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SuperMemeGuardian4 (formerly SuperMarioGlitchy4), more commonly abbreviated as SMG4, is an overall main character, the titular character and one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mario) of the SMG4 series.

He is a partly amnesiac meme guardian, more predominantly a Super Mario 64 machinimist, Mario's closest ally (rival in the War of the Fat Italians series), the de facto leader of his gang, and the former arch-enemy of SMG3. SMG4 has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the sane man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's crazy, flamboyant idiocy. Despite this, they are friends in most videos, especially in the recent ones. SMG4 enjoys being around the presence of his friends, going on many zany adventures and fighting great enemies in story arcs. As the focal point of the Genesis Arc, he started searching for answers about his origins.


As revealed during the Genesis Arc, SMG4 was created inside a Guardian Pod by a real-life man (possibly Luke Lerdwichagul, his real-life counterpart) and it was plugged into the world where the Mushroom Kingdom is. His Guardian Pod crashed in the field outside Peach's Castle and its entrance opened to release SMG4, who didn't know identity and was confused of his surroundings. He explored the Mushroom Kingdom and unbeknownst to him, SMG4's Guardian Pod was making most of the populace incredibly stupid and flanderized, including making the Kingdom's resident hero Mario an idiot with mental issues, and Princess Peach a bossy, naggy ruler. During his sightseeing, SMG4 noticed a computer and taking a liking to it, decided to stay in the Kingdom to make memes out Mario and his friends. One day, he witnessed the arrival of SMG3 in his own Guardian Pod and they became mortal enemies just by disliking each other's presence. After SMG4 and Mario dumped the Guardian Pod into the Dark Web, thinking he saved the world, SMG4 left the kingdom as it is, since he believed there was nothing wrong with the residents having some humor and fun (though SMG4 likely grew annoyed and tired of everyone's antics as the years flew by). Afterward, he participated in a Meme School, where SMG4 became SMG3's rival in memeology. He successfully graduated from the Meme School, unaware that SMG3 became utterly jealous of SMG4, which would lead to his hatred of the future YouTuber. He debuted in the SMG4 series in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, where SMG4 first visited Peach's Castle. Knowing only the acronym of his name, he called himself "SuperMarioGlitchy4".

As years of adventures went by, he was friends with various YouTubers and fellow SM64 machinimists such as FightingMario54321 and Nintendofan997, however SMG4 started growing distant from them ever since the mid seasons. More characters join the main cast and his gang, namely Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, Meggy Spletzer, and Tari, thus the classic members of the roster (generally the more regular characters originally from Nintendo's "Super Mario" franchise) have decreased in appearances.

During The Waluigi Arc, SMG4 and Mario fought through both T-Pose Outbreaks orchestrated by the rejection-powered Waluigi. After being forced to play challenges in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Tari set them and the rest of the T-Pose Zombies free from the tyrant's wrath, initiating a rap battle. To conclude the arc, Wario reconciled with Waluigi with SMG3's aid. Shortly afterwards, he and the rest of the gang were betrayed and humiliated by Bob when he pursued his rapping career in The Rapper Bob Arc. Saiko Bichitaru succoured them by defeating Bob with a disclosing diss track. During SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, Bob redeemed himself and made harmony with the group.

During The Anime Arc, when the Anime Crisis arose in The Anime Arc, SMG4 joined the Anime Secret Service in disposing anime across the Mushroom Kingdom, only to realise that it's banishing Saiko. He and his friends associated themselves with the manga artist Axol, and together they convinced Princess Peach Toadstool to lift the oppression against anime. In an immediate aftermath, Meggy and her fellow inklings were kidnapped by Francis and the Anime Cartel. SMG4's Gang joined in on the Battle of Anime Island, losing a short-term yet pivotal ally Desti in the process. From the arc onwards, Axol remains as a member of the cast.

During The YouTube Arc, with Mario, he gets into a clash with SMG3, destroying his Snitch Productions studio. The latter then formed an Anti-Cast, being a parallel to SMG4's Gang. He was sent to the Internet Graveyard in SMG4: Deleted due to SMG3 altering the events of his debut in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, having replaced SMG4's past self as the visitor at Peach's Castle and Mario kick his present self out. However, SMG4 and his friends were rescued by Mario in SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode. By the end of SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, he and his friends defeated SMG3, and have YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki banish him to the Internet Graveyard as punishment. Hereinafter, the former Anti-Cast are allies of the gang.

