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SM64 Bloopers: The Hangover is the twenty-first episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and thirty-third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on July 6th, 2015.

Synopsis my head hurts...and i didnt even drink any beer! hmmm...and why the heck is there weird crap happening all over the castle? ...i got nothing.


The video begins with SMG4 wondering what happened as he was regaining consciousness. He felt a sore neck and witnessed several things that were out of place in the castle, including a big hole. Suddenly, a blue Toadsworth riding a clown car appeared in front of him, spooking SMG4. He wanted him to explain but Toadsworth was too dumb and crazy to even notice and left. SMG4 then wondered who else could help him explain what happened just to see Mario naked and Po confessing his love to him.

Mario suddenly made a sound, spooking Po into shooting him. SMG4 then claimed it could not get any weirder. A while later outside the room, Bowser could be seen hanging in the air dressed as a fairy. SMG4 decided not to talk with Bowser and proceeded to check what else changed in the castle. Apparently, there were the other Teletubbies, Hagrid, who mistaken SMG4 for Harry before calling him a wizard, Luigi, who was trapped in Yoshi's egg, a Shy Guy, who was demanding food and was revealed to be a Gourmet Guy, later chased after both SMG4 and Luigi, Steve, who was wearing Mario's clothes playing a Nintendo game, and a Demon, who was Steve's opponent who claimed he could not be defeated by Steve in their Smash game just to be defeated a while after, causing the Demon to hold Steve midair. SMG4 headed to the first floor of the castle just to see Toadsworth flying around in the clown car and Peach Toadstool plugged in a cannon. Very confused as to what happened, SMG4 headed outside where he saw Yoshi using his tongue as a helicopter blade. Just he declared it was hopeless, he heard Mario screamed. He rushed back to find Mario alive but in a panicky mode due to realizing that Po declared his love for him. As Mario did not recall what happened, he concluded he made love with Po. SMG4 was not surprised while Mario freaked out at the thoughts of how his babies would look like: a Baby Mario with Po's face on him. SMG4 did not want to waste any time on it and needed to know how did the castle came to its current condition.

In the first flashback, Toadsworth was on a rampage in the clown car. Apparently, Mario was somehow in the clown car too. SMG4 suddenly realized that it could be a memory and started to work towards it. He asked Mario the last thing he remembered and the plumber who was being chased by Po said that he last remembered being hungry. Po immediately offered him several Pingas chips but Mario rejected it in favor for his head being blown off by a cannon. The words Mario used triggered another memory of SMG4, who proceeded to recall what happened earlier more. In the second flashback, Toadsworth was messing with the clown car's buttons, with SMG4 demanding him to stop doing that. Toadsworth refused and shot Mario at him. SMG4 then concluded that was how he was knocked out. It just caused SMG4 to asked what was he doing in the room. As he pounded that question, he heard Mario running from Po just to see him fall through the hole. SMG4 then saw that the hole was three stories deep and wondered how the hole was even possible in the first place. He then looked up, seeing a rocket, triggering the third memory. In it, SMG4 wondered if it was smart to even launch a rocket through the floors but Po went for it anyway to meet with Toadsworth so he could save his lover, much to Mario's dismay. SMG4 then concluded that he agreed to Po's plan and wondered what was he doing in the basement, to begin with.

As he landed on Mario in the basement, he needed to know what happened in there. SMG4 tried looking for another lead but got Hagrid instead. Meanwhile, Po, who also landed on Mario wanted to show Mario his love despite the plumber still not liking the idea. Mario told Po to kiss his butt, which Po agreed to, to Mario's disgust. That gave SMG4 the fourth flashback. In it, SMG4 criticized Mario for being too fat which the plumber responded that it gave him nice breasts. SMG4 said that they should not waste any more time stopping Toadsworth and cleaning up his mess. Po was also there wanting Mario's butt, He asked when he was right behind Mario if he could have the butt, causing Mario to panic. SMG4 repeated that he did not want to waste any more time when suddenly, Toadsworth appeared and wanted to take Mario on an adventure.

Mario disagreed but was forced to go, prompting Po to use a rocket to rescue him. SMG4 then realized that was how he met Po and Mario being kidnapped by Toadsworth. SMG4 looked to see what did they entered the sewers from, just to see Toad flattened. Toad was naturally unhappy with Mario for being fat, causing the plumber to attack him. This triggered SMG4's memories for the fifth time. It turned out that both Mario and SMG4 were in the venting system of the castle escaping from something. Mario was unwilling to move much but after SMG4 told him that if he did not move, he would never find any spaghetti, Mario quickly explored the vents, but his weight made a hole in the vent, which caused Mario to fall onto Toad, squashing him.

