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How To Make A Blooper (according to smg4) is a blooper/short of SMG4 explaining how to make an SM64 blooper. It is similar in premise to "How to Make Spaghetti", but has several notable differences.


SMG4 shows the audience what goes into making one of his bloopers, SMG4 style. He specifically details how he gets his ideas, how he gets his footage (Project64 and Fraps), and how his video editor (Sony Vegas) works. Finally, he gives Mario the chance to make his own blooper. Throughout the video, SMG4 is interrupted by both SuperMarioGlitchy69, a Toad who wants to be in his videos, and Nintendofan997, who insists that he is a wizard.



  • Toad's lines are heard in voice and text at the same time.
  • Mario's "blooper" is actually a video (most of it, at least) posted on the Theawesomario channel called Im the sexiest. It was meant as a teaser/preview for this blooper, however, at the time no one knew that, obviously.
  • A clip from Ssenmodnar 4 (30,000 subs special) where a family is acting like retards was used.


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