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SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?, more often simply called Can the Villager come out to play?, is the 225th video made by SMG4.


What's that? a psycho prisoner just escaped from prison? ahh don't worry i'm surely nothing will- oh hey! look at that cool axe that guy has


One night the Villager, the most dangerous assassin in the Mushroom Kingdom escapes from the Mushy Mushroom Maximum Prison for hitting new victims. The following day, Mario wakes up to eat spaghetti, but his fridge is almost empty (with only one Rock and a spider on its web inside) and doesn't contain any spaghetti anymore. Mario becomes angry and asks Luigi where the spaghetti is, to which he answers that it was stolen by a hobo. Mario then explodes from rage, sending Luigi flying away. Mario runs to the Spaghetti Cuisine to eat and eventually bumps into the owner as he was just closing the shop. Mario doesn’t give up and decides to go and steal spaghetti from Princess Peach's Castle, where he finds Toad using a vacuum-cleaner while being dressed as a french maid cleaner. Toad welcomes Mario.

Meanwhile, while Royal Mushroom Kingdom Police mistakes the Balloon Boy for the wanted Villager and tries to arrest him, another policeman finds the real Villager and starts to run after him, but the Villager loses him by entering into a pipe which leads him to the castle grounds. There he notices the castle and decides to enter it. At the same moment, a cop is revealed to have seen the Villager entering, he then explains what he just saw to RMKP leader, FM54321, who orders a third cop, Steve, to lock the castle down, which he does by using a remote control causing some jail grids to appear and block all the entrances. That scares Mario, who is trapped inside with the Villager, and finds the fridge at the castle is empty too, causing him to cry, and then he decides to leave the castle, only to find the main entrance is blocked as well as all the other exits.

Outside, the police surrounded the castle with several vans and helicopters, and while Peach and Toadsworth desperately want to know if the police will destroy it, to which FM replies that they won't and that it's just a precaution, and that the Villager is one of the most dangerous people in the kingdom. Toadsworth asks which crimes the Villager could have done to earn this status, so FM, rather annoyed, starts to relate them. Mario inside meets Villager and discovers that he stabbed Toad and all the spaghetti and begins to mourn. As Toad tells Mario he's technically dead too, Mario tells him to shut up to let him lament. Meanwhile, FM outside has started to relate the crimes done by the villager, which are written in a notebook; FM’s words shock Peach and Toadsworth.

Later, when Mario is tasting the spaghetti while sobbing, the Villager enters the room, so Mario angrily asks him if he was the person who killed the spaghetti, and as he replies by a laugh, Mario decides to kill him, but the Villager takes out his axe and starts to chase him. Outside, FM finishes relating the crimes, as one of his colleagues shows him on his computer that he discovered a scene recorded by a CCTV camera in the castle. The video features Mario being chased by the Villager with his ax and as the police leader sees that Mario has been taken hostage, he decides not to destroy the building, but to burn it, causing Peach to cry out in fear.

Meanwhile, Mario is hiding in a room, but his cellphone rings over and over. When he answers he finds out that Luigi got new spaghetti. Mario is happy, but Villager destroys part of the door to come and kill him making him scream like a little girl. Peach then starts attacking FM54321 to save her castle. Peach gets removed. SMG4 comes asking what was successful and calm FM54321 with Cube the Penguin. Toadsworth asks him if he can call Mario with his cell phone and when he answers, Toadsworth says that the only way out of the castle are the ventilation systems. Villager comes to kill Mario, who then follows the indications of Toadsworth, but the Villager follows him knocking him to the library. Mario then decides to make a leap for the exit adjacent to him, but cannot he cannot make it in a single jump because the Villager is under him.

So he tries to hold on to the wall, as various items fall out of his pockets. Villager finds out when getting in the room that Toadsworth and SMG4 are already in the room and tries to kill them .The Villager throws his ax at SMG4, but accidentally hits the emergency toxic flammable gas. Mario goes crazy for the gas believing Villager was the Balloon Boy, while the Villager faints, looking back his crime: four years earlier he found a pack of Doritos, but Tom Nook made him throw it in a river and so the Villager killed him. While Mario is rescued by SMG4, Toadsworth pulls a bomb causing a huge explosion. Mario, Toadsworth and SMG4 leave the castle thinking that Villager is dead. Unfortunately, Villager is in fact still alive.







