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For 10 years, we've gone on amazing adventures. And I want to thank all of you for making this show awesome. And this is for all my awesome fans out there. for watching my content and coming back for more. You're the real MVP here and the reason we're all able to continue going on adventures. So thank you! Thank you guys for EVERYTHING!

—SMG4, SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

SuperMemeGuardian4, more commonly abbreviated as SMG4 and also known as SuperMarioGlitchy4, is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mario) of the SMG4 series.

He is a major protagonist in Season 1, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mario) of Seasons 2-8, the deuteragonist of The Waluigi Arc, a supporting character in The Rapper Bob Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Luigi) of Season 9, a major character in The Anime Arc, a major character in Season 10, the deuteragonist of The YouTube Arc, the main protagonist of Season 11, SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special and the Genesis Arc, and one of the four tritagonists of Season 12 (alongside SMG1 and SMG2 and SMG3). He is also a supporting character in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny.

He is a partly amnesiac meme guardian, Mario's closest ally (rival in the War of the Fat Italians series), the de facto leader of his gang, and the former arch-enemy of SMG3. SMG4 has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the sane man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's crazy, flamboyant idiocy. Despite this, they are friends in most episodes, especially in the recent ones. SMG4 enjoys being around the presence of his friends, going on many zany adventures and fighting great enemies in story arcs. During the Genesis Arc, he started searching for answers about his origins and earned most of his answers in the end, until he put the pieces of the puzzle together and learnt the truth behind Zero at the end of the Revelations Arc.

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In the Genesis Arc, SMG4 was born inside a Guardian Pod and it was plugged into the SMG4 Universe by Luke Lerdwichagul (SMG4's real-life counterpart). His Guardian Pod crashed in the field outside Peach's Castle and its entrance opened to release SMG4, who didn't know his identity and was confused of his surroundings. He explored the Mushroom Kingdom and unbeknownst to him, SMG4's Guardian Pod was making most of the populace incredibly stupid and flanderized, also making the Kingdom's resident hero Mario an idiot with mental issues, and as a result of Mario’s transformation, Princess Peach a bossy, naggy ruler. During his sightseeing, SMG4 noticed a computer and taking a liking to it, decided to stay in the Kingdom to make memes out Mario and his friends, posting them on the Internet afterwards.

He later witnessed the arrival of SMG3 in his own Guardian Pod and they became mortal enemies just by disliking each other's presence. After SMG4 and Mario dumped SMG4's Guardian Pod into the Dark Web, thinking he saved the world, SMG4 left the kingdom as it is, since he believed there was nothing wrong with the residents having some humor and fun (though SMG4 likely grew annoyed and tired of everyone's antics as the years flew by). Afterward, he participated in Meme School, where SMG4 became SMG3's rival in memeology. He successfully graduated from the Meme School, unaware that SMG3 became utterly jealous of him, which would lead to his hatred of the future YouTuber. Knowing only the acronym of his name, he started calling himself SuperMarioGlitchy4, which was also the name of his YouTube channel at the time.


Click on "Show Adventures" to see a list of SMG4's Trivia.

SMG4 debuted in the SMG4 series in Account Loss, where he visited Peach's Castle as per his lawyer's advice and Mario was bribed by a Shady Character to give away SMG4's YouTube account. SMG4, enraged by this, worked together with Mario to defeat the Shady Character and they successfully retrieved the account.

As years of adventures went by, he was friends with various YouTubers and fellow SM64 machinimists such as FM and X, however SMG4 started growing distant from them ever since the mid-seasons of the SMG4 series. SMG4 and Mario had to fight against SMG3 and Bowser, however the latter became friends with them. He had an annual event called War of the Fat Italians where he would compete against Mario in challenges and rap battles. More characters join the main cast and his gang, namely Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski, and Meggy Spletzer, thus the classic members of the roster have decreased in appearances.

The Waluigi Arc

In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, SMG4 was looking out through a window in Peach's Castle. Luigi then asked what was he looking at and SMG4 replied that he noticed that Shroomy had been stuck in a T-Pose for a long time now. Luigi wondered if it was a new kind of yoga but SMG4 thought that that kind of yoga was very strange and went over to check him.

Luigi showed Mario what SMG4 was doing and Mario happily reported that he "[was] being a bird with Shroomy!" Upon hearing that, Luigi realized with horror that SMG4 had also become just a T-Posed person. Suddenly, both Shroomy and SMG4 turned around and started approaching the castle, freakin Luigi out and worrying Mario. As Luigi barricaded the doors and one of the T-Posers made a hole in the door. Mario threw Toad at the T-Posers, and the midget got infected by the T-Pose Virus. Screaming in horror as the T-Posed characters headed their way, both Mario and Luigi headed upstairs.

On the third floor, the T-Posers encountered Boopkins, Bob and Meggy. Boopkins was infected by the virus and Meggy easily knocked the T-Pose Zombies. However, they were unaffected as they proceeded to gang up on her as they prepared to make her one of them. The T-Posers headed up for the Clock Room where Mario, Luigi and Bob were hiding. The Mario Bros. quickly blocked the doors, making the T-Posers struggle to get through. After Bob ditched the bros. and headed for the roof, the T-Posers burst through. Mario and Luigi were chased to the top floor and the bros. tried to get to the roof, but the door was locked by Bob.

Even though the bros. managed to get through the door, Luigi was infected by the T-Pose Zombies, much to Mario's horror. After kicking Bob off the roof, Mario was cornered by the T-Pose Zombies. Unexpectedly, Peach showed up in a helicopter and fired away 1-Up Mushrooms at the T-Pose zombies, returning all T-Pose Zombies back to normal with SMG4 confused.

Peach revealed the cause of the virus to be T-Pose Shrooms, and Shroomy, being the one who ate one, recounted how he became a T-Pose Zombie. Waluigi, armed with his Staff of Rejection, created the Shroom and ordered Shroomy to eat it. When Boopkins suggested that they should look at his card collection, causing Mario to ask who wanted to do anything but Boopkins' suggestion, causing everyone else to cheer for Mario's decision. They quickly boarded the helicopter and left Boopkins.

In SMG4: The Mario Café, SMG4, Toad, Luigi, Saiko Bichitaru and Mario were kidnapped by Kamek and teleported to Bowser's Koopa Cafe. Mario wondered why they were all here, and SMG4, angry, explained that it was because he killed all of Bowser's employees, forcing them to take their place.

In the café, Bowser assigned SMG4 as the barista (who was pouring bleach into the coffee). Bowser asked if they were all ready but everyone shown were not. He told everyone to get ready for the first customer, which was Shroomy. SMG4 was still trying to comprehend the drink order, but as Saiko was getting impatient, SMG4 quickly ran out the door in a panic but noticed a coffee vending machine.

Seeing it as the answer to his problems, SMG4 ordered a drink from the machine and sampled it just to be safe. He threw it up almost immediately but decided it could do. As Shroomy contemplated the taste of his order, SMG4 tried to look nervous. Fortunately, Shroomy enjoyed his meal.

Suddenly, a huge crowd appeared outside, looking for a meal, concerning everyone except Bowser, as that meant more customers. Waluigi left the cafe after being rejected for causing the First T-Pose Outbreak, scheming a future plan while SMG4 loaded up on vending machine coffee to the point where it stopped working. Refusing to accept it, he sold water as "tasteless coffee".

The café was suddenly a ruckus. Bowser then heard people complaining about the service and leaving. That caused him to be so heartbroken that he had a heart attack and passed out. Luigi, being the only other enthusiastic character, called an emergency staff meeting and literally shoved everyone into a meeting room. Bowser woke up from his coma and said they needed a team-based system. Everyone emerged from the meeting room, ready to get back in business.

SMG4 agreed to swap places with Toad, as SMG4 "has typed stupid shit" all his life, meaning he could quickly type in each customer's orders. Bowser was overjoyed as his café was finally running smoothly, and played the Car Rap instrumental to celebrate. SMG4, Luigi, and Saiko moved to the music.

In SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Mario and SMG4 were playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where eventually, SMG4 defeated Mario. It also turned out that Mario lost to SMG4 for the 20th time with SMG4 mocking Mario just sucked at gaming. Mario had enough of losing and said he was going to train to become better than SMG4 before leaving the game room, although the latter was laughing as he bragged that Mario would not keep to his words.

After being trained by Tari, Mario and SMG4 had a rematch. Mario did better than last time but SMG4 still had the upper hand. Mario suddenly improved drastically, shocking SMG4 into doing even harder. However, in the last few seconds of the match, Mario delivered a finishing blow to SMG4, winning him the game. SMG4 became morbid that he lost while Mario was super ecstatic that he won. SMG4, crying to the door knowing that Mario would not let this go, suddenly saw Tari at the door, who quickly left. Tari then saw SMG4 sad because of his recent loss and asked him if he wanted to play for fun, which he agreed to. SMG4 and Tari played Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. while Mario was flaunting his victory over SMG4.

In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, SMG4 was at Bob's Carnival trying to win Bob Tickets to win the Eggman Football playing at a ring toss booth where the YouTuber was doing poorly. SMG4 then requested for 700 more rings, giving a huge pile of money in exchange. Instead of just tossing the rings, he used a machine gun to fire at the bottles. Somehow, he failed with the same results as before, with Bob commenting that he also sucked at shooting.

As SMG4 was raging at over how he kept missing, Mario pointed out there was a fan blowing away all the rings. Upon hearing that, SMG4 angrily asked if it was rigged. Knowing he would get in trouble if he admitted it, Bob decided to pass it off by giving SMG4 10 Bob tickets. Calming down, SMG4 declared that he was one step closer to getting the Eggman Football. Shocked that SMG4 had also laid his eyes on the prize, Mario said that he laid his eyes on the prize. Seeing they were in a competition, Bob asked if it was SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, which SMG4 replied it was not because it would be coming out later. With that said, the two went off to gather tickets.

After numerous games, SMG4 was about to play a fishing game when he found Tari playing the same game but failing at it. Knowing she was a good player, SMG4 asked her to help him, where although she claimed she was busy and that she was not good at carnival games, said she would help him if she got a duck from the game. Soon after, SMG4 fished up a duck for her and she kept to her promise.

Mario got help from Meggy in a game in which he must shoot the cardboard ducks, but Tari then came in with SMG4 and due to the increase in difficulty on the request of SMG4, Tari scored more points than Meggy. Tari, using her cybernetic arm, managed to win against Meggy in a competition, and it also earned a friendship with Meggy. Soon after, both SMG4 and Mario realized they had enough tickets. They quickly made a run for the prize cabin, only to discover that the tickets needed to buy the Eggman football was actually 100,000,000 tickets rather than 100,000. As a result, the two started crying on how they would never get the football (even though Bob tried to please them with a plastic toy comb but it did nothing in soothing them), only to see Meggy and Tari with a lot more tickets from playing more games.

Happy, the two quickly bought the football and started running out of the carnival, accompanied by Meggy as they promised to share the prize with her.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, SMG4 was at Glitchcon and opened his Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!. Mario spotted SMG4 going around a corner and happily went to join him. SMG4, seeing the Mario Bros., welcomed them to his Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!, which was empty except for a lone Birdo in the corner. As Mario turned to leave, Luigi asked if they could play Warhammer 40K, much to Mario's disbelief, and SMG4 happily set them up to play.

Waluigi, in his Walurambo form, attacked the convention and caused mayhem, transforming crowd members into T-Pose Zombies. Mario, Luigi, Boopkins and SMG4 were heading for the exit, but Luigi got transformed, much to Mario's dismay.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, SMG4 went to Mario's House and got hit in the face by Mario upon entry, since Mario thought he was a T-Pose Zombie. After a short conflict, SMG4 told Mario they needed to save their friends. Mario then told SMG4 that there was no cure to the virus, and there are too many T-Pose zombies. SMG4 told Mario they needed to destroy the "THICC" beam at Glitchcon, and that he had a plan. He showed Mario his deathbus, an old city bus decked out with spikes and guns. After Mario added a cap and mustache in his likeness, they headed to the ruined Glitchcon.

Outside, Toadsworth was being chased by a small horde of T-Pose Zombies, he then saw SMG4 and Mario driving towards him the deathbus and exclaimed “Oh thank the stars! Rescue!!!” However, he was then run over by the deathbus. SMG4 wiped Toadsworth off his windshield, but when he noticed a huge pile of debris blocking the road. SMG4 gunned the engine, trying to get over, but the debris was too tall and too heavy. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a mob of T-Pose Zombies, who rocked the bus. The zombies later barged open the door. Mario, undaunted, kicked them back, despite SMG4's protests and yelling at him to get back inside. He held up well until a Pianta grabbed his leg and dragged him into the T-Pose zombie crowd. SMG4 cried out for his fallen friend as Mario started to black out.

