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Not to be confused with SMG1 from Super Mario 64 Bloopers: S.M.G Club..

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—SMG1 and SMG2 revealing their names, SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

SuperMemeGuardian1 and SuperMemeGuardian2, more commonly abbreviated as SMG1 and SMG2 are two of the five overarching protagonists (alongside SMG0, Spudnick and Fred) of the SMG4 series, and major characters in the Genesis Arc and Revelations Arc.

They are a pair of meme guardians who lived in another dimension named Toytoy Kingdom, until they were attacked by Niles, who fused with SMG0. Unlike SMG4 and SMG3, they are not recolors of Mario, but rather of Spudnick, their avatar. Introduced as two hobos (known as Hobo 1 and Hobo 2 respectively) who worship SMG4 for help.

Following SMG0's defeat and the closure of the New Universe in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, they left the Mushroom Kingdom to hide the remaining Guardian Pods. Afterwards, the two have applied for part-time jobs as the leaders of the Meme Research Club at Omnia Academy three months later as revealed in SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention.


Both of them are recolors of Spudnick, having short, wide legs, long slender arms, antennas and thin black irises. They wear tawny brown caps with their respective SMG number.


Despite being a recolor of Spudnick, SMG1 is rectangular (with SMG4 describing his appearance as being another Spudnick recolor but "squished in an accident") and taller than his avatar and "sibling" SMG, with a cyan complexion with two antennas. He wears a red scarf and a gray trash can lid worn on his back with a brown belt. After Zero killed Spudnick, his right arm and leg are decayed with their textures being missing. He, like SMG2, wears a brown cap, but with a number 1 on it. Most likely to show that he is indeed "SMG1".


Unlike his partner, SMG2 is identical to Spudnick, albeit with a yellow complexion. Like Spudnick, he wears a sleeveless hooded onesie with a picture resembling Pepe the Frog with glasses, but it is jungle green instead of Caribbean green. After Zero killed Spudnick, the upper-right side of his face and eye are decayed, with their textures being missing. Like SMG1, he wears a brown cap, but with a number 2 on it. Most likely used to show that he is indeed "SMG2".


Unlike their counterparts, SMG3 and SMG4, SMG1 and SMG2 are inseparable friends and partners.



—SMG1 after SMG0 reveals his true plans

He is the more serious of the two. Initially, he started out as the quiet one while SMG2 did all of the talking until SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special. He always seems to take the leadership role whenever things got hairy. Mario Tries Life Hacks shows that he enjoys telling stories to kids, though he may unintentionally disturb them in the process.


Now Get To Da Choppa!

—SMG2 Tells Everybody Go In The Spaceships

He is the more playful and energetic of the two. He was shown to have enjoyed playing with Spudnick as seen in SMG4: The Other Universe. Despite this, he can tell if situations are dire and will rarely hesitate to take action when needed.


Backstory: SMG4: The Other Universe

Before the events of Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!, they once lived in the Toytoy Kingdom with their avatar, Spudnick where they spent having their adventures until one day, Zero appeared and killed him, which marked the end of the universe. Upset about the death of Spudnick while listening to SMG1's advice, SMG2 gets into his truck and saved all of the Newgrounds characters, but after that, before they could even go into their USB stick, Zero appeared and attempts to kill SMG2, but SMG1 arrives using Zero's Guardian Pod to seal Zero away although Zero's hand was cut off but Zero's severed arm angrily chase SMG1 and SMG2. Later, they were seen fighting each other in their pod, when they were being transferred as data from a laptop to a USB resembling their pod, where Luke Lerdwichagul inserted the USB into a port, which they entered the Mushroom Kingdom, where they continued to fight, causing Zero's severed arm to beam out its orbs into the portal leading to the Internet Graveyard, where it caused SMG3's teleportation to the overworld. They were last seen crashed landed at the footstep of Corcovado mountain in Brazil.

At some point in time, they learned about the fabled God Box and deemed it dangerous.

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

Meggy tries to take their order, but they end up annoying her so much that she burns down Saiko’s workplace. At the end of the episode, they foreshadowed the movie by saying "The day of reckoning is upon us! Worship the almighty four and he shall save you!" not knowing that they just passed Four.

SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast

Saiko takes them to their "room", where they eat from the "buffet" which is really the dumpster behind Meggy's house but it doesn't bother them. Again, SMG4 is nearby, but they never realize it.