During Genesis Arc, SMG4 realised that he doesn't remember his past up until the day he first visited Peach' Castle, so SMG4 searched for answers. He and SMG3 learn about their backstories before SMG4's 10 year anniversary, where they discovered that SMG1 and SMG2 were trying to warn him about SMG0's attacks, as well as the whereabouts of the Mario Recolors. Additionally, Mario is revealed to be SMG4 and SMG3's avatar, a fact that neither of them understood at the time. His next goal was to find SMG1's Guardian Pod, where SMG4 and Mario discovered the horrible truth about SMG1 and SMG2's backstory, how dangerous SMG0 is, and how if an avatar dies, then their SMG and universe would die. Later, he, Mario and Axol found out that SMG0's Guardian Pod had arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG0 took possession of Axol and temporarily trapped SMG4, Mario and SMG3 in SMG3's Guardian Pod. After escaping with SMG1 and SMG2, Eldritch Axol used his, SMG4, SMG3 and SMG1's Guardian Pods to start creating a new universe with Mario as his avatar, which would destroy SMG4's universe. Fortunately, the gang came to help, and together, they were able to vanquish SMG0, but not without a price. Later on, SMG1 and SMG2 announced that they would hide all of the Guardian Pods and revealed that "SMG" doesn't stand for "Super Mario Glitchy," but rather "Super Meme Guardian," making SMG4 "SuperMemeGuardian4". SMG4 and SMG3 finally put an end to their rivalry and look forward to their roles as Super Meme Guardians.


SMG4, much like any SM64 machinimist, is pretty much identical to Mario, including attire, albeit he differentiates this by wearing a blue shirt and hat, and white overalls, but keeps white gloves and brown boots. He, however, has been noted to have different hair, which either differs between silver anime girl hair in pigtails or slick spiky black hair (in reference to Luke Lerdwichagul's hair).

In "official art", his head is often replaced by a representation of Luke (which sometimes resembles Beeg SMG4's face, but he canonically has the same shape as Mario).


SMG4 is usually portrayed as either the only sane man at Peach's Castle or (in later seasons) as a stereotypical meme-loving addict. SMG4 is constantly annoyed with most of his friends' flaws and stupid behaviors; SMG4 dislikes Mario’s stupidity, Luigi's childishness, Toad’s grumpiness, Peach Toadstool’s bossiness, Fishy Boopkins’ naivety, and Bob Bobowski’s former selfishness (which he is ironically responsible for). Despite being normally intelligent and sensible, SMG4 can have his moments of being retarded. For example, in SMG4: The Mario Hustle, SMG4 hilariously somehow idiotically fell for one of Wario and Waluigi's scams by buying one million rocks just because they told him that his videos would be funnier due to the rocks (to which Mario mocked SMG4 for), and even asked for pineapple on a pizza, to which Bowser claimed he has a mental disability to the pizzeria, much to SMG4's sadness. He is very protective of his work, constantly refusing to play games with his friends to make bloopers. In fact, SMG4 goes so far to the point of beating his friends up should they touch his things, making him a completely anti-social and lazy person.

SMG4's Anti-Socialism.

According to SMG4: SMG4's Origins, due to his naivety, SMG4 was virtually careless about the mental state of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, even tolerating Mario's stupidity. When he made his first video, SMG4 immediately became hooked to his newfound hobby and recorded everyone he came across, partially taming their stupidity in the process. When SMG4 realized that everyone was still stupid even though he got rid of the problem, SMG4 shrugged it off, thinking that there's nothing wrong with "a bit" of humor in everyone's lives.

He also tricks his friends to go through weird situations, either to teach them life lessons and make them smarter, (SMG4: High School Mario, SMG4: Mario University) or for his own benefit (SMG4: The Mario Hustle). SMG4 is also boastful and stubborn, such as mocking Mario for losing for the 20th time in a row in Super Smash each other in the ass Brothers, claiming he is horrible at gaming, showing him to be a sore loser. Despite his flaws, SMG4 nevertheless has friendly moments and will sometimes do actions for benevolent purposes.