Just before Mario is turned into a T-Pose Zombie, Saiko dropped in from nowhere with a giant hammer and knocked out several T-Pose Zombies. The two were shocked to see her, and she knocked the debris out of the way so SMG4 and Mario could go through. She hopped into the bus, and SMG4 happily drove away, almost leaving Mario behind, who managed to catch up to the bus and jump in. On the bus, SMG4 and Mario asked Saiko why she was helping them. She responded that she was only helping was that most of the people were "brain dead" and that she couldn't get any attention from them. The bus arrived at what was once Glitchcon, which was strangely unguarded. Waluigi laughed as he revealed he was right behind them and threw a ball of energy their way. The trio freaked out and SMG4 drove away as Waluigi chased them.

The deathbus crashed through the front doors, with Waluigi close behind. He told Master Hand to destroy Mario, SMG4, and Saiko. However, the bus was headed for a head-on collision with Master Hand, but Saiko climbed to the roof and makes a hard-hitting blow. Master Hand fell to the ground and Mario and SMG4 ran to the staff. Mario lunged for it, but Waluigi snapped his fingers, and Mario just missed getting a hold of it as the staff flew back into Waluigi's hand.

Waluigi mocked Mario and SMG4 at their effort, as well as Bowser, Luigi, Meggy, and Shroomy for being idiotic guards. Adding insult to injury, Master Hand had Saiko literally held captive, and Waluigi turned her into a T-Pose Zombie, amid SMG4 and Mario's protests. Unaware of its impact, SMG4 called Waluigi an ass, who gladly accepted the hate, making him stronger. Waluigi then revealed he had the complete set of characters, which included Steve, Toad, X, Bob, Toast Guy, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Peach. Mario and SMG4 were the only ones missing, and now that they were there, Waluigi's set was complete and was ready to show the world what true rejection feels like. SMG4 just wanted to know why Waluigi was doing this, and what he wanted from them. Waluigi laughed and said he just wanted to play a game. Waluigi then teleported the two and proceeded to teleport himself as well.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, SMG4 and Mario were falling through a dimension where they were sent to by Waluigi. SMG4 said he did not know and that he last recalled Waluigi sending them into the place they were in now. Suddenly, Waluigi appeared and told them that they were in the Rejection Dimension, a place where nothing, not even life or companionship existed. SMG4 did not understand why Waluigi sent them here to which the crazed person replied that if he could not get into the latest Super Smash Bros. game, then he would create his own Smash Bros.. SMG4 disagreed with the idea but Waluigi said it was not just any Smash Bros., but also a form of War of The Fat Idiots to which Mario corrected him saying it was Fat Italians but Waluigi did not care any longer and said they had to fight each other in a series of challenges or they would never leave the dimension. Mario hated it but Waluigi just sent them to their challenges anyway to a barbershop. Then he summoned Bob and released the Garo from his T-Pose state who proceeded to ask what was up with Mario and SMG4. They asked if Bob felt okay which he replied he was feeling great although he suddenly had the urge to cut some hair and went over to do so, much to their horror. This started the war.

Challenge 1: Survive a haircut done by Bob, AND not try to die during it

The first challenge, "Who can survive a haircut done by bob AND not try to die during it", suggested by @MoistOcto on twitter, had the Garo tie both SMG4 and Mario to chairs. They were panicking a lot. When SMG4 and Mario realized that Bob gave Baldi his haircut, who commented that both of them were f*cked, it caused them to panic even more. Bob just thought of them being excited and went to get his hair-cutting blades which were scimitars. Bob started with SMG4 who dodged the blade a few times before pleading with Bob to have mercy on him, which the Garo whispered to him that it did not exist in his world before cutting SMG4's hair to his dismay. SMG4 was left with a large bald patch on his head.

Challenge 2: Make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins

The second challenge, "Who can make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins?", suggested by SomethingChara on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to make an anime that would impress the Spike more than the other participant. SMG4 went first showing his anime, a city-based one where he tried getting groceries against Jeeves. Boopkins, however, gave it a mixed review, causing SMG4 to get mad before being pushed aside by Mario, who showed Boopkins his anime, a high school anime. Boopkins loved it and SMG4 announced he quit making anime for the Spike, making Mario the winner.

Challenge 3: Steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught

The third challenge, "Who can steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught?", suggested by @MarvinComix on twitter, had the two of them try to steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught. SMG4 tried to use a Minecraft fishing rod to steal Bowser's nuggets, but pulled the wrong items, including, a vase, a picture parodying the Bowsette meme called Kamette, and Bowser Jr.. That caused Bowser Jr. to scream out, distracting Bowser into finding out where was the noise. SMG4 continued to try to hook Bowser's nuggets, this time from the hallway, not knowing Mario already succeeded, making the red plumber the winner.

Challenge 4: Make Yoshi pay his taxes

The fourth challenge, "Who can make Yoshi pay his taxes?", suggested by King Inkling on YouTube, had the duo try to get Yoshi to pay his taxes. Yoshi crashed landed on a boat when suddenly, SMG4 was nearby. He said that either Yoshi paid his taxes or he would never see his son again. Yoshi decided that rather than save his son, he would keep evading his taxes and just jumped into the ocean to swim away. That resulted in a draw for the duo.

Challenge 5: Build the best paper airplane and fly it farther

The fifth challenge, "Who can build the best paper airplane? Farthest one to fly wins!", suggested by Viger the Magnemite on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to build a paper airplane that could fly as far as possible. Mario was pleased with the outcome of his paper airplane until he saw SMG4 create a much bigger one that resembled a Boeing 737-800 and took off with it. Mario was pissed at that, resulting in SMG4 being the winner.

Challenge 6: Get Luigi a date

The sixth challenge, "Who can get Luigi a date?", suggested by Damian Johnson on YouTube, had both SMG4 and Mario try to get Luigi a date. At a clothing store, SMG4 said he would get him a suit, a tie, and some hair products and told him to stay put meanwhile and then added when he was done, he would look fabulous before leaving. More crows came and went to attack Luigi, just as SMG4 returned with some cologne and the suit. Mario claimed he succeeded but Luigi was being attacked. However, the rules didn't say anything about animals wanting Luigi's ass, so technically, Mario is the winner for this round.

Challenge 7: Beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles

The seventh challenge, "Who can beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles?", suggested by @silveosalgentum on Twitter, had Mario and SMG4 try to beat Wheelchair Koopa at an obstacle wheelchair course on Rainbow Road. Both Mario and SMG4 started very fast while Wheelchair Koopa started very slowly. The duo fought each other in the race, with Mario slapping off SMG4's hat, and to with SMG4 responded with a chainsaw. Eventually, the duo upgraded their vehicles using the question mark boxes. Mario's upgrade gave him a bike, and SMG4's, Thomas the Tank Engine, which proceeded to get both him and Mario into the sky before exploding. Wheelchair Koopa soon followed nearby but then fell, resulting in a three-way tie for everyone and a draw for both Mario and SMG4.

Challenge 8: Scare Meggy

The eight challenge, "Who can scare Meggy?", suggested by Jazvil, had Mario and SMG4 trying to scare Meggy. SMG4 then appeared with Boopkins in his hand before throwing him inside her house. He then asked if she wanted to watch anime with him, making her scream in terror, giving SMG4 this challenge.

Challenge 9: Survive a night out with Saiko

The ninth challenge, "Who can survive a night out with Saiko", suggested by gaben pereira, had Mario and SMG4 on a date with Saiko at Bowser’s cafe. SMG4 was next and Saiko grumpily told him to listen to her or he would regret it. SMG4, scared, agreed. Saiko then angrily asked why was he not pouring the drink to which he quickly struggled with but managed to do so after a while. Saiko thanked him but he had a heart attack, causing him to fail the challenge too. This resulted in the challenge ending in a draw

Challenge 10: Last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari

The tenth and final challenge, "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers"", suggested by Mike Geno & Gavyn_Games, had both Mario and SMG4 come out of the rubble like in War Of The Fat Italians 2018 - Official Trailer. Waluigi then came tasking both Mario and SMG4 to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. Mario initially was relieved that he could simply sit down and play. Waluigi then corrected him saying it was in real life before taking control of Mario's body and using him to beat up SMG4. As the two fought, suddenly, an unknown voice told Waluigi to stop it. Turned out it was Tari but she clumsily fell from the rubble. She was soon back on track where she claimed she would help end the challenge by taking control of SMG4 with the magic controller she used to control Master Hand.

Turned out the challenge was "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari?" and as a result, SMG4 and Mario became equally matched. Mario, however, turned the tables and kicked SMG4 into a building. Satisfied, Waluigi ordered Mario to kill SMG4, mind-controlling him into doing so. Realizing she cannot let Waluigi win, Tari went into Expert mode and had SMG4 fly out of the building (accidentally falling on Mario) and rush towards Waluigi, expertly dodging all the bolts shot at him and knocking the staff out of his hand, and exploding. Due to the staff being destroyed, all of the T-Pose Zombies returned to their normal states. On a technical level, SMG4 won the challenge, but only with the help of Tari. As a result, Waluigi became even angrier as the rest of the SMG4 cast celebrated.

The battle was not over, though. Waluigi challenged everyone to a Rap Battle. During the rap battle, Mario and SMG4 said that since he gained power by rejection, he must be weakened by affection. Therefore, there had to be someone who still loved him, even though Waluigi believed it was impossible.

Suddenly, Wario joined in the rap and in it, he apologized to Waluigi for always being an asshole. The whole gang watched the therapy session the Wario Bros. had with SMG3, which ultimately resulted in the brothers reconciling with each other, causing everyone except for Toad, Saiko, and Bob to be happy. SMG4 was happy that everything turned out to be okay but Mario realized that the Mushroom Kingdom was still destroyed. Since nobody seemed interested in restoring the kingdom, Tari suggested playing some more video games, to which everyone except for SMG3, Wario, and Waluigi all happily agreed to.


On the night of the Mushroom Award Ceremony, SMG4, being selected as a guest speaker for one of the categories, was furious that his friends weren't ready. He threatened to blow up the internet router, but when his idea backfired, he and the rest prevented the router from being destroyed. SMG4 was the guest speaker for "Most Outstanding Civilian", which was SMG3, much to his dismay and they got into a scuffle.

The Rapper Bob Arc

In SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018), Mario panicked and freaked out over the purge, an event where crime is legal for Teletubbies for hours, asking SMG4 about the news. He was not concerned, as they did this every year. Naturally, he already had a giant gate surrounding the castle to block off the Teletubbies. He also pointed out the many people inside the castle for the aforementioned reasons. SMG4 advised Mario to not worry, as it would be morning in no time.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside. SMG4 was still not worried, believing it to be a Teletubby. However, it was merely Bob wanting to seek refuge as well. Though there were no Teletubbies visible outside, SMG4 did not want to risk opening the door.

Everyone else except Fishy Boopkins seemed to be okay with him dying as Bob helplessly begged them to let him in. Eventually, Boopkins in a moment of desperation opened the gate just long enough to let Bob in. SMG4 allowed Bob to stay, but only because they could not risk letting any more Teletubbies in.

As if on cue, Luigi panicked as several of them have approached the entrance, led by the Tubbie Leader, a Po in a pumpkin mask. They were here for Bob and promised they will let the others be if they could just purge Bob in exchange for their safety. SMG4 still was not worried and did not care despite their claims of knowing their way in. The Tubbie Leader gave them five seconds.

After the countdown reaches zero, they broke in through the floors, and by then, even SMG4 lost his cool. Luigi and SMG4 made it outside the castle as Luigi attempted to call RMKP, but forgot their number (911), much to SMG4's frustration. They were slowly being approached by 2 Teletubbies, and Luigi finally dialed 911. The stakes were high for the two escapees as one of the Teletubbies threatened to shove a calculator up their butts. Luigi successfully typed the numbers and could not help but celebrate despite SMG4 getting clobbered in the background. Luigi made the call, but no one was there, as RMKP were not allowed to stop the purge.

