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SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL! is a blooper by SMG4. As the title suggests, this blooper was made especially for Valentine's Day 2017.


SMG4 is hosting a big valentines dance! The Mario cast all fight and compete to look the coolest and... GET THE GIRL!


The episode opens with SMG4 putting up an announcement about his Valentines Dance on the 14th of February. Several characters, namely Bowser, Mario, Toadette and Shy Guy, see the announcement and decide to each get a girlfriend/boyfriend to go to SMG4's Valentines Dance.

Shy Guy then proceeds to go down a road and stops in front of Shy Girl's house. He then gifts her a toast with "Be my valentine date?" written on it. The Shy Girl smiles, making Shy Guy happy. However, Gourmet Guy then appears out of nowhere and lands on Shy Guy, while showing a toast with "BE MEH GF PLSSS" on it to the Shy Girl. She notices that the Gourmet Guy has a bigger toast, but Shy Guy, angered and holding a toast sword, challenges Gourmet Guy to a duel. The two then duel using various toast-based weapons, until Shy Girl announces she made her decision : Her valentine date will be with Kermit the Frog, because he's "a nice DJ". Kermit is then shown holding Shy Girl's hand, with "GOT THE GIRL!" written above them. Saddened, Shy Guy asks Gourmet Guy if he wants to come to the dance with him, to which Gourmet Guy agrees. Shy Guy then holds Gourmet Guy, and "GOT THE GUY!" appears below them.

Meanwhile, Mario is in his house, seemingly getting ready for a "sexy date". Mario turns out to be dating "Mr. Spaghetti", who is nothing more than a picture of spaghetti duct-taped to a body pillow of a man with his coat wide open. Mario asks him if he wants to come to the dance with him, and then grabs Mr. Spaghetti and makes him say yes. The screen then changes into a picture of Mario holding hes body pillow with "GOT THE...GIRL?" written at the bottom of the screen.

Luigi enters the room and asks Mario what he did to Peach to make her reject him, to which Mario replies that he only did a tiny, insignificant thing to her, which turned out to be betting Peach herself when he ran out of money during a gambling game. Mario notices that Luigi isn't taking anyone, and Luigi explains that he's too shy.

Mario says he'll find the right man for him, and Luigi attempts to explain that he isn't gay. Unfortunately for him, Mario breaks into a song about the fact that being gay is okay, aggravating Luigi, who violently throws Mario out of the house. The doorbell rings, and Luigi opens, only to find Mario singing his song. Luigi shuts the door, but the doorbell rings again. Luigi opens and turbulently asks what whoever is at the door wants. That person turned out to be Daisy , making Luigi very embarassed. Luigi asks Daisy if she wants to go to the dance with him, and Daisy agrees because her new boyfriend is out of town and she has nothing better to do. Luigi is then shown with Daisy, and "GOT THE GIRL...SORTA" appears above them.

Peach is peacefully relaxing on a beach, when Bowser appears and rams her with his motorcycle. Bowser attempts to get Peach to do Valentines stuff with him, claiming that her and Mario aren't doing anything together. Peach coldly replies that she will not be doing anything with Bowser. Bowser cries and promises that he will never kidnap her again if she agrees to come to the dance. Peach asks if that's true, and Bowser says that it's not and proceeds to grab Peach . He then appears holding peach while " "GOT" THE GIRL" is written below him.

Toad is reading a parody of a Playboy magazine about mushrooms, when Toadette arrives and asks how her boyfriend is doing. Toad is embarassed, and Toadette asks if he isn't forgetting something to say to her. Toad replies that she should go make him a sandwich, but Toadette promptly explains that he's supposed to love her. Toad visibly doesn't care and is violently kicked by Toadette, landing face-first in the concrete. Toadette then cheats on him with Frankie, who is shoving pencils up his nose. "GOT THE GIRL" appears below them while they both jump in the air.

The video then cuts to Valentine's Day at Peach's castle, and everyone is shown partying with their respective Valentine. SMG4 then wishes a Happy Valentines to everyone and hopes the video managed to show that love can be found everywhere, and goes over all of character's failed attemps at getting an actual Valentine. He then asks Kermit to play some music, and the video ends with the camera panning out of Peach's castle.



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Music Used

Music Used

  • 00:03 – Castle Square; Mario Party 3
  • 00:17 – Dat Boi; ZimoNitrome
  • 00:30 – All Star Rest Area; Super Smash Bros Melee
  • 00:49 – Drowsy; Dr Luigi
  • 01:00 – Guile’s Theme; Street Fighter (SNES)
  • 01:31 – Good Guys Finish First; Pat Bernatar
  • 01:53 – Goomba Village; Paper Mario
  • 02:49 – If You Were Gay; Avenue Q
  • 03:15 – It’s OK To Be Gay; Tomboy
  • 03:26 – Super Pipe House; Super Mario RPG
  • 04:03 – Mario Party 1 & 2 – Bowser’s Theme (Remix); Qumu
  • 04:13 – Daytime Drama; Spongebob
  • 04:32 – Chicken Bone; Cowboy Bebop
  • 05:01 – Battle Canyon; Mario Party 1
  • 05:26 – Super Mario World - Overworld – High Quality Remix; Super 0’Brothers
  • 05:58 – Super Mario Bros. 3 – Overworld 2; silentzorah

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