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This article includes some real-life information about SMG4. This is not to be confused with SMG4's real life self as a character.

Goddamn it, Mario!


SuperMarioGlitchy4 (SMG4 for short, formerly Smg4, also known as “Glitchy” in Mario in Real Life!? and during the rap battle in War of the Fat Italians 2017, real name Luke Lerdwichagul) (born May 24, 1999) is predominantly a Super Mario 64 machinimist and the title character of the series. He also uses material from Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and other media. SMG4 devotes a lot of his time to making these videos, usually uploading a new video every weekend, and sometimes accepts works such as fanart from his channel's viewers and subscribers. In his videos, he often uses quotes, music, and stuff from other famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Smosh as well as from movies, video games, memes, or TV shows. He is usually featured as one of two main protagonists in the SMG4 series, alongside Mario.

SMG4 heavily practices self-insertion, as he appears as a blue and white lookalike of Mario, serving as one of the main protagonists (besides Mario himself) of the bloopers. From his debut, SMG4's character has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the sane man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's crazy, flamboyant idiocy. But in most videos, they are friends.


As noted in Super Mario University when Mario is accused of raiding the cafeteria, SMG4 greatly resembles Mario. However, he dresses in different colors.

During Mushroom and Morons, he was a fire-breathing dragon who could also wield a shotgun.


SMG4 acts as the only sane man at the castle, constantly having to bear the burden of having many idiotic friends. However, he's is occasionally really dumb as he somehow fell for one of Wario's and Waluigi's scams (they tricked him into buying one million rocks with the promise of making his videos funnier) and even asked for pineapple on a pizza, to which Bowser stated he had a mental disability. He is very protective of his work, constantly refusing to play games with his friends to make bloopers. In fact, he goes so far, to the point of beating his friends up should they touch his things, making him a completely anti-social and lazy person.

He also tricks his friends to go through weird situations, either to teach them life lessons and make them smarter,(SMG4: High School Mario, Mario University) or for his own benefit (The Mario Hustle). SMG4 is also boastful and stubborn, such as mocking Mario for losing for the 20th time in a row in Super Smash each other in the ass Brothers, claiming he is horrible at gaming, showing him being a sore loser. Despite his flaws, he nevertheless has friendly moments and will sometimes do actions for benevolent purposes.

Criminal Record

  • Meme Dealing: In SMG4: MarioTube 2, it was revealed that SMG4 was an illegal meme dealer, discovered by Luigi. He, however, was not arrested until SMG4: Mario Preschool.
  • Using Confiscated Things and Hijacking: In Spaghetti Law, when spaghetti, Mario's favorite food was banned from the Mushroom Kingdom, both SMG4 and Mario tried to bring it back by hijacking a truck filled with the dish.
  • Stealing and Murder: In 0% of Spaghetti, Mario and SMG4 stole spaghetti from a man and blew his house up, taking the man with it.
  • Participating in Illegal Operations: In the Anime Arc, SMG4 defected from the Anime Secret Service and became part of the Anime Cartel, a criminal organization which illegally smuggled anime into the Mushroom Kingdom following its banning.
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—SMG4's original YouTube Channel slogan

My YouTube animation channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo with stupid ass memes.

—SMG4's new YouTube Channel slogan

WHAT IS UP! My channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo and stupid ass memes.

—SMG4's newer YouTube Channel slogan

I make stupid Mario animations.

—SMG4's newest YouTube Channel slogan

SMG4 is an animated show by Glitch Productions following Mario going on stupid adventures!

—SMG4’s very newest YouTube Channel slogan

Want to watch a light-hearted meme-filled story about Mario going on dumb adventures? Go checkout SMG4.

—SMG4's current YouTube Channel slogan


下载 (39) - 复制

SMG4 angrily hitting a vending machine.

