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SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION! is the eighteenth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is a collaboration of celebrating SMG4 for getting 3 Million Subscribers. It was aired on May 18, 2019.



And HUGE Thank you to the 1000 fans who made a submission. We're so sorry we couldn't include all of them but rest assured that we watched and enjoyed each and every one of them.

Anime Arc resumes next week!


Well, didn't I tell ya isn't it great?



We open to Luke and Kevin on the couch surrounded by various plushies. They go on to congratulate on making it to 3 million. Then they introduce a limited time gold plated 3 million coin with a Glitch Productions pouch to store it in. It's only on there for 10 days. They go on to say that there were over 1,100 skits and that they went through all of them. They did say not all of the submissions make it in but they were laughing at all of them. And with that, the start the video with a starry intro into the Glitch Productions/SMG4 intro.

The actual video starts with SMG4 using a metal detector at the beach in search of something. Mario comes along and asks what SMG4 is doing, to which he responds that he is hunting for memes for the 3 million sub special. Mario replies back that it's the dumbest thing he's ever heard. Afterwards, the metal detector finds something. SMG4 says he's found something and throws away the metal detector. He then takes out his jack hammer and starts digging away. He breaks the beach floor and goes down under to retrieve whatever sent the detector off. He says it's beautiful and throws it up to Mario. SMG4 opens the chest in excitement, but Mario pushes him aside. Mario looks inside to find what appears to be nothing. But as he was finishing his sentence, a beam shoots him into the depths of space.


