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SM64 Shorts: The Plumber Problem is a short video and the 266th ovreally to be uploaded by SMG4. It is also the return of the SMG4 Shorts series after many years of absence.


Mario seems to have clogged the toilet again. Now he and Luigi need to find away to fix it before it is too late. Otherwise will their house be forever doomed and never seen again.


The blooper starts with Luigi walking to the Mario Bros. house. When he makes it to the door, Mario breaks it down from the inside, telling Luigi that something horrible has happened in their home. Luigi asks if Yoshi escaped or if Mario broke the TV again, but Mario tells him it's much worse than that. Mario then shows Luigi the way to the situation and the two start running as fast as they can.

It turns out however that Mario had not surprisingly clogged the toilet. Mario starts crying to Luigi about how he can no longer take craps in peace while watching memes on his phone. Luigi starts asking why Mario can't fix the toilet himself, being a plumber and all. Mario tells Luigi that all he does which is considered "Plumbing" is go up and down stupid pipes (Cutting to a flashback of Mario shamelessly using a pipe for reasons we can't say here). Luigi refuses to believe Mario can't fix it, stating they are the mighty Mario Bros. who own the pipes like they are b*tches. After hearing Luigi's statement, Mario starts questioning why they are even plumbers to begin with since all they do is go down to the sewers to steal coins and kill animals. Luigi starts realizing that they are basically hobos, but Mario then tells him to stop arguing and see if he can unclog the toilet.

Luigi goes up to the toilet and looks into the bowl. Luigi then finds a bunch of crap (Not that kind of crap) in the toilet, such as a plate of Spaghetti, Toad's pet rock, and a dead Pizza Delivery Guy. With the little progress Luigi made, he gives up and decides to call a real plumber to help. Hearing this makes Mario feel heartbroken, thinking Luigi is trying to replace him despite the fact that he said doesn't know anything about plumbing. Mario runs off and cries while Luigi makes the call.

The Plumber arrives, which somehow happens to be a Teletubby. As the Plumber Tubby works on the toilet, Mario stares at him with a banana peel. The Plumber starts asking Luigi if Mario is ok because he's been staring at him for 3 hours. Mario tells the Plumber to just ignore him because he's hanging out with his new brother, Eduardo, which happens to be the banana peel wearing a sombrero. The Plumber asks Luigi what the f*ck Mario is talking about, but Luigi just sighs.

Still saddened by the "rejection" of his brother, Mario asks Edwardo what he should do to get Luigi back. Suddenly, the inanimate banana peel starts talking to Mario in a dark and evil voice, telling him to kill Luigi for replacing him. As Edwardo starts doing an evil laugh, Mario misinterprets his advice and thinks Edwardo wants him to prove himself better as a plumber. Before Edwardo could tell Mario otherwise, Mario runs off to go and plan on what to do. It turns out however that Edwardo was possessed by a Boo and that it was really the ghost speaking the whole time. The Boo leaves the banana peel after seeing his prank fail, and decides to go back to possessing toilets in public bathrooms.

Meanwhile, the Plumber jumps out of the toilet like a warp pipe, and informs Luigi that their toilet is infested with monsters and a friendly hobo. Suddenly, you can hear Mario charging up his voice for a surprise. Luigi hears the noise and starts wondering where the noise is coming from. All of the sudden, Mario, riding a rocket shaped like a plunger, launches himself towards the house. The rocket blows up the infested toilet, but also the house in the process. Luigi tells Mario he did good job for destroying their house and clogging the toilet on the same day, in a disappointed and sarcastic manner. Mario asks Luigi if he still loves him, and Luigi sighs and passes out from the chaotic day he had to go through.



  • This is the second time in a blooper where the characters only talk through real voices, the first being Christmas 2013: The 12 Idiots of Christmas.
    • However, due to criticism from many fans, SMG4 decided to not generalize that in his future bloopers and to come back to captions and voice clips.
  • Since SMG4 is discontinuing real voices, this video would be the only video in which the SMG4 intro is read out loud to the viewer.
  • This is the first video to have an updated model of Luigi (his previous appearances were recolored palettes of Mario).

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