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SM64 Bloopers: Where the Wild Teletubbies are is a blooper made by SMG4. It involves SMG4, Mario and E. Gadd going on some mission to discover where the teletubbies are coming from.


Mario and SMG4 are on an intergalactic mission to find out why there are so many god damn teletubbies around. With the help of the Professor E.GADD they discover the dark truth, the real reason why these creatures are coming alive.


At Cool Cool Mountain, SMG4 and Mario are trying to rescue a baby penguin that was accidentally dropped into a cottage by Mario. Of course the penguin refused to jump up. Suddenly, the penguin walked towards a fireplace. Mario tells it to not do it, but it plays with the fire anyway, causing it to become something like a roast chicken. Then Mario said that penguins always get lost in there and they can come tomorrow, then SMG4 notices that there are a lot of Teletubbies in level, even one have a penguin toy in the face, then SMG4 asks Mario if he hasn't noticed a lot of Teletubbies. He later had flashbacks remembering Dipsy rising from under the toilet while Mario was using it, Po attacking Luigi with a crowbar and screaming in pain, and being surrounded by Teletubbies in the castle, and then with a retarded face saying probably nothing unusual. The next day the duo returns seeing that now the Teletubbies are everywhere and SMG4 suggest to visit the only nerd in the Mushroom Kingdom: Professor E. Gadd.

In E.Gadd labs, the Professor is whacking Teletubbies with a broom (Not very effective) while "out of this house" and screaming to them to get the f*ck out of there, finally he drives them away by throwing a bowl of Tubby Custard and blocking the door. He revives the duo and SMG4 asks if they can get rid of the excessive amounts of teletubbies, E. Gadd said to use brooms because they wack them out, but then Mario interrupted  (With The Imperial March in background) said that they need to know their origin to burn them to the ground and steal all their spaghetti , then E. Gadd said that he watched strange images from satellites: First a Teletubby face in a green field, then the Teletubbies logo, then the Sun Baby face, Then some strips that look like p**nis SMG4 is devastated, Then a happy face but the image is interrupted by Mario chasing a Pidgey, and Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach. After being interrupted by Mario, professor E Gadd recommends to investigate the U.T.O's (Unidentified Teletubby Objects). The scene then shifts to SMG4 and Mario hiding in a bush wearing a Teletubby hat, they need to pass the main entrance to get to the courtyard (which is full of Teletubbies) Mario sees Luigi drowning in Teletubbies and want to join the crew but Luigi discovers him and tell everyone that Luigi said that tubby custard sucked balls and everyone attacked Luigi. Mario and SMG4 escaped, afterward SMG4 and Mario get to the courtyard but when they reach the courtyard they find a UFO that then pulls SMG4 and Mario in the scene then changes to show Mario and SMG4 in the UFO SMG4 then suggests to hide which then SMG4 thinks Mario recommended the supply room as a hiding place but then Mario says he was just pointing to the toilet in the supply room SMG4 and Mario hide in a create of mushrooms a little bit afterwords the scene shifts to show E. Gadd poking a Teletubby with a stick. Soon SMG4 and Mario make it to Planet Tubbie they get caught by a Tinky Winky and quickly hide in a create of mushrooms again the scene then shifts to show E. Gadd playing jazz music while the Teletubby dances then the scene shifts again to show the Teletubbies doing their ritual to call upon the sun god then the sun god says its time for new life then the shaman tubby bring a mushroom has sacrifice doing this scene we find out that the Teletubbies are born from using mushrooms has sacrifice Mario then runs saying "y'all crazy bitches" then Mario gets caught by the Teletubbies but quickly disguises as one then Mario tries to act like a Teletubby but gets bitten by toy teeth which causes his disguise to fall off of him the scene shifts to show SMG4 painting a sexy Teletubby painting E. Gadd then calls upon Kirby to save them E Gadd and Kirby then make it to planet tubbie E Gadd then uses the 3 weaknesses of the Teletubbies: 1 be whacked with a stick, 2 sexy jazz music, and the third and most powerful weakness: sexy teletubbie painting, then the Teletubbies The sun god says for them to stop hurting their creations and wish if they wanted anything else and E Gadd, SMG4, and Mario wish to 1 remove the excess Teletubbies 2 get transported back to earth safely and 3 have a talking sun on earth the sun then grants their wishes and the scene cuts to show SMG4 and Mario sitting on the roof of Peach's castle.

SMG4 and Mario talk about how peaceful it is without the Teletubbies. Mario then says on how awesome it is to have a talking sun here and the talking sun is shown to be a screaming sun then the blooper ends.



  • This blooper's title is probably a reference to the storybook "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.
  • The Teletubby tribesman wears a mask that resembles Aku Aku from the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • SMG4's scream "Oh My God!" after the Sun Baby appears is from the infamous 1990 movie Troll 2.
  • The cover photo consists of a Windows XP background, Dipsy, Po, Professor E. Gadd, SMG4, Mario, and the sun baby.
  • This video reveals how Teletubbies are made.
  • The screaming sun Mario and SMG4 get at the end of the video is from the Rick and Morty episode "The Wedding Squanchers".
  • At one point, a penguin can be heard saying Pingu's catchphrase, "Noot-Noot".
  • At one point, Darth Vader's theme, "The Imperial March" can be heard.
  • At two points, Mario gets his hand jammed in the teeth just like how Homer Simpson got his hand jammed in a toaster twice.

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