  1. Luigi Da Web: The cast do a "Blend S" kind of intro, with Mario, Luigi, Wario, Sonic, Shy Guy Fairy, Waluigi, and Boopkins respectively. with all of their responses in order: "SPAGHETTI" "JUMP" "Blrrr..." "Rings!" "TOAST" "WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" and "I Love Anime" then the intro theme continues with Mario running, Ben singing let it go, Sonic dancing, as well as a Fortnite person and that black guy dance as well. Mario makes a red line behind him, a random guy rockets off as Luigi follows Mario, also making a green line behind him. Wario follows suit with a yellow line. As that is going on, a guy with the nyan cat body appears on screen. Peach follows Wario with a pink line. Waluigi is chased by a female chain chomp as Saiko looks on. Bookpins drops down from the top right saying "ANIMEEE". Saiko faces the screen showing us "This". Then the word "SEND NUDES" appears followed by a derpy looking Mario. SMG4 looking crazy eyed says that it is time to stop; just before Toad kicks him aside to say "send nudes", followed by weird licking noises.
  2. MRCATTYWOLF: Mario is slurping up spaghetti. Luigi looks on amazed. A wide shot shows us that there is also Tari with a controller, and Boopkins with a Shrek body pillow. Tari looks out the window to see a few Master Hands. Everyone is now worried as the hands enter the doorway. The hands are about to swoop down when Meggy shoots one. But it's no use, Meggy shoots another, but others are trying to get the rest, like Luigi and Mario. Boopkins sees this going along and decides to turn into Thanos and snaps the hands out of existence
  3. [Unknown username]: Some guy has to pee, but he opens the door to find Boopkins on the toilet. He gets scared and says "F#ck" loudly.
  4. Thiccdaddy1969: Jeeves hosts a cooking competition among four teams of two, Saiko and Tari, (Toad and Shroomy, Bob and Boopkins, and Mario and Peach. Mario orders Peach to get in the kitchen, only for her to set it on fire. As time dwindles, Toad complains about how he and Shroomy will never cook their chicken on time. Shroomy decides to light the chicken on fire, only to set the entire facility in flames. As a result, the event is nullified.
  5. GalaxyPixies45: Tari plays a game of Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Bros, but ends up getting KO'ed. A computer drawing of Tari and the other characters playing the game were shown alongside SMG4 and Baldi, only to get blown up by Mario riding a duck.
  6. SnakeSnarled: Bob introduces himself in animated form, then puts on some glasses as the world burns behind him.
  7. DShaynie: Mario falls out of a painting to the sounds of Fishy Boopkins crying for help. He runs outside, only to bump into a version of himself from Super Mario Odyssey. The Odyssey version of Mario then showed up near the SMG4 Mario a couple of times, before presumably knocking his other self unconscious. He is then seen dragging the SMG4 Mario as Fishy Boopkins asks if he has a body pillow.
  8. Chino Spike: Luigi is hanging off the edge of a skyscraper, and all his friends can do is watch in horror. Bowser asks if there's anyone who can save Luigi. On cue, Mario shouts out his brother's name and races up to the top of the building. It seems like Mario is about to help Luigi up, only to kick him off the building for eating his spaghetti. Luigi plummets to his doom and lands on a passing by Baldi.
  9. Poddee: As Tari is about to walk past him, the Pink Demon, Kirby, ate her because he was hungry. He started walking to find more food while a song is playing, making him happily dance around. While he was doing that, an Inkling Kirby appeared for a brief second on the right side.
  10. Zum: Near a plane crash site, a gauntlet and dress wearing Waluigi is seen threatening Mario, Luigi, Tari, and Rocks. Mario retaliates and pulls out a gun. In space, a ship commanded orders a crew member to press a button causing a huge block to fall on Waluigi. Mario still decides to shoot, causing an explosion to engulf the place.
  11. Molotov X: After everyone else has been beaten in Smash Ultimate, SMG4 only has Mario left to defeat. He throws Mario upwards before smashing the plumber into a wall, causing him to land near some spaghetti. But it is a mistake letting Mario get near the spaghetti, since after eating it he begins hallucinating and thinking that SMG4 is another plate of spaghetti. SMG4 then screams and panics as Mario begins to "eat" him.
  12. ShiMario: On an episode of Mario's Education Channel, Mario starts to show various images of random objects on a blackboard, to the beat of Childish Gambino's "This is America." Eventually, after showing many objects, SMG4 says that Mario makes sense, just as Luigi begins to panic and go all over the screen.
  13. Joe: A Braixen wearing a witch's hat enters her lair to summon SMG4 the "Meme God." After reading the instructions, she starts a fire, takes out a bin with a LoL face, and kicks down somebody. She then proceeds to dump the LoL face into her pot, along with a plate of spaghetti, a weed plant, a Teletubby, and some money. The resulting chain reaction causes the pot to explode, just as the video cuts to the next scene. Later, as the video returns to that same scene, the Braixen is shown shocked as SMG4 finally emerges from the pot. SMG4 offers her a "meme" play button, just as Mario shows up near them and scares the Braixen, causing her lair to explode.
