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—SMG3, SMG4: Mario and The God Box

SuperMemeGuardian3 (originally SuperMarioGlitchy3), commonly abbreviated as SMG3, is the tritagonist as well as the main antagonist of the SMG4 series.

He is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Bowser) of Season 1, the main antagonist of Seasons 2 to 6, a supporting character in Seasons 7 to 9, the main antagonist of Season 10 and The YouTube Arc, the tritagonist of Season 11 and the Genesis Arc, and one of the four tritagonists (alongside SMG4, SMG1 and SMG2) of Season 12 and the Revelations Arc.

He is SMG4's former evil doppelganger/arch-nemesis who was first discovered trying to copy SMG4's videos and had attempted to kill him ever since then. He (and Wario) were the people responsible for turning Waluigi back to normal at the end of WOTFI 2018. After the T-Pose incidents, he retired from villainy to start a therapy television series called Dr. SMG3, which was first seen during the climax of the Waluigi Arc. It lasted until A Day In The Life Of Everyone where his therapy show was cancelled, and later started his own production studio which was later destroyed, forcing him to go back to his dark ways. He eventually formed a plot to seize Susan Wojcicki's YouTube Remote and used its power to erase SMG4 and Susan from existence and take his place as a YouTube juggernaut.

After many challenges and a rap battle, SMG3 was defeated and banished to the Internet Graveyard for his abusive usage of the YouTube Remote and for sending Susan and Mario's friends to this place. There, he has been surviving in the realm for 7 months and also learnt about the life cycle of memes and using dead trends, thus becoming the number one celebrity and ruler of the Graveyard. During Genesis Arc, SMG3 became a temporary ally of SMG4, met SMG1 and SMG2, and together they fought against Niles/SMG0. It was also shown that SMG3 was supposed to be in the Internet Graveyard to care for dead memes if not for Niles'/SMG0's interference.

Physical Appearance

Being the arch-rival to SMG4, SMG3 was slightly opposite of SMG4 in terms of appearance. His shirt and cap were of a darker blue color (when he sports his Garry's Mod model), while his overalls were black, also retaining gold buttons. His Garry's Mod model showed a skull emblem on his cap that wasn't visible on his Super Mario 64 model.

Color code:

8107EC40 0000

8107EC42 BB00

8107EC38 0000

8107EC3A BB00

8107ECA0 7306

8107ECA2 0000

8107EC98 3903

8107EC9A 0000

8107EC88 FEC1

8107EC8A 7900

8107EC80 7F60

8107EC82 3C00

8107EC58 FFFF

8107EC5A FF00

8107EC50 7F7F

8107EC52 7F00

8107EC28 2835

8107EC2A 3C00

8107EC68 390E

8107EC6A 0700

8107EC20 0C0F

8107EC22 1000

8107EC70 721C

8107EC72 0E00

In SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥 onward, he speaks in a flamboyant Australian accent.

Background and Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG4 VS SMG3

SMG3, who is much like SMG4, was born from a supernatural USB that fell from outer space during a cosmic event. Though unlike SMG4, SMG3's USB was meant to crash into the Internet Graveyard, but was teleported by Zero's beam to the Mushroom Kingdom in the main Mario universe at a sight where SMG4 was filming Mario and Bowser doing a stupid dance. SMG3 and SMG4 immediately started their rivalry after SMG4 called SMG3 stupid for no reason at all.

At some point, he enrolled himself at meme school alongside SMG4. Throughout his time at meme school, he was constantly pushed over by his rival's popularity and how good he was at making memes, earning SMG4 better results and more attention than SMG3 could ever have. This resulted in SMG3's intense hatred for SMG4, becoming obsessed with trying to become as famous as, or more famous, than his nemesis.

Years later, after SMG4 started his YouTube channel, SMG3 began flagrantly plagiarizing his videos in an attempt to steal his fame, naming himself "SuperMarioGlitchy3" (since, like SMG4, he only knew his name's acronym). This attempt was short-lived, however, as SMG4 figured out what was happening and confronted SMG3 at his hideout along with Mario and their new friends. SMG3 ultimately lost the fight and was thrown out of his hideout. As a result of having his chance at fame stolen from him, SMG3 became SMG4's arch-enemy, not stopping his evil acts until he was successful at destroying the YouTuber's reputation and life.


In his first appearances, SMG3 was prone to being a very arrogant, selfish, stubborn, vain, and merciless bad guy who appeared to be an incompetent villain, using useless tricks to defeat his foes, but with very little success. In his later appearances, he began to show a much darker personality, now that he was promoted to being the main antagonist. Despite appearing to be more evil, he continued his incompetent acts and usually tried to do something unusual to save himself, commonly hurting him in the process, yet protecting or enabling him to escape successfully. Like Francis before him, he was also a coward, as he only relied on a strong object to protect himself rather than getting into a physical fight. However, he seems to be better at fighting than Francis without needing to use an overpowered superweapon as he's capable of wielding a katana and bests SMG4 at it.

Like SMG4, SMG3 seemed to be a showoff on Bowser whenever they bother on something they think they are better with. He always desired to do anything that got rid of SMG4 and killing everyone in his path that defends him.

