holds another competition to settle a dispute between Mario and SMG4. Things quickly get out of hand, however, after Mario steals X's comment controller, causing the war to become an insane and psychotic fight for said controller, and eventually landing Mario and SMG4 in Super Smash Bros. in a fight against Weegee.


X is running to visit the castle; when he enters the lobby, he finds Mario and glitchy fighting. X demands to know what's going on, so glitchy explains that all the food in the castle is gone and Mario is keeping all of the Spaghetti to himself. X ground-pounds the two away, briefly stopping ther fighting. He tells SMG4 to just go back to making crappy videos and Mario to do… whatever he does. X turns around, letting the housemates to fight behind his back. He then turns back to them, causing Mario and SMG4 to feign happiness. X is not convinced by the act and decides to bring back War of the Fat Italians – this time letting the viewers decide the trials the competitors will face.X goes over the rules extremely quickly, then starts the war.

Surviving the Annoyance of Toad

A challenge pops up on-screen, asking who can survive Toad's annoyance. Toad begins to hang around Mario and Glitchy, screaming gibberish until Mario's head explodes.

Date with Peach

Another challenge appears: the two must have a date with Peach. Mario acts very strange and perverted around the princess, who promptly slaps him. SMG4, however, sets up a romantic date on the castle's rooftop and gives her some flowers. Peach is delighted until Mario appears in the bouquet. Thinking SMG4 planned this, Peach is furious, and throws him off the roof of the castle.

Watching Teletubbies

Later, near the moat, Mario and SMG4 are looking at another post, asking who can watch more Teletubbies. Mario shoots himself upon reading this, prompting SMG4 to wonder whether he wins by default.

Skydiving without Parachutes

Someone else challenges Mario and SMG4 to skydive without parachutes; the two appear on an airplane flying above the castle. Mario pushes SMG4 off of the vehicle, but X appears and shoves Mario off. Mario grabs a walkie-talkie, summoning Old Man Hobo to rescue him from within a smaller plane. Old Man Hobo nearly pilots the plane to safety, but crashes into the castle at the last second. SMG4, meanwhile, aims himself for the lake near the cannon. He misses, however, painfully landing on the beach.

Peeing the Furthest

Another poster asks who can pee the furthest. SMG4 is rightfully unsettled by this challenge, asking if he can skip it. He realizes that Mario is going through with the challenge, however, and jumps out of the way just in time to avoid a beam of Mario's piss.

G** ***k

Someone else challenges Mario and Glitchy to have g** ***k: Mario, as per the request, begins acting seductive towards SMG4 from inside a painting room. SMG4 dashes out of the room, asking what he just saw; Mario tells him it is his "pingas of doom".

Swag Contest

The next challenge is to have the most swag. Curtains dramatically part, showing the fat Italians' new looks for the challenge: Mario has grown facial hair, donned glasses, and slightly tilted his cap, while SMG4 has shaved his mustache, put on sunglasses, tattooed dollar signs on his face in place of his mustache, and covered his overall buttons with decals of Toad's face. The two walk through Delfino Plaza, trying to act swaggy. Mario tries to get Luigi's attention, but ends up scaring him instead. SMG4 starts to flirt with Stacy, who calls Glitchy "one hunk of a man". Mario then tries to get Stacy to like him, but ends up scaring her as well. SMG4 rips off Mario's clothes in retaliation, leaving the latter naked and sobbing. Starman3 and MM54321 stare at Mario as he runs away, but X glares at SMG4, quite unamused of Glitchy's actions.

Tubby Custard

Another person wants the Italians to make Tubby Custard; the two appear in Mario and Bowser's first kitchen to go about concocting it. Glitchy throws many random ingredients and inedible objects into a large pot and sets it on fire, causing the dish to blow up in his face. Meanwhile, Mario ends up making a piece of poop. He tells the supervisor Teletubby that it should count towards the challenge, because both are crap. The Teletubby is somewhat-rightfully offended by this wordplay, and hits Mario with a crowbar.

Firing Waluigi Launchers

Mario and SMG4 are then tasked with firing Waluigi Launchers at spaghetti targets. Mario manages to aim his launcher relatively well, knocking some plates of spaghetti aside. SMG4's launcher, on the other hand, keeps squirming around, making it difficult for Glitchy to aim. It eventually fires itself at SMG4, knocking him down, then bounces off of several surfaces, flies into and out of a building, somehow teleports to Bob-Omb Battlefield, blasts into and picks up King Bob-omb, teleports back to SMG4 and Mario, and destroys the shack that the targets were leaned up against. SMG4 then slowly backs away.


The next challenge is to twerk the best. Mario slowly closes in on SMG4 with his butt. SMG4, in distress, exclaims that he can't compete with Mario's twerking skills. Wario then enters the castle lobby and notices Mario's shaking buttocks, deciding that he needs to "teach Mario a lesson". Wario starts to twerk, somehow growing in size at the same time. Mario is mesmerized, but SMG4 becomes scared and asks the viewers what is going on.