Luigi and SMG4 were captured, and they found out everyone else had been, too. SMG4 questioned their motives, and the response was "We're gonna have a bit of fun," though it was directed at Bob. As the Tubbie Leader was about to kill Bob, the clock struck, showing the time to be 7:00 am, indicating the Purge was over. The Teletubbies returned to their happy-go-lucky and stupid selves. Bob was apparently responsible for their anger, and when Boopkins asked why, Bob claimed it was the most badass illegal thing ever imagined: he kicked over a bowl of Tubby Custard that one of the Teletubbies was about to eat. Knowing the history of the Teletubbies and their tendencies with Tubby Custard, everyone angrily glared at him.

In SMG4: Mario And... The Well, SMG4 showed up to a well Mario was at, wondering what was going on. Mario explained that Boopkins fell down the well and cannot get out. SMG4 suggested he just dig his way up, while Boopkins, who was understandably frustrated, threw the shovel at Mario's face. SMG4 decided he would fish Boopkins out, and threw the line down the well. Noticing the sharp fishhook, Boopkins refused to touch it. SMG4 demanded that he took his help and chased the poor Spike with the rod for a short time until he caught Boopkins. As the dramatic reel-in ensued, it turned out SMG4 actually caught a boulder that hit him in the pingas and knocked him over.

Luigi showed up and furiously asked who was number one now (referencing the fact that Luigi is always Player 2) as he pulled out his Poltergust 3000 and slapped it to HyperDrive mode. He warned Mario and SMG4 that it would get spicy before slapping a button that said "NUT." Unfortunately, not much happened due to the distance between Luigi and Boopkins being too great. SMG4 and Mario simply watched dumbfounded as the Poltergust "warmed up."

When Tari walked by and noticed what was going on. SMG4 told her Boopkins got his ass stuck in the well, much to Tari's shock. Tari phoned for help, which surprisingly came in the form of Jeeves and Shroomy. Tari claimed their street smarts should be enough to help them out.

Shroomy warned everyone to stand back, as it could get intense. Mario, SMG4, and Luigi stepped back as Shroomy lowered a rope down to the little green Spike. Boopkins attempted to climb the rope, but his arms were too stubby to climb it. Jeeves said he would round everyone up and they would pull him out. Bowser, Luigi, SMG4, Mario, Tari, Jeeves, and Shroomy pulled as hard as they could, and things were finally looking up for Boopkins. However, Mario noticed a shiny quarter on the ground, and he just could not resist. Unfortunately, in the two seconds he went to grab it, everyone else lost support as Boopkins fell to his doom within the well and died, or so everyone thought, as they were seen visibly upset, despite Boopkins' sudden claim that he was still alive.

Just then, a horn blared as a fire truck arrived at the scene, with none other than Saiko and Meggy aboard. Meggy declared the Woomy Brigade was here. Meggy then hopped down and grabbed the hose. SMG4 was unsure of how the hose would help Boopkins, but Meggy explained her plan: fill the well with water and Boopkins would float right up. Saiko suddenly announced that Boopkins died, much to Meggy's shock. Turned out Meggy was not counting on Boopkins eating a lot of rocks before falling in the well, though at least Boopkins was still alive.

Mario had lost hope, but SMG4 had a last resort. He quickly scribbled a wanted poster with 2 coins to anyone who helped Boopkins. Luigi doubted his idea, but as SMG4 put up the poster, FM immediately arrived to the scene with his police crew, and X, who was unsure to the situation. Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi arrived, even a few other people who all wanted the money as well. People were stampeding to help Boopkins, and chaos ensued.

Suddenly, Bob returned in a helicopter despite not knowing how to fully operate it. Boopkins was surprised to hear Bob's voice, as he was not expecting Bob to return. Bob lowered the ladder into the well, allowing Boopkins to climb out at last. Everyone watched the duo fly off into the sunset.

Mario, SMG4, Boopkins, Meggy, Bowser, Tari and Saiko arrived in Bob's Mansion. Bob invited them to his new mansion to celebrate the first-ever "Bobs Giving" day, which was just Thanksgiving with a Bob spin. Bob went on to brag about his mansion with its "Mozart Style." A thought occurred to SMG4: how could Bob afford this place if he previously lived in a dump? It turned out Bob's Soundcloud rapping career actually took off, having nearly 1,000 followers and two raps posted as of the video's release.

After Bob guided everyone to the dining room, he proceeded to commence the feast, but the turkey was still alive. Bowser facepalms and tells Bob he needed to cook it first. Bob, who had somehow forgotten about it, then produced a Shotgun, but Bowser said that he would do it himself, without the shotgun. Bob gave most of the gang tasks, which left SMG4, Tari, and Bob himself at the table. There was a long, awkward silence until Bob offered to tell them the history of Bobsgiving. Tari was all for it, much to SMG4's anger.

Bob told Tari fake stories, which made SMG4 furious as he had to sit through them. Later, SMG4 finally snapped and shouted to Tari that none of that was real. Bob was offended and said that SMG4 would get coal this year's "Bobmas", but he said that he was going to check on the turkey and ran out the room screaming, unaware he was about to witness a huge fire, a panicked Bowser, and a supposedly innocent Meggy. Everything started going downhill fast. SMG4 literally burst through the doors frantically asking about Bob's fire extinguishers, who replied: "L0L SaFeTy 1s 4 L0s3rS." SMG4 tried to save Bowser with a watering can, and when he ran out, shouted to Bob that he could use some help. Bob, however, was okay with the events that were turning out.

Bob's mansion finally came crashing down. His guests were sprawled around the foundation, and Bob was upset that his home was destroyed, but forgot all about it when the turkey amazingly survived the wreckage, fully cooked. Bob told everyone to dig in. Bob insisted not to worry, as he said he could always buy a new house with his money, but he could not buy awesome friends to celebrate Bobsgiving with like them. Bob spoiled the moment, however, when he said this would make a great sob story for MTV, much to everyone's displeasure. Bob then quickly reassured them it was only a joke.

Despite everything that happened, everyone was happily enjoying themselves now. Mario, Bowser, SMG4, and Boopkins were eating their turkey.

In SMG4: War On Smash Bros Ultimate, outside Mushroom Mall of New Exton, SMG4 went over the plan to obtain Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. Ultimate with Tari and Mario. The plan was to take a shopping cart where SMG4 and Tari would go on top while Mario drove it, then head to a game store and buy the game. SMG4 then told Mario to pay attention because Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Brothers Ultimate released today. Mario told SMG4 he was overthinking and said that they just have to walk in and buy it. SMG4 then corrected the plumber since everyone surrounding the store had armor and was armed with weapons, to the shock of Tari with Mario saying he thought they were hobos, resulting in SMG4 facepalming.

SMG4 decided "it's time" and they headed to the mall, where a large crowd of people wanted to get in and buy the game. Taking the shopping cart, they waited for the janitor to reluctantly open the door, causing numerous people to run him over.

The trio made a rush to the store, running over a Cheep Cheep, a Toad, and Peach, only to be encountered by the Koopalings with a similar plan. Iggy Koopa then pulled out an axe and attacked the trio only to be stopped by SMG4 with a baseball bat. The plumber then distracted the Koopa by saying there were chicks causing Iggy to turn his head and be kicked by SMG4 overboard.

They managed to get to the store. SMG4 told the gang to get the game and get out, only for Tari to find out all the copies were sold out. Shroomy (the clerk) then, apologized to the trio, saying that they were sold "in an instant". He then recommended Sonic Adventure 2, but SMG4 simply shouted, "Dah dammit!" Tari then said that the game has to be in other stores and SMG4 agreed, telling the trio to get to the "Trolley Mobile", only to find out Knuckles the Echidna had stolen their ride, much to the extreme anger of SMG4.

Mario then suggested using Shroomy as a skateboard to get to other stores, but all the copies of the game in there were sold out (although Mario did find a game of a spaghetti dating simulator in the second store but had to leave it behind due to SMG4's protest) until they found a store run by Professor E. Gadd. Mario then found a copy and jumped to grab it, only to be stopped by E. Gadd. He said it cost 900 coins, with SMG4 and Tari protesting saying it was 10 times more than any other store, only for E. Gadd to reply, "Take it or leave it!". Mario and SMG4 were too broke to buy the game at his price, so Tari checked her pockets, only to find a copy of Shrek Super Slam and the magic controller she used in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018.

E. Gadd then kicked the trio out since they didn't "have the cash", but SMG4, refusing to give up, traded Shroomy for the game, which E. Gadd accepted and started building him into a cyborg. The trio was happy for getting the game.

At the exit, the trio was about to leave, only for them to be ambushed by the Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. They then demanded the trio to give them the game, to which they claimed was rightfully theirs, but SMG4 refused as they got it fair and square. Roy Koopa then said that they can do it the easy way or the hard way, up to what the trio would choose.

Mario then looked up and said, "FFFAAA***AHK YOUUU!" causing Roy to assume Mario has chosen the hard way. This caused the Koopalings into engaging in a fight with the trio. They managed to defeat a portion of them but were overpowered and defeated by Roy, who took the game from Tari. However, before they could leave, Tari called in Shroomy, now with a giant cybernetic body (E. Gadd allowed Tari to use Shroomy for a five minute trial run.) and he eventually decimated the Koopalings and took the game back. The trio, along with Shroomy, eventually left, happy with their game.

In SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins, SMG4 was walking happily to the castle until he noticed Boopkins, who refused to talk about his depression. Attempting another tactic, SMG4 offered to watch anime with him, but Boopkins refused, causing the YouTuber to get shocked as his friend would usually never say "no" to anime and walked backwards to the castle.

Inside the castle, Mario and the gang were playing Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate until SMG4 entered, telling everyone about Boopkins' plight. As a result, the gang started arguing over how to make Boopkins better, which culminated into a fight. SMG4 angrily broke up the fight and told everyone to do it their own way. They accepted.

SMG4 appeared shortly after Luigi returned the dead Toad and took Boopkins into his room to show him some memes. He attempted to have Boopkins watch one of his videos and even took out a couple of memes (a dabbing Robloxian, a Dr. Eggman head, and Baldi) from his chest full of memes to try to make the Spike laugh, but they at most only scared Boopkins instead of injecting some humor into him. Realizing that none of the memes were working, SMG4 searched his chest until he found the most cancerous memes that existed.

Meanwhile, Bowser entered the room with rocks for Boopkins to eat and was unaware of what SMG4 unleashed into the room beforehand. The Koopa King was taken by the memes storm and SMG4 closed the chest on them without knowing that Bowser was caught in the memes. He then discovered that Boopkins had jumped through the window.

In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, at Peach's Castle, everyone was doing their usual hobbies, until Luigi burst through the door carrying awful news. Luigi explained that Bob had skyrocketed to fame, but the others (except Boopkins who fell off the couch upon remembering himself ruining Bob's concert) thought he was just jealous of the Garo's success, with SMG4 assuming Luigi knew nothing about fame. But when they decide to watch one of his concerts on Live TV, however, Luigi's fears were confirmed when the concert, called the Ultimate Diss Track, showed nothing more than Bob hurling hurtful insults at his former friends (criticizing SMG4 an unfunny disgrace), claiming they made his life miserable and ended the rap by lying that it was all true. Everyone (except Mario) were deeply offended, horrified, and angry at Bob for humiliating them. Luigi then decided to tell the gang all about the cruel things that Bob did.

The gang was formulating a plan to get revenge on Bob. Luigi then came back with Saiko, who was angry at Bob for manipulating her and for what she did to Boopkins. When the gang welcomed her, Saiko suggested an idea in order to teach Bob a lesson he would not forget.

SMG4's Gang made a rap called Darkest Hour, where SMG4 and Meggy were the guitarists. Their song (which revealed all about Bob's cruel acts) did so well that Bob lost his fame and all of his fans to Saiko.

Realizing his fame and life had been destroyed beyond repair, Bob saw his friends inside a store and attempted to reconnect with them, only for them to shrug him off and turn back on him on retribution for humiliating them all.

In SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, the gang were all having a good time until Bob crashed through the castle's window. He presented to them golden statues of themselves that he bought with what was left of his money but they were not interested.

At a shopping mall, the gang suddenly heard some rapping in the distance, who turned out to be Bob. SMG4 questioned Bob's logic over restarting his rap career. Bob eventually ended the rap then announced that he was retiring to be with his friends. His fans felt betrayed and protested his decision, but his friends were very pleased, if not initially shocked, with his decision.

As Bob was in his home enjoying his former life, his friends all gathered around him to celebrate Christmas with him. When Bob opened his gift, it was a picture of them with Bob taped to it. That resulted in the other characters opening their presents: SMG4 got the Holy Meme Bible.