In SMG3's mind, he is meant to be the evilest person in the world, not Waluigi; this was why he helped Wario and the rest of the heroes during the end of the Waluigi Arc.

However, aside from his evil traits and stints as a villain, SMG3 has proven himself to be a bumbling, goofy dork much like his rival; his cameo appearances showed him doing normal hobbies, including eating chicken, taking long naps, reading JB mags, even starting a club for villains. For some reason, he even enjoyed partying, though he was also somewhat bratty and his behavior was akin to a crybaby.

In the YouTube Arc, SMG3 became a much more despicable individual. His grudge against SMG4 increased beyond its limit, but to an extremely heinous degree; he had no qualms in not only trying to rip him off, but also outright erase him and all his friends (except Mario, as he was one of the key reasons the channel was so popular) from existence, and violently lashed out and retaliated to any suggestion that SMG4 is better than him. He was very short-tempered and aggressive even to his own gang, as he bullied and degraded Whimpu, had a complete lack of sympathy for JubJub when he missed his older brother Fishy Boopkins, and even electrocuted Belle when she badmouthed him. SMG3 also showed total inability to acknowledge or take responsibility for his own poor ability in directing videos, pinning all the blame on his gang and claiming that he can do better than SMG4, despite all other evidence to the contrary. He also had an utter lack of flexibility; instead of playing his gang's personalities and traits to their fullest, he forced them to act exactly like their counterparts, despite all of him being clearly unfit for their roles. He also had unawareness of recent events, as he thought Bob still has a rapping career even though the latter had stopped rapping; he made Rob, Bob’s counterpart in the Anti-Cast, promote the latter's rapping album.

This increased villainy of his eventually backfired on him, as SMG4's Gang was able to remind his gang of his poor and inhumane treatment, causing them to turn against him. When he was defeated and backed into a corner, he cowardly tried to claim that his actions were nothing but a mere prank in order to appeal to the good nature of his enemies, only to be ignored and banished to the Internet Graveyard. He then proceeded to show that he learned nothing in trying to create a podcast of his own, and ended up getting brutally attacked by Ugandan Knuckles.

However, SMG3 eventually became comfortable in the Internet Graveyard and even became its ruler, who entertains everyone there with dead trends, which are popular in the graveyard. According to him, the Ancient Memes were taking care of the dead memes there, but they did a crap job at it, which was the reason the Graveyard was a jungle environment. When he arrived, he actually managed to make the dead memes less violent. Having been educated about the meme life cycle, he decides to keep SMG4 alive only because he's the only one who's able to keep the memes tamed in the normal realm, which allows them to go to the Graveyard when they die, where SMG3 cares for them until they become relevant again. Overall, he's currently an anti-hero character who is concerned about the well being of the dead memes.

Unlike SMG4, he seemed uninterested in learning the history of the SMGs. Regardless, he was forcefully dragged into the plot of the Genesis Arc, forcing him to do another team up with his arch-nemesis. After learning to use their power (which required the two to hold hands, to their initial disgust), SMG3's grudge towards SMG4 seemed to slightly dissipate. Despite this, he still enjoys doing evil things which mainly involve him simply being a jerk to everyone. Most recently starting with SMG4: Mario and The God Box, SMG3 started to crave more power as he realized how powerful the Meme Guardian ability and the possibility of unlimited power from the God Box meaning despite getting all he wanted with a land to rule and a audience that loves him, he consciously desires more.


SMG4: 99% Idiot

Once again, he is the main antagonist. He battles with Mario, but when he is distracted, a magic rock that he kidnapped restored Mario's memories which gained him the upper hand and knocked SMG3 away.

SMG4: Crystal Funhouse

As the main antagonist, SMG3 appears once again. He proceeded to trap SMG4 and the others in a nightmare world which has their known enemies haunting them. However, they all escaped and found SMG3 relaxing in a bathroom reading Justin Bieber magazines where they then beat him up.

SMG4: Hunt For The Hero's Clothes

He appears to take over the world and battle Mario. However, upon seeing him naked, SMG3 decides to postpone his plans. He later appears sitting on a toilet.

SMG4: Bowser And The Nightmare Stone

Bowser and SMG3 use their nightmare stone to abuse the good guys and trap them in a nightmare world. But in the end, an unknown warrior appears and damages the stone.

SMG4: Orbical Adventures

SMG3 elopes with FightingMario54321, kidnapping him and later capturing Luigi. However, he later gets defeated by Mario and Luigi.

SMG4: The Warrior And The Hobo

He has a brief cameo when SMG4 and Mario are fighting a dragon.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG3's plan to destory SMG4 cause he felt like it

Reprising his role as the main antagonist, SMG3 proceeds to create a master plan that will destroy SMG4 by bringing back all the enemies to life which somehow involves the Nightmare Stone's usage. Ultimately, the plan fails.

SMG4: The Imposter

SMG3 proceeds to hire a teleporting/shapeshifting hitman to destroy SMG4 and the others. However, the plan failed when the hitman accidentally died.

SMG4: Starman3 Gets 5,000 Subs!

In this blooper, SMG3 gives Mario a bomb disguised as a cake for Starman3's celebration. It then blows up Peach's Castle, ruining the celebration. This was the only episode where SMG3 won at the end.

