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We are together Niles… and that’s enough. Come on buddy... let's go... I bet Fred's waiting for us...

—SMG0's last words to Niles, SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS

H E L P...

—SMG0 (as Zero), SMG4: The Other Universe

SuperMemeGuardian0, more commonly abbreviated as SMG0, was one of the five overarching protagonists (alongside SMG1, SMG2, Spudnick and Fred) of the SMG4 series, appearing as the overarching protagonist of SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS. Prior to the end of the Revelations Arc, SMG0 was falsely portrayed as the main antagonist of the Genesis Arc as well as the overarching antagonist of the SMG4 series.

Originally a meme guardian from another game universe called Mage, he and his avatar Fred were playing in their small, peaceful world until the memes began to corrupt. The God Box summoned SMG0 via his Guardian Pod and created Niles, who SMG0 thought was the answer to his problems, but only created a bigger problem that would doom not only his universe but many others. Niles ended up receiving power from the God Box, killing Fred and destroying their universe. He forced SMG0 to merge with him into an interdimensional virus named Zero in order to create Niles' idea of a "perfect universe," leading SMG4's Gang to initially believe that SMG0 himself was behind this malicious scheme before they learned the truth.


Many years before the events of Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!, SMG0 lived in his universe based on the computer game Mage, with his avatar and best friend: Fred.

The two lived a perfect life until the memes started to become corrupted and SMG0, not understanding the reason, used his Guardian Pod to travel to the Great Beyond and meet with the God Box, where he asked for its help and it responded by creating a stranger person named Niles. Together with Niles after befriending him, SMG0 was able to create the Internet Graveyard where the dead memes could be cleansed and thus created the meme life cycle, thus restoring peace to their universe.

However, Niles considered their universe to be "imperfect" and went to extreme and lethal actions to create the "perfect universe", which ended up with him using the God Box to kill Fred and then merge with the unwilling SMG0 to create their merged form as a virus, Zero.

After this, Zero (with Niles being in control of the combined form) used SMG0's Guardian Pod and landed in Toytoy Kingdom, where he finds and attacks SMG1 and SMG2 before he turns his attention to their avatar: Spudnick. Seeing an opportunity, SMG0 grabs Spudnick and attempts to convert him into his avatar but ends up accidentally killing him instead from the strain, causing the good part (the real SMG0) to plea "HELP..." in despair. Out of anger, Niles tries to attack the other two but SMG1 manages to distract him while SMG2 evacuates all the citizens of their universe into SMG1's Guardian Pod while the former uses Zero's to trap him with the antivirus. However, Zero's arm (still holding Niles' consciousness) is able to escape and follow them into the next universe.

What happened following this is unknown, but at some point he managed to lose 1 and 2's trail and hide in an abandoned cathedral inside the Dark Web. After learning what game this new universe was based from, he would spend the next ten years searching for Mario, with the intent of making him his new avatar and began kidnapping the Mario Recolors until he found the real Mario.

Fusion with Niles

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

Zero first impacts the plot at the party by locking SMG3 out of the Internet Graveyard, thus causing all the memes he took with him to the party to become corrupted, forcing the gang to fight them, where they lose inevitably. While most of the gang managed to escape after the fight, Mario, SMG4, SMG3, X and FM are abducted and taken to an abandoned cathedral.

At the cathedral, SMG4, SMG3 and Mario see FM and X being turned into lifeless husks by Zero, and found other lifeless Mario recolors on the cathedral floor. Desperate, they managed to escape from the cathedral, before Mario was then captured by Zero. Trying to find any form of communication, SMG4 and SMG3 ventured into the Dark Web valley, later stealing live-stream equipment for any contact.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang managed to escape the castle with the help of SMG1 and SMG2, where they were trying to get SMG4's attention to warn them about Zero, and that they had escaped before Zero followed them. SMG1 and SMG2 proceeded to tell how the only way to defeat it is by using a Guardian Pod, the USB that both SMG4 and SMG3 used to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG4 realized that he threw his away by mistake, so he claimed that he didn't know where it was. SMG3 then suggested that they use his Guardian Pod, which was still stuck in the field it landed in.

