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SM64 Bloopers: SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom is the fifty-first episode of Season 6 and the three hundred and eleventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Pete, Stu & Pid makes their debut in this episode. It was aired on December 7, 2016.


SMG3's back to get his revenge!!! Join Mario and SMG4 as they go through his lair and encounter a number of trials to get him once and for all!


The video begins in Tiny-Huge Island with Bowser celebrating his kidnapping of Peach Toadstool. SMG4 was worried how would he and Mario reach them while Mario simply waved them goodbye. Bowser then said they would never get him as his ride was coming soon. Not allowing him to escape, SMG4 climbed the cliff to where he was before asking Mario to help him. The Italian plumber, being a lazy fat person, did not want to. Just then, Bowser's Clown car arrived, forcing SMG4 to hurry up and carry Mario with him. Turned out he had a long way. Not before long, he stumbled and fell with Mario thinking it was fun and him getting a wedgie on a branch. Mario found it funny but it was not long before he heard evil laughter. Turned out it was from SMG3, who recorded SMG4's wedgie moment. He then declared that he was hardly seen in the videos and that it was time to put his evil plan into action. SMG4 pleaded with someone to help him stop his wedgie while Bowser wondered what evil plan was better than stealing the same princess for the past 30 years.

Turned out SMG3's evil plan was to expose SMG4's idiotic side in a 100-hour video that he gathered for the past few months which he called "SMG4 EXPOSED!!!!", which shocked Mario, made SMG4 cry and had Bowser in awe. Suddenly, the Clown car had arrived, which SMG3 declared it was his escape ride and left in it, kicking Bowser down on his way. As SMG4 was left in his wedgie, Mario initially told him that SMG3 might not have any bad footage of him but then later corrected himself into remembering the time he wore Peach's dress. Peach suddenly got up shocked to hear. The wedgie eventually gave way and SMG4 fell on the ground. He then declared they needed to stop him after he got new underwear as he walked away in pain. Bowser decided he needed the footage for himself, especially since he saw SMG3's plan was better and that his clown car was stolen from him but not before throwing Peach off the cliff.

Soon, in a town with a huge tower, SMG4 wondered if it was where SMG3 headed to. Mario saw a sign that said: "Totally not SMG3's lair" and somehow believed it. Suddenly, they both saw SMG3 fly to the tower's top, prompting them to give chase into the tower. As they entered it, they were followed closely by Bowser who also joined them in the tower, "SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom". Meanwhile, SMG3 was preparing to upload his video with his very powerful bandwidth of 100000gb/sec, allowing the video to go live in 10 minutes. Back to SMG4 and Mario, they entered the first room, just to see a portrait of SMG3 himself. Mario thought the picture was the real SMG3 and wanted to attack it, just for SMG4 to knock him down due to the room having the possibility of being booby-trapped.

Mario wanted to go all-out but SMG4 said they needed a plan. Soon, as they were formulating a plan, Mario suddenly charged through the room but as he did so, a Bob-omb was thrown at him, causing him to be injured. Turned out it was the portrait of SMG3 that did so, causing SMG4 to berate Mario for not listening to him regarding the traps. Mario though refused to listen and tried again, eventually landed back right near SMG4 injured and him calling Mario a moron. Angered, Mario faced the portrait which taunted him and threw another Bob-omb at him. In his fit of rage, Mario flung the Bob-omb right back at it, causing it to explode and be destroyed. SMG4 was shocked and then happy that Mario managed to disarm the trap. Mario said that no one would mess with his Mario-Fu and SMG4 said they needed to hurry before the portrait returned back to life and soon, both of them were entering deeper into the Gauntlet. Just then, Bowser entered and saw the portrait. Running an evil lair himself, he knew it was a trap and became sneaky to bypass it with the use of a plant disguise. As he got to the portrait, the plant fell, causing Bowser to run from the Bob-omb barrage.

In the next room, as Mario and SMG4 needed to choose which of the two doors to go through, suddenly, two Piranha plants by the names of Stu and Pid appeared before them. Mario was scared as he thought they were talking vegetables. As Pid indicated to Stu they had fresh meat, they suddenly got into a fight. As Mario tried to sneak past the Piranha plants, a vine appeared to block his way and Stu asked what was he doing with Pid adding that he tried to pull a fast one on them. Stu told them one of the doors would let them continue into SMG3's Gauntlet while Pid added that the other door would just lead them to their doom before laughing evilly.

Stu thought they agreed to stop doing evil laughter while Pid replied he liked it. That soon led to another argument. SMG4 then got fed up and asked how would they proceed. Stu said they needed to solve the riddle and that one of them would always lie while Pid added that the other would always speak the truth.