The Anime Arc

In SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, breaking news with Kermit the Frog stating that Anime was destroying the Mushroom Kingdom due to the events of SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge. Mushroom City had been damaged by the Mushroom Kingdom community while Mario, Tari, Boopkins, and Bob, the ones who accidentally started everything, all watched in horror. Furious over the destruction of her kingdom, Peach declared anime a bad influence on the citizens and permanently banned it. A division that arrests people for owning the now illegal anime called Anime Secret Service (A.S.S) is then established to destroy all remaining anime, with SMG4 as a lieutenant.

Mario, Luigi, Boopkins, Lemmy Koopa and Bob were discovered smuggling anime by the A.S.S with SMG4, who started accusing his former friends of joining the "bad guys". He ignored Mario when the latter says that anime is what it is and ordered their arrest, but focused on Bob since he was holding a body pillow. Luckily, Bob was saved offscreen by the Anime Cartel boss Francis.

At a warehouse, Swagmaster6969696969 and Chris Gordman were undercover as they received smuggled anime from Mario and Boopkins. When Mario recognized their voices, Swag called the A.S.S agents for an ambush, once again joined by SMG4, and blew up the crates holding anime with his rocket launcher.

SMG4 then told Swag to stand down and let him talk with his friends. SMG4 then told Mario and Boopkins to surrender, but Mario responded by grabbing a doll, holding the YouTuber in a half-nelson and threatening to turn him into a weeaboo with the doll if not left alone. Despite having him outgunned, the A.S.S were forced to comply (though Swag wanted to kill SMG4 with his rocket launcher if it meant killing Mario), while Boopkins distracted them to make their escape.

In the streets, Mario and Boopkins dropped SMG4 off and start to panic, since Francis would kill them for losing his anime. They were then conveniently found by him and Bob in his limousine, with the latter showing his disappointment of Mario and Boopkins for failing. However, Francis was still convinced they would win, especially with SMG4 saying that he can help them since he worked for A.S.S, and had access to all of the security codes. They were given another chance. Their job was to escort someone out of the Mushroom Kingdom, then they were off the hook.

The gang then showed up at the Mushroom City-Metro International Airport, where they were joined by Saiko. She said that since she is anime come to life, the A.S.S. would try to kill her. Saiko then said that they are going to Japan, which delighted the gang (but Mario had to stay behind).

In SMG4: The Japan Trip, Saiko showed of one of the most famous temples in Japan to SMG4, Boopkins, and Bob. As SMG4 took a picture. Boopkins then asked Saiko if they can go to Tokyo City with Bob joining in. Saiko then said they could, only if one of them pulled the cart. Bob and Boopkins got in almost immediately, leaving SMG4 to pull the cart and for him to shout, "Goddammit!"

While on the road, Bob continuously whipped SMG4's shoulder, telling the "horsey" to go faster. At the moment, Bob then "pulled the last straw from" SMG4 by calling him a "fat man" and once again told him to speed up, causing the now triggered YouTuber to ground-pound the pulling stick to send Bob flying into a building. Bob saw an anime banner, it distracted Saiko to say that they were near Akihabara, the anime town. Boopkins and Bob got excited upon hearing that, causing he and Boopkins make a mad dash, dumbfounding SMG4, and Saiko.

In Akihabara, Boopkins then said that this was the best day of his life, pleasing SMG4. Bob then alerted the gang of the hundreds of "2D ladies" posted on banners and buildings causing him and Boopkins to explore, slightly crazy-like as SMG4 and Saiko happily walked through. SMG4 was taking notes in his meme book about a dog doing tricks on Japan Probe T.V..

The gang later found Axol in the street, giving signatures to fans, and Boopkins then said that Axol was the most famous Japanese comic artist in the whole world. SMG4 then proceeded to get through the crowd to talk to Axol, but the crowd wouldn't budge. As Axol finishes signing Yoshi's and a Bully's items, he then increased the size of his Inkweaver and began drawing an anime businessman and a high-school woman before bringing them to life, commanding the two to dance, shocking the gang. Eventually, the businessman and high-schooler fainted and disintegrated after a while, which caused Axol to declare that he must leave. The gang then chased after him and saw him in a corner drawing a Snorlax and asked him to take him to the train station. The Pokémon happily obeyed and flew off, resulting in the gang chasing him.

SMG4 then saw some rope and proceeded to make a slingshot by tying its ends on some posts with himself, Boopkins, and Bob as the ammo and Saiko pulling the rope. She then let go, causing the three to fly, but SMG4 crashed into a sign. As the Snorlax disintegrated, Axol got to Akihabara Station and summoned a Naruto Thomas the Tank Engine. The gang ran up to him, but he proceeded to drive away with the gang hanging on tight behind. Axol then jumped off at his stop (possibly Hibiya Station) while Thomas crashed into a possible dead-end, hurting them.

At an extremely crowded train station, SMG4 saw Axol headed for the stairs, but the path was blocked by all the people there. As such, Saiko then proceeded to pull out her hammer and knock the crowds of people out of the way. As the gang rushed up the stairs, Axol entered his home and summoned a guard to protect it.

Boopkins wanted to see him, but SMG4 warned him of what could happen as a Waddle Doo demonstrated. The Waddle Doo wanted his "senpai" to notice him while holding a paper flower, but the guard then punched him into the sky, scaring Boopkins into wanting to quit. Saiko then said she needs to know how Axol bring anime to life when SMG4 had an idea: SMG4 and Boopkins pretended to be assistants of "the most famous manga writer of the Mushroom Kingdom: Bobu-san" while Bob would be the said person and Saiko would be the "beautiful anime sculpture" he made. While the guard wasn't convinced, Axol was and he invited the gang inside.

In his house, the sink was jammed with dishes with two unfinished cup-ramen next to it with newspapers and manga on the floor as SMG4 and Bob pointed out. Bob then introduced Axol to his "bitches", much to SMG4 and Boopkins' displeasure. The gang then admitted the truth saying who they really are and Boopkins mentioned the ban of anime back home much to the shock of Axol. As such, Axol decided to help the gang lift the ban of anime with the help of his Inkweaver saying that they'll show them the joy of anime. While everyone else stood dumbfounded, Boopkins asked if Axol is great.

In SMG4: The Mario Showdown, at Mushroom Kingdom-Metro International Airport, Fishy Boopkins and the others arrived back into the Mushroom Kingdom only for Swag and Chris to deny Saiko's entry. Axol drew up some anime creatures which ran past the guards and distract them long enough for Saiko and the others to slip by. Bob hijacked a bus and SMG4 got in the driver's seat.

Meggy drove her newly-acquired monster truck and ran into SMG4. Everyone had a joyous reunion with their friend. Even with Meggy's agreement in unbanning anime, she still requested that they help her get back her weapons.

As Meggy and her friends arrived at Desti's house riding on the backs of a Snorlax, a Charizard, and a Blastoise, Desti had her minions to shoot them down, but to no avail. One of Desti's own bullets was sent back into the barrel of her gun when the Blastoise shot a waterball, causing the gun to jam and explode. Desti found herself ejected onto the ground and was confronted by Meggy. Desti made a bet: if Meggy were to beat her in a one-on-one splat duel, she would give Meggy her weapons back, but if Meggy lost, they will have to pull out of Splatfest. Meggy agreed.

Mario counted down the start of the duel, but Meggy suddenly threw her gun at Desti and knocked her down. Meggy then told her friends to quickly take the weapons and retreat. Axol draws Thomas the Tank Engine, they all board it, and leave Desti in their dust. Axol noticed Inkopolis and reveals he was born there.

In SMG4: Mario Saves Anime, at Mario's House, where Axol and SMG4 were going over their plan to unban anime. Axol stated that the plan was complete and asked who was ready to unban anime. Axol said that it was violence that got anime banned in the first place and said that he had a different plan. Handed some paper, Axol tapped it twice with his Inkweaver and soon, his plan was shown.

He says that all they have to do is to get him in front of Peach, so he could convince her to unban anime. SMG4 then stated that it was not possible, saying that there were many A.S.S agents protecting her, using Swag and Chris as examples and said that Axol can never get inside with his "1 IQ" anime characters. Axol then said that SMG4 underestimated his potential and said that Inkweaver is capable of any anime character he draws, drawing and summoning Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series. Axol said that the anime characters' intelligence and lifespan depend on the quality of the ink he uses, as Monkey D. Luffy screamed, saying that he has cancer before falling and disintegrating. Axol stated that if his plan is going to succeed, he needed better quality ink, like from his hometown, Inkopolis. He then started a dramatic backstory as all the lights except one on Axol dimmed. Axol once again tapped the floor with his Inkweaver twice and a flashback began.

After the flashback, Axol said that with his current, low-quality ink, he was only using 5% off the Inkweaver's power, so he needed some of Meggy's ink to use 50% of the pen's power.

After being handed some of Meggy's ink, Axol stated that inkling ink was so hard to come by in Japan before putting it in Inkweaver. He then proceeded to draw Monkey D. Luffy again who this time, was in the mood of killing (the Ho). Axol asked Saiko if she mentioned the Anime Cartel and Saiko proceeded to whistle for them as they and Francis bashed through the door.

Upon hearing the name "Axol", the Anime Cartel then froze in shock. It revealed that they also knew Axol as for the fact that they surrounded him and started asking/telling him personal questions/comments. In an effort to stop the cartel from swarming Axol, Mario jumped into his furnace, which is apparently his "Weeaboo Protection Chamber", which in turn, caused SMG4 to get angry at him. The Anime Cartel were soon under the obedience of Axol.

SMG4 heads to the (heavily protected) castle disguised as an A.S.S soldier. One of the guards notices him and asked if he was SMG4 (as he smuggled anime (Saiko) to Japan). Quickly confirming it, he then summons the Anime Cartel to distract the guards while everyone else went to convince Peach to unban anime, which she eventually sees the harmless truth.

With anime unbanned in the kingdom, Axol declared that he had to leave now that he had accomplished his goal. Boopkins asked if they would ever see him again, and SMG4 believed they would. Despite his departure, Meggy loved how this had a "happy ending" and that they should focus on the Splatfest.

In SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, SMG4 and Luigi arrived at a locker room near the Splatfest arena and asked the gang if they knew where Meggy is. Tari said that she should be with of them, but Luigi then explained she was nowhere to be found.

The gang was shocked by this with Mario saying that the Splatfest was about to start. SMG4 suggested that someone must substitute Meggy until they can find her. They ponder for a moment before deciding that Bob should be the substitute, much to his chagrin.

After the Splat Squad lost the first round, SMG4, Saiko, and Boopkins arrived at the locker room saying they couldn't find Meggy anywhere around the arena, shocking Mario and the others, who claim that something bad must've happened to her. An angry Mario quickly accused Desti of having something to do with this, but Desti arrived, claiming her innocence, stating that she had been waiting to get back at her for last time and that fighting against Meggy's team with Bob in it was a disappointment, hence why she's going to help the gang find her. Boopkins suggested that they should start looking for Meggy in her apartment, which SMG4 agreed to.

At Meggy's apartment, Boopkins opened the door and discovered that it's strangely unlocked. The gang then enter her room, only to find the place in a complete mess, with furniture and household items in shambles, orange ink splattered over the each of the walls and floor, much to their shock and horror. Desti started to believe that Meggy was kidnapped and wondered who could've done it.

Boopkins began to smell something. He then sniffed around to the kitchen and discovered a Naruto DVD on the floor, making Saiko believe it was dropped by the kidnapper. Desti started to suspect that Axol was Meggy's kidnapper, much to SMG4's disbelief. Saiko didn't believe it, but SMG4, Bob and Boopkins side with her, while Mario, Luigi and Tari side with Desti. Mario declared a civil war, which prompted both sides to fight each other.

Mario and SMG4 prepared to fight each other in the kitchen, with the two repeatedly slapping each other, However, Mario pulls out a "meme" button and pressed it, making it say "Pingas!", causing SMG4 to laugh hysterically, giving Mario the chance to kick him to the hallway. Boopkins and Luigi then told everyone to stop fighting and stay focused on finding Meggy (while SMG4 was choking Mario behind Luigi). Desti and the Splat Squad left to find Axol, and Mario asked if he can stay with SMG4's gang, but was dragged away by Desti. Boopkins asked Saiko if they should go after Desti's group but Saiko insisted that they already wasted their time and that they could search for Meggy themselves.

In SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances, Bob, Saiko, Boopkins and SMG4 arrive at the A.S.S headquarters building in New Exton. Saiko answered that Meggy's kidnapper apparently wasn't Axol, but Desti was right that the kidnapper probably loved anime so they were going to need the best "weeaboo hunters" in the kingdom. SMG4 doubted it and said that anime was unbanned and A.S.S was now down so it was quite uncertain that this was gonna help them. They got help from Swag and Chris. Chris then assured the group that as long as they were in, there would be nothing wrong with firepower.

The entire team eventually met at Peach's Castle, and Mario's group reported that Meggy and the others were being taken to Anime Island. With this, and also with the fact that Mario's team encountered glowing anime characters in mind, everyone (except Saiko) came to conclude that Axol was the kidnapper. There was only one dilemma left; how the crew was going to the Anime Island, if Desti cannot swim like all other Octolings and Inklings. This dilemma ultimately turned out to be solved by the Guards.

At a port somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, though Chris ranted at Swag for not owning a boat. Swag justified his opinion and spotted a boat docked at the other side of the port, with Mario cheering him on. On the boat, SMG4 watching a tutorial on "How to Kill a Weeaboo". Desti then called up to her new friends about who was ready to save her "annoying" rival. Everybody cheered on, but then a monster suddenly appeared right behind her. Everybody was shocked, while Mario shrieks out that the monster was Godzilla. False Godzilla then proceeded to shake the boat, with everyone screaming. While SMG4 commented on Godzilla's strange glow, Desti tried to shoot the kaiju away, only to be abducted by him. Godzilla then flew off to Anime Island, bringing the poor Octoling along with him.

In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, SMG4 was using his computer and then complaining about something and said "Goddamn it!". Shortly after that, Mario continued repeatedly asking if they were there yet until a severely irritated SMG4 lost his patience and then lauched himself towards, telling him to shut his mouth for once.

Suddenly, their trip was once again interrupted by Godzilla, who made a reappearance following his abduction of Desti. The crew tried to take him down once again. The monster then proceeded to slam his hand against the ship, making SMG4 fly. Seeing that, Bob immediately threw a waifu pillow towards SMG4, softening his landing, and then cheered about anime girls ("2D boobies" to be exact) "saving the world once again". Boopkins called Joe Boopkins, and a fight was onset between Joe and Godzilla. The crew then decided to shoot the monster with the boat's cannons, only for him to complain about how weak those efforts to stop him were. Fortunately, Mario distracted Godzilla at a crucial moment by accidentally launching himself out of a cannon and then getting right into kaiju eye. This allowed Joe to defeat Godzilla.

The Mario brothers and Saiko finally spot the Anime Island on the horizon.

In SMG4: World War Mario, in the early morning of June 6, 2019, near the coast of Anime Island, troop transporters, carrying most of the former A.S.S personnel, as well as SMG4's Gang, were on their way to the shores.

As the boat's door opens, the enemy forces began to open fire at the boat, killing most of the A.S.S agents instantly, leaving Mario, Luigi and SMG4 to scream in terror as they get off the boat. Mario and SMG4 made their way towards the shore, while many A.S.S. agents were being killed in gunfire and explosions. As they ran to the nearest barrier, Mario asked SMG4 about how his Thursday was, with him screaming in reply. Luigi came to aid Bob with medical supplies and told SMG4 and Mario to go on ahead, and the two continue.

Yoko Littner prepared to take out SMG4 (who was knocked over by Mario spinning inadvertently) with her sniper rifle but then getting blown up by a grenade thrown by Saiko. After a brief moment, SMG4 ran into Mario again and noticed him sitting on a beach chair, watching the battle with popcorn and calling it a "good firework show", much to SMG4's irritation. He then kicked Mario off the chair and dragged him along just before the two bump into Tari who called them to come over for assistance. SMG4 asked what was wrong and Boopkins explained that none of the soldiers could get past the point they were at because it was with too many lines barbed wire.

Mario got an idea and ran towards the blockage. SMG4 started to panic, but Mario told him that there's nothing to worry about since "Mario's got 4 IQ". He then saw a landmine and fell on it, triggering it to explode shortly after; the force of the explosion threw Mario through the rows of barbed wire, blasting through it, allowing the passing of the forces.

Mario, SMG4, Tari, Boopkins, Saiko, Luigi and an injured Chris were in a trench where the former was patching up Chris who survived because the bullet missed his vitals while insisting that Chris needed to stay behind. SMG4 then showed everyone to the entrance to the base.

As it turns out, SMG4's Gang were finally on their way to the base, running through the hallway and taking out each of the henchmen, though SMG4 got distracted by a False Hideo Kojima in a pink wig. The gang then came across Francis at the end of the hall, who revealed that he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of all the inklings. Tari and the others realized that they made a horrible mistake of accusing Axol. However, Francis, not wanting the heroes to ruin his plans, took out a picture of Sephiroth, and jammed Inkweaver into it, bringing False Sephiroth to life.

False Sephiroth had already killed many of the agents who accompanied the SMG4 cast to Anime Island. SMG4 then proceeded to bring out his computer to insult Sephiroth with a tweet that SMG4 made throwing shade at him, but started crying after the roasting insult resulted in his computer getting destroyed by the swordsman, and the latter held SMG4 against the wall. After the fight, they all chased after Francis.

Near the disabled Ink Zuccer 2000, Saiko charged at Francis trying to get Inkweaver from him, but got hit by False Sephiroth as well. As the gang kicked False Sephiroth around, Mario and SMG4 exchanged their own series of blows, before False Sephiroth was finished.

Upon witnessing their first win against False Sephiroth, SMG4's Gang cheered and congratulate themselves on their victory, not realizing that Francis still had Axol's pen. Their celebration was cut short when Desti was stabbed by another False Sephiroth's Masamune, mortally wounding her. Everyone watched in horror at what just happened as she collapsed to her death.

In SMG4: Final Hours, the whole gang mourned Desti's death. Francis, still wanting to fulfill his plans, drew 100 more False Sephiroths and ordered them to attack the gang. Being surrounded along with his friends, SMG4 later said that he didn't want to die since he had so many memes left to live for.

However, Bob, Chris, and Swag arrived with a T-34 Soviet Tank and knocked off Francis. When Francis was about to draw another powerful anime character, he found out that the orb on Inkweaver dulled out, implying ran out of ink, and began to run away. Francis was surrounded by SMG4's Gang. The gang then attack him, with SMG4's kick. The series of attacks caused Francis to be slammed against the ink tank, which caused Meggy's ink to spill out and pour on him and the Inkweaver.

However, the Inkweaver absorbed a grand majority of Meggy's ink, fully charging it to 100%. Francis created the most powerful anime character in existence, Goku, creating a shockwave that slammed SMG4's Gang against the wall. SMG4 then asked Tari which Goku type is that, and Tari replied it is the Super Saiyan God form, a form only accomplished when fully charging Inkweaver. Francis said this was his final form and told the gang to give up already, but SMG4 responded by saying that they either were leaving with Meggy or they were not leaving at all. Francis then ordered Goku to attack them, in which he easily defeated everyone (even blocking Luigi's Green Missile Attack), with Tari being the only one left. Axol managed to steal Inkweaver and have Tari stall Goku. He needed to recharge Inkweaver, so Axol, with Meggy's consent, reluctantly activated the Ink Zuccer to drain Meggy's ink, which would kill her.

Meanwhile, Francis ordered Goku to destroy the ink cage with Meggy inside. SMG4, Mario, and Fishy Boopkins then jump on him, but Goku shook them off and attacked the ink cage the second time using his Ki Blast, in which he succeeded in doing so, and the reaction caused an explosion. As SMG4's Gang was shocked in the turn of the events, Francis thought this was game over for them, and he had won. Fortunately, Meggy survived but was trapped under the rubble. Axol successfully created the character that is more powerful than Goku: Ultra Instinct Shaggy Rogers, astonishing SMG4's Gang.

As Goku was battling Shaggy, Francis was left defenseless and was cornered by SMG4 and his friends. Saiko then threw him into a spare Zuccer tank, and turned it on to max power, leaving him to die. Suddenly, the building started to break apart, as Ultra Instinct Shaggy overpowered the Goku, causing Goku to crash into the ground. When Goku began to glow. Goku, realizing he was losing, began to activate a powerful attack. SMG4 then asked what was going on. Axol informed everybody that Goku was going to self-destruct. However, Shaggy managed to round up the gang, as well as Desti's corpse, and bring them back to the ship. SMG4 then realized that the Inklings and Octolings haven't been saved yet, causing Shaggy to go back and rescue them and bring them back to the ship, Mario then realized Meggy wasn't saved, so Axol orders Shaggy to go back and save Meggy.

As Shaggy rushed back to save Meggy, Goku exploded, destroying all of Anime Island, and killing Francis the psychopath and the Anime Cartel in the process. Devastated from the apparent loss of Meggy and Shaggy, the gang began to mourn for the losses. However, Shaggy came back with Meggy. The gang was shocked with the appearance of Meggy. Because her ink was drained combined with being hit by one of Goku's Ki blasts, Meggy became a human.

At a nearby beach, a navy-style funeral for Desti can be seen being held, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Inkopolis citizens arrived to pay respects. The rest of SMG4's Gang cheered the grieving Meggy up and encouraged her to get back up when she is down; and even if she was not ready now, they will always be there to pick her up. Inspired by these words, Meggy thanked for the encouragement and pushed Desti's coffin to the sea. Swagmaster, Chris, and the Octoposse performed the 21-gun salute with M16 Assault Rifle (15 in this case) as Meggy and everyone else saluted their fallen comrade.


In SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, at a training ground, Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari were about to try out Professor E. Gadd's latest invention: the Ink Boi 3000, which would allow the humans to move around the field with ease. SMG4 then announced a battle royale to test the inventions.

After Tari won the battle, the entire group then went to Meggy's apartment for a pre-competition party. At the party, SMG4 told Luigi and Axol about how he cried for ten hours when someone told him to make a 40-minute movie. The gang played "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins", a game that Boopkins absolutely hated because it involved harm to him.

SMG4 watched the final Splatfest alongside his friends in the crowd, and they watched as the Splat Squad successfully ventured through the Splatstacle Course and seemingly lost in the Tower Defense, but after an error was discovered, the team was back in Splatfest. In the final round, SMG4 was amazed to see Meggy took hold of Mario's feet then Meggy spun Mario round and round, going faster and faster, before eventually throwing him over two opposing Inklings and successfully knocked out both of them. After the Splat Squad won, SMG4 and the rest excitedly ran on the battlefield, and hoisted all the team members up into the air and catch them. SMG4 congratulated the team on the win, and Bob announced a party at Meggy's apartment. Everyone excitedly headed over and everyone played "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins".

During Season 10, two meme versions of SMG4 have been created: Beeg SMG4 and Long SMG4. SMG4 was on Team Beeg and fought alongside his fellow believers against Team Long, that was led by SMG3. Once, Professor E. Gadd transformed SMG4 into Beeg SMG4, and he almost destroyed the world but was thwarted by Long SMG4 and reverted back to normal.

The YouTube Arc

In SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥, at Peach's Castle, SMG4 stumbled across SMG3's video on YouTube, and proceeded to watch it, looking at Mario's antics. Although pessimistic, he was shocked to see that the video had gained popularity, along with mocking comments about him and praising comments to the video. Believing to be another of his evil plans, he set out to stop him.

At the Snitch Productions studio, SMG4 disguised himself as Batman appeared right above the set of SMG3's Puzzle Palooza, revealed to be SMG4 as Mario recognized him, and fell down. Trying to get Mario to stop him from his "evil plan" failed, so he got chased by the studio's security, destroying the sets on his way. His chase had also angered the short-tempered Isabelle and Sans, who were doing their podcast, and in a fit of rage, they destroyed the whole studio, killing themselves and others during the impact, safe for Mario, SMG4 and SMG3.

The studio, now reduced to ruins, as Mario and SMG4 walked up to SMG3, sad that everything he had built for was gone. As SMG4 continued to mock him about his another bout of failure, SMG3 revealed that he never had an 'evil plan' after all, and lashed out his hatred of him ever since they went to meme school, where he was pushed over by the latter's popularity. Seeing how that turned SMG3 into the state he is currently now, he tried to apologize to him, but was quickly rejected, and SMG3 had finally enough and declared that he will come back again, now truly evil, as the world really sees him. He disappeared into the thick smoke, but then only came back to give a groin kick to SMG4.

