Not to be confused with the episode.

SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom was a base where SMG3 tried to upload a video that expose SMG4 as a weird person, It was filled with traps to prevent Mario and SMG4 from closing in and reaching SMG3.


When SMG3 started the loading of a video where SMG4 was made a fool, SMG4 and Mario entered the library at the entrance of the tower where they encounter his first trap which was a painting of himself. The duo manage to beat it after a few mistakes and Bowser who came later, managed to survive all the Bob-omb the painting threw at him. The next room was two doors with one being trapped and the other safe. SMG4 manage to trick the Piranha Plant Stu & Pid to involuntary reveal the right door. When Bowser entered the room, he set them both on fire and took the trapped door. The duo then entered the final trap before SMG3'S DANK ROOM but both of them failed to jump and ended up down the hole. Down there, they both meet Pete the skeleton who sacrificed himself in order to save both of them while he was crushed by the hole's trap. Mario swore to avenge Pete's death and entered the dank room. Inside the room, the duo managed to "survive" the last traps but as the video was 99% uploaded, Bowser who just survived the death room earlier fell from the ceiling and destroyed the computer which angered SMG3 who then activated the tower's self-destruct button and jumped the toward the emergency window. Bowser, Mario and SMG4 then took the elevator and escaped the burning tower.


  • SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom is based off the Citadel from Half-Life 2 but it is most likely just for cosmetic reasons.
  • The elevator is faster than SMG3 falling from the emergency window though this is most likely a comedic purpose.
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