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SM64 Tales: Thwompin' and Whompin', more often simply called Thwompin' and Whompin', is the 216th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, maybe.


Thwomp and a Whomp are kicked out of their job of guards at Whomp's Fortress because they failed at protecting the Whomp King from Mario, so they try to get a new job.


One day at Whomp's Fortress, Mario is killing everything. Besides the enemies who fail killing him, a Whomp and a Thwomp try to protect the king only to find they've not only let the King die but they have also released Princess Peach and destroyed Bowser's clown car. They're both fired and their lives fall apart. While Thwomp tries to commit suicide, Whomp suggests they try to find new jobs.

After being fired from an assortment of different jobs, Whomp suggests they get their old job back by killing Mario. They instead end up losing him and destroying Bowser's clown car again. They follow Mario to a night club where Thwomp finds him upstairs. He gets chased outside and beaten until Mario is about to deliver the final blow. Before he can do so, however, Whomp sacrifices himself. The Thwomp becomes enraged and finally defeats Mario, by hurling him into space and then crashing into the ground with full force, taking Mario with him. Back at Whomp's Fortress, Thwomp buries the Whomp's remains and Bowser decides to give him his job back, but only if the Thwomp is his clown car for a while. He tries to do so, but cannot hold Bowser's weight and falls over, though Bowser doesn't seem to mind. Meanwhile, Whomp's ghost watches from Heaven and chuckles.


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  • This is SMG4's first (and only) SM64 tale.
  • This blooper's plot is very similar to the video "2 Hands 1 Job".
  • The scene with the two Thwomp failing in their attempt to squish Mario may be a reference to the video "Ssenmodnar (1,000 subs special)".
  • This is the second appearance of Birdo in SMG4's bloopers, the first being "SM64: Cooking with Bowser & Mario 2!".
  • When the Power Star appeared after Mario defeated the Whomp King, it was clear, proving SMG4 already completed the level.
  • When Luigi is dancing, the song Open Sesame Tofu is heard.


  • After the Whomp died, when the Thwomp replies by "WHAT!?" to the Piranha Plant when this one asks what happened to the Whomp, the Thwomp is mistakenly referred as "Whomp" instead of "Thwomp".
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