In SMG4: Mario Gets【Woke】, Mario used YouTube Remote to make the content of Sr Pelo's video SMG4 was watching to SMG4 (who was aware of what the remote could do and futilely dissuaded Mario from using the remote) to scare him for his own amusement. Dr. Kawashima undid everything Mario had done with the remote.

In S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!, at Peach's Castle, where Mario arrived, having ruined the gang's playtime with Jenga, with a reasonable explanation that he got cast in an upcoming play, set to be shown in the Gielgud Theatre in Aubergine, Mushroom City, with a little story on his audition.

2 hours later, the Gielgud Theatre opened to spectators, watching the play, with the gang attending. As the play started, in which it all seems too familiar to the gang as the scenes were somewhat similar to scenes from episodes from Season 8, Season 9 and early episodes of Season 10.

It was only after the play ended that SMG4 finally raged when the play turned out to be a production of Snitch Productions, and ran off to find SMG3, who he knew had written the play.

SMG4 found SMG3, exiting Cromulus, and yelled at him. He was overpowered when the Anti-Cast surrounded him. Fortunately, he soon was backed up by the rest of the gang, which then quickly escalated into a fight. Then, Mario was able to stop the bickering between the two content creators and led to a truce between two factions (although SMG3 still had a grudge). The two factions finally came to an end, calling for peace with each other, and both went their own ways.

In SMG4: The Internet Graveyard, Mario (who was in the Internet Graveyard with Luigi and Axol) was able to call SMG4 on his iPhone for help, thus enabling him to revive a dead meme. SMG4, with Mario's suggestion, his meme trading skills and some help from Meggy and Bob, managed to revive the Harambe meme, allowing the three to escape the Internet Graveyard.

Back in SMG4's room, SMG4 asked how they got there in the first place. Mario tried to explain, but had a toilet break first. Wondering where Harambe was, the rest saw him flying out to the sky, with the three admiring him flying into the sunset.

In SMG4: Mario VS Youtube, Mario recapped how he helped SMG3 steal the YouTube Remote and got banished to the Internet Graveyard by him, while SMG4's face had a nerved look, knowing that the SMG3 would totally do anything with it, confirming his rumors of his evil intentions, and decided to call the gang to stop SMG3.

In SMG4: Deleted, SMG4 and the rest of the gang arrived at Snitch Productions Castle to stop SMG3, but he and the Anti-Cast had already travelled to the debut episodes of most of the members of SMG4's Gang. As SMG4 and the others traveled to their debut episodes, while the latter warns them if they run into their past selves a black hole will be created, Mario was ordered to remove the YouTube Remote from its power source but failed relentlessly.

Back in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, Present SMG4 arrived and told Past Mario not to trust SMG3. However, SMG3 told Mario that SMG4 is a personal gym teacher and persuaded him to kick his butt. Convinced, Mario beat SMG4 and kicked him out of the castle, leaving SMG4 shocked.

SMG4 arrived back in the present with a saddened Mario. After being asked where everyone else was by Mario, SMG4 apologized for being unable to save their friends before being sent to the Internet Graveyard.

In SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode, SMG4, his friends and Susan Wojcicki made it to Starbucks, where they got free Wifi to communicate with Mario. Susan and SMG4 managed to speak with Mario, who was frozen in a void. Susan freed Mario, with SMG4 giving him a mission to retrieve SMG3's phone that had access to the channel's hacked account to re-upload the debut episodes they appeared in, and provided a portal for Mario to go after SMG3.

As the gang awaited their Italian friend at Starbucks, Mario landed in the center of the room. As they asked if he received SMG3's phone, Mario continued to lie down and refuse to show his face. Being given the impression that he was grieving, the gang felt that he failed and grew upset. Mario then stood and turned around, smiling, as he revealed the phone in his hand. As his friends smiled, Susan exclaimed it was time to return home as SMG4 used the phone to bring everyone back, and the final battle had begun.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, SMG4's Gang and Susan came out of warp pipe after re-uploading their respective debut videos. They saw SMG3 and the Anti-Cast doing another video, who shocked upon seeing them, attempted to delete the gang again, only to be stopped by Susan. Susan attempted to take the remote back from SMG3, only to be paused by the remote. SMG3 then pressed a forbidden button that possessed JubJub Boopkins, revealing the spirit inside the YouTube Remote. It then teleported both the gangs with challenges to declare which was better and was worthy of the channel.

Round 2: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - S.L.N.P (Susan Last Name Pronunciation)

SMG4 and SMG3 each tried to pronounce Susan's last name, only to get it wrong every time as they get tortured in various ways. Eventually, both resorted to text-to-speech on advice by Whimpu but even their phones failed to correctly pronounce Susan's last name.

Round 13: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - Every copy of War of the Fat Italians 2020 is personalized

SMG4 summons the Mario Head to counter the Wario Head by reminding the latter to move on from his past incident. This caused the Wario Head to cry and leave, making SMG4 the winner.

Round 16: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - Spiciest Meme Maker

But when SMG3 presented his meme, the crowd felt very bored and uninterested. SMG4's meme was then presented as a follow-up, winning the excitement and applaud from the crowd.

Round 19: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - SMG3's Monologue Story

SMG3 offered to present his monologue, but when everyone got bored, he put it in the form of a play. He got Boopkins to come up. As Boopkins awaited to hear his role, SMG3 grabbed him and dangled him over the edge of the building, much to everyone's shock. SMG3 then announced that he didn't want to participate in these challenges anymore, threatening to drop Boopkins to his death if he didn't get the YouTube Remote. JubJub simultaneously had an inner conflict as he tried to fight the influence of the remote's spirit, eventually expelling the remote. SMG3 caught the YouTube Remote and left Boopkins on the rooftop, starting the Rap Battle shortly after.

SMG3 then ate the remote, therefore gaining its power, SMG3 then tried to freeze everyone by pausing them but only managing to hit Whimpu. He summoned some Oof Buttons and sent them after the cast, including his own gang who had already turned against him. As the characters fight the Buttons, SMG3 grabbed SMG4 and prepared to finish him off, only to get hit by JubJub after being kicked by Mario.

Now free, SMG4 jumped onto SMG3 and pummelled the latter into the ground below.

After the battle, SMG3 coughed up the YouTube Remote, giving it to SMG4. SMG4 then used the remote to unfreeze Susan for SMG3 to be finished off. With the remote, Susan summoned an Oof Button to banish SMG3 to the Internet Graveyard. Subsequently, SMG4 thanked Susan as the latter said she will keep demonetizing his videos, but only a little less. SMG4's Gang along with the former Anti-Cast now celebrated their newfound friendship and victory and Meggy tried out her new voice after being hit by a beam blasted from the YouTube Remote. The team then left the area as Bob announced Rob's party at Steve's Corn Farm, to the latter's delight.


When Meggy was depressed over not having a passion in life after winning Splatfest, SMG4's Gang tried to help her in many ways. SMG4 tried to make her into an online influencer. Eventually, SMG4 and the rest bought Meggy a ticket to Port Aurora so that she could have a vacation and find her calling. SMG4 was with his friends when they said goodbye to Meggy.

Genesis Arc

In SMG4: Perfectly Balanced., SMG4 was enjoying memes from his computer, until Mario screamed for help. SMG4 arrived, and Mario was seen held by a corrupted Morshu, with a noose on his other hand. Both tried defeating Morshu, but nothing was done. As they captured Morshu, two Ugandan Knuckleses arrived from the Internet Graveyard. Trying to catch Morshu, they mistakenly took Mario instead, forcing SMG4 to follow them.

At the Internet Graveyard, they were surprised at the realm's rapid civilization. Then, SMG4 looked at a video viewed by some Ugandan Knuckleses, believing that SMG3 was up to no good again. Coincidentally, Mario and SMG4 found SMG3's statue on the obelisk of the temple, and went there to meet him. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were taken to SMG3 by assaulting Ugandan Knuckles, being sent to a Sarlacc pit. They pleaded, until the crane stopped, and SMG3 appeared, directing his prank video, as in the Internet Graveyard, dead trends (like prank videos) are popular. SMG4 then asked about the corrupted dead memes. Mario and SMG4 were then released to talk to SMG3.

SMG3 then told SMG4 about the meme life cycle when SMG4 asked about the corrupted Morshu. SMG3 explained that the meme appears on Earth when it gets popular on the internet, and gets happy when put to work. And naturally, the meme loses its relevance, dies and gets sent to the Internet Graveyard, where SMG3 looks after them until the meme becomes relevant again. However, a meme must be willing to transcend if they are looked after and happy, otherwise they remain in the realm and become corrupted if they stayed there for too long.

SMG3 then sent SMG4 and Mario to deal with Morshu, by telling SMG4 to make him happy. Arriving back at the realm, where Morshu was getting more aggressive, SMG4 managed to make memes out of Morshu, finally making him happy, sending him to the graveyard. After the whole fiasco, SMG4 telephoned SMG3 to notify him, and asked how he took over the realm recently, in which SMG3 simply replied that he learned of the meme life cycle and took control from the meme gods. SMG3 got attacked by Ugandan Knuckles again, and SMG4 ended the call.

In SMG4: SMG4's Origins, continuing from SMG4: Mario Babies, SMG4 still suffered from his identity crisis. He tried to find his origins about himself by looking at the folder labeled "baby videos" only to be clips of SMG4 taking care of Windows 64, which make him sorely disappointed. He had the idea to call SMG3 about his past, but it turned out that SMG3 couldn't remember either. SMG3 decided to go to the Ancient Protectors to learn about his and SMG4's past, in which the protectors had the idea to shoot laser beams at them to flashback.

After the flashback that explained SMG4's backstory, SMG3, angered at his exclusion, finally got his flashback.

In SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, SMG4 wanted to celebrate 10 years of his channel after a failed attempt to remake Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie! and, after various wacky hijinks gathering the guests - he made a party to celebrate and invited friends, memes, and even his enemies from the past and present, with SMG4 inviting SMG3 and his dead memes as well, despite the latter's warnings. After the party, SMG4 was approached by the SMG4 obsessed hobos who want to tell him something important. SMG3 was about to take home his memes, only to find out that he had been locked out to the Internet Graveyard. The dead memes became corrupted, forcing the gang to fight. In spite of their best efforts, they lost, forcing them to barricade in the castle and SMG4, FM, X, SMG3 and Mario were abducted to an abandoned cathedral in the Dark Web.

At the cathedral, SMG4, SMG3 and Mario saw FM and X turned lifeless by extraterrestrial virus SMG0, and found other lifeless Mario Recolors on the cathedral floor. Desperate, they managed to escape from the cathedral, but Mario was later captured by SMG0. Trying to find any form of communication, SMG4 and SMG3 ventured into the Dark Web valley, later stealing live-stream equipment for any contact.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang managed to escape the castle with the help of the hobos, who they were trying to get SMG4's attention to warn them about SMG0, a extraterrestrial virus that was dangerous to life and must be contained, and that they had escaped before until SMG0 followed them. Hobo 1 and Hobo 2 proceeded to tell the only way to defeat it by using a Guardian Pod, USBs that both SMG4 and SMG3 used to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG4 realized that he threw his away by mistake, so he claimed that he didn't know where it was. SMG3 then suggested that they use his Guardian Pod, which was still stuck in the field it landed in.

However, SMG4 and SMG3 were kidnapped again by SMG0's corrupted meme, and Hobo 2 advised them to keep their avatar safe. Back at the cathedral, SMG0 began to corrupt Mario, causing SMG4 and SMG3's textures to glitch and they shrieked in pain. Fortunately, the gang managed arrived just in time with SMG3's Guardian Pod. The gang fought off the zombified Mario Recolors while the Hobos charged SMG0 with the USB. Before striking the final blow, the Hobos revealed that they were SMG1 and SMG2, telling SMG4 to find their Guardian Pod for answers. SMG0, being contained, had used SMG3's USB to suck SMG1 and SMG2 inside, and Mario, SMG4 and SMG3's avatar, was freed.

Soon, the Mario Recolors were brought back to life, now living in the established township of Bloopersville. With peace returned, SMG4, along with help from FM and X, decided to form the "Meme Machine" (which is just the three stacked on top of each other, with FM holding a boom mic and SMG4 holding a camera) to cleanse the corrupted memes before giving them back to SMG3. In the end, SMG4 and SMG3 finally acknowledged their friendly rivalry. The gang were relaxing on the top of Peach's Castle while reflecting on all that has happened.