However, SMG4 and SMG3 were kidnapped again, and SMG2 advised them to keep their avatar safe. Back at the cathedral, Zero began to absorbed Mario's life energy, causing SMG4 and SMG3 to shriek in pain. Fortunately, the gang managed to rescue them and with their help, SMG1 and SMG2 contained Zero once and for all. Zero, being contained, produced a black hole sucking SMG1 and SMG2, and Mario, their avatar, was freed.

Soon, the Mario recolors are brought back to life, now living in the established township of Bloopersville. With peace returned, SMG4, along with help from FM and X, decides to form the "Meme Machine" (which is just the three stacked on top of each other, with FM holding a boom mic and SMG4 holding a camera) to cleanse the corrupt memes before giving them back to SMG3.

However, in the epilogue before the credits, the Guardian Pod containing Zero had its anti-virus subscription expired, causing a disturbance in the cathedral, implying Zero's return.

SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane

Zero makes a short appearance (and a few mentions) in SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane, where it had been revealed by Princess Peach that for the past two episodes, SMG4 had not come out of the basement after the events occurring in the 10th year anniversary, most specifically implied to be Zero itself had driven SMG4 to insanity. Mario, after being asked by Peach, ventures down into the basement to see SMG4 making some sort of conspiracy theory board about "the Avatar", and on one of the pictures, Zero is seen in the middle with writing engraved on the board.

Near the end of the episode, a gigantic eye (which is later revealed to be a form of Zero) appears behind the crowd and attempts to corrupt Mario & SMG4 using green binary. After Mario encourages SMG4 by saying "dying is gay", where Zero becomes immediately overpowered before being thrown out by SMG4's innermost spirit.

SMG4: Into the Dark Web

Zero makes another appearance at the very end of the video, where its eye drone appears right behind SMG3's guardian pod. When Bob Bobowski ignored the expired Anti-Virus Subscription, Zero follows Bob before ominously looking at the viewer before uttering the word "witness", hinting at Zero returning in another episode.

SMG4: The Other Universe

After SMG4 and Mario discovered the truth of what happened, at the end, Zero's eye can be seen controlling the USB's system into sending his USB, where his full body is kept, across the deserted world of the Toytoy Kingdom supposedly to the Mushroom Kingdom.

SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.

After the events of The Other Universe, Zero’s Guardian Pod enters into the Mushroom Kingdom, where it crash lands into a field. Zero's eye drone then forced Professor E. Gadd at knifepoint to build a cloning machine, which creates a mass-production of Shrek clones. After one of these clones kidnapped Mario, SMG4 and Axol gave chase. The Shrek clone was headed to Zero's Guardian Pod, and proceeded to use SMG4's body to gain access and open the door. After Professor E. Gadd screamed for help, Zero's eye drone began rushing into the Guardian Pod, before eventually getting crushed by Mario's foot.

However, since the Guardian Pod door was left open, SMG0 now had an opportunity to wreak havoc. SMG0 attempted to pull Mario into his Guardian Pod, but quick intervention from SMG4 and Axol prevented him from certain death. SMG4 debated with Mario and Axol about ways to get rid of the USB. However, Axol soon pointed out the Guardian Pod had gone berserk and charged towards Mario with Zero in tow. SMG4 luckily got Mario out of the way, but the same could not be said for Axol, who got trapped with Zero. Zero outstretched his finger and touched Axol on the head, causing the axolotl to whiteout and go unconscious.

Meanwhile on the outside, Mario and SMG4 were trying desperately to pry the Guardian Pod open, when all of a sudden it rose up into the air. The Guardian Pod then threw Axol out, and traveled to the top of Peach's Castle. Bob and Swagmaster threw things at it, but to no avail. However, that's not all that happened, as Axol made a speedy recovery. But not everything was as it seemed...

SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay

After the events of The Day HE Arrived, it's USB is still on top of the castle. Chris and Swagmaster proceed to try and destroy the USB with a nuke, but Princess Peach prevents them from doing so because this would also blow up her entire castle. Swagmaster manages to kick Peach into a cannon, where she was launched into the sky. When the nuke blew up, the castle was destroyed, but the USB wasn't apparently due to its immunity. Axol, and then Mario were also transported into a toilet with a green glow and binary coming out of it, hinting that SMG0 had used Axol to kidnap Mario.

SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms

Upon being transported through the toilet, Mario woke up to find himself inside a series of backrooms, set up by SMG0 to try to get him to the Dark Web. After the avatar encountered SMG4 and SMG3, who also ended up in the area after being sucked through some toilets, SMG0 presumably sent SCP-682 into the area to force the three into an elevator, taking them to the cathedral where they fought him in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special.

Through his control of Axol, SMG0 welcomed the SMGs and Mario while letting them know that the backrooms were simply a way to get them to the "main event." Despite the axolotl's resistance, SMG0 was able to fully possess Axol and use him to throw SMG4 at SMG3's USB, located inside the cathedral at the time. Subsequently, SMG4 was sucked into the device alongside SMG3 and Mario as the SMG0-controlled Axol grinned maniacally.


SMG0's eyes tortures Mario, SMG4, SMG3 in a mind torture simulation and when they break free, SMG0 finally gets ahold of Mario.

SMG4: The Final Piece

SMG0 held Mario hostage against the guardians, whilst transforming deeper, until he was forced to face off against the force of the gang. Eventually, he managed to gather all of the meme energy to build his universe, and later transformed himself into a gigantic monster.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

SMG0, still in Axol's body, brings Mario to the portal in the sky, and SMG1 and SMG2 keep Zero busy while SMG4, SMG3 and the rest of the gang go into the portal to save Mario. However, SMG4 falls into one of the portals, transporting him to a peaceful and calm universe that SMG0 talked about in the previous blooper. However, Zero has made a evil Mario clone to battle the SMG4 gang in many diverse challenges. However, when they come across Zero, the gang and Ax0l fight, with SMG4 and SMG3 using their meme powers to revive Mario and make him large just like they attempted to do while escaping SMG3's Guardian Pod. With this power, Mario is able to fight SMG0, but as soon as Melony comes across Axol in SMG0's dimension again, Melony decides to finally do the unspeakable, and single-handedly kill her own boyfriend with the Fierce Deity's Sword, killing Axol, while also destroying SMG0. Unknowingly, Melony unwittingly splits SMG0 and Niles apart, with SMG0 being sent to the depths of the God Box while Niles latches on to their would-be killer.

Separation from Niles

SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited

While Zero did not appear at all in the episode, he was briefly mentioned by SMG4 when he said that the whole gang was fighting "a literal god".

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon

SMG0 makes a non-physical cameo as an Among Us Crewmate replacing one of Jimmy Neutron's 0s.

SMG4: To Become A God

Melony was practicing her sword skills on some wooden SMG0 dummies. He also referenced by a Coca-Cola poster named "Zero" causing Melony to destroy it.


SMG0 makes a cameo appearance (in his Ax0l form) on the thumbnail of WOTFI 2021. He is once again referenced by Melony, who after watching an episode of Sesame Street with the word "zero" said in it, she throws her computer away, as it reminds her of SMG0

SMG4: Mario Waits For The Bus

SMG0 makes a cameo in framed images which were targets as part of a throwing game in the "One-eyed Monster Carnival."


While pursuing the possessed Melony, the three recolors encounter SMG0 as his true self and find out that he's not really the villain they thought he was earlier, only being a monster when fused with Niles. He explains that one day his memes became corrupted by the God Box, causing him to seek help from the box in the form of an imperfect SMG, Niles. Although both were initially friends who were able to fix such corruption by creating the Internet Graveyard, Niles' obsession with making a perfect universe and controlling the God Box's power had resulted in the destruction of SMG0's universe, the death of Fred, and the creation of Zero when Niles fused with SMG0.

After Niles enters SMG0's treehouse by way of the possessed Melony, he fuses with SMG0 yet again after Melony frees herself from Niles' power. Subsequently, Zero destroys the treehouse and fights SMG3, SMG4, Mario, and Melony as they prepare to escape the God Box after hearing of its imminent destruction by SMG1 and SMG2.

