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SM64 Bloopers: The Toadassass-ination (more often simply called The Toadassass-ination or just Toadassass-ination) literally "Toad assassination", is the 178th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this episode, Mario gets so much annoyed by Toad that he decides to assassinate him by hook or by crook, but always fails in his multiples attempts.


DK's cameo in Toadassassination.


Wario's got Toad Swag!


The blooper opens with Toad taking Mario from a flying reverie. Toad annoys Mario so much that Mario decides to assassinate him. He forms the "Club Spaghetti Swag" who's only members are Steve and Luigi. Mario sends Luigi to shoot Toad in the head but the anxiety causes Luigi to shake, so Steve shouts at him to hurry up, frightening Luigi who shoots Toad's hat. Peach finds out Mario is tring to kill her toads but Mario convinces that they are gay & real loyal.

Later, Mario puts a bomb in a car he believes is Toad's, but it turns out to be SMG4's (though, the mistake doesn't bother Mario that much). Mario tells Luigi to "go", but Luigi only protects some Koopa Troopas and is hit by Toad. Mario is angered and tells Luigi he's supposed to throw the Koopas at Toad, not protect them. Toad goes to the city and buys some stuff, so Mario tasks Steve to kill him. He does confront Toad; however, Toad escapes. Mario then tells Solid Snake to kill Toad, but he ends up failing and hurting his knee. Mario then hires an actual assassin to kill Toad, but he mistakes Wario wearing a Toad hat as Toad himself, so he tries to kill him.

Toad goes back to Mario's second house, where the gang discovers they annually meet there for party games while Steve strips down to his underwear. The gang uses a Christian Toad Priest to distract Toad while they enter through the house's chimney. They infiltrate the house but Luigi tells Mario not to attack Toad as Toads go ballistic if they are interrupted while they are playing Mario games. The Toads all start having seizures, and Steve joins them.

Suddenly, Ben enters the house and furiously asks why the Toads didn't invite him to the game party. Ben pulls out a gun and puts it to Toad's head. Mario, realizing that now, someone else will kill Toad, gleefully heads to the door, which angers Ben. Ben turns the gun on Mario and shoots him in the balls. After a hallucination of himself in Heaven, Mario snaps out of it to a concerned Toad. Mario ignores his bullet wound, and no longer feels the need to attempt to murder Toad. Then, Steve and the Toads return to their game, and once again begin to have seizures. The rest of the gang joins them, with the exception of Luigi, who simply stares at them in confusion and shock.



An assassin.


  • Ben from "Two great friends!" reappears in this blooper, once again crazily.
  • This is the first blooper where Steve is not wearing his usual clothes.
  • When Mario tells Luigi to throw Koopas at Toad, he protects the Koopas instead. This shows that Luigi isn't smart enough to obey Mario in this blooper.
  • Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Bowser make cameos appearences in Mario Kart 64 when the Toads are playing to this game together.
  • The Steve-Dorrie hybrid from "Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's edition)" and "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k special Qna Edition)" reappears. This is also the first time it appears outside of a Ssenmodnar video.
  • At the beginning of the blooper, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen is heard playing.
  • A few time after the beginning of the video, just after Mario says: "I DON'T CARE! WE SHALL ASSASSINATE THE ANNOYING TOAD!!!!", the national hymn of France (called "La Marseillaise" in french) is heard playing (with lyrics in French). This song is one of the few references to France which has been seen in SMG4's recent videos (the others are the French Can Can Music and the Air France airplane (which doesn't appears in this blooper)). Several French people wrote comments (in French) on this video, so it's a proof than some french know SMG4 and watch his videos.
  • Ben is Toad's best friend, but they only met in the bathroom.
  • Coincidentally, the hypen in the title is exactly where the thumbnail of the video goes. "..."
  • This is the second time that SMG4 makes a cameo appearance in one of his videos, the first one being in "Two great friends!".
  • This is the first time Steve appeared in a non-Minecraft blooper.
  • The scenes where the Toads are playing Mario Kart are a reference to MLG montages.
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