In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, SMG4 chronicled the events of his origins and his meetup with SMG0, and he wanted to find SMG1 and SMG2's Guardian Pod. He recruited Mario, Bob, Axol and Melony, although Axol had to keep her company due to her being easily traumatized. They ventured to Dark Web City to find SMG4's USB, in which they stole a VPN to surf the Dark Web via the Cyber Tunnel. Along the way, onion dumps hijacked the VPN to stop them, in which the boys had to protect Melony, who were safeguarding them by hacking.

At one point, an onion dump scared Melony. As the rest got rid of them, Axol managed to bring back Melony, and she managed to finish the hack, arriving at a ruined bridge where the USB is. They entered with SMG4 as the passcode, and discovered a library. After some searching, an Internet Explorer slowpoke pointed the way into his origins, which was a central command. With Mario's inclever button mashing, SMG4's memories unfolded.

During the flashback, it turned out that SMG1 and SMG2's USB crash landed in the Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Finally learning of his origins and where SMG1 and SMG2's Guardian Pod was, they celebrated, until they realized they missed someone.

In SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds, with the tickets they won, Mario and SMG4 travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to find the Guardian Pod. Passing the Tijuca National Park, they arrive at Corcovado (referred to as Mount Brazil) and adventures into a hidden cavern within the mountain and did not expect the magic the USB created, with Newgrounds games occupying the cavern.

In Super Meat Boy, the duo stumbled upon a huge cavern with lava underneath, and SMG4 made Mario throw up Super Meat Boy. As SMG4 asked Meat Boy about the USB, all he could point out is his girlfriend Bandage Girl, in which he made through the course at ease. As Mario tried though, the course was rigged with traps, but he and Meat Boy were able to make it, but Mario was thrown into the lava by Meat Boy for accidentally stepping on Bandage Girl.

In Castle Crashers, Mario and SMG4 accidentally landed on Kokoro, killing her. Mario stole her crown and crowned SMG4 queen, in which nearby knights simp for him mistaking him for a girl. To distract them, Mario introduced them to the wonderful world of hentai. The knights used a laptop to search what hentai is, causing the four knights to get excited at the search results, giving the duo enough time to escape.

In The Henry Stickmin Collection, appearing out of a toilet in a prison cell, the duo saw Henry Stickmin escape from his prison. As he was caught, SMG4 helped him by mentally knocking out the guard trying to catch him, until he and Henry were trapped in a cage. As SMG4 pleaded to Mario for help, he could do nothing but eat spaghetti and let him and Henry be obliterated in a missile strike.

In Friday Night Funkin + Minions DLC, as SMG4 lamented that they already did this theme twice, a Minions DLC was added, but Mario and SMG4 walked away as they sing "Chinese gibberish".

In Pico's School, in a crime-ridden Los Angeles suburb, Pico was teaching a class on mathematics, with Mario and SMG4 as students. Pico would lash out and hit his students if they answered wrongly or questioned his teaching, in which Mario and SMG4 fell victim to.

In Super Mario Bros. Z, changing into 16-bit forms of themselves, Mario stumbled upon spaghetti, in which SMG4 knocked it away to not let it distract it. This angered Mario, causing an epic fight among the two. As Mario was about to finish SMG4, the latter reassured him that there was more spaghetti in his house, ending the fight.

In Madness Combat, Tricky the Clown and Hank J. Wimbleton were arguing, and Tricky sent out an army to kill Hank. Soon, the army found SMG4 and Mario, and the duo massacred them, until SMG4 noted the cause of their argument: Tricky accused Hank for stealing his UNO cards for game night, but Tricky had the deck all along, and SMG4 revealed it. SMG4, Mario, Tricky and Hank shared a good laugh as the camera zoomed out to show Tricky's massacred army.

In Tankmen, Corporal John Captain was only disgusted by the appearance of Mario and SMG4, who blasted them away with his tank.

In Alien Hominid, in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. government forces were trying to kill a dancing alien.

In The Binding of Isaac, monsters were making fun of Isaac. While SMG4 wished to save Isaac, Mario joined in on the fun and made creepy faces, making Isaac cry even more.

The duo were now tired and on the verge of giving up, that was until they spotted the USB, in a crater barricaded by barriers set up by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State. They entered the USB, only to find out that the inside was severely damaged due to the fight SMG0, SMG1 and SMG2 were having.

After entering the USB's wrecked interior, Mario and SMG4 found the console and went through the memories of SMG1 and SMG2.

The memories showed that SMG1 and SMG2 also had an avatar named Spudnick and the recent memory they were in was their recent adventure to find Spudnick's teddy bear and rescue him from a Teddy holding it for hostage. They resume to chase him through the Old Universe until SMG0 appeared in his own Guardian Pod and killed Spudnick, which marked the end of the universe. Upset but listened to SMG1, SMG2 saved all of the Newgrounds characters, but after that, before they could even go into SMG1's USB, SMG0 appeared, but SMG1 activated the anti-virus program from SMG0's USB to contain him, but SMG0 managed to escape with one arm and followed SMG1 and SMG2 in the SMG4 Universe.

Immediately afterwards it became clear that Mario is very important to the world of SMG4 and SMG3, as SMG4 forbid Mario to do anything dangerous that could kill him, because otherwise Mario would endanger the universe and cause the extinction. The two of them then left the USB and made their way home.

In SMG4: The Day HE Arrived., at Peach's Castle, SMG4 heard a knock on the door and found clones of Shrek outside. Initially blaming Mario, the plumber later cleared his name by telling SMG4 he was travelling to find Axol's missing tip for Inkweaver a week ago. Suspecting Axol, they traveled to New Donk City to interrogate him. Unfortunately, he was left with insufficient evidence.

Later, a Shrek kidnapped Mario, forcing SMG4 and Axol to give chase, eventually ending up where SMG0's USB was. Soon, SMG4 was taken to open the USB hatch, where the eye of SMG0 attempted to go in when Mario, found unhurt, destroyed it. However, that did not stop SMG0 to assault them, as he tried to capture Mario to kill him. Thankfully, Mario was saved by Axol (by tying a strand of rope on SMG4 and tied it to a car which he accelerated). As SMG0 went on another round to capture Mario, SMG4 pushed him out of the way, making SMG0 capturing Axol instead.

While Mario and SMG4 tried to break Axol out of the USB, SMG0 threw Axol out unconscious and flew his USB to the castle. As the rest of the gang remain staring at the USB, mouths agape, "Axol" appeared recovered, and denied the previous events that happened.

In SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay, as SMG0's Guardian Pod hovered above the castle, SMG4 had the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces to get rid of it, with Swag and Chris using a mini-nuclear bomb to destroy it as SMG4 and the gang hid in a doomsday bunker. SMG4 gave the gang the utmost rule to never leave the bunker, as they may be exposed to outside radiation within the castle area. Swag then pressed the detonator, but the bomb did not go off as planned.

As the gang waited for the explosion for so long, Bob wanted to leave, but SMG4 blocked his opportunity to get out. The gang realized that there was no food prepared (as SMG4 told them to bring their own food).

In SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms, SMG4 was dragged down the toilet into the back rooms when he and the gang were searching Mario in the bunker. Mario stumbled upon him, mistaken him for a monster, and ran. When SMG4 cornered him, Mario attacked him by throwing a shoe, and Mario realized it who he was.

They decided to find an exit, where they both stumbled upon a ? block. Hitting the question block, they found a corrupted Goomba and gave chase to it. As they caught up to it, the Goomba told them to not go any further before disappearing. Stumbling across a door, they found what it appeared to be a birthday party, with the hats of Mario and the SMGs (except SMG0, who didn't have a hat) as presents. The room then glitched, spawning the messages "GO BACK", so the duo hurried themselves to the exit, leading to another set of backrooms, where they met SMG3, who too got here in the same scenario as them. Then, a monster named SCP-682 showed up, causing them to run and find an elevator that led to the exit.

The three ended up in the cathedral in the Dark Web, where they saw Axol near SMG3's USB, and he was acting weird, switching personalities. As the real Axol warned SMG4 to escape (and told him he was the one who left the messages in the backrooms), he mutated into Stage 2 of Eldritch Axol, the SMG0-possessed Axol, who hurled SMG4 to open the USB that sucked the SMGs and Mario into it.

In SMG4: MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY, Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 found themselves inside SMG3's USB, although they had no idea where they were. Trying to find the exit, SMG0's eyes were constantly heckling them into madness, until they fell into a reality where the law of space and time did not apply. Fearing the end, it wasn't until a blue cube and a yellow sphere came to life and lead them to the exit.

Finding their way out, SMG4 and SMG3 spotted Morshu. Making their hands hold, he transformed into meme energy that transformed the cube and the sphere into SMG1 and SMG2's head, both survived. SMG2 then explained the purpose of the SMGs, who's job is to protect the life cycle of memes, as memes are the life energy of their universes, and its energy can be redirected by SMGs. To exit, SMG3 and SMG4 hesitantly held their hands together to transmute meme energy to build a bridge that led them to an exit on a floating island.

Finally free from SMG0's mind torture simulation, SMG1 directed SMG3 and SMG4 to transmute the meme energy out of the USB's reactor core, which will be enough energy to escape the USB, since the only entryway is locked. They transmute the energy to Mario to break free from the USB by enlarging him. However, SMG1 had oversighted his calculation, where the unbalance of energy made Mario's enlargement going rogue because SMG4 and SMG3 lacked the training to control their energy.

Still, they were able to escape, but Mario was left floating near the now rebuilt castle. The other USBs were seen floating around the castle, where Eldritch Axol was waiting for them.

In SMG4: The Final Piece, Eldritch Axol had gathered all of the Guardian Pods to finally complete his plans, which was to find a new avatar for himself. He was about to complete his plans, by using the power of the Guardian Pods to suck the life out of Mario, similar to what he did with Spudnick. However, the rest of the gang, apparently searching for Axol, Mario and SMG4, intervened, and they fought Eldritch Axol back, who exposed into a figure that resembles SMG0's true self, releasing Mario from captivity. As they fought SMG0, SMG2 ordered SMG4 and SMG3 to hide Mario. Meanwhile, Eldritch Axol fended off the gang, and went into the castle to find Mario.

As SMG4 trying to hid Mario somewhere, Eldritch Axol barged in and was breaking down every single door in the castle, forcing him to think of a plan. When Eldritch Axol entered the room he was in, SMG4 distracted him with a meme, which was an axolotl, and ran outside. However, he was eventually captured, and was forced to surrender the box. However, SMG4 tricked Eldritch Axol into thinking he got Mario, but instead he was shot by SMG3. However, as Eldritch Axol held the guardians hostage, the rest of the gang barged in as well to fight him. Melony, in particular, was reluctant to hurt Axol. Meanwhile, SMG1 told the SMGs to follow his plan, and they left the castle.

Eldritch Axol was thrown outside. The guardians used their Guardian Pods to seal him back, but Eldritch Axol managed to resist the sealing and stopped the guardians, and went back to his plans.

Using the power of the Guardian Pods and Mario as the avatar of this universe, Eldritch Axol created a portal to extract the universe's meme energy, to act out his ultimate plan: a new universe with his own avatar, albeit at the expense of the other universes, as he wanted back the nice and peaceful life that he used to have. As the gang protested, he touched the crystal sealing Mario, and dropped into the moat, emerging as an enlarged, giant form, thus beginning the final battle to save their universe and everyone in it.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, Eldritch Axol stared down roaring at the gang in his final form and the gang were desperate. Eldritch Axol then grabbed SMG1 and SMG2, and started to crush them, but Eldritch Axol didn't get the chance as he was bombarded by rocks and sofas formed from the meme energy that SMG4 and SMG3 manipulated to distract Eldritch Axol, and made him loosen his grip on the two and drop them. SMG1 and SMG2 then distracted Eldritch Axol in order for the gang to follow Mario through the portal. After that, the gang, as well as SMG3, went into the cannon and dived through the portal. As they made their way to the end of the portal another appeared created by Mario's crystal to stop the gang. It then swallowed SMG4 and he met a Mario clone, then the challenge began.

Who can open a bag of chips? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

The Mario clone struggled to open a bag of Doritos using varied weapons, vehicles, and tools while SMG4 easily opened his bag of chips, causing the Mario clone to disappear. SMG4 was spat out of the portal before explaining that in order to reach the end of the portal, they have to complete the challenges set up by the crystal so that they could make it and save Mario.