  14. The Inverted Shadow: Meggy is seen looking at a Team Fortress video on her phone and seems to be unimpressed by it. Upon the balcony, an Octoling mischievously grins as she attempts to slay Meggy with her knife, thinking she has the advantage of Meggy being distracted. Unfortulately for her, Meggy isn't caught off guard, and holds her opponent at gunpoint right as she tries to jumps Meggy. The Octoling gets a look of shock on her face before Meggy shoots her to the wall.
  15. ABITFREAK: A drawn take on Princess Peach's dream from Marioception plays, with a handsome version of Mario playing guitar and singing to Peach. While that Mario was singing, he gets crushed by the "ugly" Mario riding a Thwomp and playing a saxophone. Peach gets triggered by her dream ruined, exclaiming "UHHHH UGLY BA$$ MARIO" just as the aforementioned Mario plays another jingle with his saxophone.
  16. MushyMation: Mario is seen using a computer as SMG4 walks in with his new Furret. Scared of his new pet, Mario shoots the Furret dead and starts crying as SMG4 scolds him for doing so. Not too long after, SMG4 brings out another Furret as a message pops up, telling the viewer to "not kill Furrets."
  17. ArtofVinsanity: Meggy shoots at some targets while practicing her Splatfest skills, when Mario shows up in front of a target that she's aiming for. Despite the Inkling's warnings to get out of the way, Mario stays put and gets hit by her ink, turning orange and falling on his side.
  18. Pixel Brush: Mario charges a ball of fire and fires it as his hat comes off.
  19. King 3DeDe: King Dedede harasses King K. Rool and blames him for making the others sound so bad. But this only causes the other king to get angry and challenge Dedede to a brawl. Still, Dedede gets easily owned by K. Rool as the former is punched in his "thing" and KO'ed, just as Old Man Jenkins from Spongebob Squarepants appears in front of the camera.
  20. Soup Can Mafia: Mario is seen eating a slice of pizza, as he notices a hot girl sunbathing. He touches the girl, just as she disappears and punches him from the side to send him flying. Fishy Boopkins is then seen in the lake behind her, asking her to be a friend but only getting blown up by her.
  21. SuperG64: Mario eats spaghetti as SMG4 exclaims "Hey Mario" to get his attention. Mario asks SMG4 about why he did that, before realizing that his spaghetti is missing. Mario starts crying, just as SMG4 throws the spaghetti into a painting and forces Mario to fetch it. Mario calls Luigi and tries to get his brother to kick him into the painting. But instead of doing so, Luigi narrowly misses and ends up kicking Mario into the wall near the painting.
  22. ABG4: Mario, after having finished working on his "Spaghettinator," gets onto the couch so he can be fed many plates of spaghetti at once. It could be presumed that the spaghetti was made from the poop of Wario, as he could be seen for a brief moment on the toilet before spaghetti started to fly into Mario's mouth. But upon seeing Mario's machine, Saiko gets furious and throws a Shy Guy to destroy the machine. Seeing that "his son" is now dead, Mario starts crying as Saiko orders him to go on a diet. She also shows Mario what a diet is, by shooting a plate of spaghetti with a gun. After doing so, Saiko forces Mario to go on his diet by threatening the plumber with a chainsaw.
  23. EscarGordo (#1): Fishy Boopkins is shown dancing from side to side.
  24. NinjaMariou: SMG4 is taking a bath and playing in his bathtub, as Mario suddenly barges into the bathroom.
  25. The Marionettist: Tari is playing video games while SMG4 orders Mario to return his wizard rock to him. But Mario's only response is to throw the rock at SMG4, causing the Youtuber to fall unconscious. Later, as Scrap Baby enters their house, SMG4 shoots her down with a Waluigi launcher. After Scrap Baby is down, Springtrap enters the house to be greeted by the Waluigi launcher as well, when the screen pauses and says "To Be Continued".
  26. LizzietheRatcicle: Meggy is shown skateboarding like a pro as Tari watches from the side. Meanwhile, Callie & Marie prepares to skateboard, until Callie accidentally falls down and hurts her knee. She is then shown crying, just as Tari and Meggy look with shocked expressions (and the latter face-palming herself).
  27. PsyduckGineer: Mario chases after a mushroom man and prepares to eat it after it trips over a rock. But when he sees the mushroom man's guardian standing in front of him, he realizes that he will be sent "flying" just as the guardian does that exact thing to him.
  28. CarlColour: Mario is shown suffocating while SMG4 calls a doctor. Fishy Boopkins comes in and attempts to save Mario's life, only to be called a "nerd" as Mario (who is now dead) and SMG4 high-five each other.
  29. SniperTheFox: SMG4 is pinned down by Waluigi as Mario prepares to torture him. He asks the Italian about how he'll be tortured, and Mario responds by planning to sit on him. SMG4 is last seen screaming as a message appears on the screen, saying that he "died of dummy thiccness."
  30. PetrarchEleven: Bowser chases Mario for stealing his game console, only to trip over a rock and disembody himself in the process. After putting himself back together, the Koopa King continues to look for Mario, only for his legs and tail to walk in the opposite direction from the rest of his body.
  31. SuperBlack03: Mario and SuperBlack03 drink some blue beverage and act all derpy before having seizures. Meanwhile, tired of the two behaving like that, SMG4 brags that he has 3 million subscribers.