SMG4 traced where did they enter the vents and came out of a room with a giant mirror. At first, he saw only Po and Luigi and thought the lead was a dead end. Just then, he noticed a magic rock on the floor and recalled the sixth memory. In it, SMG4 commented on how close they were to being screwed, which the plumber replied they were going to need a wizard to solve the problem, where Rocks happened to be nearby and asked if they needed help. Mario angrily replied that they already said so and took the magic rock, saying a random gibberish. SMG4 asked if Mario knew what was he saying, which the plumber replied he did not. Suddenly, a portal opened where Mario threw the rock, summoning the Teletubbies, Steve, Hagrid, and the Demon, who asked who summoned him, all came from. It was the Demon that freaked both Mario and SMG4. Then SMG4 could not remember any further. He asked the magic rock for help but it said it needed a coin to continue. That allowed SMG4 to recall what happened after they screamed.

SMG4 was mad that Mario summoned many retarded people but Mario said not to worry and tried getting the rock to fix the issue, just for the magic rock to demand a coin first. Angry, Mario threw the rock. Then, the Demon was outside the room where he would not stop pursuing his summoner. Not wanting to answer to the Demon, Mario took off his clothes and had Steve wear them, then made his escape with SMG4 to the vents. Meanwhile, the Demon and Steve had a stare off before the Demon asked if "Mario" wanted to play some Nintendo games, which Steve happily agreed to.

SMG4 concluded that was how those people were in the castle in the first place. He then recalled hiding near Bowser for some reason. Bowser wanted SMG4 and Mario to get him down from the rope while SMG4 wondered how he even ended up like that in the first place. Then, Gourmet Guy came by and nibbled Bowser's feet, much to the dismay of the Koopa King. That gave SMG4 a clue. In the eighth memory, both Mario and SMG4 could be seen running from Gourmet Guy who was wild with hunger. Mario asked why did SMG4 not stop Gourmet Guy to which he replied he never expected anyone to get fatter than him. As they looked for a way to distract Gourmet Guy, Mario saw Bowser still unconscious and had an idea.

He dressed Bowser in a fairy costume and hung him from the ceiling, hoping their pursuer would be distracted. It worked although SMG4 was concerned over the choice of costume as he knew Bowser would get them killed. Bowser then woke up to see Gourmet Guy staring hungrily at him. SMG4 realized it was him and Mario who hung Bowser up there, causing the Koopa King to get mad at them, frightening them into leaving Bowser. Bowser then said it was only a joke but to no avail.

Mario, SMG4, and Po eventually reached the kitchen because the Shy Guy, who became Gourmet Guy, mentioned running out of food. Just as SMG4 thought nothing changed in the kitchen, he spotted Chica the Chicken lying on the floor. He then had a ninth memory. In it, Mario was hoping that after they got Toadsworth's food, they would be done with the situation. A Shy Guy, who was super hungry, proceeded to clear out the kitchen of food despite protests from SMG4. He, now the Gourmet Guy, proceeded to look for more food. Just then, a slice of pizza was nearby. However, Chica saw it too and wanted it for herself too. They soon fought over it with Gourmet Guy victorious. Gourmet Guy was not satisfied yet and Mario denied his request for food due to him supposedly be the only fat guy around, causing Gourmet Guy to go on a rampage on both Mario and SMG4, scaring them in the process. SMG4 concluded that they ran and screamed liked girls again and then asked how did the Shy Guy even get inside the castle anyway.

Just then, Mario could be seen messing with the cannon, it activated another cannon. That caused SMG4 to recall the tenth memory. In it, SMG4 criticized Mario for not protecting Peach, which the plumber replied he only did so for kidnapping. SMG4 then directed to Toadsworth, who was flying in the clown car. SMG4 said they did not want to deal with him and that he should return the clown car while Mario, pretending to be Peach, demanded that Toadsworth should stop what he was doing. Toadsworth refused and pushed a button which summoned a cannon (which Mario said that Toadsworth had a baby) which was set to launch a nuke in ten seconds. Not wanting to be blown up SMG4 told Mario to do something, which he did by stuffing Peach in the barrel, causing the cannon to just activate its second cannon and backup nuke, the Shy Guy. He mentioned how he had not eaten for days but Mario did not want to entertain the Shy Guy's request. Suddenly, Toadsworth also felt hungry and wanted Mario to bring him something. SMG4 denied the request but decided to go for it after Toadsworth promised to get off the clown car, much to Mario's annoyance.