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

At the start of the movie, they finally noticed SMG4's presence when he drives by them and insanely follow him, trying to warn them about Zero's appearance, but ended up failing to get his attention. After SMG4 and his buddies get captured, SMG1 and SMG2 uses the car SMG4 and Mario used at the start to rescue rest of the crew and showing who Zero is. At the end, they reveal their names and seals SMG0 inside of SMG3's Guardian Pod to save Mario, SMG3, SMG4, and the Mario recolors, but they get trapped inside as well.

SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane

They were seen in a photo. Also, when Mario called himself number one, and Fishy Boopkins says that being number one was better than being number two, the cognitive SMG4s went crazy, due to the earlier reveal that there are more SMGs, and the names of the two that he met happened to be SMG1 and SMG2.

SMG4: Into the Dark Web

SMG4 created an animated presentation featuring them and showed it to Mario. Wanting to learn more about himself, SMG4 remembered their last request and decided to look for their Guardian Pod as it will explain his origins. He decided to start by finding his own Guardian Pod in the Dark Web, believing that it will give him the Guardian Pod's location, so he brought Mario, Bob Bobowski, Axol, and Melony along to help him. When he found his Guardian Pod and went inside, Mario accidentally activated the "Memory Playback" feature, which revealed what happened during the three Guardian Pods' descent and the location of SMG1 and SMG2's Guardian Pod.


It is revealed in this episode that the pair is alive, and they help SMG3, SMG4 and Mario through SMG0's torture, as well as helping them unlock their meme powers. Once out, the 5 break out of SMG3's Guardian Pod only to find SMG0 waiting for them with all the assembled Guardian Pods and Mario floating in the air along with Axol, who is possessed by Zero, on top of Peach's Castle.

SMG4: The Final Piece

They attempt to fight Zero-possessed Axol and get Zero out of Axol's body, but they failed to do so.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

They get captured and almost crushed by Zero until SMG3 And SMG4 save them by using their meme guardian powers. They distract Zero while everyone else goes to the cannon and takes on the challenges. They don't appear again until the rap battle where they help fight Zero with the rest of the gang. Near the end they announce that SMG means Super Meme Guardian and that with The New Universe closed up, the transmuted memes restored, and Zero finally vanquished for now, they have completed their mission and that all that is left for them is to hide the USB's in a place where evil can never find them again.


SMG1 and SMG2 both make cameo appearances on the thumbnail of WOTFI 2021.

SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention

Three months after leaving the kingdom to hide the USBs, presumably succesfully, the duo have applied for jobs at Omnia Academy as the leaders of the Meme Research Club, a club that is based on what everyone has learned after the Genesis Arc about the power of memes, and the powers they give to an avatar. However, when Mario accidentally inhales and spits out one of the memes at them, many people get turned into meme energy and are absorbed into Mario, with SMG1 and 2 unable to stop converting memes until SMG4 pulls them away from each other as SMG4, Meggy and Melony are hit by Mario, who has been turned into a Mario Launcher.

SMG4 Christmas Special 2021

SMG1 and SMG2 spend their first Christmas in the Mushroom Kingdom at Bloopersville with SMG4, Nintendofan997 and FightingMario54321. However, they don't seem to notice SMG3 being chased by the many people he harmed over the previous Christmas'. They later appear at the end of the episode with many others to celebrate the holidays with Mario, using meme manipulation to transform a meme into a Christmas star. They are later seen in the Christmas photo of everyone.

SMG4: Mario and The God Box

They resumed training SMG4 and SMG3 on how to use their powers, particularly how to use the energy as offensive projectiles. SMG4 and SMG3 end up overshooting and almost hit Niles if it weren't for Melony. As they were about to resume training, Fishy Boopkins arrives to warn the SMGs that Mario is kidnapping students. Underground, they find Mario eating spaghetti while the Box Club is trying to summon the God Box. SMG1 and SMG2 are horrified upon the leader mentioning the God Box and explained that the God Box is a fabled box that contains "unspeakable horrors" that will end the world as they know it if it's opened. They along with SMG4 (SMG3 is stuck duped into thinking that the Box grants unlimited power) fight the Box Club to stop them from summoning the God Box.