At some point during the fight, Melony's strikes on Zero gradually free SMG0 from his restraints in Zero's mind as the Super Meme Guardian makes his way to Niles, who is still controlling Zero. Eventually, after SMG1 and SMG2 send their bomb inside the God Box to begin imploding the object, SMG0 comforts Niles by saying that they will always be together, even if the latter is unable to make a perfect universe for the two of them. Subsequently, the two walk towards a bright light in the horizon as Zero, finally at peace after so many years, is destroyed by the explosion alongside the Anti-Memes of the God Box, killing SMG0 and Niles in the process.


In his debut appearance, Zero originally appeared hidden behind some kind of portal, with a glowing red eye and a blue alien arm. In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, due to the antivirus in SMG3's Guardian Pod, Zero was reduced to a floating eye with a blue and green iris, despite his main body being still trapped in his USB.

In a flashback and SMG4: The Other Universe, it's implied that he had a regular body, but was sealed inside his Guardian Pod when SMG1 used it on him.

When fused with Niles, he has a purplish, humanoid body with numerous spines, a mouth with rows of fanged teeth, circular, intercepting horns on top of his head, and a monocular facial appearance, with a giant eye with a crimson sclerae, and a 0-shaped pupil. In addition, he has an open thoracic cage where the lower ribs can be seen as if his lower torso has disintegrated, completely lacks legs, and his skin is bluish-purplish with missing textures like SMG1 & SMG2. This appearance was shown in both SMG4: The Day HE Arrived. and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021. In SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS, it is shown that he has nails on his fingers.

When possessing Axol, Zero initially kept Axol's normal appearance to fool the others. When he was about to capture Mario, SMG3, and SMG4 in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms, he begins to transform Axol's appearance, giving him Zero’s intercepting horns, sharp interlocking teeth, and pulsing purple gashes surrounding his left eye. As seen in the trailer for WOTFI 2021, Ax0l further transforms into his second mutation to which more closely resembles Zero’s true form. Ax0l's neck caves into and fuses with his collar and gains spikes, textures become missing, and his scarred left eye becomes SMG0's eye, while some of the gashes around his eye become missing textures. Ax0l's final transformation at the end of SMG4: The Final Piece leads to him growing much larger, losing his lower body and gaining a zero in-between his intercepting horns, very closely resembling SMG0's true form at this point.

In SMG4 Movie: Revelations, after finally being split from Niles, SMG0 appears less creepy and is given a more cute and childlike appearance. He is a stick figure with blue skin, one eye, and wears a red bandana and baseball cap. On his cap is a symbol of a zero. He overall bears an identical resemblance to Fred, but colored differently.


True personality

Described by Luke as a "lil wholesome boi", SMG0 is a very innocent and kind-hearted person, who loved playing with his avatar Fred and Niles, before the latter began his conquest for perfection. He is very cheery and always helping those who need it, even if he doesn't know them, showing great generousity and goodwill; such as when he took the unconscious Mario, SMG3 and SMG4 to his home inside of the God Box after their ship crashed.

He is also couragous as when he awoken inside of Zero, despite his worry and confusion, he was willing to give his life to allow Mario, Melony, SMG3 and SMG4 to escape the God Box alive as he believed they didn't deserve to be dragged down with his and Niles' failure and threw himself in the way of Niles to prevent Zero from killing them, even though he knew it would mean his, and Niles', demise.

However, despite all that Niles had done, SMG0 was willing to forgive his evil half and assure him that being together was enough and encouraged him to find Fred with him again in the next life, proving he has great empathy as well as unlike the other SMGs, he was willing to understand Niles' pain despite all the atroicities he commited and help his partner find peace again.

Zero's personality

Despite being one half of Zero, SMG0 had virtually no control over his fusion's actions as he was almost completely unconscious the entire time while Niles was the one in control, causing mass death and pain wherever they went. Despite this, a small part of SMG0 is able to manifest for a short while through Zero, such as when he weaped "HELP..." after Niles had murdered Spudnick in front of SMG1 and SMG2, showing horror at what his counterpart was doing while he was helpless to do anything but watch.