Stu then said that they were allowed only one question and both awaited their question. Pid asked Stu if he could laugh and Stu relented, causing Pid to laugh evilly. As SMG4 realized they did not have much time and Mario saying he never studied for the test, SMG4 suddenly had an idea. Mario thought SMG4's question would be "is the answer South Africa?" but SMG4 gave his own question: "Stu... if I were to ask Pid which door is the correct door, what would he say?" Stu pointed to the right door. Just as Mario was about to head there, SMG4 pulled him back and said the correct answer was the other door. Realizing Mario did not get why he tried to explain it in a way he understood. SMG4 told Mario this:

  • He saw two plates of spaghetti but one of them was poisoned.
  • There were two idiots guarding each plate with one of the guards always lying while the other was always telling the truth.
  • Mario would ask one the guards which plate would the other guard point to that was not poisonous.
  • The liar guard would always point to the poisonous plate because of his nature while the other guard would also point at the poisonous plate because the guard knew the other guard would lead him to the poisonous plate.

Mario listened closely before asking if he could have any spaghetti, just for SMG4 to carry him to the next room. Once the two left, Stu thought of them as nice fellows while Pid thought Mario was a bit retarded. Stu said it reminded him of Pid. Triggered, Pid asked if he wanted to fight with Stu agreeing. They fought for a while before realizing someone was coming. Turned out it was Bowser. Stu said he needed to try their riddle but Bowser said he had no time for it and burned both of them with his fire breath and went through the right door.

As they entered the next room, Mario exclaimed how SMG4 was right. They then saw SMG3's Dank Room. Just as Mario was happy they were also near SMG3, he saw SMG4 looking down. He then saw why. Turned out there was a huge gap between them and it was very deep. As SMG4 cried knowing they failed when they were so close, causing Mario to think it was nap time, he suddenly had an idea. He tried long jumping across the pit much to SMG4's protest.

Sure enough, he fell short of the pit. SMG4 asked if he was alright with Mario replying he could not feel his brain before realizing it was right next to him. SMG4 asked if there was any way out and Mario replied all he saw were walls and a skeleton, causing SMG4 to tremble at a particular thought. He then told Mario to stay put while he tried jumping across the pit just to fail even more than Mario. When he landed hard, Mario introduced him to his friend, Pete the skeleton, who just sat there doing nothing.

SMG4 said it was great but they needed to escape and tried finding a way such as a secret passage. As he did so, he saw Mario playing cards with Pete and just went back to what he was doing just now. He suddenly pushed a hidden button and wondered what did it do. Turned out all it did was to have a spiked wheel crush them. As they tried to find a way to get out fast, Mario pleaded with Pete to help them. SMG4 said that a skeleton would not do anything but suddenly, he came to life and danced for a while before unleashing a bone boner to help them get out of the pit onto the correct side. SMG4 exclaimed how his "boner" helped them while Mario was naturally distressed that Pete sacrificed himself to save them and said as Pete got crushed he would avenge him.

As SMG3 saw his video was at 90%, he heard the two entered from a big distance away. SMG3 said they would never get to him before the video went live as it was then at 95%. Just as Mario charged, an ax appeared but barely missed him. SMG4 then exclaimed that the room was also booby-trapped. Mario, not feeling deterred by the traps any longer, went ahead, with SMG4 following closely behind. Naturally, when they reached SMG3, both were severally injured. As SMG3's video was live, he taunted them with a song just for the ceiling to rumble. Turned out it was Bowser making such tremors. He then fell on SMG3, squishing him, and his computer, destroying the video. He mentioned how the room of death almost got him and said him being fat was why he managed to make it. As Mario sang how it rained Bowsers, the Koopa King turned around and realized it was SMG3's room.

He then announced that he was here to steal the footage, just for SMG3 to say that he destroyed it. When he saw the computer being crushed, he knew why. SMG4 was suddenly happy that the video was not live on YouTube. SMG3 said that although he won this battle, he called them buttholes and activated the self-destruct function of the Gauntlet before jumping out of an emergency escape window. As SMG4 wondered how they would escape, Bowser indicated the elevator, which Mario happily agreed and that they decided to take it. As the three left once the elevator reached the ground floor, Bowser asked if they wanted some burgers, which Mario happily agreed to. Shortly after they left, SMG3 fell and plummeted to the ground unconscious.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Teletubbies (appears in a flashback)
  • Wario (appears in SMG4's explaination)
  • Waluigi (appears in SMG4's explaination)

Music used

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  • In actual fact, SMG3's video can never exist due to the total duration of all of SMG4's video made at the time this blooper was released to be less than 100 hours, which is still true even if all the videos that SMG4 had made since the blooper's release were counted as well.
  • The Episodes showed in the flashbacks were SM64 bloopers: Kirby Phones Home. and SM64 Bloopers: Where the Wild Teletubbies are.


  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls - The way that SMG3 recorded the parts of SMG4's embarrassing moments is similar to Snips and Snails recording the embarrassing parts where Twilight Sparkle messing herself in the library before handing over the clips to Sunset Shimmer who uploaded them. However, unlike Sunset, who succeeded in uploading it and Twilight's friends cheering her up by doing Cafeteria Song to restore Twilight's popularity, Bowser just messed up the upload that SMG3 was about to complete.

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