SMG4: The Monster

Once again as the main antagonist, SMG3 revives The Monster (called Pepsi by Mario). He seems to do a decent amount of damage to the Kingdom. But when the monster falls down, he loses again.

SMG4: A Lost Luigi

He appears as one of the people whom Luigi asked for the way to Mario's House because Mario kicked him super far out of the house. However, SMG3 ignored him.

SMG4: Two Evil Friends

In this episode, he has appointed the main antagonist role by Bowser's boss, making Bowser the secondary antagonist and his partner. They tried to do evil schemes together but they were small stuff. They eventually decide to steal the princess just like in their original plans. However, when attempting to do so, they encountered her taking a bath where she asked for shampoo. She eventually found them in horror and when Mario found out, he immediately kicked them out of the castle.

SMG4: The Mystery Of The Missing White And Blue

Back to being the secondary antagonist, SMG3 is working with a YouTube noob who tries to destroy SMG4 because his videos were unpopular and wanted to know from him how to become like SMG4. SMG3 back-stabs him just to save SMG4, proving he is less evil in this episode.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island

Once again, he is the main antagonist. He works with a crazy Japanese guy who explodes when SMG4 finds them. When SMG3 sets the island to explode and he sends in the submarine, it is instead a truck (which sinks), so he gets trapped along with the others when they are about to die.

He isn't ready to give up yet though. He then uses a robotic suit to destroy SMG4, Mario, Luigi, and Peach. He fails to get Mario and SMG4 but then goes to Peach and Luigi. Much to SMG3’s dismay, he throws Peach at his screen, causing him to fall. He finally surrenders and accepts his fate, but SMG4 realizes the robot is indestructible, so they all go in SMG3's robotic suit. Soon after, the island explodes and the suit is flung out of it into the water.

SMG4: Birthday Freakout

As the secondary antagonist, SMG3 helps a crazed, angry Enzo assassinate Mario for eternity after he ruins his birthday party (thanks to Steve being "invited" to the first party). However, SMG3 goes on SMG4 and Mario's side as Roprinplup14 counts while playing hide and seek, because if he finds them he takes them out. He manages to escape from Roprinplup14's extreme up-to-eleven terror, while he gets arrested by a police officer, pushing his rage up twice.

Since then, SMG3 has made small appearances and more before (including in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 2 Hands 1 Job).

SMG4: Bad Stars

Returning as the catalyst villain. SMG3 created the Ztar to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom but it escaped to Delfino Plaza because it accidentally fused with Toad. After its attack on Mario, Bowser, SMG4, and SMG3, they made Good Star to counter Ztar, with Bowser using Old Man Hobo as the fusion material. Although they succeeded in defeating Ztar, it is immortal so instead, they tied it to a boat and had Good Star watch over it.

SMG4: Spells N' Wiztards

He and Bowser are teamed up as the main antagonists. They have joined Hobowarts, a wizard academy, both being on Team Slytherbastards. SMG3 and SMG4's rivalry is shown in an almost close way as in SMG4 vs. SMG3, unlike in Bad Stars. When SMG4 and Mario tried to escape, they overheard SMG3 questioning the wizard rock about why the rock invited SMG4 there. Even though SMG4 tries to clear stuff up by trying to become best friends with him, it turns into a fight, leading into a competition.

SMG3 in his Negative form.

After both of them lose to Po and Steve (however they weren't in the competition, making it strange), SMG3 turns into an inverted form following a mistake invoked by SMG4 saying they could still be best friends; he is then defeated by SMG4 via the "flippy and old sand" (which is Mario's idea to make SMG4 beat SMG3), destroying the academy from the force of the explosion.

SMG4: The Evillness Of Eggman

He appears as the leader of a group of bad guys. Dr. Eggman tries to join it, but SMG3 doesn't want him in his club, causing Eggman to do evil stuff. However, SMG3 still doesn't let him in the club (as all he just did is stealing a lollipop from Stacy's baby (which is actually a police officer), and destroy someone's lunch). Eggman then makes a demon (Perfect Chaos) and SMG3 says that is the evilest thing in the world and then he runs away in a panic because the demon is going to kill everyone (but Toadwardo destroys it).

SMG4: The Visitor

He makes a cameo appearance where he tries to be a hero by riding the Koopa Clown Car to crash onto Roprinplup14. However, he missed him and fainted after crashing miserably.

SMG4: Freddy's Spaghettiria

He asks Mario where to buy "pet Russian Dolphins", implying that he likes them.

SMG4: Problematic Pipe Problems

Mario tried to kill him by putting him (with Bowser) in the lake of the garden of Peach's Castle, thinking he is responsible for the appearance of a lot of evil pipes in that same garden. However, the real commander of the invasion is the King Pipe, who led a revolt against Mario for incompetent plumbing.

SMG4: The Retardness Of 2014

SMG3 appears at Mario and SMG4's talking room as a cameo where he complains about how he isn't invited to the party. SMG4 then tells him that he only appeared in Bad Stars, upsetting him.

SMG4: The Idea Block

He appears amazed to see SMG4's fans being angry at SMG4 because he got an idea block.

