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SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2015 (600k Special) is the thirditfth episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and forty-fourth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the fifth episode in the War of the Fat Italians series and a subscriber milestone celebration of 600,000. It was aired on September 27th, 2015.


In this blooper, Nintendofan997 holds a fifth competition to settle a dispute between Mario and SMG4 after Mario lost to Mario Party 2. It's that time of the year once again, the War of the Fat Italians will now begin...once again.


Mario and SMG4 are having a staredown to play a Mario Party game. Nintendofan997 is so excited that he got invited by Mario and SMG4 for a Mario Party game, until Mario and SMG4 are once again in a feud. Mario thinks SMG4 is cheating, but SMG4 told Mario already knows is humping the controller. Nintendofan997 tries to settle them down, but they refused which initiate another war of the Fat Italians.

Round 1: Survive a Teletubbie and Toad Rave Party (by Cyndi Crawford)

SMG4 is completely surrounded by a group of Teletubbies. He hides in a restroom for a while, until he gets confronted by a homosexual Teletubby. Meanwhile, Mario is caught by a group of Toads.

Round 2: A Painting for Peach (by Kth_Aura)

Mario and SMG4 paints a picture for Princess Peach. Mario paints an ugly picture while SMG4 paints beautifully with a ugly face. Disgusted, Peach throws a rock at SMG4.

Round 3: Endure the Luigi Dance (by Edward Brown)

Mario and SMG4 must endure Luigi's dancing moves. Mario can't take it anymore and his head explodes.

Round 4: WTF is a Sonic? (by Jake Hakenewerth)

Mario and SMG4 study who Sonic really is. Mario has created the perfect "Sanic" while SMG4 created a failed one. (Sanic is in love with himself)

Round 5: Retarded Doctor (by rik_du75)

First, SMG4 cures an Old Man's fever by placing his head in a bucket of ice water. Next, Mario uses a crowbar to remove Toad Disease but only removes the patient's head. Thirdly, SMG4 uses a big pill to remove Wario's fatness. And finally for Dr. Eggman's pregnancy, Mario uses a vacuum cleaner to bring out a baby.

Round 6: Chica and Pizza (by NeverOnceTwice)

SMG4 and Mario must survive long to avoid the pizza hungry Chica. Mario would give Chica the fake pizza box. Meanwhile, SMG4 tries to get away from Chica. Mario has no place to go but to hide in a vending machine, but was attacked by Chica after Mario ate the whole pizza.

Round 7: Don't Get Scared Easily (by Julien Hedgie)

A Boo rises up and reveals his face, saying "Peekaboo!" The two plumbers are not scared. He tries again while wearing a skull mask. Mario sarcastically says "Ooh. Very scary." Finally, the Boo reveals himself to have a Justin Bieber mask. SMG4 explodes while Mario flies up against the wall.

Round 8: Defeat the Mario Head Challenge (by Super Froakie 64 DS)

Mario distracts his head with spaghetti, then delivers an uppercut sending him flying.

SMG4 defeated him with his quick shot in 1.5 seconds.

Round 9: Waluigi Launcher Range (by MCGustavo)

First, SMG4 shoots his Waluigi Launcher 91 meters. Next, Mario stuffs a lot of explosives into his Waluigi Launcher. It produces a giant explosion, sending Waluigi flying across levels in the original Super Mario Bros., the world, around the planet, and outside of orbit, successfully shooting him across infinity meters. SMG4 screams in pain from being on fire.

Round 10: Feed the Ravenous Teletubbies (by SwagKirby)

Mario enters the restaurant, scoffing at the idea that this could be hard. When SMG4 peeks, he is taken aback by the large amount of Teletubbies that are waiting. They all hurl themselves at Mario.

Round 11: Catch the Luigi Dolls (by SMG4's Minion)

Mario and SMG4 are sent to Rogueport, where giant Luigi dolls reside. Mario slides at a Luigi doll, only for it to jump up, causing Mario to miss. Meanwhile, SMG4 has set up a rope trap baited with spaghetti. The Luigi doll slowly walks toward it, only for Mario to slide in and eat it at the last second. Mario then comes back and hits the Luigi dolls with a tank.

Final Round: Survive an Afternoon with Frankie (by GreenYoshi98) and More...

Mario and SMG4 have to survive an afternoon with Frankie. Nintendofan997 notices that the two are dissatisfied and decides to add more to the challenge. He adds a PINGAS-themed aircraft to shoot the two, then orders them to survive 10 seconds of Justin Bieber's music, a musical with Toads, a battle against Super Sonic, Jigglypuff singing, a Yoshi that shoots lasers from its eyes, Teletubbies making love, the raisin lady, the Weegee dance, and a Nyan Cat attack simultaneously. Nintendofan997 walks outside to see how the two are doing only to notice the chaos. He thinks that he may have gone overboard and presses a button to make everything disappear. Mario and SMG4 are still in shock over what happened. Nintendofan997 feels that there won't be a decider. Mario says "ahh hell no! not on my watch!"

Rap Battle

In the very final round, SMG4 & Mario battle to see who's better at rapping. But after SMG4 got the upper advantage by saying to Mario in his rap that he thought he won the rap battle and telling him to go home and hump some Teletubbies, Mario was angry. After calling SMG4 a "b*tch", Mario started attacking him.



  • This is the first episode of the series to use the "true widescreen" format, and to be released on a month other than October.
  • This video was actually uploaded before SMG4 actually reached 600k subscribers.
  • It's the first episode to not premiere in October.


  • In the blooper, SMG4 and Mario play Mario Party 2, but the TV screen shows Mario Party 3 instead.

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