Who can beat Saiko in a game of Guitar Hero? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

Saiko played so well that she got two million points, while SMG4 played so poorly he got an impossibly low score of over negative 23.6 quintillion points.

Who can beat Sonic in a race (By any means necessary)? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

SMG4 cheated by pausing Sonic with the YouTube Remote in order to get a head start, but Susan found out and punished him for stealing the remote.

After completing the challenges the gang found Mario in the force field. Then they briefly saw SMG0's true form. The Mario clone started to become larger and soon became Mari0. As the gang panicked, Melony stood up and told the gang to fight. SMG3 came up with the idea to free Mario from the force field using Mari0. He, SMG4, SMG1 and SMG2 held hands to allow Mario to absorb all of the corrupted memes to become powerful enough to grab Eldritch Axol, giving Melony enough leverage to go into his brain.

Eldritch Axol slowly started to loosen from Mario’s grip, so SMG4 shouted at Melony to hurry up as he and SMG3 were losing control. Melony pierced through Eldritch Axol, destroying his brain and putting an end to his malevolent plans by the time she left his mind. This meant the gang had won as Mario reverted back to his normal size. All the memes heading for the portal started to head back down to their rightful worlds and homes. When Meggy went up to Melony to congratulate her and ask where Axol is, Melony broke down crying in response with Meggy and the others watching with concern, since Axol had to be sacrificed.

Days later, the rest came to console Melony in Axol's apartment in New Donk City. They noted that Axol had contributed a lot to their cause. Just as they were talking, SMG1 and SMG2 appeared to inform them that with the new universe closed and the memes restored, they had to hide the Guardian Pods to prevent any sort of thing happening again, and then telling SMG4 and SMG3 about the meaning of SMG, which actually stands for Super Meme Guardian. After the SMGs left, the gang then gave their suggestions to Melony about the ideas for the conclusion of Two Piece.


SMG4's GMOD appearance

SMG4's animated appearance

SMG4, much like any SM64 machinimist, is pretty much identical to Mario, including attire, albeit he differentiates this by wearing a blue shirt and cap, and white overalls, but keeps white gloves and brown boots. The emblem on SMG4's cap is inconsistent, sometimes even changing in mid scene. It can either be a standard red "M" logo, a blue "M" to match the color of his cap, a blue "S" (for SMG4), a full blue "SMG4" or simply the white SMG4 letters with no background (as seen on the SMG4 channel icon). He, however, has been noted to have different hair, which either differs between silver anime girl hair in pigtails or slick spiky black hair (in reference to Luke Lerdwichagul's hair).

In "official art", his head is often replaced by a representation of Luke due to avoid copyright strike (which sometimes resembles Beeg SMG4's face, but he canonically has the same shape as Mario).


SMG4 is usually portrayed as either the only sane man at Peach's Castle or (in later seasons) as a stereotypical meme-loving addict. SMG4 is constantly annoyed with most of his friends' flaws and stupid behaviors; SMG4 dislikes Mario’s stupidity, Luigi's childishness, Toad's grumpiness, Peach Toadstool’s bossiness, Fishy Boopkins’ naivety, and Bob Bobowski’s former selfishness (which he is ironically responsible for). Despite being normally intelligent and sensible, SMG4 can have his moments of being retarded. For example, in SMG4: The Mario Hustle, SMG4 hilariously somehow idiotically fell for one of Wario and Waluigi's scams by buying one million rocks just because they told him that his videos would be funnier due to the rocks (to which Mario mocked SMG4 for), and even asked for pineapple on a pizza, to which Bowser claimed he has a mental disability to the pizzeria, much to SMG4's sadness. He is very protective of his work, constantly refusing to play games with his friends to make bloopers. In fact, SMG4 goes so far to the point of beating his friends up should they touch his things, making him a completely antisocial and lazy person.

SMG4's anti-socialism.

According to SMG4: SMG4's Origins, due to his naivety, SMG4 was virtually careless and ignorant about the mental state of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, even tolerating Mario's stupidity. When he made his first video, SMG4 immediately became hooked to his newfound hobby and recorded everyone he came across, partially taming their stupidity in the process. When SMG4 realized that everyone was still stupid even though he got rid of the problem, SMG4 shrugged it off, thinking that there's nothing wrong with "a bit" of humor in everyone's lives.

He also tricks his friends to go through weird situations, either to teach them life lessons and make them smarter, or for his own benefit. SMG4 is also boastful and stubborn, such as mocking Mario for losing for the 20th time in a row in Super Smash each other in the ass Brothers, claiming he is horrible at gaming, showing him to be a sore loser. Despite his flaws, SMG4 nevertheless has friendly moments and will sometimes do actions for benevolent purposes.

However, his appearances in earlier episodes up until Season 2 are nothing like SMG4's modern days. He had a massive dislike of Mario, was somewhat racist (as shown in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, where SMG4 claimed he dislikes Italians) and was just as immature as Mario. After Season 2, he became more mature but also quite vain. In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spaghetti Law., SMG4 lied to the judge about what caused a man to eat poisoned spaghetti (he put the poison into the spaghetti to prank Mario) out of fear of being arrested, was a meme dealer, and did other morally questionable choices. Additionally, SMG4 back then did not seem to care at all about the people who were supposed to be his friends. An example is in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ੮Һ૯ ૯Ն૯౮ค੮૦Ր, where after Mario and Luigi were accidentally killed trying to escape an elevator, he didn't mourn them and instead made fun of the Mario Bros. on their funeral, showing that pre-Season 2 SMG4 was an uncaring jerk who greatly despised Mario, which ironically went against his role as Mario's guardian (though he didn't know about that at the time).

SMG4's imperialist rhetoric

According on SMG4: Mario Does Literally Anything For Views, SMG4 keeps whining about subscribers, and primarily worried about keeping the high number of subscribers up ever since SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe.

Criminal Record

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: SMG4 is almost as strong as Mario, being able to punch and throw people very far away, an example of which being at the end of the rap battle in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, where he kicked SMG3 into the street below so hard, it resulted in a crater. However, SMG4 cannot physically lift as many things as Mario can.
  • Meme Bomb: In 2 MILLION FAN COLLABORATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR), SMG4 created a gigantic ball of energy by gathering energy from internet memes (similar in concept to the Spirit Bomb technique from Dragon Ball). It had enough power to destroy the entire surrounding area of Peach's Castle, turning it into a charred wreck.
  • Superhuman Durability: Like his friends, he has survived almost all of the abuse his enemies inflict him with. An example of this being in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, which had one the challenges being to pronounce Susan Wojcicki's last name. With each failure, SMG4 was horribly tortured, including being set on fire, crushed, beaten up, and blown to smithereens.
  • Sub-Zero Temperature Tolerance: At the end of SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION! and SMG4: War On Beeg SMG4, he appeared in space (which has a fatal temperature) without any protective garments.
  • Vacuum Adaption: As shown above, SMG4 shows no signs of pressure when in outer space.

Meme Guardian

  • Meme Manipulation: He can convert memes into energy, but only if he holds hands with SMG3. The energy can be used to work wonders such as creating magic bridges, firing projectiles that can hurt SMG0, even at full power, and making Mario grow.
    • Anti-Meme Manipulation: Combined with SMG3, he can manipulate anti-memes for even greater power but this has the side effect fo corrupting them with their negative power.
  • Meme Taming: Turns out that making videos of memes will cause them to get calmer, but not completely. This also works on any character who has been corrupted by SMG4's Guardian Pod but their personality change will persist.


  • Mario's Life: As Mario is his avatar, SMG4's form would be severely damaged if he dies, which almost happened if SMG1 and SMG2 had not interfered to save Mario's life from SMG0.
  • Ultimate Meme: In SMG4: Lord Of The Memes, he created the Ultimate Meme, and whoever has it can control the Internet.
  • Anti-Meme Corruption: When manipulating the power of Anti-Memes, his personality becomes overtaken by power corruption, causing him to do reckless things and sing the praises of the very God Box they were trying to stop. He'll return to normal when he stops.


  • SMG4 hates spaghetti, which is referenced in SMG4: Mario University. However, Luke Lerdwichagul likes spaghetti.
  • The song that best described him the most is Justin Bieber's "Baby".
  • SMG4 didn't like school.
  • He has a look-alike character alongside Wario and Waluigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, Plumber's Academy.
  • It was implied in several bloopers that SMG4 might actually be gay, or at least bisexual. This is most strongly evidenced by a major scene in Mushroom Wars: That Space Part 2, where he (playing Obi-Wan Kenobi) not only takes Mario (playing Luke Skywalker), Luigi (playing C3PO), and R2-D2 to a gay bar, but SMG4 is approached by a naked man saying that his "butt had gotten bigger since the last time he was there". However, in SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 6.64(100k special Qna Edition), he stated he was not gay.

    SMG4 angrily hitting a vending machine showing his angry behavior.

  • According to SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL, SMG4's worst nightmare is Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!.
  • His color code is similar color skin for Player 4 in the minigame Mario Bros. Battle in the Super Mario Advance series. But Luke recently stated in Hobo Bros that it's actually just random colors he chose.
  • In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Operation G.A.Y it was revealed that SMG4 was Chinese.
  • SMG4 appears in the fan-made game Super Smash Bros. Lawl as a playable character.
  • MarioMario54321 made him a protagonist in his movie Back to the Fourth Dimension (The Rainbow Colonies).
  • SMG4's favorite Mario game other than Super Mario 64 is Super Fat Mario as stated in his SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400K subs :D).
  • He has been featured multiple times in the VS show Cartoon Fight Club. Some of SMG4 opponents have been SML Mario, Jeffy, ExplodingTNT, and TheOdd1sOut, and he has won against all of them effortlessly.
  • SMG4 color code is extremely similar to Stanley, the protagonist of Donkey Kong Land III.
  • Judging by the War Of The Fat Italians series' titles, he might be of Australian-Italian nationality. However, the title could also be referencing how SMG4 is a Mario Recolor, and that Mario is Italian.
  • He has 2 Yoshi forms in super mario 64 bloopers: race for golden overalls (green and pink).
  • SMG4 has a degree in memes, starting from SMG4: Mario University.
  • As revealed in SM64 Christmas 2014: The Bowser That Stole Christmas., he still believes in the Easter bunny.
  • SMG4 is overly obsessed with his work and may lash out at anyone who disrupts him. This attraction seems to be natural, as only mere minutes after being born, he grew an urge to create content after discovering the power of YouTube. This obsession has apparently come to the point where SMG4 made "baby videos" of his computer, much to his own dismay when he attempted to discover his past.
  • Ironically, despite the fact that SMG4 cannot stand Mario's stupidity and constantly insults the plumber's intelligence, SMG4 is technically the one responsible for making Mario stupid, as SMG4's Guardian Pod corrupted him beyond relief and made him the exact opposite of his mainstream self. Possibly meaning that everyone (including him) somehow forgot everything that happened when SMG4 showed up. Additionally, SMG4's arrival technically made Princess Peach a naggy housewife-like figure (though compared to Mario, it was due to the stress rather than SMG4's USB), Luigi apparently bisexual, and Toad a hateful person. Thus, SMG4's arrival had a mostly negative effect on the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Despite this, SMG4's arrival also had a positive effect on the kingdom as Bowser eventually mellowed out and became friends with Mario (thus ending their rivalry and hatred of one another) and (possibly) created the Mario Recolors, which would later become his friends. Also, had Mario not become stupid, he would have not accidentally stumbled into other people who would later become friends with him.
  • He is one of the only members of the gang to be confirmed to have canonical magical powers, alongside Melony. However, this is debatable due to SMG1 claiming that avatars have extraordinary abilities.
  • Although he is considered a straight man to the group he can have moments where he acts idiotic as displayed in SMG4: The Mario Convention! and SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe.
  • Despite having been depicted as the same guy prior to the Genesis Arc, SMG4 as a character is NOT Luke Lerdwichagul, but rather a being with his voice born from a USB. This is further evidenced when the opening advertisement where Luke turns into SMG4 is deleted from SMG4: If Mario Was Smart.
  • In numerous videos, he is shown to like pineapple pizza, which is known as being the worst pizza. In SMG4: Mario waits for pizza, Even the people who he orders the pizza from thinks he has a mental disability. In Mario Joins Discord, him mentioning pineapple pizza causes a full on flame war.

GMOD model

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