SMG4: Bad Star's Back! (300K Special)

He wakes up after sleeping in a dump/"SECRET LAIR" when he sees the "Bad Star" getting humped by Mario flying through the sky. He then goes back to sleep.

Mario 64: M. K. Nature Channel

He is briefly seen in an armchair, watching Mario naked doing pole dance on a tree.

SMG4: Shoot To The Observatory In The Sky

SMG3 denies Bowser's help call when he wants to get off the Sky Observatory. After Bowser says that he used his toothbrush as a toilet cleaner again, he flips out and angrily starts mashing the keyboard, blocking a wormhole. Bowser smugly notes this works every time.

SMG4: Luigi Labyrinth

He wakes up to do an evil plan, but this time saw SMG4, his minion, Luigi and Mario flying on a Luigi Doll. Shocked by what he just saw, SMG3 decides that tomorrow is good.

SMG4: Shell Shocked

He created a Crazy Koopa that steals shells before being blown away by the shell-less Bowser.

SMG4: Meet The Bowser

He is seen trying to do an evil plan, but Bowser is doing retarded stuff. Shortly after, SMG3 is being chased by the police and crashes outside the bank (due to an old lady). SMG3 tells Bowser to attack the enemy, but Bowser crashes into the old lady, not the cop.

SMG4: Snow Trapped

He followed SMG4 and Mario who crashed at Snowman's Land. He tries to attack them both with another one of his machines, but Mario appears on it and makes SMG3 fire a laser at a slope, causing an avalanche. SMG3 runs into Old Gramp's House, where SMG4 is taking shelter. The avalanche blocks the entrance to the house, so the two are trapped together. They slowly lose their minds (due to hunger), and go crazy, and later start to have sex. Mario gets in (thanks to Old Man Hobo's rocket launcher) and takes both SMG3 and SMG4 back home.

SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 11 (800K Special)

He appears in a skit with Toast Guy

SMG4: SMG3's Gauntlet Of Gloom

In the blooper "SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom", he is once more the main antagonist. SMG3 is revealed to have recorded various events that made SMG4 look like an idiot. He then escapes to his fortress, where he deploys a large set of booby traps, while he prepares to post the recording on YouTube to ruin SMG4's career, completely oblivious to the fact that Bowser also wants to steal the footage.

Mario and SMG4 managed to reach his lair and confronts him, though the footage had reached 95%. While Mario and SMG4 manage to survive the booby-trapped hallway, though not much, the uploading is at 99% and it appears that SMG3's plan would succeed. However, much to SMG3's frustration, Bowser drops from the ceiling and destroys the computer. Infuriated, SMG3 sets his fortress to self-destruct, while he jumps from a window, escaping but falling to his supposed death. This episode is so far the only one that truly showed SMG3 being a threatening villain.

SMG4: Welcome To The Kushroom Mingdom

He is again the main antagonist. SMG3 is the king of the Kushroom Mingdom. He attempts to capture Mario and Luigi and actually does capture them. He is able to obtain his own kingdom after making a wish using Grand Dad, though he somehow did not create a replica of Mario and Luigi, even though he created a replica of Bowser and Peach.

SMG3 wants Mario and Luigi to "complete his kingdom" because apparently, he "needs the real idiot brothers to complete the set" However, the Bowser from the Kushroom Mingdom comes and has the same intentions as normal Bowser. While SMG3 is caught up in getting Bowser to go away, Mario and Luigi escape. This episode was a different take on SMG3 because he has never been a king in a kingdom before.

SMG4: Marioception

Due to his acts in the previous video, he is nominated in the Best Villain Award 2017 for littering.

Ssenmodnar 12 - Stolen Spaghetti Edition

In this episode, he is walking down an alleyway where he encounters Picolas Cage holding a gun threatening to shoot him, telling SMG3 to eat his fruits and vegetables. Panicked, SMG3 promises that he will eat his fruits and vegetables, and Picolas Cage, who is glad to hear this, backs off.

The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE

SMG3 is one of the contestants, though he is only seen on Floor 5. He is shown jumping from mushroom to mushroom when one falls and starts collapsing into the lava. Left with no other options, SMG3 decides to jump to a mushroom near the exit. Though he is just about to make it, Bowser hops along and stomps on him, causing him to fall into the lava, eliminating him from the challenge.

SMG4: Mario Gladiators

SMG3 is seen to be the main antagonist yet again. SMG3 kidnaps everyone and pits them against each other for prize money. After Mario emerges victorious in every challenge, SMG3 reveals that it is just an experiment to see who he would hire as an enforcer, but the red plumber throws a rock at the latter, causing him to get angry and engage Mario in a fight. Bob, who then randomly shows up, presses random buttons in SMG3's throne, opening a door that reveals the defeated participants, who then angrily burn SMG3 and hang him at the entrance to Peach's Castle.

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Kirby Star Allies

SMG3, dressed as Darth Vader, steals Dream Land's food supply out of pure evil intentions (and because he is poor and couldn't afford to actually buy food). Mario offers to help him, only to be kidding and kick him off the Halberd, defeating him.