Another poster introduces the challenge of being the most idiotic. SMG4 goes derp-eyed and starts spouting gibberish, while in the background Mario has a fit of epilepsy and explodes. SMG4 then converses with Mario, now sporting a humongous mustache that churns out sound effects from Super Mario World in reply. Cut to Mario holding up a Barbie game and announcing that it turns him on, just before SMG4 interrupts him with a string of expletives. Sonic enters the lobby and exclaims that he needs to save his girlfriend. As SMG4 demands to know what a Sonic is, as Dr. Robotnik the Tank Engine sings the theme song to "Pingas & Friends" and blows up. Mario's face becomes distorted as an airplane comes out of his butt. SMG4 notices this and asks why that is happening. In the next scene, we see Mario and Glitchy presumably looking at a recording of these events from SMG4's computer; they are extremely confused by what they are watching.

Spaghetti Challenge

Upon reading a post asking for a spaghetti-eating contest, Mario develops a trollface, while SMG4 is exasperated at the suggestion. The two then stare intensely at each other and at the piles of spaghetti on the rug. They trash-talk each other for a short while. Meanwhile, X is singing a song to help bring out the mood, but someone throws a rock at him. The contestants start; SMG4 notices that Mario is far faster, so he produces a vacuum cleaner to suck up the food, claiming that it's not cheating, but instead "cleaning". Mario throws a Toad head at SMG4 to slow him down, and SMG4 tosses his vacuum at Mario. The two begin to physically fight, making X decide to change the challenge.

Other Challenges

X pulls out his comment controller to select the next post, but Mario swipes it away from him and pushes the large button in the remote's center, causing another challenge to appear. The task is to survive the Shrekkening; a missile producing a green gas almost immediately flies at SMG4, knocking him over. This outcome makes Mario happy, so he mashes the button again.

Yet another comment appears, asking the two to twerk. Wario reappears, but Glitchy dodges him. Then, SMG4 steals the controller from Mario and presses the button himself, bringing up the Toad Survival Island challenge.

Mario and SMG4 are warped, as if through a painting, to an island with dancing Toads and Toad Birds. Mario is ambushed by a Toad and runs off; SMG4 contracts Toad Disease, sprouts a Toad afro, and begins spazzing out.

Seemingly without input from the controller, Mario and SMG4 warp into outer space for an epic space battle. However, the two do not seem concerned about fighting each other and just drift around slowly. Presumably because he is a real human, SMG4 begins to choke and suffocate; all that happens to Mario is that he sprouts his classic derp-eyed expression.

Another post, this time challenging the two to survive Bowser reading JB mags, appears a split-second later, again without apparent input from the controller. Bowser floats onscreen, reading an edition of Us magazine with Justin Bieber's face and name printed on the front. The cover of the magazine advertises 120 hot photos of the Beibs. This causes Mario to explode.

Back on the Mushroom Planet, Mario is running from an army of Teletubbies and Toads, trying to – as the challenge puts it – survive the longest against said army. He moves out of the way and commands them to attack SMG4 instead.

However, a new post appears, initiating a dance-off. SMG4 suddenly begins dancing, entertaining the Toads and Teletubbies in the army. He then hits a button on a sign, causing the army to get squashed by a random Thwomp. Mario is disgruntled by this, at which point a challenge to see who can 360 quickscope better appears.

A 360 quickscope is quickly given to Mario. The camera switches to a perspective view from the gun, similar to one in a first-person shooter, and Mario shoots a bullet, as well as a number of other things. SMG4, however, does a backflip and dodges the objects.

The next task is to bathtub slide. SMG4 appears in a bathtub and begins sliding up a hill. Mario is shocked and hits the button on the comment controller again.

The challenge is to build a naked Toad. Mario immediately turns around to see a Toad in front of him with a six-pack and wearing shorts. Mario curses that the button failed to help him – then SMG4 runs over Mario in his bathtub. SMG4 is about to corner him, announcing that he will finally win, when Mario hits the button another time.

Super Smash Bros.

A request for the two to play Super Smash Bros. appears. The sound effect for the comment control plays more slowly as the screen fades to white. Mario and SMG4 end up in SSB, with Mario using his model from that game; SMG4 has his SM64 model – because of this, he does not have Mario's Smash moveset. Mario punches Luigi off of a ledge so that he won't interfere with the battle, and continues to close in on Glitchy, who exclaims that he has no moves and can't fight. However, while randomly freaking out and squirming around SMG4 punches him away with the punch attack from Super Mario 64, just as another comment appears and the "Challenger Approaching!" theme plays.