SMG4: Absolute Betrayal

When Melony is captured by the Box Club, who saw her "Fierce Deity" as their so-called "messiah," SMG1 and SMG2 team up with SMG3, SMG4, and Mario's gang to seek Melony's whereabouts, only to fall for a trap and get captured by the club as well. Once they wake up, SMG1 and SMG2 find themselves chained together on a table opposite SMG3 and SMG4, with Melony in the center of the room between them.

Despite wanting to be released alongside their friends, SMG1 and SMG2 are forced to start transmuting a series of sacrificial memes in the Box Club to create a spaceship that can fly to the Great Beyond and take the Box Club Leader to the God Box. SMG1 asserts that it's not possible to reach the God Box by simply flying up there from Omnia Academy, causing the leader to explain that it's the reason why he and his fellow club members needed Melony.

Subsequently, Niles begins possessing Melony, exploiting her powers to open a portal to the Great Beyond. Even as SMG1 and SMG2 beg that she doesn't go, Melony flies away on the spaceship with the Box Club Leader as the two remain stuck in the ritual chamber with their friends, looking worried and scared.


After watching Niles and Melony fly into the Great Beyond alongside the Box Club Leader, SMG1 and SMG2 quickly scramble to create a spacecraft using their USBs, while also getting SMG3 and SMG4 to make their own USB spacecraft so the two (plus Mario) can follow them and save Melony. Upon reaching the edge of the God Box, SMG1 and SMG2 vow to stay behind and attempt to close the God Box, while SMG3, SMG4, and Mario continue into the box to find Melony and stop Niles.

Despite their best efforts, SMG1 and SMG2 are unable to close the God Box, which meant that they would have to destroy it for the terror and destruction in the SMG4 universe to end. While their allies are in the God Box, the two SMGs harness an immense amount of energy to create a bomb that's capable the annihilating the object when thrown. However, because the bomb's energy eventually becomes too great for the two guardians to control, they are forced to release it while SMG3, SMG4, Mario, and Melony are still fighting Zero inside the box. Luckily, the four are able to escape the box by transforming Mario into a giant Mario Head, albeit at the cost of Terrance, SMG3's majordomo. After becoming exhausted from the release of the bomb, SMG1 and SMG2 were picked up by Mario as the six returned to the SMG4 universe.

Skills / Powers

  • Meme Guardian powers: With these powers it is possible for SMG1 and SMG2 to convert memes into life energy.
    • However, if they are to be hit by a meme spat out by the avatar, it can cause them to be unable to stop converting until someone is able to pull them apart.
  • High speed: Since the two of them are of smaller stature, they are also very fast.







  • As shown in SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast, they eat from the dumpsters, apparently indicating that they have very low standards for food.
  • Despite their avatar being dead, SMG1 and SMG2 were able to survive for years, meaning that Meme Guardians can persist after their avatar's death, albeit in a corrupted state.
  • Mario Tries Life Hacks is the only episode where SMG2 doesn't appear with SMG1.
  • It is unlikely that SMG1 have anything in common with the Mario recolor who called himself SMG1.
    • The first SMG1's name was actually SuperMegaGangsta1, while the real SMGs are referred to as "Super Meme Guardians", thus proving that there is no connection.
  • Unlike his partner, SMG1 is the only SMG that isn't an identical recolor of their avatar. As Spudnick and SMG2 are round-shaped while SMG1 is block-shaped.
    • SMG4 believed that SMG1 looked like a blue Spudnick, but he commented that "he looks like he got squished in an accident".
    • A possible explanation for SMG1's appearance may be that Spudnick had different character skins, one of them being that of a "toy robot," which SMG1 chose to resemble.
  • SMG2's Guardian Pod is currently unseen and it's whereabouts are unknown, as the USB both of them traveled to the mushroom Kingdom in is SMG1's.
    • It's possible they share a guardian pod. However, this has not been confirmed
  • Their Garry's Mod ragdolls along with those of SMG0 and Spudnick were officially released on the Garry's Mod Workshop on September 16, 2021.[1]
  • SMG1 and SMG2 are the first surviving characters introduced in an arc to not immediately be series mainstays. They do start reappearing later on as of SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention, but only after three months had passed.
  • In Revelations Movie, SMG2 Saying Get To Da Choppa Referencing To Predator: Movie.

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