This page is the transcript for SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown.


(SMG4 intro. Mario imitates a Shy Guy, presumably sounding like "oh hell no". Cut to a burning building. Nintendofan997 appears out of nowhere.) Nintendofan997: Gee. It sure is boring around here.

(Mario is being chased by FightingMario54321 in the background.)

Mario: Waaaaaah!

FightingMario54321: Give me back my lunch!!!!

Mario: Noo! Mama-mia! Ahh! Ahh! ehh! no! this is mine! go away! uh wahh..!..i want some milk!!! waaahhh

FightingMario54321: You must DIE!

Mario: you'll never get-a Mario! haha!!! SUPER MARIO BOOST! (he only moves slowly) uh-oh. Shit! (he gets punched) Waaaaaaah!

(Mario lands in a cart of weed, next to an Old Man baking a cake.)

Old Man: You kids stay outta my cake ingredients!

(The camera angle changes. Mario jumps out, his face now colored a bit white.)

Mario: (two coughs) Mama-mia! Ohhhhh! Imma feel like a toad having a baby.

(Cut to another camera angle. A blue Shy Guy comes.)

Blue Shy Guy: Hey! What do you think you're doing here? All Shy Guys are suppose to be back at HQ!

(Cut to Mario.)

Mario: But imma fat guy! Not a Shy Guy!

(The Shy Guy and Mario arrive at a microphone, which requires a password. The blue Shy Guy reaches the microphone and says the password.)

Blue Shy Guy: Titty sprinkles.

(A hole appears under Mario, causing him to fall. Cut to Mario falling down a tunnel, then to a Shy Guy town. Mario falls down and lands in a watermelon cart brought by another Shy Guy.)

Watermelon Shy Guy: Oh come on!

More to come

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