However, his appearances in earlier episodes up until Season 2 are nothing like SMG4's modern days. He had a massive dislike of Mario, was somewhat racist (as shown in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, where SMG4 claimed he dislikes Italians) and was just as immature as Mario. After Season 2, he became more mature but also quite vain. In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spaghetti Law., SMG4 lied to the judge about what caused a man to eat poisoned spaghetti (he put the poison into the spaghetti to prank Mario) out of fear of being arrested, was a meme dealer, and did other morally questionable choices. Additionally, SMG4 back then did not seem to care at all about the people who were supposed to be his friends. An example is in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ੮Һ૯ ૯Ն૯౮ค੮૦Ր, where after Mario and Luigi were accidentally killed trying to escape an elevator, he didn't mourn them and instead made fun of the Mario Bros. on their funeral, showing that pre-Season 2 SMG4 was an uncaring jerk who greatly despised Mario.

Criminal Record

  • Meme Dealing: In SMG4: MarioTube 2, it was revealed that SMG4 was an illegal meme dealer, discovered by Luigi. He, however, was not arrested until SMG4: Mario Preschool.
  • Using Confiscated Things and Hijacking: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spaghetti Law., when spaghetti, Mario's favorite food was banned from the Mushroom Kingdom, both him and SMG4 tried to bring it back by hijacking a truck filled with the dish.
  • Stealing and Murder: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti, he and Mario stole spaghetti from a guy and blew his house up, taking the man with it. According to SMG4: SMG4's Origins, SMG4 stole his first laptop after discovering the power to create content, in which the Medic was unable to stop him because he became insane due to SMG4's Guardian Pod, but its possible that due to SMG4 helping Medic from being so stupid that he thanked him by letting SMG4 have the laptop.
  • Home invasion: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti, he, along with Mario, broke into a guy's house.
  • Assault: In SMG4: Mario's Late!, SMG4 attacked SMG3 for getting awarded and also for taunting him.
  • Illegal Operations: During The Anime Arc, he defected from the Anime Secret Service and became part of the Anime Cartel, a criminal organization that illegally smuggled anime into the Mushroom Kingdom following its banning. After Peach lifted the ban, SMG4 was cleared of all charges.
  • Stealing Money: He was willing to help Mario steal money to fix Peach's castle in SM64 Guides: How to Get dem Coins., under the guise the Wallet Inspector.
  • Attempted Internet Takeover/Attempted Murder: This is, by far, SMG4's most severe crime to date. In SMG4: Lord Of The Memes, he created the Ultimate Meme, and whoever has it can control the Internet. When Bob Bobowski, Mario, Luigi, and Fishy Boopkins went to go destroy the USB drive containing the Ultimate Meme, SMG4 attempted to kill them and reclaim it.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: SMG4 is almost as strong as Mario, being able to punch and throw people very far away, an example of which being at the end of the rap battle in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, where he kicked SMG3 into the street below so hard, it resulted in a crater. However, SMG4 cannot physically lift as many things as Mario can.
  • Meme Bomb: In 2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR), SMG4 created a gigantic ball of energy by gathering energy from internet memes (similar in concept to the Spirit Bomb technique from Dragon Ball). It has enough power to destroy the entire surrounding area of Peach's Castle, turning it into a charred wreck.
  • Superhuman Durability: Like his friends, he has survived almost all of the abuse his enemies inflict him with. An example of this being in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, which had one the challenges being to pronounce Susan Wojcicki's last name. With each failure, SMG4 was horribly tortured, including being set on fire, crushed, beaten up, and blown to smithereens.
  • Sub-Zero Temperature Tolerance: At the end of SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION! and SMG4: War On Beeg SMG4, he appeared in space (which has a fatal temperature) without any protective garments.
  • Vacuum Adaption: As shown above, SMG4 shows no signs of pressure when in Outer Space.