SMG4: The Mario Hustle

SMG3 is visited by Saiko, who is attempting to sell rocks to him. At first, he refuses, but when Saiko forces her way in his apartment and threatens him, he angrily agrees to buy whatever she's selling. When Saiko reveals that she's selling rocks, SMG3 thinks she's joking and laughs uncontrollably, but when Saiko states that SMG4 bought 1,000,000 rocks (which means he's better), SMG3 remembers his rivalry with SMG4 and agrees to buy 2,000,000 rocks off Saiko.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018

SMG3 makes a surprise appearance at the end, as the therapist that Wario hired for him and Waluigi to reconcile. The session works but SMG3 is unenthusiastic about it and joins the other characters as they leave to play video games.

SMG4: Mario's Late!

SMG3 is awarded The Mushroom Kingdom Award for saving the world from Waluigi with his therapy. SMG3 taunts SMG4 over this, who gets angry and starts attacking him.

SMG4: Mario And... The Well

He makes a cameo reading a newspaper in front of a cement mixer (presumably to trap Boopkins), before getting hooked by a crane which is operated by Wario and Waluigi.

SMG4: Mad Mario

He is once again the main antagonist. With the help from Wario and Waluigi, he captures Mario. Now having employed Wario and Waluigi as his minions, he steals all the internet routers in the Mushroom Kingdom, with his plan being to create a site centered around himself, where people can only watch his videos. Upon doing so, he causes an apocalypse with almost everyone understandably nearly losing (or all of) their sanity, due to needing the internet to survive. With the joint effort of SMG4, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and The Wild Childs (Meggy, Tari, and Saiko), he is defeated yet again.

SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone

SMG3 continues to run his Dr. Phil-style show. He is revealed to have kidnapped Bowser for over a month to be a guest on the show. His show is also eventually canceled, forcing SMG3 to revert back to his evil ways.

SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51 and SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe

Mario finds SMG3 digging a tunnel to Area 51. It is later revealed in SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe that he went there to steal all the YouTubers' passwords. He posts cringe to try to destroy SMG4's channel and blackmails YouTubers to defend himself. Unfortunately, his evil scheme is foiled by SMG4, Mario, and Saiko and he is forced to watch 10 Hours of UwU AMSR video, much to his dismay.

SMG4: Smart Mario

SMG3 attempted to hack SMG4's computer by locking it, but his plans were foiled by a now-intelligent Mario and he is banned (presumably on Club Penguin) for doing so.

SMG4: Mario vs IT 🤡

He appears as SMG4's nightmare.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2019

He appears in one of the challenges where either SMG4 or Mario made him laugh. Naturally biased towards SMG4, he laughed whenever Mario did something to SMG4, causing Mario to win that challenge.

SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥

In SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day, SMG3 tricks Mario with a spaghetti offer so that he can be featured on his company. He records multiple videos with Mario which later, SMG4 discovers thinking SMG3 is up to something sinister. Eventually, SMG4 destroys Snitch Productions thinking he had foiled his plan. SMG3 explains all he wanted to do is to entertain people and remarks on how successful SMG4 is in school while he is always below him in popularity and ranking. Realizing his mistakes, SMG4 tries to apologize but this fails. SMG3 then warns SMG4 that he will come back, disappearing without a trace. A few moments later, SMG3 comes from behind, kicking SMG4 in the balls. The video ends with SMG3 levitating up into the air, mocking him.

S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!

SMG3 starts an audition for a play that loosely reenacts the episodes, SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2, SMG4: Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door, and the story arcs of the SMG4's series while being disguised as a Cromulon from Rick and Morty. He has chosen the actors who are trying to get a role in the play, including Mario, Belle Fontiere, JubJub Boopkins, Rob the Scarecrow, Whimpu, a Luigi Doll, and a watermelon wearing Meggy's headgear, who had gotten the roles. After the play, the SMG4 cast realized the reenactments weren't an original play and it turns out to be a production of Snitch Productions, and SMG4 ran off to find SMG3, who he knew had written the play.

After when both groups of SMG4 and SMG3 escalated into a fight. Mario then was able to stop the bickering between the two content creators and led to a truce between two factions (although SMG3 still had a grudge). The two factions finally came to an end, calling for peace with each other, and both went their ways.

SMG4: Mario VS Youtube

At SMG3's base, SMG3 and his crew are planning on stealing the YouTube Remote from Youtube's headquarters. SMG3 managed to get Mario to join his plan by having the latter think of Greg's death in SMG4: Stupid Mario Arcade. The gang then attempted to obtain the remote but failed after they were caught by Susan Wojcicki and banned from the headquarters. Luckily, Shroomy had stolen the remote as his evil counterpart, triggered by Mario throwing a demon mask at him. However, Mario felt betrayed by SMG3 after he discovered that the latter was planning on using the remote to delete SMG4 from existence. Before Mario could stop SMG3, the head of Snitch Productions used the remote to summon the Content ID, kidnapping Mario so he could be sent to the Internet Graveyard.

