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SMG4 Bloopers: SnowTrapped is a blooper by SMG4.


The evil SMG3 tried to kill SMG4 and Mario, yet again, but thanks to Mario's usual retardness, SMG3 is snowed in with SMG4, inside the old man's igloo. As both archenemies try to get along and survive, Mario must find a way to save them both before they hallucinate and suffocate to death.


"That fat guy will save us, right?"


SMG4 and Mario are stranded at Snowman's Land after Mario crashes his kart by accident. Mario attempts to ask a snowman for help, but it instead runs away. He then finds his phone, but instead of calling for help he throws it at the car out of sheer idiocy and the car explodes, taking the phone along with it, much to SMG4's frustration. As they start searching for shelter (with Mario walking around naked without freezing due to his superhuman durability), SMG3 appear behind them, intent on killing them... because he wants to.

After SMG4 finds an igloo (owned by Old Man Hobo) and gets in to rest, SMG3 gets a robot and attempts to shoot them, but Mario, having noticed him, jumps on it to greet him, causing the madman to fall off and accidentally shoot at the snow above, causing an avalanche. With nowhere to run, SMG3 hides in the igloo before the snow gets in and traps him inside with SMG4. Though SMG3 is hopeful that Mario will save them, SMG4 thinks otherwise, knowing that Mario's stupidity will just make things worse.

Outside, Mario decides to break SMG4 out and asks an Spindrift for help. It obviously refuses, much to Mario's anger. Back at the igloo, SMG4 tells SMG3 that they need to get along to survive. He draws a line on the half of the room to have their personal spaces, but SMG3 complains because SMG4 has both the TV and the toilet, which means he's "set for life", while he only has a table and a Robotnik parrot. Annoyed, they both agree to share the fridge, but instantly fight over it, only for the parrot to literally eat it, much to their dismay.

Back outside, Mario decides to swim under the igloo and break SMG4 out, so he strips down. However, some Snowmen notice Mario's "booty" and chase after him.

Back at the igloo, SMG3 angrily holds the parrot down so SMG4 can smash it's stomach to release the fridge, but only succeeds in hitting SMG3 by accident. They decide to watch some TV, but the only thing on is something called "The Snow Channel", which only involves snow and the narrator commenting on it, so they decide to go back to assaulting each other.

Back outside, Mario asks a penguin to go inside the igloo and help SMG4, but the minute it does, SMG3 shoots it, mistaking it for a threat. He and SMG4 attempt to cook it, but the parrot steals it, much to their anger. Mario later finds an Ice Bully, and asks for it's help. The Bully however, tells the plumber to prove his strength first by pushing a sled with him on it, much to his annoyance.

Back at the igloo, SMG3 is very cold and SMG4 offers to join him on the bed. SMG3 accuses SMG4 of being homosexual, but the latter tells him that they can share body heat, only for him to accuse him of being gay again, prompting SMG4 to angrily throw the bed at his face.

After dealing with the Bully by pushing off a cliff, Mario starts to give up, until he notices SMG3's robot used earlier, so he lies to an nearby Spindrift that he is it's father, causing it to panic and fly away, taking Mario with it.

Back at the igloo, SMG4 hallucinates that he's dead and now in heaven. He starts seeing someone, and believes it's Jesus, only for the figure to reveal itself as an naked Mario, snapping SMG4 out of the hallucination, waking SMG3 up in the process. The latter orders SMG4 to shut up, as he's trying to starve in peace, causing the YouTuber to angrily call him an "ugly ass clone" and challenge him to a fistfight. Unfortunately, since they're both too hungry, they're unable to hit each other and start to act retarded.

Back outside, Mario manages to make it to the robot and rides it, intent on using to break SMG4 out of the igloo. However, the Snowmen and the Ice Bully from earlier chase after him. Back at the igloo, SMG4 and SMG3 are still acting retarded, until they eventually faint from exhaustion. SMG4 asks SMG3 why they hate each other again, and the latter reveals that he stole SMG4's video ideas. The YouTuber decides that they should forgive each other and make some love before they die, which SMG3 accepts.

Back outside, Mario is still running away from the Snowmen and the Ice Bully who eventually knock him out of the robot and corner him. Before they could attack though, and Old Man Hobo (the owner of the igloo) angrily attacks them with a bazooka and a chainsaw for getting in his property. Mario finally enters, seeing that SMG4 and SMG3 are "making love", and attempts to take them home on foot. Disturbed by what it saw, the Robotnik parrot flies away from the igloo.



No one let him in. We can't risk opening the door.
No one let him in. We can't risk opening the door.
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Running Gags

  • The Pingas parrot ruining SMG4's and SMG3's survival attempts.
  • Mario failing to get SMG4 out of the igloo.
  • Snowmen trying to catch Mario's "booty".
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