Although the memory explained why they headed to the kitchen, Mario realized it never explained why Peach was basically an item for usage. SMG4 agreed. Just then, Po fixed the cannon, causing it to fire Peach out of it but the ricochet caused her to tumble down the stairs. That triggered SMG4's eleventh memory. It had Luigi in an egg panicking as he entered the stairway, where Peach happened to be there. She was shocked and stumbled backward, causing her to fall down the staircase repeatedly, knocking her out. Both SMG4 and Mario checked on Peach with SMG4 worried but Mario saying she was fine. That led SMG4 to believe that Luigi was the culprit. Later, SMG4, Po who brandished a shotgun, and Mario demanded answers from Luigi, who was still trapped in the egg. Luigi said it was a "Yoshi Helicopter" that was behind all this mess but Po did not believe him and fired at Luigi, scaring him. That caused SMG4 to remember for the twelfth time.

In it, Toadsworth was going insane. SMG4 blamed Mario for Toadsworth's condition but Mario reassured SMG4 that he had everything under control and called for Luigi to bring Yoshi to the castle. Later in the flashback, Mario told Yoshi all he had to do was to eat Toadsworth. Yoshi tried a few times but failed, frustrating Mario into feeding him a Golden Mushroom. That caused Yoshi to go crazy and eat Luigi instead, eventually pooping him out in an egg. The mushroom also caused Yoshi to use his tongue as a helicopter blade, flying him out of the castle and colliding with Bowser in his clown car, who happened to be flying by. Both Bowser and his clown car fell into the castle, getting him unconscious and leaving his clown car beside Toadsworth. As he rode it for fun, SMG4 realized the castle was going to be in trouble and then saw Luigi crying and running towards the staircase. He concluded that the whole thing started with Toadsworth and wondered what caused him to go insane, saying he could have been drugged, brainwashed, or he simply lost his sanity. He then saw Mario eat some spaghetti and had the thirteenth and final memory.

In it, Mario entered the castle with something new although SMG4 said nobody cared. Mario then revealed that he held some spaghetti of the new generation as claimed by the spaghetti seller. SMG4 however, mentioned for some reason there were drug needles sticking out of the spaghetti. Mario was angry at SMG4 and said for that, he would not be getting any of the spaghetti. Toadsworth then asked Mario if he broke the toilet again, worrying Mario into throwing the spaghetti at Toadsworth. He ate it and at first claimed it was alright but then became blue and insane. SMG4 then had Mario come with him to go stop Toadsworth despite the plumber saying he was fine. SMG4 then finally remembered what happened to the castle and a sped-up memory lane played.

It started when Mario accidentally gave Toadsworth the drugged spaghetti, causing him to go blue and insane. SMG4 and Mario tried their best to capture Toadsworth but failed, causing Mario to call Luigi to bring Yoshi. When Yoshi failed as well, Mario also drugged him with the Golden Mushroom, causing Luigi to get trapped in an egg and for Yoshi to become a helicopter before smashing through the castle walls, knocking down Bowser and out of his clown car into the castle. The clown car landed near Toadsworth who proceeded to mess with the clown car's buttons. Meanwhile, Luigi accidentally freaked out Peach, who tumbled backward down some stairs and lost consciousness. SMG4 and Mario went over to protect her but when Toadsworth unleashed a nuke cannon, Mario quickly stuffed her into the barrel, causing another barrel to appear and shoot out the famished Shy Guy. Upon Toadsworth's request, he was brought into the kitchen where he devoured everything to become Gourmet Guy. Upon realizing there was no more food after destroying Chica, he became violent and chased after both Mario and SMG4. Thinking quick, they used Bowser as a bait to distract Gourmet Guy. However, a while later, Mario used the magic rock to help them resolve the situation but it backfired when he used it to summon the Teletubbies, Steve, Hagrid, and the Demon. Scared, Mario had Steve wear his clothes instead and used him as a distraction for the Demon while he and SMG4 escaped via the ventilation system. As they navigated their way through the system, Mario's weight tore through the shaft and caused him to land on Toad, squashing him. Then, Po saw Mario's butt and started to chase after him. Suddenly, Toadsworth arrived in the clown car and kidnapped Mario, causing Po and SMG4 to give chase with a rocket. The memory lane ended with Toadsworth firing Mario at SMG4, knocking him out and losing his memories.

Now that he sorted everything out, SMG4 realized once again it was the spaghetti that was the root cause of the disaster although Mario thought he was talking about his normal plate and reminded him that he could not have any. SMG4 then said he was referring to the drugged spaghetti. Mario suddenly corrected himself and force-fed SMG4 some of it, causing him to get high and blackout. The video ends at a strip club where SMG4 woke up to find himself being a stripper for the Teletubbies.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Baby Mario (appears as a possible baby Mario could have made with Po)
  • Dr. Eggman (appears as a Pringle's brand Parody)


  • God (mentioned by SMG4 when he needed an answer for what happened to the castle.)


  • SMG4: Mario University: Po could be seen in the Medicine segment giving birth to Baby Mario, a nod to this episode.



Cultural references

  • This blooper heavily references the The Hangover film trilogy.

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