  32. Choboy317: Mario pounds Bob into the air before finding SMG4 with another "meme hole." He throws Fishy Boopkins at SMG4 to distract the meme fan, then pummels his Clown Car to the ground as SMG4 and Boopkins are sent falling. At the same time, a shocked Tari is standing next to Bob, only to pick up the Garo and throw him when SMG4 is falling towards them. The screen then leaves off on a "to be continued" as Mario hits the ground and causes a Dr. Robotnik face to cover the whole screen.
  33. GameCubeDude200: Bob has stolen a teleporter from E. Gadd and is planning on using it to "time-travel" to a future where there are only girls. However, he ends up going to the world of Undertale as he runs Papyrus over and later encounters Sans when he exits his vehicle.
  34. EscarGordo (#2): Fishy Boopkins is shown dancing from side to side.
  35. Nara K: Mario fights Little Mac on top of Peach's Castle, only to get KO'ed by the fighter and sent flying over to SMG4's house. Finding a pizza on the ground next to him, Mario eats it while SMG4 panics and causes the entire place to explode.
  36. Azulew Animations: Mario crushes a Gourmet Guy and eats a plate of spaghetti. When he's done with his pasta, Mario sees a macaroni pasta with Mario's mustache and hat, holding a diamond sword and threatening to kill him. After a while of silence, Mario begins panicking as the pasta, alongside a Teletubby holding a rifle, approach him with Steves falling in front of them.
  37. TheBootlegScenary: SMG4 is browsing the Internet when he encounters a scam about "memes." Unaware that it's a scam, he donates an absurd amount of Peach's money to the "meme creator" so it can keep producing memes for him. It is only when the scam reveals itself that SMG4 realizes he had been scammed, causing him to blow up his computer.
  38. Dry Bonez352: Tari is stuck on a roof with seemingly no way to get down. Saiko tells her to just jump, claiming that the fall isn't so high. But what seemed like just a short fall turned out to be a very steep and hot one, as Tari smashes through the ground and falls straight to Hell instead of landing on her feet.
  39. Icarus The Octoling: Tari is ordered to shoot a basketball into a hoop by an Octoling. But considering the gamer's lack of skill at playing sports, she ends up over-shooting the ball and causing Fishy Boopkins to drop his ice cream. Boopkins then sings "See You Again" which annoys SMG4 and causes him to charge at Boopkins, resulting in an explosion. Back at the basketball court, the Octoling complements Tari by saying that her shot was close enough.
  40. RomWatt: In a parody of a scene from the Eddsworld episode "MovieMakers", Mario has SMG4 recording him finding a way to get free chocolate from a vending machine. Mario simply gains momentum by running into the machine to get a chocolate bar to dispense. The vending machine then falls over from being bumped into, narrowly missing Mario. As he resumes talking, the vending machine absurdly gets up again and falls on Mario.
  41. Remi Mixer: Some Octolings and Inklings are playing basketball when an earthquake occurs and causes one of the Inklings to miss his shot at the hoop. A montage then starts playing where every hit from the Inkling's ball counts as one point, including the times that the ball ends up hitting other characters. Eventually, the montage ends as the ball hits a Banzai Bill and causes it to crash into Bowser's airship.
  42. Weegeepie: Mario drives his kart into Peach's Castle, running over Luigi and crashing into Tari in the castle's main atrium. While the two brothers and Tari are okay, the latter's duck isn't, which causes Fishy Boopkins to sing "See You Again." Meanwhile, as Saiko asks them about the explosions that she heard, Tari is crying about her duck, which has been flattened and destroyed by Mario's kart. When Boopkins later expresses his misery for the duck, Bowser falls on top of him as the Koopa King suggests to provide a replacement for it. Even when Tari is initially excited about what Bowser would provide, all her anticipation goes away upon discovering that the "replacement" is merely a bunch of chicken nuggets. She ends up with suicide wishes, just as Mario asks Bowser if he can eat the nugget.
  43. Salryks: A montage of Meggy, Mario, and Tari taking part in Splatfest is shown in the former's dream, right before she wakes up upon banging her head on a sandwich plate.
  44. EscarGordo (#3): Fishy Boopkins is shown dancing from side to side, with Mario looking from the side with a disgusted look.
  45. GTAGAMER222: Fishy Boopkins is announced as the next contestant to perform in a talent show, by singing "See You Again." But only after the first verse, everyone had burned to death as his singing caused the apocalypse, making the Spike feel very sad.
  46. TEM4TEM: An anime opening of The Rapper Bob Arc with Darkest Hour as the opening theme song.
  47. Crispy Toast: Tari and a Rabbid play a match of Super Smash Bros, with the former winning due to her skill in games. This causes the Rabbid to start screaming and running away, eventually landing himself in jail after annoying two police officers with his noise The Rabbid is in jail screaming with Waluigi.
  48. JapethMario21st: Mario falls up some stairs before cracking a clock at the end of the stairway, as he gets the record for the "fastest SM64 Speedrun" while Peach looks at him in disappointment.