SMG4: Deleted

SMG3 and his gang developed a plan to erase the events of prior SMG4 episodes. Each member would jump into portals that took them to the debut episodes of their counterparts in SMG4's gang. In those episodes, they would prevent their SMG4 counterparts from ever meeting Mario. SMG3 demonstrated this effect by having Tinky Winky throw Frankie out of the latter's debut episode, sending Frankie to the Internet Graveyard. But as he prepared to enter the portal for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, SMG3 was confronted by SMG4's gang. SMG4 ordered his gang to follow their counterparts into the portals in an attempt to protect their current timeline, while Mario stayed behind to try freeing the Youtube Remote. Nevertheless, SMG3 and his gang were able to succeed in their plan. By preventing the past versions of Tari, Bob, Saiko, Fishy Boopkins, Luigi, Meggy, and SMG4 from forming relationships with Mario, the SMG3 gang has successfully deleted the current iterations of SMG4's gang from their world, sending the latter to the Internet Graveyard alongside Susan Wojcicki.

SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode

SMG3's gang was tasked by SMG3 to act like their SMG4 counterparts in a new video. However, with the exception of Melony, most of the cast didn't follow SMG3's instructions. Later, after Mario was freed from the Youtube Remote's freeze to chase SMG3, the cast didn't bother pursuing the former. Nevertheless, Luigi Doll was able to help SMG3 stop Mario after being given the Youtube Remote, having previously been tasked to buy a hot dog for SMG3. By summoning lots of Content IDs to kidnap Mario, Luigi Doll prevented SMG3 from getting defeated by his pursuer, albeit not knowing Mario stole his phone.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020

It's time to even the score! Your painful deaths are overdue, come and attack em' all my crew!

—Rap lyrics sung by SMG3, SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020

SMG3's gang is shown acting in a video shoot in front of Peach's Castle, shortly before SMG4's gang and Susan Wojcicki shows up to stop SMG3. However, upon being pinned by Susan, SMG3 presses the "factory reset" button on the Youtube Remote, causing its spirit to possess JubJub Boopkins. The spirit then demands both sides to participate in challenges to determine if wither SMG4 or SMG3 is worthy of the channel.

A variety of challenges occur, each consisting of someone from SMG3's Gang against someone from SMG4's Gang. SMG4 and SMG3 each try to pronounce Susan's surname, surviving their encounter with The Wario Apparition, and making the spiciest meme. After all the challenges, SMG3 offers to present his evil monologue about his past, but he instead puts it in the form of a play. He then grabs Fishy Boopkins to come up and threatens JubJub to give him the remote by dropping Fishy Boopkins off the building, JubJub expels the remote as SMG3 later catches it. SMG3 then starts a rap battle where SMG4's gang eventually manages to convince SMG3's gang of the truth about their employer. This causes them to turn against SMG3, siding with SMG4 in the process.

After defeating SMG3, the gangs manage to retrieve the remote back from SMG3. SMG4 then unfreezes Susan for her to summon a Content ID to banish SMG3 to the Internet Graveyard. Once SMG3 is banished to the Internet Graveyard, his former allies celebrate their victory and friendship with their SMG4 counterparts.

Meanwhile, in the Internet Graveyard, SMG3 starts his new podcast show with his new guest, Ugandan Knuckles, only for Knuckles to refuse and attack him after SMG3 questions the former if he wants to hear his rap. According to James Bailey on Twitter, SMG3 will return to get revenge someday in future videos.


Before his banishment to the graveyard, it has been revealed in this episode that SMG3 paid E. Gadd to make alternate versions of the cast, in case his Anti-Cast betrayed him. When E. Gadd called him to ask about his final payment, SMG3 was unable to pay E. Gadd because he got banished to the Internet Graveyard by Susan Wojcicki. As a result, E. Gadd threw away the no-texture clones of the SMG4 cast in the garbage, where they became sentient and swore vengeance. (This is also the proof that SMG3 has survived from Ugandan Knuckles' attack)

SMG4 Christmas Special 2020

During his exile in the graveyard, he tells a story of the entire video to the two Ugandan Knuckles to entertain them. Unfortunately, they didn't care and immediately attacked him right after he is done with the story.

SMG4: Perfectly Balanced.

When Mario and SMG4 land in the Internet Graveyard, SMG3 sets up an execution, only to reveal that he was just using them to make a prank video, which works because dead trends are popular in the Internet Graveyard. SMG4 then asked SMG3 why he "sent" them the corrupted Morshu if he wasn't trying to kill them, causing SMG3 to be shocked, realizing what was going on. He brought SMG4 to a one-on-one meeting to explain the meme life cycle: when a meme becomes popular on the internet, it gets spawned in SMG4's world. When it dies, it leaves the normal realm and appears in the Internet Graveyard. Once the meme becomes relevant on the internet again, it returns to the normal realm. However, if SMG4 doesn't use the memes enough in his videos, the meme becomes unhappy, and if the meme is unhappy, it cannot leave the normal realm. If an unhappy meme stays in the normal realm for too long, it will become corrupted. When SMG4 asks how to get rid of the corrupted Morshu, SMG3 tells SMG4 that the only way to do it is if SMG4 "does his stupid job and makes memes of him". He then sends Mario and SMG4 back to the normal realm via Red Crewmate in order for them to subdue the corrupted meme. After SMG4 succeeds in making Morshu happy, he calls SMG3 to make sure that the dead meme had made it back into the Internet Graveyard. SMG3 then explains how he learned about the meme life cycle and how he managed to seize control of the Graveyard but then gets interrupted by the Ugandan Knuckles, ending the call.