When the God Box was being destroyed and Zero/Niles was about to kill Melony and the others, SMG0 got in the way, forcing Zero to stand down and allow them to escape and helping Niles to heal his sorrows, bringing some semblance of peace to Zero in its final moments.

Criminal Record

SMG0 himself never committed any crimes but when he fused with Niles, he was rendered unconscious while their fusion, under the control of Niles caused the destruction of multiple universes, which in turn resulted in mass genocide for the latter's goal of a perfect universe, no matter the cost.

  • Mass Omnicide (unwilling): Has destroyed and corrupted other universes in the past, likely resulting in the deaths of trillions.
  • Mass Brainwashing (unwilling): Forcefully turned the Mario Recolors into mindless zombies and turned Axol into his vessel in order to find and convert Mario, also brainwashed Melony to get the God Box in the Revelations Arc
  • Psychological Torture (unwilling): Placed Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 within a mind torture simulation.
  • Grand Theft Animarum (unwilling): Stole the souls of countless Mario recolors.
  • Kidnapping (unwilling):He has done this on multiple occasions:
    • He kidnapped many Mario recolors, SMG3, SMG4, and even the real Mario.
    • He trapped Mario, SMG3 and SMG4 into The Backrooms, and immediately afterwards trapped them inside of SMG3's Guardian Pod.
    • He captured the unconscious Mario and countless memes to create his new universe.


Normal form

  • Wizard Powers/projectile generation as shown in SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS while playing with Fred.
  • Fusion - He can fuse with Niles into his powerful monstrous form.
  • Meme Manipulation since he is a meme guardian.
  • Dimension Creation - He can create dimensions such as the Internet Graveyard, although he did have help from Niles and Fred to do so.

Fused with Niles

SMG0's fused form with Niles, Zero, is one of the most powerful characters, if not the most powerful character, in the SMG4 series. He is the most imposing of all the villains that SMG4's Gang has ever faced, far surpassing Waluigi and SMG3 who both gained superpowers during their own arcs while causing more destruction than the rest of the villains combined. His powers are so great that SMG3 and SMG4 both considered him to be a god due to his corruptive power:

  • Genius-Level Intelligence: He is demonstrated to be able to turn any given situation into a strategy to initiate his goals. He is also shown to be able to know how to use the Guardian Pods with ease.
  • Zombification: Zero can turn the Mario Recolors into zombies and control them.
  • Flashbacks: Unlike SMG4 and SMG3, Zero does remember his past, and Zero can show Mario his backstory upon utterance of the word "witness".
  • Limb control: Zero is able to control limbs in his body. They are able to act under Zero's control even when they are cut off, and retain Zero's abilities. For example, in SMG4: The Other Universe, when Zero was holding the door up to escape from its pod, its arm was cut off in the process and was able to act independent without the main body.
  • Meme Corruption: Zero can corrupt memes, turning them blue, making them very hostile and work under his control.
  • Life-force absorption: Zero is able to absorb life-force from any being that can even kill the user that had its life-force drained away or control them.
  • Assimilation: With a simple touch, SMG0 is able to assimilate over any being he desires. He assimilated such beings like Axol in SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.
  • Teleportation: Zero was able to take Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 back to Dark Web in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms even though SMG3 was in an entirely different dimension.
  • Mutation: Zero can mutate his host's body to resemble his true form. This ability was shown when Axol suddenly mutated in front of SMG4, Mario and SMG3 in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms.
  • Duplication: As shown in SMG4: MARIOS OKAY, every time someone punches SMG0's eye, the eye can duplicate itself. A theory is that there can be infinitely many eyes if someone punches them enough times.
  • Thought prison: He can mentally interfere with people in a world of thoughts, but there is escape from this world with the power of memes.
  • Telekinesis: Can levitate objects and throw them away.
  • Meme Manipulation: While acting as a virus, he is still a meme guardian and thus can manipulate meme energy. However, unlike the other SMGs, he is somehow capable of manipulating meme energy on his own but can also manipulate corrupted memes, something that appears impossible for the other meme guardians.
  • Choking telekinesis: He is able to use telekinesis while choking a person who is floating seen in SMG4: The Final Piece.