  • SMG4 joined YouTube on February 13, 2009, although he didn't post a video until May 7, 2011. Most likely due to only being 9-10 years old at the time, hence not having any idea of how to make videos.
    • In-person, SMG4 hates spaghetti, which is referenced in Super Mario University.
    • He was 20 years old (at the time).
    • His colors are, a Blue cap, arms, and shirt, and white overalls.
    • His favorite game is Super Mario 64.
    • His favorite non-Mario game is Team Fortress 2.
    • His favorite food is rice and chicken.
    • The bloopers he had the most fun making were the Ssenmodnar series.
    • SMG4 doesn't enjoy listening to the Jonas Brothers.
    • The song that best describes him the most is Justin Bieber's "Baby".
    • SMG4 would live underwater in a magical place full of ponies and Teletubbies. This is strange because he said he doesn't like Teletubbies in "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti", and he is often scared of them in his bloopers.
    • In-person, SMG4 doesn't like school.
    • SMG4 was pretty "demented" as a child, just playing games.
    • SMG4 has a look-alike character alongside Wario and Waluigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, "Plumber's Academy".
  • His video Who let the chomp out?" accumulated more than 10 million views in just 7 months. It still remains as his most popular video today.
  • It is implied in several bloopers that SMG4 might actually be gay, or at least bisexual. This is most strongly evidenced by a major scene in "Mushroom Wars: That Space Part 2", where SMG4 (playing Obi-Wan Kenobi) not only takes Mario (playing Luke Skywalker), Luigi (playing C3PO) and R2-D2 to a gay bar, but he is approached by a naked man saying that his "butt had gotten bigger since the last time he was there". However, in "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k Special QNA Edition)", he stated he was not gay.
  • His first channel thumbnail had him looking at the viewer with a crazed look. This might show that he hates his life in the series due to many of his characters being retarded.
  • According to Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL, SMG4 hates his first blooper.
  • SMG4's color code may be based on the color skin for Player 4 in the minigame Mario Bros. Battle in the Super Mario Advance series.
  • In "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k special QnA Edition)", SMG4 stated that MegaMan765's SM64 Bloopers were (probably) what inspired him to start making bloopers himself.
  • SMG4 has watched some YouTube Poops of his bloopers, most of them were by NationOfOranges696, and liked and commented on them.
  • SMG4's birthday is on May 24 and is 20 years old; meaning he was born on May 24, 1999.
  • He's the most subscribed SM64 Machinimist/blooper maker on YouTube.
  • He appears in the fan-made game "Super Smash Bros. Lawl" as a playable character.
  • MarioMario54321 made him a protagonist in his new movie Back to the Fourth Dimension (The Rainbow Colonies).
  • When SMG4 first made his channel, he named it "supermarioglitchy4" before eventually shortening the name in 2014.
  • SMG4 supposedly has some alt accounts, although he never actually reveals them, although one is theawesomario.
  • SMG4 finally showed his real life appearance in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Mario in Real Life?!?!, proving he is indeed the guy from the end of Da Glitch.
  • SMG4 likes beer.
  • 'SMG4's favorite Mario game other than SM64 is Super Fat Mario as stated in his Q & A Video video.
  • In Guards N' Retards: Prisoners, one of the drinks in the video is Solo. Solo is an Australian drink, the same country he lives in.
  • SMG4's character is shown to be a meme dealer in newer episodes, such as Mariotube 2.
  • His archenemy is SMG3, similar to Bowser (formerly) being Mario’s archenemy.
  • According to SMG4 AT E3 2017 - NEW MARIO RABBIDS, MARIO ODYSSEY AND SEEING MIYAMOTO!!, he doesn't like to play XBOX 360.
  • SMG4 has been featured multiple times in the VS show "Cartoon Fight Club". Some of his opponents have been SML Mario, Jeffy, ExplodingTNT, and TheOdd1sOut, and he has won against all of them.
  • Starting in SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, SMG4 now has his own voice clips, done by Luke Lerdwichagul (voice actor of SMG4).

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