Meme Guardian

  • Meme Manipulation: He can convert memes into energy, but only if he holds hands with SMG3. The energy can be used to work wonders such as creating magic bridges, firing projectiles that can hurt SMG0, even at full power, and making Mario grow.
  • Meme Taming: Turns out that making videos of memes will cause them to get calmer, but not completely. This also works on any character who has been corrupted by SMG4's Guardian Pod but their personality change will persist.


  • Mario's Life: As Mario is his avatar, SMG4's form would be severely damaged if he dies, which almost happened if SMG1 and SMG2 had not interfered to save Mario's life from SMG0.
  • Ultimate Meme: In SMG4: Lord Of The Memes, he created the Ultimate Meme, and whoever has it can control the Internet.


SMG4 angrily hitting a vending machine.

  • SMG4 hates spaghetti, which is referenced in SMG4: Mario University. However, Luke Lerdwichagul likes spaghetti.
  • The song that best described him the most is Justin Bieber's "Baby".
  • SMG4 didn't like school.
  • He has a look-alike character alongside Wario and Waluigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, Plumber's Academy.
  • It is implied in several bloopers that SMG4 might actually be gay, or at least bisexual. This is most strongly evidenced by a major scene in Mushroom Wars: That Space Part 2, where he (playing Obi-Wan Kenobi) not only takes Mario (playing Luke Skywalker), Luigi (playing C3PO), and R2-D2 to a gay bar, but SMG4 is approached by a naked man saying that his "butt had gotten bigger since the last time he was there". However, in SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 6.64(100k special Qna Edition), he stated he was not gay.
  • According to SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL, SMG4 hates Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!.
  • His color code is similar color skin for Player 4 in the minigame Mario Bros. Battle in the Super Mario Advance series. But Luke recently stated in Hobo Bros that it's actually just random colors he chose.
  • SMG4 appears in the fan-made game Super Smash Bros. Lawl as a playable character.
  • MarioMario54321 made him a protagonist in his movie Back to the Fourth Dimension (The Rainbow Colonies).
  • SMG4's favorite Mario game other than Super Mario 64 is Super Fat Mario as stated in his SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400K subs :D).
  • He has been featured multiple times in the VS show Cartoon Fight Club. Some of SMG4 opponents have been SML Mario, Jeffy, ExplodingTNT, and TheOdd1sOut, and he has won against all of them effortlessly.
  • SMG4 color code is extremely similar to Stanley, the protagonist of Donkey Kong Land III.
  • Judging by the War Of The Fat Italians series' titles, he might be of Australian-Italian nationality. However, the title could also be referencing how SMG4 is a Mario Recolor, and that Mario is Italian.
  • He has 2 Yoshi forms in super mario 64 bloopers: race for golden overalls (green and pink).
  • SMG4 has a degree in memes, starting from SMG4: Mario University.
  • According to SM64 Christmas 2014: The Bowser That Stole Christmas., he still believes in the Easter bunny.
  • In universe, SMG4 is overly obsessed with his work and may lash out at anyone who disrupts him. This attraction seems to be natural, as only mere minutes after being born, he grew an urge to create content after discovering the power of YouTube. This obsession has apparently come to the point where SMG4 made "baby videos" of his computer, much to his own dismay when he attempted to discover his past.
  • Ironically, despite the fact that SMG4 cannot stand Mario's stupidity and constantly insults the plumber's intelligence, SMG4 is technically the one responsible for making Mario stupid, as SMG4's Guardian Pod corrupted him beyond relief and made him the exact opposite of his Nintendo counterpart. Possibly meaning that everyone (including him) somehow forgot everything that happened when SMG4 showed up. Additionally, SMG4's arrival technically made Peach a naggy housewife-like figure (though compared to Mario, it was due to the stress rather than SMG4's Pod), Luigi apparently bisexual, and Toad a hateful person.
  • Many Impressive mods of him have been made for Smash Bros. Brawl, 4, and Ultimate.
  • The Emblem on SMG4's hat is inconsistent, sometimes even changing in mid scene. It can either be a standard red Mario logo, a blue one to match the color of his hat, a blue "S" (for SMG4), a full blue "SMG4" or simply the white SMG4 letters with no background (as seen on channel icon).
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