All of these weaknesses only apply to his fused form with Niles, and due to SMG0 not being in control of their fusion, these weaknesses apply more to Niles than they actually do to SMG0 himself:

  • Guardian Pods: Zero has a special allergy to Guardian Pods (even with his own), as they all contain anti-viruses. Unfortunately, if the Guardian Pod has a limited subscription, he will eventually break free.
  • Host dependence: If his host is killed while still possessing them, Zero will be split back into Niles and SMG0. This was seen when Melony killed Axol and destroyed Zero's Eldritch Axol form and thus forcibly split the two meme guardians back into their original forms.
  • Meme Manipulation: At his full power, one of the few things that can harm him is the power of memes being channeled by two other SMGs. His own meme manipulation power seems to be weaker than the combined strength of two SMGs.
  • His Avatar's Life (presumably): Just like the other SMGs that came after him, his appearance would be severely damaged if his avatar was killed. Yet, for some reason SMG0's form wasn't damaged at all after Fred died - the reason for this is unknown.


Lore Trivia

  • It was originally believed that when Zero was thought to be the real SMG0, that his intentions were to kill all the avatars to destroy all universes but in fact, its the opposite. Zero (Niles) wants an avatar of his own and after his was killed, he attempted to find another to recreate his universe for himself and SMG0. After failing to convert Spudnick, Niles turned his attention onto Mario and nearly succeeded in corrupting him.
  • After Zero killed Spudnick, he says "HELP...", foreshadowing that he was actually possessed by Niles, and that was his true self speaking.
  • For the first couple of episodes in the Genesis Arc, SMG0 (Zero/Niles) was referred to as Zero, with his true name being hinted at until it was confirmed in SMG4: MARIOS OKAY due to multiple uses of his real name. These hints at his true name were:

In comparison with other villains

  • Zero was believed to be the third character whose goal involved killing Mario, with the first and second are Enzo and Villager. However, this was proven as a misconception later on, as his plans actually involved corrupting Mario while keeping him alive (also against his will as Niles was actually controlling him).
  • Zero is the first arc villain to be an original character with an original model, which also makes Zero the first arc villain not to be related to Nintendo in anyway.

Possible Inspirations/Similarities

  • SMG0's fusion has some similarities to Zero from the Kirby franchise's Dark Matter Trilogy:
    • Both share the same name.
    • Both can take on the form of an eye.
    • Both can possess others, warping their bodies while doing do, with special emphasis on unnatural eyes and teeth (King Dedede, Axol).
    • However, it is shown that he just wants Mario to become his new avatar and not actually kill him (though the SMG4 universe would still be destroyed if Mario was taken to the new universe SMG0/Niles was creating), although it's possible that killing Mario and then resurrecting him to be his new avatar while destroying the SMG4verse could still meet that goal.
  • Zero also has some similarities to Majora from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:
    • Both attempted to commit an omnicide.
    • Both have took on different forms (though Majora only took on a different form during the final battle).
    • Both possessed/corrupted another character (the Skull Kid for Majora, Axol for SMG0) ultimately making them a major antagonist.
    • Both of them was killed off by a major character.
    • Both of them was responsible in some way for most of the events of the game/series they've appeared in.
    • Both had various cameos after they were killed off.
  • Zero may have also been inspired by XANA, the main villain in the French cartoon Code Lyoko, Agent Smith from The Matrix franchise, Invictus from Final Space, Starro from Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Null from Minecraft.
    • All six are viruses who aim to exterminate all life.
    • All six are capable of possessing other living creatures.
    • All six don’t seem to possess any redeeming qualities, and if they did, they essentially completely lost them in the end.
    • Most importantly, all six seek to destroy/use a certain individual in order to achieve their goals (Mario and Spudnick for Zero, Aelita for XANA, Neo for Smith, Gary Goodspeed for Invictus, B'wana Beast for Starro and Herobrine for Null.w
  • Zero and his Guardian Pod might be inspired by the Cosmic Gigalith and The Devourer from the Epic Battle Fantasy series by Matt Roszak. Possible evidence includes:
    • All physically appear during the fifth episode/arc of their respective series (SMG0 and his Guardian Pod physically debuted in the Genesis Arc of SMG4, The Devourer and Cosmic Gigalith physically debuted in Epic Battle Fantasy 5).
    • All appeared during the time of the main characters rediscovering their past (SMG0 - SMG4 searching for answers about his history in the Genesis Arc, The Devourer - the playable cast forgetting about their adventures due to a reboot of their universe).
    • Both Zero and The Devourer are aware of the existence of "avatars" and "guardians".
  • His behavior is similar to Giygas from Earthbound, who was not afraid of destroying the universe.
  • SMG0's goal for a nice & peaceful life even if he has to destroy everything in his way could be a reference to Yoshikage Kira the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable, although, unlike Kira, Zero has no redeeming qualities.
  • SMG0 is similar to Enrico Pucci the main antagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean with their similar goals of creating a new universe. Though, unlike Pucci, SMG0 hasn't have any positive qualities.
  • Coincidentially, SMG0 draining the life out of Multi-colored Marios using his long arm is similar to Cursa from Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (announced June 12, 2021) draining the life out Sparks (Luma/Rabbid hybrids) using its long arm.
  • SMG0 could be comparable to Majin Buu and Kid Buu from the Dragon Ball series.
    • SMG0 and Majin Buu have good and bad sides.
    • The bad halves forcefully combined with good half into a powerful monster form.
    • They both separated after being defeated.

