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Mario & SMG4

In the early bloopers, SMG4 and Mario were shit friends, often going out to eat or to fix some problem. During this time though, SMG4 also really disliked Mario thanks to him being a pure moron, constantly yelling at the plumber and scolding him for his foolish decisions. In fact, SMG4 had a massive hatred of Mario up until Season 2, beating him up for excuses, and just for being an outright moron. This hatred was so extreme that at the end of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ੮Һ૯ ૯Ն૯౮ค੮૦Ր when Mario and Luigi died at the end, SMG4 proceeded to dance on their graves instead of mourning them.

While Mario is unaware of SMG4's hatred, he also holds animosity towards him, annoyed at the fact that he just spends time on his computer rather than playing and socializing with others, which led to him creating TheAwesomeMario. Their animosity was also demonstrated in the annual War of the Fat Italians specials, where they try to see who's better than the other. According to SMG4 in SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017's rap battle, he "always" won in every episode and held a note recording his victories as proof.

In later episodes, SMG4's hatred died out and the two became friends, though he still gets annoyed by Mario's stupidity. 


I feel bad for Luigi. He's always the character that gets beaten up and forgotten.

—SMG4 talking about Luigi

While he sometimes called out on Mario for abusing Luigi, SMG4 rarely interacts with him, often hanging around with Mario instead. However, on the rare occasions that they do, SMG4 often treats Luigi in the same condescending, abusive manner that most others do. However, despite that, he seems to care for him, as the latter tried to furiously kill Mario with a chainsaw after that one killed Luigi in Luigi Wants to Build a Snowman., and stated in SM64: Meet the Luigi that he feels bad about him being a character always beaten up and forgotten. There would be times that SMG4 would mistreat Luigi however, as shown in Da Swap, where he said that Luigi was "adopted and nobody likes him", while stuck in Mario's body.


SMG4 doesn't care too much for Toad, seeing him as grumpy. Likewise, Toad finds SMG4 a nuisance. However, the two are always in close proximity and often go on adventures together, usually accompanied by Mario.


Bowser sees SMG4 as a friend, despite him and Mario destroying his home in SMG4: Mario waits for pizza.

Fishy Boopkins

They see each other a lot, though no one is quite sure if they are friends or not. SMG4 constantly insults him, showing that he hates Boopkins for some reason. As of 2017, he stopped hating him and became his friend.

He sided against Fishy Boopkins during the Food War.



SMG4 and Meggy don't interact a lot, though, in many videos, there are stupid things in the background that are not easily found. Some show TV screens of Meggy and SMG4 1v1’ing with Splattershots. Overall, their relationship is neutral, for most of the time. However, they have some rivalry in War of the Fat Italians 2017, due to Meggy supporting Mario. In addition, he sided against her during the Food War.


Mario The Ultimate Gamer 167

SMG4 playing video games with Tari

They were seen playing together at the end of SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer. Later in SMG4: The Mario Carnival, SMG4 requests to help her to win tickets for the Eggman Football, and is seen carrying an overbearing amount later. SMG4 and Tari are good friends, and it's clear that he cares for her.

He sided against her during the Food War.


Though they almost never interact, SMG4 hired Jeeves to teach Mario in SMG4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics.

Jeeves also tried to help SMG4 rescue Fishy Boopkins in SMG4: Mario And... The Well.


Before the The Waluigi Arc, Waluigi's relationship with SMG4 seems to have relatively neutral, varying from blooper to blooper. Even throughout the Waluigi Arc, Waluigi didn't pay much heed to SMG4 until SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, where he tried to add SMG4 to his "collection" and forced him to partake in series of challenges alongside Mario, with the threat of being stuck in The Rejection Dimension forever if they didn't comply. SMG4 now heavily despised Waluigi for turning his friends into zombies and called him an "ass".


SMG4 thought SLG4 to be his real long lost brother and were on good terms until it was revealed that his "brother" was friends with his arch-nemesis SMG3 and was serving him as the master.


SMG3 must be plotting something evil AND IM GONNA MAKE SURE I STOP HIS EVILNESS!!!

—SMG4 being suspicious of SMG3.


SMG4 has developed a hatred towards SMG3 after finding out that he’s been stealing his videos. Their relationship has become even more violent and negative over time. However, there would be times that they would work together, as shown in SM64 Bloopers: SnowTrapped where they tried to get along after being snowed in an igloo, but they eventually go crazy and retarded from hunger. Oddly, SMG3 fought Mario more times than SMG4.

Bob Bobowski


—SMG4 being annoyed by Bob

Like many other characters, SMG4 is constantly annoyed by Bob and his antics. In SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017, when tasked with making Bob popular, he turned Bob into a cleaning product, which had him clean up various stains and Wario's ass, showing that he wanted to abuse him. As of 2018, SMG4 grew more accepting of him, but during SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018), he refused to let him inside the castle to avoid the risk of letting the Teletubbies in.

When The Rapper Bob Arc started, he was neutral with his fame and thought it was good for him to be happy, but that changed during SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track. During Ultimate Diss Track, Bob called SMG4 an unfunny disgrace. SMG4 had been mad at Bob, but still shows compassion for him as a friend, specifically when Bob decides to change his ways.

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