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SM64 Bloopers: Smexy Soccer, more often simply called Smexy Soccer, is a Super Mario 64 Blooper and SuperMarioGlitchy4's 219th video overall. In this blooper, Mario tries to stop Bowser Jr. and his gang from monopolizing a soccer field in a town called Smexy Town (or Smexy Land), so that two kids, Bobby and Goombs, can use the field themselves.


A car appears, showing Mario driving it and Peach tagging along. Mario complains about Peach wanting to be kidnapped for the fifth time of the month. As Peach explains, Mario grumbles on, as they drive to SMEXY Town. Mario runs over a Koopa and then crashes into a wall (Peach tries to warn him, but he didn't listen). The car is set ablaze and Peach leaves to get Toadsworth. Mario then complains that he has saved her and never got to "spank dat ass", as he's such a nice person. Seconds later a soccer ball comes and knocks Mario out. Two people, Bobby and Goombs looked at Mario and sees if he is okay, but Mario didn't say a thing, thinking that he is asleep. Mario wakes up and causes ruckus, yelling for the two to get in his belly! As Mario calms down, Bobby asks the plumber is he wants to play soccer with them. Showing off, Mario starts kicking the ball, eventually getting very riled up. He charges up and delivers a super powerful kick which makes the ball go on fire, go through the goal and hits an old man, which sends him flying into the space. Upon witnessing the act, Goombs asks if they can call the police now.

Just as Mario resumes playing, Bowser Jr. shows up with his gang. Junior ain't happy and is about to kick Goombs and Bobby out, but Mario interferes, trying to promote friendship. He gets his pants pull down for his troubles and wanders around miserably scaring people and causing traffic accidents. Goombs and Bobby go to cheer up Mario only to find out he's already over it. Mario confronts Bowser Jr. yet again, saying he'll take them all on by his awesome self. As Mario gets literally roasted and his allied kids prepare marshmallows on him, Mario decides to round up a team. Since he and the two kids count as "losers", they'll go and get more losers!

Cue Mario cruising in a car with SMG4, Toadsworth, Wario and Luigi. Wario jams to Spice Girls' "Wannabe" constantly pushing Luigi against the door. Neither the Toadsworth, nor SMG4 are happy, being pulled away from their duties. Mario takes a chance and lies to all present, saying he's taking them to see sexy women. Everyone is excited, except Luigi who says "Bleh!". Once at the football field, Wario goes ballistic upon the realisation and threatens to kill Mario with-a his nose. Once the misunderstandings sorta cleared, the team begins to train, leading to many comical injuries in the process. The scene ends with SMG4 using his Pingas Cannon and launching ball (and Wario) through the goal and into the sky, losing ball in the process.

The big day is here, with a presumably hired announcer, presenting the both teams. Bowser Jr. "Team Giga Koopa" makes a neat entrance. Once Mario's "All star team" is on the scene a peculiar music plays which causes an elderly spectator to call them gay. After a brief (and largely one-sided) banter between Mario and Bowser Jr. it's time for strategy planning. Bowser Jr. presents only one rule: "F**k em' up!". Unfortunately, Mario's tactics make zero sense to others. To make matters worse, Wario disappears to start ranting and promoting his company through announcer's microphone causing to latter to punch his lights out. The game is one and Lakitu drops the ball. As it lands between Junior and Mario, Mario sneakily snatches it from the air, confusing the Koopa Kid. For a while, it seems like it could be anyone's game.

The announcer starts to get annoyed, wanting a goal to be scored already. Eventually both teams end up outside the field. There, on a rooftop, Bowser Jr. reveals it was all a ploy and the ball was a disguised Koopa Troopa all along. The real ball is being slowly kicked around by a bumbling Shy-Guy. Bowser Jr. takes his dad's Clown Car and flies away, his team following suit. Everyone is worried on not making back in time. Mario orders a reluctant SMG4 to use his Pingas Cannon yet again. Mario gets launched forward, picking up Goombs and Bobby in the process.

They all land on the Shy-Guy knocking him out. Mario attempts to score a goal, only for a Whomp to flatten him. The announcer goes BONKERS and kicks the ball himself, winning the game for the "All star" team and leaving in fury. Goombs and Bobby goes to thank the rest of the team, scattered far and beyond the area. The video ends with SMG4 wanting someone to reset his (still unloaded) cannon.


Team All-Star

Team Giga Koopa

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  • The intro for this blooper is still based off of King Asylus', but once again modified: SMG4 spins on-screen as a SM64 model, and is knocked away when Mario throws the word "PRODUCTIONS" at him. This prevents the former from saying anything possibly offensive; fans found the original "Consider yourself retarded!" from The Idea Block., Castle Royale and Son of a Bowser offensive, prompting SMG4 to replace the back half of M. K. Nature Channel's intro with "Let's go, f*cker!" in satire, whereas no such phrase is found in this video's intro. It'll later be re-used in the next bloopers.
  • Most of the musics used were coming from the video games Mario Strikers Charged and Super Smash Bros .4, maybe because "Fight" and "Soccer" were implied.
  • This is the first time Luigi use his Death Stare without being in a kart.
  • It is unknown what happened to Princess Peach after she went looking for Toadsworth. She isn't seen in the rest of the blooper after she goes to call him, even when Mario fixed the car, probably she got lost in the town while she was heading to a Phone cabin.
  • The toast on McShyGuy's head isn't a toast, but a Sandvich, a hat from Team Fortress 2.
  • Apparently, Piranha Plants transform into Petey Piranha-like creatures upon eating a Poison Mushroom.
  • This is not the first time Mario has ran away sobbing after having his clothes ripped off. This scene was likely a reference to SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2014 (200k Special!)
    • However, this time he sobbed with a different sound.
  • This is the third appearance of a Cannon Penis (mentioned as Pingas Cannon), after Bad Stars and Bad Star's Back. That makes it the first appearance of such a cannon in a blooper where Bad Star does not appear.
  • Wario's Microgame Emporium was referenced previously in The Wacky Wario Bros.: Money Mayhem and The Retardness of 2014.
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