  49. Notchimochi: In a movie, Fishy Boopkins is asking Tari, Saiko, and Meggy if they would like to check out the cool places on his island, only to be turned down by all three of them. One hour later, at the end of the movie, Bowser is shown kissing Peach as SMG4 screams in the cinema.
  50. CrazyCrafter223: In Team Fortress 2, Heavy Weapons Guy is shot dead by Tari as he tries to escape from enemy gunfire. Back in the SMG4 world, he gets frustrated that Tari always won against him, only to get his payback when he realizes he can hold Tari's duck at a position too high for the cyborg to reach.
  51. SlamGrene: Toad hits an electrical box, Road Runner style, causing SMG4 and his computer to explode. Goofy is then shown dancing as the screen cuts to a BSoD, resulting in Fishy Boopkins getting triggered (likely due to Toad's actions cutting him from his supply of anime). Shortly after, Boopkins beats up Toad as a moral message is displayed, telling the viewer not to "get between Boopkins and his anime."
  52. BruceBrush: Mario flips off Bruce, as the two prepare to brawl Street Fighter-style. The two exchange a series of punches and kicks, before everyone left their server. It happens that SMG4 has an RPG pointed at them, which caused everyone else to leave for their personal safety. The meme fan then shoots Mario and Bruce with the RPG, frying both of them and making him the winner of the brawl.
  53. Mad Matt SSB Mario and SMG4 Mario go 1v1 on Smash Bros, only for the latter to pull out a "Pingas Lazar." He fires the laser and immediately finishes off his more intelligent counterpart, in what turns out to be an ad for the "Pingas Lazar."
  54. LuigiMarioGaming: SMG4 is walking in Peach's Castle, until he notices something suspicious happening behind a closed door. He pounds the door open, and finds Fishy Boopkins with a body pillow. Boopkins says that he can explain, right as SMG4 is sent blasting out of the castle with a "We'll be Right Back" screen.
  55. RedclawedProductions: Bob plans on making a spicy video with a potion that he stole from E. Gadd. However, due to his lack of fingers he ends up dropping the potion and breaking it, causing an explosion that blasts him away in addition to summoning SMG3 and several other villains from previous SMG4 videos. Shocked about the effects of the potion, Mario yells "WTF" as an explosion fills up the whole screen.
  56. Geofcraze634: SMG3 steals Tari's duck and attempts to run away with it, only to be crushed by a Thwomp that was deployed by Geofcraze634's character.
  57. Mr Riot: Fishy Boopkins gets chased by someone while an Incineroar eats a sandwich prepared by Chef Mario and SMG4. The latter asks the former where he got the meat for his sandwiches, and the chef responds that he got them from where the meat factory across the street "throws their free meat at." Shortly after, Incineroar spits out the sandwich and gets very angry, beating up Mario as a message pops up telling the viewer to not use rotten meat in their food.
  58. GlitchyPSI: Axol draws Mario's face on a piece of paper, which comes to life to the surprise of Mario himself.
  59. Syronica: SMG4 wakes up and realizes that he's now an anime character. He walks out of his room to find Fishy Boopkins as a human, also an anime character. They are subsequently greeted by Mario, Peach, and Bob, also anime characters. Bob then confronts an anime version of SMG3, who claims to be even sexier than the Garo himself. The clip ends with SMG4 screaming after seeing Meggy and Tari in anime form.
  60. Mendu Bits: Mario is walking with a coin in his hand as he encounters a police robot holding a speaker. He jumps towards the robot as they exchange punches with each other, presumably because Mario stole the coin and was found by the robot.
  61. SuperMario462: Bowser dances to the Chicken Nuggets Song in front of Meggy and Tari, with the former proceeding to face-palm herself. Meanwhile, as Mario and an adjacent Inkling react to the Koopa King's dance, Mario puts up the finger to flip him off.
  62. NationOfOranges696: SMG4 enters a room in Peach's Castle, thinking that it's the bathroom. However, it turns out to be full of multiple Marios dancing over plates of spaghetti and occasional memes. This causes SMG4 to explode as Mario and several plates of spaghetti fly out of the castle, over an entire neighborhood where chaos is occurring, and crashing through an In-n-Out that Mario ends up advertising for. Afterwards, the naked Mario sings "The Invisible Man" as he flies off into space and pees, causing a mass extinction on Earth in the process.
  63. KinglyPeasant: As Mario prepares to fight Bowser, Fishy Boopkins imagines the entire brawl happening anime-style. It ends with an excited Boopkins watching Mario step on a crying Bowser, who had just lost the match with his "arch-enemy."
  64. GreenHat64: Mario runs backwards up some stairs in Peach's Castle, not only crashing out of the building but also going on to knock over SMG4 and blow up a plane. The resulting explosion sends Mario into space at a velocity so fast, that he literally travels through time to a scene at Bowser's Castle. Bowser sees Mario approaching, then quickly ducks away as the plumber comes crashing down.
  65. Awesome JCR: Saiko sees an Octoling girl, who asks for her name. Wanting to see if the girl's a lot like her, Saiko begins to check off some boxes reflecting her appearance and personality (pink hair, red bow, Yandere, mean af), only for the Octoling to fail for "mean af." Seeing that, Saiko and the girl use swords to fight one another as Mario and Sans look from the sidelines in disappointment, while Fishy Boopkins cheers due to his love for anime.