  • Tom Nook got killed by Villager. (flashback, offscreen)


  • SMG4 reached 400,000 subscribers on YouTube when he was already working on this video, hence the fact that it isn't a special blooper made to celebrate this. However, despite this, he still made one called "The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D)" the next week. The same thing happened at the debut of the year 2015: SMG4 earned 300,000 subscribers when he was already creating the blooper "R64: Son of a bowser." which wasn't a special video for his 300k, so the real special blooper "Bad Star's Back!", which is a sequel to the video "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Bad Stars", has been uploaded late, about a week after the event, when SMG4 had already over 310k.
  • The title of this blooper may be a reference to a Super Mario 64 mission by a similar name. "Can The Eel Come Out To Play?" has become rather infamous in that it has the player interact with a large eel, whose low-polygonal count (as many other models in the game suffered) caused it to look particularly creepy. If not frightening for a player, the swimming controls and air limit make the star hard to collect due to how the eel is programmed to move. Likewise, this video has a Super Mario 64-style Mario dealing with the Villager, whose behavior is frightening in contrast to his cute appearances, and even policemen find great difficulty in dealing with the criminal.
  • SMG4's pose from the thumbnail of this blooper has been made by Geofcraze634 (a YouTuber who releases various videos such as Super Mario 64 machinimas, music videos, short episodes and more), and got found and taken by SMG4.
  • This presence of the Villager from Animal Crossing as a main character of the plot of this blooper might have been inspired by the second DLC of the video game Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, released at the same period, which adds to the game some new tracks and characters from Animal Crossing, of course including the Villager as he's one of the most important characters of this series.
  • Mario bumping against the owner of Spaghetti Cuisine as he was opening it may be a reference to a scene in the blooper "R64: Mario Goes Shopping", in which he tries to enter in a food store while its owner was closing it.
  • Mario and the policemen confounding the Balloon Boy from the video game Five Nights at Freddy's 2 with the Villager may be because of their very similar noses, which are triangular, but also because those two characters are both kids.
  • The Villager escaping the cops through a warp pipe may be a reference to a scene in the blooper "The Wacky Wario Bros.: Money Mayhem".
  • This is the first major appearance of FightingMario54321 in a video of SMG4 in a while since the blooper "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Great Friends!" (he only made some minor/cameo appearances in the meantime), and the first time along with Steve that he's seen working as a police officer (more precisely a police leader) although he told Nintendofan997 that he got fired of his police job in "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Great Friends!" because they found some "naked pics in his locker" (however, this could just be in the SMG4 timeline) and told him to not repeat it to anyone. He then possibly retrieved this job in the meantime as the police possibly forgave him, unless this new video took place before "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Great Friends!" (if yes then it'd might be the first blooper of SMG4 to take place before an earlier video). This is also the first time he has red and yellow subtitles lines (although his name isn't mentioned), while they were red and black most of the time in some bloopers of SMG4 released earlier.
  • It's unknown who stole all the spaghetti, although according to Luigi, it is very possible that it was the Villager who did it.
  • Mario panicking upon seeing the Villager saying "Here's Johnny!" is a reference to the video "R64: Mario Simulator" (however, this isn't the first time this one is referenced).
  • This is the second blooper of SMG4 to feature the Princess Peach being arrested by the police, the first being "The Visitor." (2014) (however, her first arrest was in fact just an error and she then hadn't been taken away by the cops).
  • Although he's a penguin, Cube quacks like a duck in this video.
  • It's revealed the Princess Peach's Castle has been build on the top of an abandoned mansion (which looks very similar to Big Boo's Haunt) to which it's connected by the air ventilation system, and by the hole in the castle moat, which leads to the Vanish Cap Under the Moat course from the original Super Mario 64 video game (this is very probably not true in the real game).
  • The scene with the Tom Nook shoving the Villager and making him drop his bag of Doritos in the water is a reference to a similar scene in the blooper "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A Lost Luigi", in which Enzo lost his Dorito bag exactly in the same way because Luigi accidentally shoved him while he was trying to escape from RMKP, who was running after the green plumber to arrest him.
  • The toxic flammable gas is exactly like the Pyrovision from the video game Team Fortress 2.
  • This is the first time the Pingas Cannon is mentioned by someone else than SMG4 (Mario in this case) and also outside of a video which focus on the Ztar, although it doesn't appear physically here.
  • This is the first of many SMG4 episodes to place a greater emphasis on horror rather than comedy. However, it is not a Halloween episode.
  • This is FightingMario54321's favorite blooper.


  • The Shining: The episode is based off the aforementioned novel by Stephen King, its 1997 miniseries and its 1980 film adaptation.
    • Peach's Castle that is the main setting is a reference to Overlook Hotel.
    • The scene where Villager chopping down the door with his ax is a reference to film's antagonist Jack Torrance.
  • Die Hard: The scene where Mario progressing in the ventilation pipes might be a reference to the scene in this film.
  • Danganronpa: The scene where Mario discovers the dead spaghetti in the room with the aquariums and the painting leading to Jolly Roger Bay references Danganronpa. It even includes some music from the said franchise.

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