SMG4: SMG4's Origins

This video took place after Mario Babies where SMG4 tries to figure out the origin of how he came to the SMG4 universe. Since SMG4 didn't know, he asked his childhood rival SMG3 if he remember anything but he fails to remember his childhood too, therefore, SMG3 ask the memes to see if they remember anything. It is shown that SMG3 came to the Mushroom Kingdom a while after SMG4 came. He was always meant to be in the Internet Graveyard, but an errant blast from Zero teleported his Pod into SMG4's Mushroom Kingdom. They looked at each other at first sight and became rivals when SMG4 called SMG3 stupid.

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

When SMG4 invites SMG3 and all the dead memes from the Internet Graveyard out to celebrate , he joined in the party but when he was going back to the Internet Graveyard, he was locked out by SMG0 and he, SMG4, Mario, X and FM were captured to Zero's Cathedral where they witnessed what happened to the other Mario Recolors and saw X and FM get their life absorbed and became lifeless. The three ran away from Zero by hiding in the corpses of the dead Marios but Mario got captured by Zero at the exit and the two had to flee to find a way to communicate to the others. There, SMG3 got directions by a monster named Gary on where to contact others in the live stream area and saved SMG4 from a Hacker. When they got back into contact and SMG4 realized he and Mario threw his Guardian Pod down the gorge, SMG3 told them where his Guardian Pod landed but the two got kidnapped by a dead meme and dragged back to Zero's Cathedral. There, Mario was getting corrupted by Zero and it affected SMG4 and SMG3 until SMG1 and SMG2 along with the SMG4 Gang stopped Zero by using SMG3's Guardian Pod and it saved them and the recolors. Once they reunited with the recolors back to Bloopersville, SMG4, X and FM restored the memes and SMG3 sent the memes back to the Internet Graveyard where he admitted SMG4 was alright for a mortal enemy.

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime

SMG3 only has a cameo appearance near the end of the episode where he finds Mario trying to steal the doorstop he found (the missing piece of Inkweaver) to keep the Starbucks door in the Internet Graveyard open for fresh air. He attempts to shoot a rocker launcher at him but Mario quickly makes his way back to the other side and returns the piece to Axol.

SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms

On his way to take a piss in the Starbucks bathroom, SMG3 notices 1s and 0s floating around and wonders if the bathroom was redecorated but suddenly the door closes behind him and is pulled through the toilet into the Backrooms along with SMG4 and Mario, as part of SMG0's plan. After three escape a monster through an elevator, they notice they have somehow been teleported back to the cathedral where the three first met Zero and no sooner do they spot the possessed Axol standing in front of SMG3's Guardian Pod where he momentarily breaks free and warns them that its a trap but unfortunately succumbs to SMG0's possession as he fully takes control of Axol and then activates the USB and sucks the three inside...

Other appearances

SMG3 makes a cameo in R64: Idiot karts 101 as one of Mario's victims to be run over. He appeared briefly in SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario as paper SMG3, trying to halt the group but ends up getting run over. In SMG4: Super Challenge 64, he makes a cameo hosting his therapy show on TV during Boopkins' challenge. He appeared again in SMG4: Untitled Mario Video during a montage of Mario causing mischief under the Goose's control. He has made a secret cameo in SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, when Bob Bobowski gets kicked down by an angry Mario, SMG3 could be seen infected. In SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, he is shown to support Long SMG4. Mario then creates Bong SMG4 (Beeg SMG4 & Long SMG4). Shocked at his suggestion, SMG3 praises Mario for the idea. He also makes cameo on SMG4: If Mario Was In... Sonic Movie 2 by taking corrupted Knuckles the Echidna. He returns in SMG4: The Pawn Business trying to buy YouTube Remote, but Susan Wojcicki takes Youtube Remote.

Criminal Record

SMG3, being a supervillain, has a hefty amount of crimes committed throughout the SMG4 Bloopers Series.

  • Theft
  • Kidnapping: He kidnapped Bowser to force him to be his patient in SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone.
  • Content plagiarism: Has tried to steal SMG4's content in his first appearance. It was exacerbated in the YouTube Arc.
  • Attempted contract Killing: Once hired a hit-man to kill SMG4 and the others.
  • Attempted murder: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Birthday Freakout., he tried to kill Mario by poisoning his spaghetti, planting bombs at his car and killing him with a knife but all failed due to Mario's sheer dumb luck.
  • Terrorism: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Starman3 Gets 5,000 Subs!, he successfully ruined a party in honor of Starman3 by putting a bomb in the cake causing it to explode in the castle.
  • Battery: He had Shrek sit on Luigi. (Yes, that’s it)
  • Organized crime
  • Attempted world domination: Has tried to take over the world multiple times and failing miserably.
  • Organizing gladiatorial combat: Made Mario and his friends fight each other in SMG4: Mario Gladiators.
  • Attempted Internet Takeover: On SMG4: Mad Mario, SMG3 tried to take over the internet, with Wario and Waluigi as his goons, but failed.