  66. SirNotEdu: SMG4 emerges from a box to see Mario chatting with Shroomy, causing the Youtuber to get very mad. Mario then deals a punch into the air, causing Shroomy to explode as SMG4 suddenly becomes very happy. Mario then goes towards SMG4, only to hit him as the latter laughs. This causes Mario to go into an existential crisis about why he's still living his current ways of life.
  67. NickZito: Mario brags about his spaghetti, but gets slapped by SMG4.
  68. Alex Spider: Tari is shown with the Infinity Gauntlet. Curious about its powers, she uses the weapon to knock a bus off an overpass and cause it to explode. This results in the bus' passengers, having survived the fall, to point their guns at Tari. However, she fires a powerful beam from the Gauntlet to knock out three of the passengers, in addition to teleporting another one of her opponents into the air high above the city. 30 minutes later, the teleported opponent is shown dead in front of Tari, as Inkura (her only remaining opponent) looks in shock.
  69. bandry14: Mario crashes into the kitchen to seek food, only to find that the refrigerator is empty. Realizing that he must get more food, Mario runs out of the castle to head for the spaghetti store. With a single finger snap, he dusts all the spaghetti on stock and inhales their dust to complete his mission.
  70. Steven James: Waluigi sings his own rendition of the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," causing a man to laugh in the process.
  71. Speedyal231: SMG4 fights SMG3, shortly before Mario joins the battle. Mario then runs towards SMG3 and hits him hard, before they exchange some punches. Later, Mario shoots a powerful fireball and eliminates SMG3 as Bowser hides in his shell, holding up a white flag to signify his team's surrender as SMG4's face explodes out of shock.
  72. SleepySwirly: An animated montage plays involving various SMG4 characters.
  73. Masdy: SMG4 and Mario face each other, seemingly preparing for a brawl. However, after Mario fires a gun and passes it to SMG4, it is revealed that the two were only launching fireworks, after SMG4's bullet hits a firework rocket and shoots it into the air.
  74. Nerdbula: Fishy Boopkins pleads for help as his foot is stuck in a "toilet" (which is actually Mario's mouth). When Meggy later asks Boopkins about his situation, the Spike replies that "he can explain."
  75. NtGm889: In "Mario Attempts to Jump Through a Painting Part 2," the plumber tries going through the stained glass on the outside of Peach's Castle but causes an explosion. After falling to the ground, he decides to get on his kart and bowl over some note blocks from Minecraft, before running all around the castle's main hall. Then, as he launches himself towards a painting of Bob-ombs, he softly touches it before falling to the ground and exploding. The clip ends with Mario dancing in front of a Grillby's and a Christmas tree, with a T-posing guy balancing on his head in the background.
  76. AlphaSquidBren: Mario and SMG4 encounter each other, only to see a golden plate of spaghetti on the other side of the hallway. Looking forward to eating the spaghetti, Mario runs at a fast speed to get it before SMG4. However, little does he know that SMG4 can stop time, which led to himself getting pushed to the side as time continues. Having missed the spaghetti, Mario crashes out of the castle and skids along the waves, encircling the Earth as SMG4 is enjoying the spaghetti. Realizing the mistake he has done, SMG4 tries to move out of the way but fails to do so, as Mario comes back to the castle and blows it up.
  77. GameJack: SMG4 eats an ice cream, only to be hit by a walkie-talkie. Picking up the device, he receives a knock-knock call as Mario answers "Who's there?" In take 1, the scene just explodes. But in take 2, a door falls and opens to suck them into a land of "dead memes." SMG4 then punches a guy away after he gets scared by him, hitting an anime character in the process. The character attacks SMG4 and his gang as a "to be continued" screen pops up.


As a result of the beam, Mario and SMG4 end up in space. SMG4 however, is not bothered by it and asks Mario if everything he saw was great. However Mario, angry with the youtuber, proceeds to punch him into oblivion.


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  • Despite being listed in the credits, Meneer en mevrouw trein and Akuago, the Jungle Expeditioner's entries never appeared in the collab. This was also confirmed by both users in their respective Twitter posts, which probably meant that their entries were planned to be added, but got scrapped.

Music Used

Horrible Singing Can I sing a song for you?
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  • 01:16 - Gelato Beach, Super Mario Sunshine
  • 05:18 - Planet Popstar, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • 15:18/34:02 - Roundabout, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/Yes
  • 27:40 - The Jail, LEGO Island
  • 27:45 - Less Than Three, Becky
  • 27:53 - Theme Song, King of the Hill
  • 27:56 - The Snow Castle, Smurf Racer!
  • 28:00 - The Invisible Man, Scatman John
  • 28:09 - Ending Theme, Garfield & Friends (Season 5-7)

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