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"SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?" is a blooper made by SMG4. The idea of this blooper was from Prinplup14. It involves Mario and Luigi rescuing the princess again, but it wasn't Bowser who stole her this time.

Bob makes his debut in this episode. It aired on August 28, 2016.


Princess Peach has been kidnapped yet again, but this time, it wasn't Bowser, it was Ganondorf, who mistook her as Princess Zelda. Can the Mario Bros. defeat the King of Evil and save the Princess? Yes and no.


Angry about getting a restraining order for trying to hump a plate of spaghetti (making it the 2,135th time that day), Mario rushes over to Peach's Castle to see what the princess is up to. However, when he enters the castle, he finds a note stating that Princess Peach has been kidnapped once again, much to Mario's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Bowser is performing a workout with his minions when Mario surprises him by crashing through the roof of the fortress. Mario angrily demands to have Peach back, but Bowser says that he couldn't find her after he tried to show her his new flip flops. Mario doesn't believe him at first and searches for Peach throughout to fortress. Unable to find her, Mario tries to consider who else could have taken the princess. This leads to Mario barging in on SuperMarioGlitchy3 while he's taking a bath, and interrogating Dr. Eggman , who tries to claim the he is Mario's princess, which obviously makes the plumber uncomfortable and forces him to leave.

Mario eventually arrives back at the castle, completely lost on where to find Peach. Luigi comes outside and warns his brother that if they don't find her, then Toadsworth will give them both 50 spankings later that night. While Mario exclaims that they have no idea on who even stole the princess, Ganondorf coincidentally walks right past the Mario Brothers, literally dragging Peach behind him. Mario cuts him off and tries to fight him with "Mario-fu", but Ganondorf easily takes him out with a shotgun.

Ganondorf introduces himself as the God of the Triforce and claims that he is here to steal Peach, who he believes to be Princess Zelda. Peach tries to correct Ganondorf on his mistake, but he ignores her and carries her through a portal. Mario and Luigi jump in after them, as well as Bowser, who was spying from his Clown Car and plans on getting Peach back for himself.

When the Mario Brothers come out of the portal, they land in front of Ganondorf's own castle. Luigi suggests that they could possibly sneak in around the back or ask nicely, but Mario decides to charge straight towards the entrance, which only results in him being blown up a few times by a Stalfos soldier manning a cannon. Mario respawns back next to Luigi, only to stupidly try to charge at the entrance again, which gets him blown up once more, much to Luigi's dismay.

Inside the castle, Ganondorf gloats about how the Mario Brothers will never be able to get in, and tells Peach that now is the time for "serious business." Peach demands to know what he wants with her, to which Ganondorf states that they are going to "make babies." Peach is horrified, thinking that he is implying that he wants to have sexual intercourse her. However, Ganondorf reveals that he actually meant the he is going to use her to run his baby-making machine, which is fueled by princesses. With his newly formed baby army, as all who oppose him will die from their cuteness, which will give Ganondorf the ability to conquer the world. However, his plans are suddenly interrupted when Bowser crashes in through the window on his Clown Car and attacks Ganondorf, which gives Peach the chance escape. The two villains chase after her, all the while fighting over who gets to keep her.

Back outside, Mario is STILL trying to charge into the castle, which has resulted in numerous of his previously blown-up lives piling up next to Luigi, who is occupying himself with a newspaper. After respawning once more, Mario complains about how much easier it was to charge straight into Bowser's fortress. The Stalfos proceeds to mock him, while also placing an iron fence in front of the entrance to add insult to injury. Irritated, Mario looks around and spots a secret entrance to the castle sewers. He grabs Luigi and runs towards the sewer grate, using his brother as a shield in order to block the Salfos' supply of Bullet Bills. The Mario Brothers manage to jump down into the sewer, although Luigi does not make it out unscathed.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Ganondorf continue to chase after Peach. They manage to corner her in a single room, and both of them propose that Peach should have babies with one of them. Terrified, Peach starts to panic and accidentally falls out of one of the castle windows. As she dangles from the window sill, Bowser and Ganondorf panic about what to do. Ganondorf just decides to give up and go look for another princess for the baby-machine, but Bowser insists that they should just help pull Peach up. Ganondorf refuses, claiming that "girls have cooties." Annoyed, Bowser just decided to help Peach himself. However, they are shocked to find that Peach has already lost her grip and fallen to the ground, dying on impact.

Back in the sewers, Mario and Luigi are still trying to find a way into the castle, only to get themselves lost. Luigi suggests that they should just go home and make Toadsworth the new princess. However, they suddenly come across something in the corner. It is revealed to be a Garo, who introduces himself as Bob. The Mario Brother's immediately attack him, but he begs them to stop, claiming that he's friendly. Reintroducing himself, Bob states that he is a "wandering wizard of the sewer." Perturbed by his eccentric behavior, Mario and Luigi try to leave, but Bob pleads them to stay, revealing that he has been alone for 500 years. He offers to help them find a way out of the sewer, continuing to beg until Mario reluctantly agrees to let him tag along. As Bob rejoices, Mario tells Luigi that they should have just left Peach behind.

Outside, Bowser and Ganondorf try to give Peach medical attention, which involves using a Band-Aid, a chainsaw, and a hot dog. However, none of their treatments have any effect. Ganondorf refuses to give up, and attempts to resurrect her with his "fairy powers." Unfortunately, his attempts to "summon the Death gods" only make the situation worse, as Peach's corpse catches on fire from a bolt of lighting. Finally giving up, Ganondorf asks Bowser if he wants to roast some marshmallows over the fire of her body.

Bob finally manages to lead Mario and Luigi to the sewer's exit. However, it turns out that they are right back where they started: outside the castle, much to their dismay (although Bob blames it on his GPS). Mario and Luigi are even more horrified when they find Bowser and Ganondorf roasting marshmallows over Peach's corpse. Mario panics about what Toadsworth will think when he finds out, but Ganondorf tells him that he still plans to use Peach for his baby-machine. Mario refuses to let that happen, on the grounds that he does not want spankings from Toadsworth. He tells Bob to defeat Ganondorf with his magic, to which the wizard activates his "magical singing powers." Singing an incredibly off-key version of "I'm Too Sexy," Bob tortures Ganondorf to the point of making his head explode, essentially killing him.

Mario proceeds to take credit for saving the day, despite Bob insisting that it was him, and he goes home with Luigi, taking Peach's burning corpse with them. Bob once again begs them not to leave, saying he doesn't want to be lonely again, and asks them if they'll at least friend him on any social networking sites. After they proceed to ignore him, Bob asks Bowser if he wants to be friends and tries to give him a bro-fist. However, Bowser replies by punching Bob face hard into a nearby wall.



  • This blooper marks the debut of Bob as a member of the series' supporting cast.
  • The name of this blooper may be a reference to the name of a mission in Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS: Can the Eel Come Out to Play?

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