SMG3 has a rivalry with SMG4, while Mario's main rival is Bowser (excluding Wario). Although they are natural rivals, they seem to get along well up until his banishment to the Internet Graveyard in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020. In SMG4: Perfectly Balanced., they seem to have come to a mutual agreement to maintain the balance of the meme cycle, for now at least. Throughout the Genesis Arc, SMG4 and SMG3 had begun to work together to learn the history of the Super Meme Guardians and stop SMG0/Niles. And by time of SMG0/Niles' first defeat in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, SMG4 and SMG3 had become friendly rivals, deciding it's best to train with each other to control their newfound powers, even going as far as to both attend the Meme Researchers Club at Omnia Academy, but still remained slight rivals.

As of SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS, following the death of SMG0 and Niles, SMG4 and SMG3 have finally ended their over-decade long rivalry and finally became friends.

Powers and Abilities

Meme Guardian

  • Meme Manipulation: As a Meme Guardian, SMG3 can turn memes into energy but only if he holds hands with SMG4. With that energy, he can create bridges and make Mario grow.

One Time

SMG3 seems to have magic powers and uses sorcery on his enemies (These abilities are irrelevant in the modern videos). Some of them include:


  • Mario's Life: As Mario is his avatar, SMG3's form would be severely damaged if Mario dies, which almost happened if SMG1 and SMG2 had not interfered to save Mario's life from SMG0.


  • Although being evil, he still seems to like Justin Bieber. This has been pointed out in a various amount of episodes and shows that he's gay in a stereotypical manner.
    • Like with Meggy Spletzer's age, Luke and Kevin wish to keep SMG3's sexuality a secret.
      • All though, Meggy confirmed that she was 19 in a QNA as a VTuber.
    • Although when asked how to explain SMG3, James has said to "Imagine Shadow The Hedgehog, but Gay". Later that stream, he was asked to confirm that SMG3 is gay, to which he replied that he isn't straight. [1][2]
  • Despite usually being a bumbling, comedic villain, the episodes where SMG3 is the antagonist or is responsible for another threat, are played seriously enough and the damage and mayhem done thanks to him shows that SMG3 actually can be incredibly dangerous, despite his incompetence. He also proves that when he puts his mind to it and acts with his wits about him, he can be a genuinely evil villain. Albeit, most of the time, he's as much of a goofy dork as SMG4.
  • So far he has truly won only once in the entire series. That was in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Starman3 Gets 5,000 Subs! where he managed to trick Mario into taking a cake with a Bob-omb inside causing it to explode and ruining Starman's party.
  • SMG3 appears to be smarter than SMG4 in the series but is also gay like him (even though it isn't fully confirmed that SMG4 is gay).
  • He has a fanmade YouTube Account. He has only uploaded one video: "SM64 Bloopers: The Perfect Plan".
  • In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, it is revealed that he has a psychiatrist degree before he became a villain.
  • Starting from SMG4: Mario Gladiators, his GMOD model is replaced and instead uses a recolored model of Mario from 2017 game Super Mario Odyssey. This lasted until SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥, where his regular GMOD model is used again.
  • His relationship with Bowser is similar to SMG4's relationship with Mario because both SMG3 and SMG4 cannot stand Bowser and Mario's retardedness.
  • He owns an Android phone, while SMG4 owns an iPhone. This is due to a policy by Apple Inc. that antagonists are not allowed to use Apple products, and only protagonists are allowed to do so.
  • SMG3 is the second arc villain to have had henchmen, the first being Francis.
    • Coincidentally, both of them had desires which involved harming the SMG4 crew and never redeemed themselves.
  • Among the arc antagonists, he is the second arc antagonist not to get redeemed at the end of his arc and is also the first arc antagonist to be defeated in the end. SMG3 would later redeem himself in the Genesis Arc instead.
  • After the release of WOTFI 2020, SMG3's voice actor James Bailey confirmed via Twitter that SMG3 will return someday in the future, and Luke saying he was killed by the Ugandan Knuckles was actually a joke.
    • It's revealed that at some point during his exile in the Internet Graveyard, he was educated by the Meme Gods about the meme lifecycle. Eventually, he managed to seize control and became the leader of the Graveyard. He has also gained the ability to open portals within the Graveyard, meaning that he can leave, but prefers to stay down in the Graveyard where he is popular and so that he can take care of the dead memes.
  • During WOTFI 2021, SMG3 claims he nuts 15 times a day. This was confirmed canon by James Bailey later that day in one of his livestreams. James stated that he even finds the time to nut during serious times like in SMG4: Mario and the Backrooms.
  • He has never appeared in any SMG4 shorts.
  • He is the only villain in the SMG4 series to appear as the main antagonist of more than one season, appearing so in Seasons 1 to 6 and Season 10.
    • He is also one of the only two villains to share the role of main antagonist with another character in a season, sharing the role with Bowser in Season 1.


  • FM revealed that the color code is labeled "loluser1342". Source
  • The skull icon on SMG3's cap, just like SMG4's "M" on his cap, is NOT his official emblem; the skull is a universal symbol for something dangerous, such as placed on Bill Blasters, warning signs in poison, pirate hats, etc;
  • In SMG4: Mario and The God Box, it shows that SMG3 wants to achieve unlimited power.
  • Half of his voice clips from SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe are mostly Heavy’s.

GMOD model

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