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SM64 halloween 2015: The 2Spooky story is the thirty-second episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and forty-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the fifth episode of the Halloween Specials. It was aired on October 26th, 2015.


OoooOOoO, im gonna tell you a scary so spooky that you'll poop your pants and hopefully those other idiots wont interupt me when im talking!!


The story starts in a forest during the night, where Mario introduced himself as "Mario of-a doom" while wearing a mask that has a bootleg version of himself. SMG4 told him to shut up because he was scaring Luigi, whose whining annoyed Wario into punching him, causing Luigi to blow up. Steve then trolled Bowser, by waking him up with an air horn and scaring him. SMG4 thanked everyone for coming to his fun Halloween meet up, where he would be telling everyone a very spooky story. He told them to get ready for the "2SPOOKY STORY" but Mario replied that it was boring. SMG4 tried to start the story of a young boy lost in a forest, but Mario kept interrupting, saying that his story was boring, resulting in SMG4 to hit him with a rock.

SMG4 started naming the young boy, but Mario interrupted SMG4 by saying that the young boy was Frankie McButtface. Bowser thought that Frankie was chased by his sexy uncle, but SMG4 replied that Frankie was here because he wanted to.

Then Frankie stumbled upon a haunted house, and SMG4 asked who has been spooked yet. Naturally, Luigi seemed to be the only one, causing Mario to tell him to shut up. Frankie had nowhere else to go, so he gave himself words of courage, which were being deformed by Mario. Frankie walked towards the house, but as he walked, he noticed a figure in the windows. Mario interrupted SMG4 again by saying that the figure in the windows was Steve.'

SMG4, naturally feeling angry over being interrupted constantly, asked if anyone was going to let him finish his story. Mario replied no, causing SMG4 to let the others continue the story if they thought they were so spooky. Mario was the first to continue the story. Frankie decided to enter the mansion by crashing through a window. It was in the mansion where he encountered the spookiest thing, which was by Mario a Teletubbie party. He quickly changed it to be a spooky skeleton party upon hearing SMG4 complain about that idea.

Frankie stumbled upon the annual spooky skeleton party, looking around and questioning life. Then, Frankie experienced the wonders of socializing. Mario looked at SMG4, who was not scared at all, causing him to quickly make up the really spooky part. The host of the party, Shigeru Miyamoto, showed up. The host was surprised because there was Frankie and only sexy skeletons were allowed. To solve the problem, he sucked the skeleton out of Frankie. SMG4 still did not find it scary and proceeded to continue the story from there. Frankie was totally spooked and ran upstairs, where he found a conveniently placed room to hide in, courtesy of Luigi wanting to end the story quickly due to his cowardice.

As Frankie entered the room, a spooky thing was inside, which Wario said to be himself. He explained why he was in the story, and why they should agree that he was the best. Of course, Mario did not agree and said that Wario was hit by a train, killing him. Wario naturally did not let that go down easily, claiming he was unkillable. The host barged in and transformed into his super awesome mega form. Wario kicked the host who exploded and celebrated with Frankie regarding the victory. However, Bowser added a surprise attack in the form of Reggiggas, which knocked Wario out of the room to the ground outside the mansion.

Waluigi came to save Wario by giving him CPR. Just as that was about to happen, which looked like Waluigi kissing Wario, he punched Waluigi and told him to get out of the way. SMG4 said Frankie was creeped out by what he witnessed and fled to the attic, where the spookiness level was off the chart. SMG4 claimed that there was no way for Frankie to survive but suddenly, the scary thing became Mr. Bob, a reject skeleton added by Luigi who did not like scaring people and would rather make friends.

Luigi then ended the story by saying that Frankie stayed and partied with Mr. Bob every day but of course, both SMG4 and Mario hated that ending, where SMG4 said Frankie smashed his teapot and Mario added that he kicked him in the pingas. Luigi added that Mr. Bob forgave everyone but Bowser sided with Mario and SMG4 by adding that no one liked him, which resulted in an oven being thrown at him.

That gave Mario a plot point by saying that was what triggered Mr. Bob's super spooky mode, fulfilling the spookiness level. Wario wanted to be part of the story but SMG4 punched him away from it. As Mr. Bob was approaching Frankie, Luigi, who was naturally scared, came up with an ingenious idea: Have Mr. Bob be so spooky he explodes. It worked and SMG4 said that Frankie somehow survived the terrors of Mr. Bob though Mario added in Gourmet Guy, who in the story hid in a corner of the room before butting him out of it.

Outside, Frankie could make his escape although Mario added the fact that Santa Claus was there. Just as SMG4 told of the only way to escape, Wario said it was his sexy dungeon and naturally SMG4 said no. Mario said it would be a Spaghetti shop and of course, SMG4 also said no. Bowser tried a sensible answer with a spooky toilet but SMG4 gave up at that point and just revealed it to be a shed. As Frankie entered the shed, he found its basement to be very spooky but fortunately for the mushroom child, there was a way out of the shed. However, Bowser added in a roadblock: Frankie must first survive his three spooky terrors.

For the first spooky terror, Frankie must not be terrorized by a giant-headed Justin Bieber. Frankie, however, found it funny and Bowser decided to just shoot Justin Bieber upon thinking that he was just creepy. For the second spooky terror, Frankie had to not be terrorized by a spooky video, which in this case chosen to be KXVO "Pumpkin Dance".

Frankie, of course, found it boring and changed the video, which became The Stormtrooper Air Hump but sightly edited to have Mario naked at the part where the Stormtrooper would be humping. Of course, Bowser found it horrifying and blew up. For the third and final act, Frankie had to survive a spooky room. He easily did so and even got a lollipop.

Bowser, who was shocked at how easily Frankie cleared the third room decided he wanted a lollipop too. However, he ran out screaming while on fire. Back at the camp, Bowser cried over the fact that he had to be the one on fire while Steve laughed at such an outcome. SMG4 told Bowser to shut up and wanted to conclude the story. As Frankie finally reached the exit, he rushed towards it and was about to go for it. Just as SMG4 was about to add something, Steve suddenly interrupted him and added his own twist to the story but by saying it in gibberish.

In it, a giant scorpion monster with his head came and took Frankie out of the room and into the sky where the Mario Brothers, Nyan Cat, and Patrick Star were. Back in the mansion attic, Mr. Bob, the party host, and Reggiggas were all dancing although Steve added in a random pie, which was used by Bowser to indicate that he got lost after that point. Steve then ended the story by having the monster with Frankie dancing on it out of the galaxy and towards the camera. SMG4, feeling super angry that his story was ruined by everyone else, raged and ran out of the camp before exploding. Bowser then asked if they all wanted to hear the time he farted on a lady, which they all agreed to happily.


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Music used

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  • 0:01 - Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) - The Living Tombstone
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  • 0:25 - Trollface Song
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  • 1:31 - Cuban Pete - Jim Carrey
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  • At 5:00, the top hats were still seen at their original positions as if Mr. Bob never exploded.


  • This is SMG4's first Halloween special to be in true widescreen.

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