Weegee Battle

The final challenge turns out to be fighting Weegee. Mario and SMG4 warp to Final Destination for the battle. Neither of the Fat Italians have any clue as to what is going on, but they decide to battle the giant angry Luigi anyway. SMG4 says that he is useless, and gives Mario a power-up rather than fighting alongside him. Mario inflicts some damage upon Weegee before SMG4 picks him up, letting Mario deliver another attack to the boss. After this happens, the battlefield turns into a Weegee version of the hypnotic Wario Head video. Weegee then absorbs Mario, angering Glitchy. Although Weegee lands some hits on SMG4 and starts singing, the latter charges up what seems to be a powerful attack, but is actually a Waluigi Launcher. Weegee tries to fly away, but as he flies back over the stage, SMG4 fires and the launcher delivers a punch to Weegee's face, causing the boss to hack up Mario, burst into flames, and flee. Mario and Glitchy obtain a Weegee Board from winning the battle and fall back into the castle lobby, which would be seen during the Halloweegee special.

The fat Italians, now in tears, apologize to each other, and SMG4 asks Mario to brofist him. However, X holds up the comment controller, revealing the spaghetti-eating contest challenge again. Mario punches SMG4 to the floor rather than brofisting him, and the two resume the challenge where they left off – that is, before Mario stole the comment controller – and finish the spaghetti at about the same time. Luke Lerdwichagul then leaves a text box on screen, theoretically asking the viewers to decide who did better in the contest.

The event continued in next episode.



Cultural References


  • This is the first episode of the War of the Fat Italians series whose title card doesn't feature fire in its background, and neither the number of the year.
  • X has his first starring role in a while in an SMG4 vid. For some time, his appearances in the videos had been limited to cameos.
  • This is the second 2014 appearance of Starman3, with the first being "Retarded64: Mario for Hire". However, both are only cameos.
  • This blooper is one of the very few not to be posted on a Sunday after SMG4 made his weekly video-production schedule.
  • Some of the challenges include words or letters that are highlighted in the screenshots. SMG4 was probably using a find command to search for specific challenges that would fit the episode's main plotline; he failed to turn off the find command to take the screenshots.
  • This is the first appearance of the Waluigi Launcher since "The Wacky Wario Bros.: Wario's Treasure Hunting Time".
  • When X announces the rules, his gloves appear to be invisible. This is because the shot for that scene takes place on a black background, which is the same color as X's gloves. (If you look closely, the gloves can still be seen when he moves them in front of other body parts.) Because both the primary color and the shader for X's gloves are #000000 (the darkest possible for a computer to produce, regardless of screen settings) the gloves are a solid hue indistinguishable from the background.
  • The Toad Birds from the episode "Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition)" reappear in this video, during Kristi Ceka's challenge taking place on the Toad survival island.
  • It is unknown what X was running to the Castle for in the first place.
  • At a point SMG4 says "I'm not going to lose this year!" making a possible reference that he might have lost last year's war.
  • It's shown in this video that SMG4, despite hating spaghetti, can apparently eat some when there's nothing else to eat.
  • The person who came up with the dating Peach skit (Branden Barbarano) is actually a YouTuber, Royalomg.
  • This is the only fan-submitted War of the Fat Italians to not have a rap battle at the end.


  • Master Hand is still visible underneath the sprites of Weegee during most of the battle. For his introduction, Master Hand is at least masked by an unmatching space background; however, for the rest of the battle, SMG4 makes no effort to cover him.
  • During the hypnotic Weegee animation in the background, large parts of Final Destination's platform are invisible. Evidently choppy background removal is at fault here.
  • When the comment controller is stolen, the characters sometimes seem to "will" certain posts (or types of posts) to appear or reappear. However, the nature of the controller suggests that it chooses posts at random – an assumption based on the presence of one single, simple analog button.
  • After the theft of said controller, several comments are shown without Mario nor SMG4 visibly pressing the button. In the front half of the video, this could be attributed to X using the controller; however, no such excuse exists for the latter half, as Mario is later shown in possession of the controller.
    • Similarly, the comment controller can be found in X's possession after the Smash segment, despite Mario having had it before. It is possible that X ran into the courtyard to pick it up, as it may not have been teleported along with Mario. This would explain how the Weegee challenge is shown without any apparent button input; however, it is also possible that it was in Mario's overalls, and was activated when SMG4 punched Mario. It is also unlikely that X would "know" that the controller was left behind – he seemed not to care that it was being used, as Mario and SMG4 were noisily using it outside the castle for a while, and he never intervened.
  • The controller usually adapts reality – and involved parties' traits and intelligence – to suit the challenge; however, SMG4 and Mario are shown ignoring or rejecting several challenges, such as the teletubby-watching, peeing, space-battling, and dance-off challenges.
  • When SMG4 is shaking while Wario twerks, thick, black lines can be seen.

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