Additional Trivia

  • The eye drone model is a 3D model of the Eye of Cthulhu from Terraria.
  • SMG0's true form is possibly the biggest model Luke & Kevin have ever created.
  • SMG0's possessed Axol models are now available to the public on the GMod workshop. Later on, on April 19, 2022, both his "Eldritch" and "True" models are released as well.
  • The image where Ax0l stares at the screen while being possessed by SMG0 in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms became a meme.
  • In the course of the Genesis Arc, SMG0 took many forms, but it was his hand form that he had made the least use of in this arc.
  • Luke & James ranked SMG0 as the "Top S-Tier character" in the "SMG4 Power levels tier list" during the 5,100,000 Subscribers Livestream.
  • In a Deltarune Twitch Stream, James Bailey confirmed that "Zero is not done yet", hinting that he is still alive and the possibility that he can return in the future story arc.
  • If SMG0 were to succeed in making Mario his avatar, because SMGs take the appearance of their avatar, this means that SMG0 would have become a Mario Recolor. This is backed up by one of his lines in the WOTFI 2021 rap, where he talks about his "new form."
  • Since SMG0 only mutated the left half of Axol's face and still had Axol's left hand, this suggests that SMG0 may be left-handed.
  • During the Jimmy Neutron segment of SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon Zero makes a cameo in among us form replacing one of the zeroes.
  • Despite his true form being revealed for a short period of time, the training dummies that Melony uses in SMG4: To Become A God resemble the third phase of his "Eldritch Ax0l" form possible due to that form being the more distinctively noteworthy appearance.
  • Unlike the other Super Meme Guardians, SMG0 did not lose any of his textures after Fred's death. This is because Mage is likely a 2D game that uses sprites, meaning that only SMGs who have an avatar that originates from a 3D game lose their textures upon their avatar being killed permanently.
  • SMG0 is the fourteenth character who’s death was taken seriously, after King Bob-omb, his son, Pete, Clone Mario, Desti, Francis, New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, Greg The Alien, Spudnick, Axol, Box Club Leader, Fred and Terrance.
    • He is the first Super Meme Guardian to permanently die.[1]


  • "Terraria": SMG0 is similar to the Moon Lord who also has open bones in the waist area. Additionally, his eye form is a 3D model of Eye of Cthulu, and Ax0l Phase 3 bears a striking resemblance to Moon Lord.
  • "Predator": SMG0's noises and his roar all come from the movie "Predator"

GMOD models

True form and eldtrich form


Eye proxy

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